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Business men and women talk here.
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Monday 21/04/14

2 messages
English DA_Banana - last answer from DA_Banana, Monday 21/04, 01:58.
Pm for faster reply
Sunday 20/04/14

3 messages
English Alluka - subject is closed
Hello all,

I'd like to trade my mini lot of;
Betelgeuse x30 0xp 6k/each (180k)

Hawk 0xp x10 18k (180k)

Exchange by VP or Mod.
Thank you.
1 message
Hello everybody,
i'm buying Alice full xp and 0xp.
Alice full xp-->300 clintz
Alice 0xp-->350 clintz

Just put in my private sales.. for bulks contact me, thanks
2 messages
English DA-Farfa- - last answer from DA-Farfa-, Sunday 20/04, 19:41.

I'm looking for cash so I offer a lot of 37 Kolos 0xp to 57k / u all by PS.

Thanks to all
3 messages
English malpa.88 - last answer from malpa.88, Sunday 20/04, 10:27.
I exchange my aldebaran for other Cr for example Vickie Cr + Kalindra Cr
1 message
Sell A Award Cr (195,000 clints) and Skullface Cr (185,000) or exchange for cards of the same clints value.
Saturday 19/04/14

4 messages
Deutsch {EG} Holzi - last answer from {EG} Holzi, Saturday 19/04, 22:40.
300 Mok 0xp a 800
90 Massiv 0xp a 950
30 Glosh 0xp a 2400
pm me if you are interested
2 messages
English DT Tricky - last answer from DT Tricky, Saturday 19/04, 19:20.
1.5m1 by vp! cash only but im interested in Lamar Cr full xp estimated at 580k
1 message
50 Sue full xp 350 clints each 17.5k in clints pm me for fast response only looking for clints or lots of Dolly 0xp
1 message
English AkP Subz3ro77 - subject is closed
Hi, I need some Marlysa Cr 0xp for my collection

For one of her, I can offer 105 Rad 0xp

The trade can be maked 8 times

Contact me with PM
14 messages
Português uP Hardwell - last answer from XC-MeRLiN, Saturday 19/04, 14:44.

I'm selling 94 Robb Cr 0xp!!!
Price: 55k each

I can accept good offers too!

5 messages
English adb98 - last answer from adb98, Saturday 19/04, 09:18.
Hello, I have 50 Nabrissa (0 exp) that I would like to sell for 12.5K a head. I am also interested in Kerozinn Cr, in which I will add clintz for the compliment. I will also listen to other offers as well.

Contact me if you are interested or would like to negotiate and pm for a faster response. Thanks for your time!
2 messages
English 0 ComeAtMe - last answer from 0 ComeAtMe, Saturday 19/04, 07:22.
I am trading or selling my NDololo Cr 0xp. I value it at 820k clintz, or 850k trade value.

I accept:
Playable Cr (up to the value of 850k)
Small lots

PM me if interested.
14 messages
ελληνικά dXm_Gabriel3 - subject is closed
Selling my Marlysa Cr 0xp for 1.45M
looking for cash but will consider also other offers
no bulks,no unplayables
pm me with your offer
2 messages
Español 00 Fede - subject is closed
Hello everyone!
I would like to trade my Rass Cr 0xp + Ambrose Cr 0xp for you Kerozinn Cr full + Splata Cr full.
I am willing to trade trough Private Sale (VP)
Friday 18/04/14

1 message
English malpa.88 - subject is closed
I've Kiki Cr for sale or exchange, I can sell for 10M or Guru Cr + 1,5M
2 messages
English thebestnoob37x - subject is closed
Send me trades
1 message
Looking for a Blaastr Cr and Vermyn N

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