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Sunday 20/07/14

1 message
Sup homies, trading these cards:

Marco Cr
Lin Xia

For any of these cards:
Crazy Carlo
Daddy Jones

Feel free to pm offers if your interested.
Have a good one.
4 messages
English CDG213 - subject is closed
Hi I'm looking to trade

Copper Cr
Emeth Cr 0xp
Terry Cr
Rhed Cr

Cards i'm interested in are :-

Crazy Carlo
Lear Barduh
D4 Funk
Sasl Lovelace
Devil Dog
B Bazooka
Karnor Ved
Sir Barks
Judge Scare

I will happily look at other offers tho so just feel free to pm me if your interested
1 message
English play_0 - subject is closed
Striker is 34k
Wee Lee is 22.5 k

so my offer is Striker for Wee Lee + 11.5k
2 messages
English HoA - Frozen - last answer from HoA - Frozen, Sunday 20/07, 08:49.
Selling Harvey each 2500 clintz.

34x 0xp
6x Full.

Interested people can PM me.
Negotiable and interested in bulk exchanges too.
1 message
I want to buy ONE Stacey in the price range 11.5k-11.8k
negotiable price
post here or pm me
i can offer only clintz
5 messages
English leduc1984 - last answer from Faint Man, Sunday 20/07, 06:33.
65 Mefisto 0xp
25 Houtay 0xp
16 Revok 0xp
11 Muze full
10 Steve full
6 Kawamashi Cr 0xp
i dont fix pricce i like more to discuss in pv about a trade
but i look for clintz, cr and card with value 10k and more pm me
4 messages
English play_0 - subject is closed
I don't care which xp , just contact me

I will add 1 k as Striker -34k
Varoslav -350 each

Pm me
2 messages
English Bus-A-Bus - subject is closed
As the title,I offer them 3.5m clintz in total. I prefer a man or woman who can sell them in a one time transaction.Thanks a lot.
Saturday 19/07/14

5 messages
English ---SiM-HoA--- - last answer from ---SiM-HoA---, Saturday 19/07, 21:32.

I am looking to trade my Splata Cr Full XP (900k) for one of the following non-playable Cr's (0xp only!)
- Flavio Cr
- NDololo Cr
- Aldebaran Cr

I am NOT offering ANY major compliment. There is a gap between prices, but Splata is more sought after and harder to sell than the Cr's listed.

PM me if interested, we can work something out

Happy trading
5 messages
English ((TinyGlitch)) - last answer from ((TinyGlitch)), Saturday 19/07, 20:43.
I value 0xp Tanaereva Cr = 310k each
I'm looking for any offer
Pm only
7 messages
English Spike Rulez - last answer from AKP_Kaiser, Saturday 19/07, 17:56.
Up for sale is
5 Jackie Cr (full)
7 Copper Cr (full)
1 Copper Cr (0xp)

Accepting clintz and cards valued 5k or more that total the given amount.
Doubles are welcomed
2 messages
English AKP_Kaiser - last answer from AKP_Kaiser, Saturday 19/07, 17:54.
Hey all, i have 50 Hemdall 0xp+50 Fixit 0xp, i need 50 Dr Copernica 0xp

1 Hemdall+ 1 Fixit = Dr Copernica ( all 0xp )

or 1 Marlysa Cr 0xp for my 50 Hemdall 0xp + 300k
1 message
As the title,I offer them 3.5m clintz in total. I prefer a man or woman who can sell them in a one time transaction.Thanks a lot.
2 messages
English CHR0 - last answer from CHR0, Saturday 19/07, 16:46.
They're pretty much the same price, Kawamashi is FULL XP by the way

Let me know if you are interested
5 messages
Deutsch SuN_tikun - subject is closed
I search a Tessa Cr.
My offer:
Tanaereva Cr
Caelus Cr
Robb Cr
& i have 300 Clintz, you can have it Cash ore i buy cards 4 you.
2 messages
English Nidari - subject is closed
I'm looking to trade my Armanda Cr full xp.

Just pm me for your offer, I value my Armanda 1M5.
8 messages
English -Legendatwork - subject is closed
I have a few houtay's I want to sell. I value Houtay at 550. Personal message for faster response.
4 messages
English 0_Pwned - subject is closed
For your Full xp Splata + Duke

13 messages
English ArrowTin0 - last answer from ArrowTin0, Saturday 19/07, 12:03.
Buy 20-30 Marco Cr, 50k, can easily put him in my sales thanks

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