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Monday 14/07/14

1 message
Looking for 1 of 3 Deals:
Sell for 7050 clintz each OR
Jackie Cr Full +55k OR
Jackie Cr 0xp +47k
1 message
680 000

In my PS, doesn't matter full or 0xp, thanks!
Sunday 13/07/14

3 messages
English UoS_AldoRaine - last answer from UoS_AldoRaine, Sunday 13/07, 22:56.
Price 390k
Cards i'll accept:Caelus Cr(170000)
1 message
Looking for an equal trade.

Im interested in following cards

Amiral Coco
La Calavera
La Cobra

if you have any other suggestions... pm
2 messages
English AKP_Kaiser - last answer from AKP_Kaiser, Sunday 13/07, 19:19.
I trade 2 Fixit for 3 Aaron 0xp

Fixit 0xp 7500,Aaron 0xp 5000 , then i have 100 Fixit 0xp
2 messages
English Spt Kim - last answer from 0 p3dr0-CG, Sunday 13/07, 18:18.
Hello everybody! Today I'm looking for these 3 cards and I willing to pay all in cash...
My offer is 24.000.000 clintz all cash.
Be careful! I will not accept deals with one big only.
I prefer full version cause I need them to play (not for collection)
Contact me on pm if you are interested in! Thanks for you attention and have a nice game!
1 message
Trade/Sell Lyse Teria Cr (7.5kk), I am interested in:
- Kerozinn Cr 0xp (700k)
- Vickie Cr 0xp (710k)
- Jackie Cr 0xp (210k)
4 messages
English NOS_DarkSide - last answer from Taxaviz, Sunday 13/07, 16:46.
1 Kerozinn Cr full xp 700 000 clintz
100 La Cobra 0xp 13 000/h
I accept cash, crs 0xp and other offers
1 message
English UoS_NaNo - subject is closed
Bonjour à tous;
Je recherche Zapatino, Wonder Lana, El Matador, Pandagran, Gatuchica, El Kaktus, El Gascaro, La Cobra
prix dépendent par le nombre de cartes

Marlysa Cr x2
Blaaster Cr x2
Dalhia Cr
Geuner Cr
Smokey Cr
peut-être cash

Me contacter pour des messages privés à trouver un accord
Bon Jeu a tous!
9 messages
English InterMilan FC - last answer from InterMilan FC, Sunday 13/07, 05:15.
I have these cards for sell
31 Uranus 0xp:23,5k/h
10 Hindelga 0xp:13,3k/h
6 Yayoi 0xp:47k/h
3 Charlie 0xp:69k/h

PM me if interested
5 messages
English jerromy - subject is closed
Im looking to buy a X-0DUS for around 20k.

dose anyone willing to sell me a X-0DUS for 20k pm me to talk price
Saturday 12/07/14

4 messages
English Mr Makaveli - subject is closed
Hi guys, I want trade my doubles crs 0 exp...

Here is the list with prices:

Kerozinn Cr : 700.000 clintz
Vickie Cr : 680.000 clintz
Sigmund Cr : 600.000 clintz
2x Tanaereva Cr : 295.000 clintz/each
Blaaster Cr : 120.000 clintz

I'm looking for the following crs:

Copper Cr (only 0 exp) : 90.000 clintz
Caelus Cr : 170.000 clintz
Jackie Cr : 200.000 clintz
Manon Cr : 1.180.000 clintz
Marlysa Cr : 1.480.000 clintz

I can accept cash just as complement to your offer, that must contain these crs

I'll not accept lots of cards, you can do offers with other Crs that I didn't write if you want, I'll value them

Thank you
1 message

I have Lao Cr 0 exp, I want sell him for 990k or trade him with a Splata Cr full Exp + 100k

Offers in PM!
5 messages
Deutsch CN Mafioso - subject is closed
But all your Liona 0xp for 10.5k/e in PS
3 messages
English Saga - last answer from Saga, Saturday 12/07, 12:51.
I will trade Uranus and Derby Queen for Fanny and Willy.

I estimate Fanny at 2500 clints
Willy at 10,000 clints

Uranus at 20,000 clints
Derby Queen at 400 clints

We can do it via private sales

edited by UM_AaaBattery Saturday 12/07, 12:51
3 messages
English -Wicer- - last answer from 0 Teo, Saturday 12/07, 12:48.
I am looking to sell my Copper Cr 0xp for clintz only.

He is worth 79k full and 95k at 0xp. I am a bit lenient but I will not accept any low ball offers.

Please PM me.

3 messages
English Taxaviz - subject is closed
I want to buy 5 lil jey's.
I value him 200 clintz, that means 5x200=1000 clintz

I can pay with:
-Curtiss+Ice Jim
-Other suggestions are welcome
10 messages
English boyle7ur - subject is closed
Hello every one
i have a few cards to sell/trade

5x Kephren 1230/head or 6100 for d whole lot (full xp)
1x Methane 6570 (lvl3)

interested in
El Gringo 7.5k (0xp) (priority)
Oyoh 5k (0xp)
Stacey 9200 (0xp)

i can hear more offers to..

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