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Friday 12/09/14

2 messages
English UR_Chaos - last answer from FMA Aleksei, Friday 12/09, 05:25.
Looking to Trade Charlie for Ongh. They're both evenly priced, so looking for a straight trade.
2 messages
English CN Mafioso - last answer from FMA Aleksei, Friday 12/09, 05:21.
29 Mulligan Oxp 530c

9 D4 Funk Oxp 9.5k

Interesting in Shann or Willy or Kenny, can add some cents too
6 messages
English -Ryder- - last answer from FMA Aleksei, Friday 12/09, 05:17.
I am looking to get back into the game after being gone for little over a year. So im in need of some clintz. So these are the cards i have for sale/trade

Kawamashi Cr x2 0xp
Spyke x2 0xp

Tsubame x1 0xp

Adler x8 0xp
Askai x15 0xp

Veenyle Cr x1 maxed

Amiral Py Cr x1 0xp

Edd Cr x1 0xp

Dalhia Cr x1 0xp

Wanda x7 0xp and x6 maxed

Alec Cr x1 0xp

Heegrn Cr x4 0xp

Shann x1 0xp

Bristone x2 0xp

I am interested in clintz and in cards i do not have. I am interested in the two new clans, Riots and Huracan. I am open to all offers, so if you see something you like pm me and we will work out a deal

4 messages
English Bus-A-Bus - subject is closed
Thursday 11/09/14

1 message
Good evening, I buy your Grace 0xp there has 7k4 heads 0 is no limit, hesitate in me MP and you can put on sale them to me deprived, you can also contact me

Sorry from my English
1 message
Hello i buy all your Raskal 0xp for 6000 clintz ech in my vp

5 messages
English R-S-X - last answer from TomNoBrain, Thursday 11/09, 20:33.
Selling/trading 60x Lost Hog Cr. Leave your offers.
1 message
ελληνικά 0 Teo - subject is closed
Hello everyone!
I am selling 20 Brody 0exp for 11,5k-12k
I would prefer clintz but i can also accept cards(no bulks)
PM me for faster response
Have a nice day!
1 message
Hello to everyone
i trade my 2 Dounia Cr full for a Vickie Cr full
or 1 Dounia Cr 0xp + 1 dounia full for a vickie 0xp

1 message
English Alluka - subject is closed
Hello all,

I'd like to trade the following cards for a Marlysa Cr 0xp 1350M;

20 Dr Copernica: 33k (660k)
25 Hammer: 15k (375k)
50 Tomoe: 6k (300k)
+ Rubie x4 7k (28k)

Total: 1363M

Thank you.
1 message
I want to trade Splata Cr full for Lamar Cr.

3 messages
English AKP_Kaiser - subject is closed
100 Lear Barduh 0xp 14k/tête
50 Aaron 0xp 4900/tête
40 Marjory 0xp 6800/tête
27 Hemdall 0xp 19k/tête
for :
Liona 0xp 11k
Dr Copernica 0xo 30k
Jackie Cr 0xp 215k
Tanaereva Cr 0xp 310k
Marlysa Cr 1.3M

and i accept other proposition
1 message
400 Methane 0xp for 9k each
2 messages
English 2sHaMe - last answer from Artemis-BZ, Thursday 11/09, 11:20.
Best offer for Kiki Cr 0xp will receive the latter. Send offers to pm.

edited by Artemis-BZ Thursday 11/09, 11:20
7 messages
Español 0 THE J0KER - last answer from XC Levi 69, Thursday 11/09, 11:08.
I'm listening to all offers in CASH (Be reasonable).

The lowest market offer at the time of posting this is 1,000,000 clintz at 0xp.
1 message
I sell this cards only for cash

8 Duke 0xp 4,4k / cad
6 Rekved 0xp 4,4 / cad
2 Rekved liv 3 4,3 k / cad
6 norton 0xp 450 /cad

contact me in mp
4 messages
English L4F-Durrrr 88 - last answer from SPT rozzo, Thursday 11/09, 00:08.
Search Dounia Cr 0xp + Cash

Pm me your offer
Wednesday 10/09/14

4 messages
English 2sHaMe - subject is closed
2014 09 25 best offer for Kiki Cr 0xp will receive latler. Send offers to pm.
1 message
English XC Levi 69 - subject is closed
102 copies of Rahanpah

Reserve is 2200/head.

Good luck.
4 messages
English UoS_Kappa - subject is closed
I'm here to sell my lot of 37 Qubik 0xp for 13.000 clintz ech

actually in the market there are 28 copies of Qubik and only 4 Qubik 0xp at 12k-13k and 18k clintz so my price isn't good is THE BEST


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