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Business men and women talk here.
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Sunday 03/08/14

4 messages
Português 0 ShadowSlay - subject is closed
Each one should i choose: NIghtmere or Pirana?
5 messages
English Faint Kid - last answer from Faint Kid, Sunday 03/08, 16:27.
1 message
English Pumjection - subject is closed

I sell 115 Houtay 0xp for 1k each one.

5 messages
English Pumjection - subject is closed
1150 clintz each one, only clintz.

15 messages
English TradeMasterUR - last answer from UR-JMB, Sunday 03/08, 14:38.
Hello !
Buy the chicco CR for private market 10/u.
Buy for cash

Thank you
2 messages
English L4F-Durrrr - last answer from L4F-Durrrr, Sunday 03/08, 12:57.
I sell/Trade Dragan Cr
I'm gonna Trade for following cards:
Noctezuma (80k)
Emeth Cr (68k)
Lizbeth (60k)
Charlie (60k)
Kolos (50k)
Mechakolos (50k)
Cortez (48k)
Jane Ramba Cr (40k)
Dr Copernica (30k)
Vermyn N (30k)
Gil (30k)
Rowdy (30k)
Raven (30k)
El Divino (25k)
Karrion (20k)
Konrad (17k)
Hikiyousan (15k)
Mercury (15k)
Kinichaw (13,5k)
+ Cash

*Only full XP cards
*no slots
*pm me your offer

1 message
46 Kawamashi Cr 0xp 9200
34 Mefisto 0xp 12 600
35 Houtay 0xp 1000
16 Revok 0xp 900
10 Reeplay 0xp 830
pm me in pv for offer
2 messages
Español 0n3-5h0t - subject is closed
As the title says, who gives?
1 message
Hi , my 20 Aaron 0xp for your 26 Boomstock 0xp , pm me
Saturday 02/08/14

3 messages
English CR-Lacorn_ - subject is closed
Hello, I wish to exchange a prize(lot) of cards(maps) Cr to get me General Cr whom I estimate(esteem) at 9.2 M, for it I propose:

321 Kawamashi Cr: 200 0xp and 121 full house in 9 k/t
224 Noodile Cr: 214 0xp 18 k/t - 10 full house 16.5 k/t 78
Chiara Cr: 72 0xp 27.5 k/t - 6 full house 26.5 k/t
10 Marco Cr 0xp 50 k/t

What makes us a total of clintz 9 545 000.

The exchange will be made as soon as I shall have found a buyer and by private sale.
13 messages
Română 0 Blayn - last answer from 0 Blayn, Saturday 02/08, 21:03.
8 Dalhia Cr 0 EXP for sale.
2 messages
Español Eduardo Villa - last answer from Eduardo Villa, Saturday 02/08, 17:00.
My Kerozinn Cr 0xp + Cortez 0xp + Noctezuma 0xp +3000 clintz for Splata Cr full
thanks mods
4 messages
English quepinquepan - last answer from quepinquepan, Saturday 02/08, 14:43.
Hello, I wanna trade:my 435 Edd Cr full 35k each)
I am looking for:
cash plus 2,5 %
Kiki Cr -------275 Edd Cr
Dj korn Cr------270 Edd Cr
Guru Cr------270 Edd Cr
Lysie teria Cr ------215 Edd Cr
General Cr--------- 265 Edd Cr
Marlisa Cr------40 Edd Cr
Manon Cr ------ 34 Edd Cr
Scarlet cr------37 Edd Cr
by private sell
5 messages
English 0_Censored - subject is closed
Hi, like in the title i sell or trade:

Guru Cr 0exp only for -----> Guru Cr full e 25k
Aldebaran 0exp 900k
13x Wee Lee (4 0exp) 37k/each
16x Dregn (3 0exp, 1 2*, 9 full) 67k/each
2x Chiara Cr 0exp 26k/each
4x Hemdall 0exp 22k/each

I want:
Marlysa Cr any exp 1.4m
Splata Cr any exp 820k
Lamar Cr any exp 700k
Kerozinn Cr any exp 680k
Elya Cr any exp, 640k

Prices negotiable, offers by mp
2 messages
English (-Indi-Hex-) - last answer from Faint Kid, Saturday 02/08, 13:38.
PM me offer
1 message
English Snowman LoA - subject is closed
All except for CR. pm me if you would be interested in what cards i have to offer
2 messages
English Subz3ro77 - subject is closed

I sell :

- DJ Korr Cr Full 9M2

- Guru Cr Full 9M2

- Lyse Teria Cr Full 7M1

Only cash !!!

Friday 01/08/14

7 messages
ελληνικά iSoap - last answer from R-S-X, Friday 01/08, 17:20.

I want to exchange 200 B Bazooka O xp, the price serra 6k/tête
I accept everything (* except jackpot card and full (CR accept)).

Thank you.
4 messages
English (AG)-zetzuz - subject is closed
Trade my tanaereva for the cards
lote Gibson (3 500) lote
Kolos (50 000)
Mona (60 000)
2 messages
English 0 Mr Holmes - last answer from (LS)-P3T-Xem, Friday 01/08, 14:15.
I wanna buy Splata Cr a bit lower than the market price. i accept 830,000 clints. just put it on my private sales and ill buy immediately. thanks!

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