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Sunday 25/08/13

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Bet on your favourite Huracan to WIN and make lots of Clintz. The more points you get in ELO this week, the more you have to bet with. See the rules section for more details

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Hello,guys this is an event which is based on mini games and prizes
i am doing this for my birthday i have turned 18
this is a elimination lotto for my birthday which is tomorrow there might be some mini games tonight to win prizes
well finally turning 18

lotto will be done in 4 days time

have fun all
Saturday 24/08/13

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English Trippie - last answer from Trippie, Saturday 24/08/2013, 19:07.
Hi guys,

Registrations are open for the event Pay for your Glory where the concept is that the points you earn by battling help you to purchase upgrades and further your progress in the event!

Please read rules before joining.

Multiple rounds, fair and fun deck formats, loads of fun with being able to purchase your clans and best of all big CR to the winners!


Pay for your Glory
Wednesday 21/08/13

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English Red Rob - last answer from Red Rob, Wednesday 21/08/2013, 22:40.
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From every corner,as you glance about you in these dark retreats, some figure crawls half-awakened... Where dogs would howl to lie, women, and men, and boys slink off to sleep, forcing the dislodged rats to move away in quest of better lodgings. bring your children to safety, take all your money from the bank and run for your life. World War 3 has begun and it is right for your corner. different gangs invaded Clint City and they are here only to destroy and to kill everybody on their way.

- Gangs Of Clint City -
Tuesday 20/08/13

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English mahdin_DvF - last answer from Vindicem, Tuesday 20/08/2013, 10:40.
Okay guys this is an event challenge for me.

I am to create a lotto with as many participants as I can, offering as low a value a card as I can, while keeping the event score as close to zero as I can.

I would much appreciate it if you joined and spread this to your guilds.

If the event rating is not at zero, please do rate it up or down to move it back towards zero. If it's already at zero, no need to rate it.

Thank you very much!

GBB3 - Mahdin_DvF
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English eliotc - last answer from Vindicem, Tuesday 20/08/2013, 10:33.
This lottery is for a free Luke for one lucky participant.
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English 0 Zute - last answer from Vindicem, Tuesday 20/08/2013, 10:30.
GBB3 - Zute

Completely free lottery, so why not join?

It will only last this weekend, and the prizes will be drawn on monday, so It won't be cramming up your "Friends News" section.

Additional prizes will be added if the event has a rating of 0 on Monday!!

Join up!!
Monday 19/08/13

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One hour to join: tonight from 8pm to 8.59pm CET
One hour to play: tonight from 9pm to 10pm CET
32 players max, prizes depend on the number of partecipants

Read the rules

1 message
English Trippie - subject is closed
gbb3 trippie

just one message will be sent out later today, so join up

also, event rating = 0
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English Tsaar-MOB - last answer from Tsaar-MOB, Monday 19/08/2013, 00:06.
Saturday 17/08/13

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Pay 10k, Get 10k for every opponent you beat, so easy and quick money. We will be playing in different formats each round.

NOTE: Quick rounds of 3 days each, so prepare to have time before entering.

Round 1: Extended (WIN=Registration money back)
Round 2: Extended25 (WIN=10k Profit)
Round 3: Standard (WIN=20k Profit)(QUARTER-FINALS)
Round 4: ELO (WIN=30k Profit)(SEMI-FINALS)
Round 5: Extended (WIN=40k Profit+25k Prize Money)(FINALS)

Deck changing is not allowed in the same round.

Friday 16/08/13

1 message
Free lottery to join set up as a challenge for another event I am in
please DONT rate green and just leave it at 0
Wednesday 14/08/13

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English COLOSSAL-TCA - last answer from COLOSSAL-TCA, Wednesday 14/08/2013, 21:51.
Tuesday 13/08/13

4 messages
English Ark Assassin - subject is closed
Join up and spread the word!

Friday 09/08/13

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English Ark Assassin - subject is closed
Join in only if you play both Legend of the Cryptids and Urban Rivals. Legend of the Cryptids is another game on the App Store. Download it and you can join! Join in so we can talk about LoC and STUFF

Wednesday 07/08/13

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English 0 Zute - last answer from 0 Zute, Wednesday 07/08/2013, 18:24.
Call of Duty: Clint Warfare Call of Duty: Clint Warfare Call of Duty: Clint Warfare Call of Duty: Clint Warfare Call of Duty: Clint Warfare Call of Duty: Clint Warfare

All information can be found on the event page.

Prizes: 1st - Caelus Cr, Smokey Cr, 40% Jackpot (Est. 200k)
2nd - Blaastar, 20% Jackpot (Est. 100k)
3rd - Page Cr (Est. 80k)
4th - 35% Jackpot (Est. 35k)

PLUS - Bonus Prizes!
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The Dark kNight-mare

Are you the one capable of taking on The Dark kNight-mare?! I will be incorporating the batman comic books ect. into this battle style event.


Step 1: Each player will choose a villain from batman upon joining the event. Your clan will be based on the villain you choose. (FIRST COME FIRST SERVE ON THE VILLAIN CHOICES, NO DOUBLES ON VILLAINS)


If your villain has a * next to his or her name they have been claimed

R'as al Gul, Solomon Grundy - Nightmare
Anarky, Riddler - Skeelz
Alpha, Lady Shiva - Fang Pi Clang
Bane - Huracan
Black Mask*, Victor Zsasz - Uppers
Blackbeard, Captian Stingaree - Piranas
Catwoman, She-Cat - Pussycats
Deadshot, Deathstroke - La Junta
Two-Face, Bone - Montana
Joker, Harley Quinn - Freaks
Poison Ivy, Prometheus - Roots
Mr. Freeze, The Penguin - Frozn
Red Hood, Hush - Rescue
Killer Croc, King Kraken - Ulu Watu
Sportsmaster - All Stars
Scarecrow, Mad Hatter - GHEIST
Zebraman, Copperhead - Jungo
Shriek - Junkz
Blockbuster, Nite-Wing - Berzerk
Lex Luthor, Clock King - Vortex
Blight*, Gearhead - Sakrohm
Lockup - Sentinel
Step 2: Villain face-off. each player will face off vs 5 random players in the event. in 2 winning battles each.

-Players must finish all battles to move to "Batman Challenge"

-Players must use the clan according to their villain

-Players who win at least 3 of their battles get an extra star in the "Batman Challenge"

-Players who win at least 4 of their of battles get to use CR cards in the "Batman Challenge"

-The player with the highest score gets jackpot (in case of a tie the jackpot is split) player must complete all their available battles to move on.

-Screens WILL ONLY be accepted with at least 2 shown attempts to contact opponent on separate occasions.

-The format is 25 extended, no doubles, no CRs

-No deck swapping vs the same opponent

-This round lasts 10 days
Step 3: Batman Challenge. Now that each villain has proven their worth, its time for all those villains actively gaining their respect to challenge The Dark Knight and they plan to bring the battle to him. Bringing their new found perks along with them, the villain line up and prepare their bait to bring the bat man to them.
I will be playing the role of Batman, and as The Dark Knight i will not make it easy to defeat me. The villains will keep their same deck formats but with the possible added perks. The deck i will be using is 30 star extended no double and i will be using random.org to switch between the hero clan Rescue and the dark clan Nightmare.

-Deck swapping allowed in this round

-Battles will be best of 3

-Each person to beat me wins a prize

-This round lasts however long it takes to complete battles

jackpot to player with most points after first phase.

Kenny Cr to every player that completes the batman challenge
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English Alfric LoA - last answer from Alfric LoA, Wednesday 07/08/2013, 16:49.
Good, Better, Best III

Current Top Prize: Blaaster Cr.

People had alot of fun with the previous two incarnations.


The players will be devided into groups and go through a variety of rounds where they will need to perform certain tasks. These tasks will include deck creation, event creation (nothing spectacular), fighting the general masses, and fighting amoung their own group. After each round, the contestants in each group will recieve a number of points relative to their placement in the round verses their group mates.

Example: Group 1 has ten members. After the first round, the member of group one that did the best will recieve 10 points. The second will recieve 9. etc down to the worst player who will onl recieve 1 point.

At the end of each round, the player with the least number of points will be eliminated from each group. In the case of a tie for lowest, all parties invovled will be eliminated. This will continue until all groups only have one member left. (Hopefully, each group winner will then recieve some sort of prize.) Then all the group winners will be combined into a single group and the process will begin anew.

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