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If you are organizing a tournament, planning on joining one, come here.
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Monday 05/08/13

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English -CALLOUS- - last answer from -CALLOUS-, Monday 05/08/2013, 14:23.


Hey everyone

I've been creating events on UR for YEARS now and I've come all the way from extremely humble beginnings running 16 person jackpot is the prize events to being on the EN Event Team today. I've been fortunate enough to develop a wonderful group of loyal regulars that have continued playing in my events throughout the years. Somewhere along the way my events became known as the CC Circuit.

This event is extremely special to me, as it is my 50th CC Circuit event, and believe me when I tell you it takes a lot of time and effort to get to that point. 50 events is a lot...

The staff has recognized this accomplishment and has been generous enough to authorize absurd prizes in the celebration of this achievement-

1st- DJ Korr Cr +51% of jackpot
2nd- Guru Cr +25% of jackpot
3rd- Lyse Teria Cr +12% of jackpot
4th- Manon Cr +12% of jackpot
5th-8th- Lao Cr

Additionally, collector prizes for players that finish 1st in their group in the group stages of the event and a "bounty system" in the top 16!

The entry fee is 3,000 clintz per person but those prizes are well worth it. Also, there is a minimum level of 45 both to prevent newer players from wasting their money only to get smashed and cut in the first round but also to prevent people from attempting to join on multiple accounts (which is strictly against the game rules).

While I will maintain the fun, casual, playful atmosphere that comes along with my events I assure you that with this much on the line it's going to be an extremely competitive event absolutely loaded with world class players and I caution you that you need to accept going in that this event is going to be extremely difficult. Please understand that if you choose to join. Being the richest event in CC Circuit history it makes sense it'd also be the most difficult.

The event begins Wednesday August 7th.

i urge you to consider joining this epic event and join me in celebrating the single greatest achievement of my 4.5 year UR career.

Finally, for those interested in being informed of my future events please consider joining my free information only newsletter event CC Circuit Players I send out messages as my new events come out so you've got the first opportunity to join them!

Thank you sincerely for rating green and supporting my event!
Sunday 04/08/13

1 message
English WA-Had3s - subject is closed
{Info And Lottery Event} That's my boy!!!
Good lottery for all players(Info's and lottery event)
{Info And Lottery Event} That's my boy!!!
1 message
I'm feeling generous this month. Enter for a chance to win!

Free Lotto for Noobs Only
Saturday 03/08/13

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English Disaster 7 - last answer from 0 Zute, Saturday 03/08/2013, 05:39.
Hi guys please Im looking for sponsors for my event check it out www.urban-rivals.com/en/events/?id_event=91174
Thursday 01/08/13

9 messages
English juggernaut_mp - last answer from juggernaut_mp, Thursday 01/08/2013, 18:47.
It is incredibly cheap to join and the prizes are massive, tell your friends, heck even tell your family to join. It is a combination of fighting and non-fighting styles. http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/events/?id_event=90738 . Enough said, check it out for yourself!
4 messages
English MauroGerrard - last answer from miroalsharif, Thursday 01/08/2013, 01:57.
Elo World Championship

Only 256 places and open to all!

The opening date will be announced later, in the meantime, the premiums and the rules can be viewed ..

A new tourney mode for a big event with big prizes!

Are you ready for this challenge?

Thanks to Staff for support!
Wednesday 31/07/13

10 messages
English Diggy928 - subject is closed

A Battle event following the concept of Rock, Paper, Scissors!

Rock: Glorg (mono Nightmare deck)
Paper: Shizawa (mono Fang Pi Clang deck)
Scissors: Effie (mono Pussycats deck)

Assuming bonuses:
Glorg vs. Shizawa = Shizawa keeps 8 base damage and has +1 power
Shizawa vs. Effie = Shizawa has +1 power, but reduced to 2 damage, while Effie would be increased to 8 damage
Effie vs. Glorg = Same base power, but Glorg has +4 damage and cancels the ability and bonus of Effie.

Mono-clan 25* decks, with a few banned cards (Nightmare, Fang Pi Clang, or Pussycats).
Must contain Glorg, Shizawa, or Effie depending on which clan you choose.
Deck must be posted in the proper chat section before the event is started. You will not be allowed to change your deck once this has begun.

ROUND 1 (2 Weeks)
48 Players (16 per clan)(first come, first served)
Everybody fights everyone in their own clan. Top half from each clan will advance. Best score for each will receive a prize.

ROUND 2 (2-3 Weeks, TBD)
24 players (8 per clan)
Everybody fights everyone from the other clans. Top 3 overall scores will win the prizes.
Tuesday 30/07/13

5 messages
English BrendanSOF - subject is closed
5,000 clint entrance fee, only 90 players allowed. All players guaranteed to win AT LEAST 4,500 clintz! Also lots of card prizes including Collectors!
Monday 29/07/13

1 message
Hey everyone,

This event shows skill and how powerful your decks can be.

We need to recruit 128 players to this event and we need you!

Hopefully we will get staff sponsered prizes!
1500 Clintz entry does apply.
Join now before you miss out on a life supply of prized!

Event organisor TSC Redblood

Apply now: http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/events/?id_event=91015

Many prizes from me up to 100,000 Clintz!
Sunday 28/07/13

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English 0 Zute - subject is closed
Call of Duty: Clint Warfare

Malheureusement l'événement est en anglais, mais les Français peuvent également y adhérer.
Saturday 27/07/13

2 messages
English IM Spartacus - last answer from IM Spartacus, Saturday 27/07/2013, 03:05.
Simple task, massive prize list

OK, the rules as it states in the event, are when you donate to the prize pot you get a certain amount of guesses based on market value (1 guess per 100 clintz of value) and you get double that amount if you donate a Cr to the event. Once someone guesses the number, which has been randomly selected they receive every card in the prize pot. Should this go on long enough then the winner could receive over 1,000,000 Clintz worth of prizes.

I will also be contributing prizes to the mix, I have started things off with Brianna as a prize and will continue to add cards of my own to the mix.

So please join and make this event a success.

Simple task, massive prize list
Friday 26/07/13

1 message
Arcade Hall

Nice prizes to win with playing many different game, come inside and have fun in the arcade hall!
1 message






Thursday 25/07/13

2 messages
English Hoatzin - last answer from tgh02, Thursday 25/07/2013, 18:46.
When Aston Villa score against any team, win, draw or loss, I will give a Globumm away for one participant each game. For those who don't know, Aston Villa are a football team in the English Premier League.

Tuesday 23/07/13

3 messages
English mihalll7_UM - last answer from mihalll7_UM, Tuesday 23/07/2013, 23:17.
gang wars #1

hello and welcome to my mafia based event
but unlike the mafia game, it will not be "simple" baddies hunt, but a team event

three teams will fight for a dominance over the city, only one will be victorious

this is non'battling event in general, but optional fights are allowed

gang wars #1
Sunday 21/07/13

2 messages
English TSC Treefrog - subject is closed
I am holding my first ever event.

FREE to join, deck format is aimed to be balanced to make it fair for all players, rich players will NOT have an advantage.

Please note, open to guild members only [ ... ]

Prizes on offer:

1st place: GraksmxxT
2nd place: Karrion
3rd place: 8,000 Clintz


Sign ups open from 20/07/2013 until 26/07/2013, so why wait? Join now!

edited by Quickdevil Sunday 21/07/2013, 01:44
Saturday 20/07/13

1 message
Hello everyone!

On 29th August comes my B-Day and I created a Lottery to celebrate.

If you want to join click here:

APA' 15th B-Day Lotto!

Thank you all!

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