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If you are organizing a tournament, planning on joining one, come here.
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Friday 01/11/13

1 message
English Jamox360 - subject is closed

The fifth of November,
Gunpowder, Treason and Plot
Thursday 31/10/13

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English Jamox360 - subject is closed
Trick or Treat?

Join up to win great prizes!
Wednesday 30/10/13

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English N0tagain - last answer from Jamox360, Wednesday 30/10/2013, 12:58.
That's a lottery for my Birthday. Yes it's in french, but who cares?

Loterie plutôt sympathique
1 message
They are back in clint city ! Footballers , Defender, Midfielder and attackers , they are all there, from the four major championships ( France , Italy, England , Spain), they are all there in order to triumph in Clint city ! Who will win the second edition of this vent is for football fans !

You must choose a player before register me stating his position , which will influence the size of your deck against other players from the vent.

The vent will be held as follows :

- There will be 128 players (40 backgrounds , 40 forwards , 40 defenders , and 8 have a choice at the end , but there must be at least 40 players at each position ) .
- The entrance fee is 500 clintz order to make it accessible to all the vent .

- There will be three intermediate events ( one for the defenders , one for media and one for attackers ) , and the best in each position will advance to the main vent to claim the title of best player !
- The formats vary in each phase , there will be several phases in the intermediate vents, and phases in the main event , so it will have a fairly substantial collection (minimum guru) .

At intermediate - events, players will encounter Only hosts players who are in the same position as them , then you can face a different position player .

Formats will be revealed once we have all the members , so that the clans allowed not influence your choice
The fights will be in 3 winning sets in the group stage , then five winning matches when you do not have an opponent to face
Be sure to spend about 1 and a half months before the event register !
Tuesday 29/10/13

2 messages
English DUC-Blackout - last answer from DUC-Blackout, Tuesday 29/10/2013, 22:47.
I am Dregn, King of the Vortex. My men are the best of the best! There is one place in Clint City ,A place called District 9 , Its Dangerous and really important for me! But other clans want it too! Join my team and we will Victory!

District 9
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English -Dxxx- - last answer from -Dxxx-, Tuesday 29/10/2013, 21:26.
@Games: The Unconscious is a event created by me.
You can only join if you meet these conditions.[1k entrance fee, min. level 50, understand english]
This is a battle events and make sure you can play when you signed up.
128 participants will battle each round in 1vs.1 excepted round 1 and the final.
Deck format will change every round and will published before each round starts.
(Because I will let you decide what you want to play, the majority decides)
But I Don´t create deck formats and let you decide what you wanna play. haha
That would be too easy for you.
I only give you some suggestions (stars in deck, bans, etc.) and let you decide what I can add to the deck format.
So you only know a little bit of the deck format and can prepare for your next games.
The deck format is still a mistery ´til the next round starts.


suggestion 1 : - max. 30*
- no elobans from staff

suggestion 2 : - only standard
- bann Clan X and Y

suggestion 3 : - max. 25*
- only Clan X and Y

For more information check the rules here --> @Games: The Unconscious

No fear when you have questions and want to message me I will answer them all politely .
Monday 28/10/13

2 messages
English CR_Nightmare - last answer from CR_Nightmare, Monday 28/10/2013, 13:51.
Hi everybody,
You're kind of football since your childhood? You follow every game of football? Well, now the football league turn up in Clint City. Choose your league between the Premier league, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Serie A and Liga BBVA and fight with the others players of your league. To choose the club you will have, I'll make a drawings lot.
The format of game is a little remake of the format élo.
I search players motivated to fight and I need at least more than 20 players.

For others informations, send me a private message .
Thank you

C-Unknow Ap-R
Sunday 27/10/13

14 messages
English Cyber - last answer from Cyber, Sunday 27/10/2013, 15:43.

This is basically an event based on a talent show. It consist of 3 main stages.
- The blind audition
- The battle
- The finals

Round 1 BEGINS when I OPEN the registration at certain specific days (24 hours). To learn about the latest information on the registration dates for this event, please join my newsletter, Cyber-holic/Cyber-holic which can be found on my profile. Once you apply for this event (waiting to be accepted), SEND me a BUSINESS PM a short description (scroll down to see Round 1 section) to convince the coaches in choosing you by turning around (Blind audition duh). I will post this on the Turcke section for the coaches to review.

Round 1 : The Auditions

- Everyone gives a short description of yourself and PM (BUSINESS) me. Only those with business tags will be considered.
- Some anonymity is required. That means no names and or obvious things in your description.
- You may ONLY include ONE of your scores in any game modes (ELO, DT, DM, Survivor).
- Lying is not allowed. Exaggeration is however allowed.
- I will post the applicant's description in the Turkce section.
- Each coach is only able to choose 14 players. If two or more coaches have chosen that same player, that player may choose his/her coach and join their team.

Round 2: The Battles I
- 1 week to play.
- The coach will put you against another person of the team and the loser will have to go home.

Round 3: The Battles II
- 7 members left per team. Coach choose 1 outstanding member to have an exemption for this round and go to round 4.
- 6 players per team this round, 3 will stay in the team by getting as much votes
- 1 week to play
- See Spanish section for voting counts

Round 4: The Battle III
- 4 players per team left in total for this stage.
- See Spanish section for voting counts
- Highest votes (1st) gets to skip Round 5.
- Last player eliminated.
- 2nd and 3rd player fight. Winner stays.
- 2 weeks.

Round 5: The Battle IV
- 2 players left in each team.
- Fight to see who gets to represent their coach.
- 1 week

Round 6: FINALS
- Total number of players in the competition excluding coaches: 4
- Coaches and their respective trainee fight it out and garner as much votes for 1st to 4th
- 1 week
- See Spanish section for voting counts




Coaches will be selected from any 4 different communities (English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Portugal, Italian, Dutch/Polish/Romana/Greeks).

To be one of the coaches, you need to have ALL OF THESE requirements. Post in the french section if you want to be coach. I need you to commit about 7 weeks to this event. Please give me any event links as evidence if you do so.

- Must be english speaking
- 1400+ ELO
- Survivor 15+ in either ELO or extended
- At least 1 DT win.
- Win at least 200k worth of prizes in an event

Coaches' Objectives:
To guide your trainee to reach the top. You are expected to give advice and groom your trainee in ELO, Survivor, DT modes, etc.
More information about the formats within each stage will be announced at a later time.

Expectations for all:
This event will be more than a 1 v 1 fight and requires you to play almost all the modes in UR when there are 2 or more people competing in a group.

I reserve the right to have the final say who deserve to be the coach.

The Voice of Clintz City
Friday 25/10/13

1 message
English L4F-Durrrr 88 - subject is closed
Thursday 24/10/13

Wednesday 23/10/13

2 messages
English olw_abbnormal - subject is closed
What are the clans available in colliseum? still new to it.
Tuesday 22/10/13

1 message
It is! Even more exciting, harder, more intense! Fighters of Clint city meet again once out of the city to escape from the harmful influence of Polit. Fun, diversity, thinking will be there. Try the opportunity to take over from 0 Milan.

33 places available
1 message
1 Free Kazayan 4 U

Draw will be held tomorrow! Join fast!
2 messages
English Jamox360 - last answer from olw_abbnormal, Tuesday 22/10/2013, 03:24.

As some may have noticed, I am not very active and I have loads of spare cards to give away So join up
Monday 21/10/13

Sunday 20/10/13

4 messages
English Invand3r - subject is closed
Hello everyone! I have that problem: from yesterday i did not get rewards from tournaments. Till now I played 6-8 and still don't have massage from "Kate" for the reward. I have 1 or 2 places in top 50. 1 of it is before 2 hours tournamet in which I finished 20. Only i have this problem or there is delay for rewards (big delay)?
Saturday 19/10/13

2 messages
English Disaster 7 - last answer from FMA zvbxrpl, Saturday 19/10/2013, 12:51.
Hey guys please join my event called the day the earth stood still and Wolves Vs Humans. The price of the are both 400clintz.
Monday 14/10/13

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