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Tuesday 08/10/13

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English 0_Less - subject is closed
14 messages
English Infiniti - last answer from Infiniti, Tuesday 08/10/2013, 19:02.

Simply a mystery for now...
Thursday 03/10/13

Wednesday 02/10/13

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English G4BRY P0N7E - last answer from XC-MeRLiN, Wednesday 02/10/2013, 21:17.
Monday 30/09/13

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English WhiteSoul1134 - subject is closed
Who will be the next cr? I said december bc, after saw the released previous cr, the last 2 years cr was on December

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All the information is in the link and more preferably in the comment I left on the event page.

Tuesday 24/09/13

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English Moe2000 - subject is closed

Prizes to be won leading up to Christmas:

December Draw (one uncovered every day):


The boss prize:


one lucky person will win the whole jackpot


SEPERATE FROM THE DECEMBER DRAW:There will also be ^WINS until september the 2nd the 25th where the person at the end with the most points wins A mystery cr. You can get points via wins^ (1 point) 500 posts (3 points) and minigames (2 points). In some occasional minigames i will also donate cards as prizes:

MYSTERY CR (hopefully): OVER 400K


no double posts
post must contain more than one word
Break the rules= -1 point

Roger DRAW:

For every 500 rating on this event i add a Roger.
For every 50 people I add a Roger
Monday 23/09/13

1 message
Hello, to all bond fans and other people!
i bought for you something intresting event with typical formats!
Sky Fall
awesome prices by staff!!
you can read the event rules in the event
Sunday 22/09/13

1 message
Enjoy the party game Mafia? Play UR? Looking for Fun, Prizes, and occasionally Drama?

If so, then Speed Mafia is the series for you!

Speed Mafia is a NON-BATTLE event based on the classic party game of mafia. It's THE MOST COMPETETIVE Mafia Series there is on UR, but don't worry, even newer players can have a blast and learn to bluff, bandwagon, and slide their way through to win some amazing prizes!

Current Event:
Rich's Speed Mafia 4.I

This event is FOR practice, and it's free, so you have nothing to lose!
Saturday 21/09/13

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English BonJowi - last answer from BonJowi, Saturday 21/09/2013, 21:11.
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English Moe2000 - subject is closed

then join the event deleted
Thursday 19/09/13

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English Respect WMD - subject is closed
Ppl play tourney so ****ing slow its so infuriating!
Wednesday 18/09/13

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English TGAP-Trixie - last answer from TGAP-Trixie, Wednesday 18/09/2013, 22:11.
The Kingdom
Based on the popular mafia style games.
For those of you who've played these type of games, you should know how they work
For those that haven't, the rules are in the event (I'll run out of space putting everything up here)

★ Table of Contents ★ (For your convenience)

1. The roles (Romanian (pro-kingdom), Czech (neutrals) and Turkish (mafia) sections)
2. The Day (Russian section)
3. The Night (Italian section)
4. The Prize Rounds (Spanish section)
5. FAQS/Stuff I should really go over (Dutch section). You can post questions there too.
6. Pub rules/rules for applying for a role (Polish section)
7. List of goods you can buy from the pub (Netherlands section)
8. Max HP increase winners (French Section)
2 messages
English Cyber - subject is closed
The Voice of Clintz City

Lorsque vous vous êtes inscrits pour l’event, envoyez-moi un MP avec le tag BUSINESS (en Anglais) afin de convaincre les coachs de vous choisir, ou de ne pas vous choisir.... Pas de tag, bah je supprime le message. Je vais post vos MP sur le forum partie Turque afin que les coachs puissant faire leurs choix.
Round 1 : Les Auditions
- Tout le monde doit m’envoyer une description en MP avec le tag BUSINESS). Seuls les messages avec le tag Business seront considérés.
- Essayez de rester subtiles dans votre description, ne mentionnez pas votre nom ou des informations révélant votre identité (ce sont des auditions à l’aveugle, comme à l’émission)
- Vous ne pouvez mentionner qu’un seul de vos records personnels (ELO, DM, TQ, Survi&hellip
- Vous ne pouvez PAS mentir, mais vous pouvez exagérer certaines informations.
- Je vais poster les descriptions des joueurs qui me l’auront envoyée tel que demandé dans la section Turque du chat de l’event.
- Chaque coach a droit de choisir 14 joueurs dans son équipe. Si deux coachs désirent avoir un même joueur dans leur équipe, ils pourront tenter de le convaincre afin de joindre leur équipe.
Round 2: Les Batailles 1
- 1 semaine pour jouer.
- Votre coach vous place contre un autre joueur de votre équipe dans un match, le perdant retourne chez lui.
Round 3: Les Batailles 2
- 7 membres restants par équipe, le coach en choisit un qui sauté la ronde, passant en ronde 4.
- 6 joueurs sont dans cette phase, 3 s’en vont s’ils perdent. Pour gagner, il faut avoir le plus de votes possible.
- Une semaine pour jouer.
- Allez voir la section espagnole du forum afin de comprendre le calcul des votes.

- Round 4: Les Batailles 3
-4 joueurs sont restant par équipe.
- Allez voir la section espagnole, encore une fois, pour voir le calcul des votes.
-Le joueur ayant le plus de vote sauté à la phase 5.
-Le dernier est éliminé.
-Le 2ème et le 3ème doivent jouer un match, le gagnant passé en phase 5.
-2 semaines pour jouer.
Round 5: Les Batailles 4
-2 joueurs par équipe.
-Les joueurs s’affrontent, le gagnant représentera son coach en finale.
- 1 semaine pour jouer.
- Il reste donc quatre joueurs dans l’event représentant respectivement leurs coachs.
-Les joueurs tentent du mieux qu’ils peuvent d’accumuler le plus de pints que possible, classes entre la 1ère et 4ème position.
- 1 semaine pour jouer
- Voir la section espagnole afin de savoir comment les votes sont attribués.

The Voice of Clintz City

Merci ZeroChuck pour la traduction
Tuesday 17/09/13

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English TheFirstZack - subject is closed
Heyy every one, Zack here with some awesome news!
We have a special for the activity draw this week! Its easyer than ever to qualify! and its going to be a cr prize for this weeks winner!

Week 3
Monday 16th - Sunday 22nd (september 2013)
This week requirements to qualify have been reduced for this week only! So all you need is 750 activity in the guild to be qualified in the Draw! But as usual 5 players or more must reach the activity level for the draw to commence! GL every one and have fun!
Also for this special week Kawamashi Cr will be the prize!
Sunday 15/09/13

2 messages
English ChaosDragon88 - last answer from ChaosDragon88, Sunday 15/09/2013, 20:58.
... join The Chaotic Circus !!!

- Lots of fun
- 0 fights to do
- great prizes
- only 100 clintz inscription fee

are you still waiting???
1 message
English Moe2000 - subject is closed
I have made a new event idea. These are debates. In these debates we will be tackling some real life debated questions. There will be 1 new debate every month with rewards for good arguments. Each debate will last 4-7 days.

FIRST DEBATE: deleted and by soon I mean in 10 years or less.
Thursday 12/09/13

1 message
Happy Birthday Goralion!

PLEASE pen down your wishes for our awesome admin!

Donations of any value are highly welcomed. Please put it in my private sale.
Wednesday 11/09/13

1 message
UEFA Champions League 2013-14

UEFA Champions League UR Version

Is my first event, JOIN

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