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Tournaments and events

If you are organizing a tournament, planning on joining one, come here.
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Friday 19/12/08

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Español (((-))) - subject is closed

(((Super Tournament))) Will be one of the biggest events at Urban-Rivals. There will be 140 players with the winner getting 106,400 clintz. The rules will be enforced vigilantly. The entry fee will be 1000 clintz and the biggest rule is "Be Here To Play" event if you sign up. the rest is simple anything goes; banned cards, leaders, doubles, just be here to play when is your groups turn or forfeit...

There will be 14 groups of 10 players each, those players will only fight those within his/her group one time, the player with highest scores moves on...

Once you sign up I will tell you your group and day to fight, first come fisrt served...

Each group will only have 3 days to fight and the winner of a group will wait for the winner of next group and so on till there is only one winner...

In order to properly execute this event and generate fights quickly will depend on the players to be here to fight when told...

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English -Cypher- - last answer from elchew_OC, Friday 19/12/2008, 03:41.
Life On the Edge Life On the Edge Life On the Edge
A short, fun event to keep people occupied over X-mas. You start with only 6 life points, it will play out in one round, the two highest scores win a prize as well as a custom profile pic created by myself (conditions apply).

-ELO format, Non-random
-No cards over 3 damage
-No + Damage ability cards
-No Damage reducers (So no Pussycats)
-No + Life cards
-If someone cheats then take a screenshot and they will be dealt with.

I'm going to throw in some prizes before the event starts on Saturday, good luck

Life On the Edge Life On the Edge Life On the Edge
Thursday 18/12/08

2 messages
English The_Manly_Man - last answer from Yaved, Thursday 18/12/2008, 17:29.
Sudden Death

1st 40
2nd 25
3rd 20
4th 10

sudden death tourney. You start with only one life point so the first round will be the most important. Think you're up to the challenge?

depending on the size, we will break into groups or have a direct elimination.
Wednesday 17/12/08

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English TNT VAMP - last answer from TNT VAMP, Wednesday 17/12/2008, 21:18.
join my event people
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English punkpostmodern - last answer from sheeps, Wednesday 17/12/2008, 13:33.
I'm a fan of the UR comics - aren't you?

Ever wonder who would win in a battle of good versus evil? Let's find out!


300 clintz buy-in.

There are some big restrictions to make this interesting and true to the comics (pre-"The B Team".
- If you're GOOD, half of your deck must be Sentinel and must include Klaus and Josh.
- If you're EVIL, half of your deck must be GHEIST and must include Vryer and Lilith.

Sound interesting? Sign-up!

I'll cancel the event if there isn't enough interest.
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English Mac_Leod - last answer from Gryazzie, Wednesday 17/12/2008, 11:30.
Here we are : the end of the Battle Royale. 200 guilds and 600 players fought to know who
was the best guild ever all communities taken together.
After several months of battle we now have a name : Elite Argentina wins the
Youth Kriminals and Game Over respectively ranked second and third.

Let?s see the prizes they have won :

1st : Elite Argentina
Mati No Cry wins 300.000 Clintz + the collector he wants + 20 Credits.
0EA-P1p1n0x wins 300.000 Clintz + the collector he wants + 20 Credits.
Silver EVO- wins 300.000 Clintz + the collector he wants + 20 Credits.

2nd : Youth kriminals
YK_MaRy Bu wins 200.000 Clintz + Sum Sam Cr + 20 credits.
YK_Reira wins 200.000 Clintz + Sum Sam Cr + 20 credits.
JasperHale wins 200.000 Clintz + Sum Sam Cr + 20 credits.

3rd : Game Over
GaLoN wins 150.000 Clintz + Marlysa Cr + 20 Credits.
Krid41 wins 150.000 Clintz + Marlysa Cr + 20 Credits.
0-Bassa y Noe wins 150.000 Clintz + Marlysa Cr + 20 Credits.

Elite Argentina could contact Mac_Leod , Garg CR or Euzebe to say
which Cr they have chosen.

I’ll ask to these nine players to send us a short text telling their feelings about this

We would like to thank all the players who joined the BR10 for their fairplay.
Next Battle Royale should begin in around 6 months.
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English sheeps - subject is closed
Can someone please make a tournament that can be in any format anyone can join for no fees and the jackpot is really good
i haven't had a good tournament in ages and i cannot make one
Tuesday 16/12/08

1 message
Join the Clan Wars were the Clans fight for the supremacy of Clint City
Who will be the clan rulling the Streets?
More info at: http://www.urban-rivals.com/events/?id_event=1391
1 message
The Event Takes Part 'Till Saturday.

Are You The ONe To Come AT The Top?!

9 messages
English xGENERALx - last answer from xGENERALx, Tuesday 16/12/2008, 01:20.
For 500 each you can have an icon just like mine
nothing to difficult as my background wont work
so please pick colors only
Sunday 14/12/08

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English Phyllyp - last answer from Phyllyp, Sunday 14/12/2008, 20:51.

Personally, I'm sick of all these HUGE tournaments where you can win only like 2400 clintz...
Here is your chance to actually win a decent prize!!

The rich, skilled, and intelligent are invited!
Have a chance to quadruple your 5k... and win even more.
If you don't think you're skilled enough to win this tourney, then don't join! It's as simple as that.
Complainers will be ignored.
Saturday 13/12/08

2 messages
English chainz-old - last answer from chainz-old, Saturday 13/12/2008, 17:42.
If your tired of going into danger zone and not seeing anyone to fight that is old join this.

a room for people who want to play old without asking people to play it.
6 messages
English Kash_50 - last answer from Kash_50, Saturday 13/12/2008, 16:45.
Heres a event I had some fun making the scoring rules
36 messages
English punkpostmodern - last answer from AEKARA210, Saturday 13/12/2008, 15:24.
A four-way guild battle, that is!

My guild, Eat at Mel's, is interested in some low-stakes guild battling. If you're interested, talk to your guilds. I'm thinking a 6 on 6 on 6 on 6 tournament, 200 clintz buy-in per person, winning guild take all (minus the 5% for Kate, that is. She does like her 5% cuts.)

In my head, each guild will be put into a group. In the first stage (first week), there will be two large matches: 1 guild versus 1 guild - each guild member has to play as many people from the other guild as possible. The two guilds with the highest totals will move on to the finals (second week). Same thing. Winner take 95%.

What do ya say? Talk to your guilds if you're interested.
3 messages
English un nympho fou - last answer from Ben19972008, Saturday 13/12/2008, 05:57.
Hi guys,

I'm kind of new around here, I usually stick to the french part of the website, but I wanted to try and come here. And if I like it, maybe I'll hang around, sorry about that.

Ok, time to copy-paste :

the point of this event is to play with only 2 pillz a match, because more is far too complicated.
But to make sure everyone doesn't play the same deck, bonuses and Leaders are forbidden. And as everyone doesn't have Lyse + DJ, Collectors are forbidden too.

Precise rules are at the bottom of the description : 2 pillz, c'est pas beaucoup

Entry fee is 2000 clintz, and I keep 0% for myself.
Prizes, with big chunks of home-made Collectors :
1st : 50% of the jackpot + Vickie Cr full xp
2nd : 25% of the jackpot + Seldnor Cr 0xp
3rd : 15% of the jackpot
4th : 10% of the jackpot
Aaaaand... a lottery among all participating players (meaning the ones who played all their matches) to win a Seldnor Cr 0xp !

Ok, I know lotteries are banned, but it's to motivate players, because I don't want half of them to drop their matches after a week... Basically, this is a tournament, but one lucky guy can win something even if he doesn't finish in the top. Hope moderators won't mind...

It will normally begin on monday, december 1st.

Here you are, I hope I'll see many of you, and don't be scared because it's a french event : you can speak english with your opponents, and I'll try to translate everything I write so you have all information.

Have fun !
Thursday 11/12/08

1 message
Is there a function to set up an auto-tourney in our clan rooms, or do we have to do it manually? If someone could post here or in PM, it would be appreciated. Thank you!
1 message
Join today!
entrance: 600 Clintz!
3 messages
Português ON_ebolA - subject is closed

Aplications open till event start.
Start: 00h00 (10/12/200
End: 00h00 (11/12/2008
(England time - GMT)
8 messages
English Simple0313 - last answer from LoD -Anthony-, Thursday 11/12/2008, 03:29.
My first of possibly many 0LD events.

Price: 600
1st: 50%
2nd: 22.5 %
3rd: 22.5 %

Simple's 0LD Challenge

Remember 0LD means no Pillz

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