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If you are organizing a tournament, planning on joining one, come here.
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Tuesday 09/12/08

14 messages
English Euzebe - subject is closed
Here comes the last round of the Battle Royale 10.
This one will be really different from the others :
1) Players will have to fight against all the others still in in a winning match.
2) We didn't manage to avoid faceoffs against players from the same guild, so please, don't play against your guild mates.

This round is the last one, the three guilds with the best score will win the prizes here :

- 1st : 900.000 Clintz (to share between the 3 members), 3 collector cards you can choose (one for each guild member who took part in) and 20 credits for each member who took part in.
- 2nd : 600.000 Clintz (to share between the 3 members), 3 Sum Sam Cr and 20 credits for each member who took part in.
- 3rd : 450.000 Clintz (to share between the 3 members), 3 Marlysa Cr and 20 credits for each member who took part in.

Here your opponents :

Wise Men Distracted

Army of Elite Mercenaries


Game Over

elite argentina


Youth Kriminals
1 message
Girls Night Out 2!: The F Team

Charlie is hosting a tournament allowing 3 of the most important Pussycats to select a team to form her own B Team as she wants her own version of the B Team, only one more dedicated to the Pussycat cause.


Monday 08/12/08

3 messages
Português ON_ebolA - subject is closed

24 hours to fight

start: 1h00 (7/12/200
end: 1h00 (8/12/200
UR time

30 messages
English The Dark Lord7 - last answer from cjl, Monday 08/12/2008, 15:15.
No entry fee
playing in danger zone
once 16 ppl joined in then i will pick the ppl out of hat
1st place gets 112 clintz
i will be included
first 16 that says that there in will enter
i will then let u kno when it starts #
PM When u are in
Sunday 07/12/08

42 messages
English yaoihuntresse - last answer from yaoihuntresse, Sunday 07/12/2008, 19:16.
Maybe I'm just being a ditz, but just as I was about to post a new page for my fanscript, I could find the thread anywhere. So I'm just making a new one so I can post the next page. Sorry about the mess.

Page 4

Panel 1: Inside the storage room Rei is pissed as she frantically digs through a cardboard box, foam peanuts flying everywhere. In the far right is Bernie (who can look any way you want) who is tied and gagged, surrounded in broken china from the cabinet that he knocked over.

Rei: That Bruce Lee statuette has to be here somewhere.

Panel 2: Rei sharply turns her head as Luis (with an excited Sharon behind him) bursts through the door, holds his gun and tells her to freeze.

Luis: Freeze!

Panel 3: Dodgeing out of the line of the gun’s fire, Rei tosses another shiriken.

Panel 4: That automatically lodges itself into the barrel of the gun.

Panel 5: Luis gazes down on the gun, annoyed that he can’t use it.

Luis: Damn.

Panel 6: Brandishing his nightstick, he hands the gun to Sharon as he makes his way toward Rei.

Luis: Unjam this for me, sweetheart. I’m goin’ in.
17 messages
Português X-Thuga-X - last answer from 0UC-DarkEagle, Sunday 07/12/2008, 09:50.
I'm Willing On Putting A Collector Card As The Prize For An Event But I Can't Loose Much Money And I Think That The Winner Would Profit Too...

So I Need To Know If Your In. If Diyo Cr, the entrance that i proprose is 2750 clintz. and i win 40 % of the jackpot
and distribute the other 60 %for the 3 fisrts ones.

but for that I need that people give me their promise that'll enter... If You Don't Agree Give Me You Opinion
12 messages
English Baron Brixius - last answer from Ian_WCH, Sunday 07/12/2008, 09:06.
Details can be found on the Tournament's page. Questions and comments should also be directed there

Here's the link

Vlad the Genet's 0LD Week
Saturday 06/12/08

42 messages
English StormWhisper - subject is closed
Ok. So, as my list of rares is full and obviously new rares will continue to come out, I am now faced with a dilemna. Since you guys play in my tournament I will let you decide.

To help you understand how I determine what rare you win:

I have 4 Lists, each with 20 rares. I roll a D4 and a D20 to determine what prize you win

So I could roll 1, 13 which means you win a Rei.

Option 1: Create List #5.

Up til now the Leaders have not been on the Rare list since we give them away anyway. I CAN create the #5 list.
If I do, that does expand the rare list by 20 more slots to allow for new incoming rares. If any Rares go CR they of course get dumped off the list too. However if I create List #5 I need more than just 1 card on it to begin with.
Which means I'd be adding the 8 Leader cards for a limited time. If I roll List #5 (obviously I'd be using a D6 now) then you'd win Hula, or a Leader.

Option #2:

I remove a rare from the list every time a new rare comes out. You guys can vote on which rare gets removed.
I'll select 3 rares which I feel are less popular, because they have unfavorable stats/abilites, are lower value, or whatever.

Option #3:

The List is static. This means the list won't ever change again. No new rares, just old ones.

Let me know what you want to do. If you decide on option #2 when the next rare tournament rolls around I'll post the first round of potential removals.

3 messages
Português ON_ebolA - last answer from ON_ebolA, Saturday 06/12/2008, 21:29.

another quick event
fee: 500 clintz

12 hours to fight
Start: 13h00 (5/12/200
End: 1h00 (6/12/200
(Urban Rivals time)

23 messages
English breakpoint - subject is closed
New cards are coming out next week so that means it's rumor season again! and I have the right kind of contest for this.

- START: Sunday 11 / 29 / 08
- END: Thursday 12 / 04 / 08
- Entry fee: Sunnygoat

Read http://trickypanda.blogspot.com/2008/10/breakpoints-guess-card-contest.html

1. READ THE RULES. FOLLOW THIS RULE! A lot of people messaged me why their entries weren't counted. It is because you DID NOT pay the entry fee.

2. FOLLOW THE FORMAT. I will not entertain entries that do not follow the format.

good luck
Friday 05/12/08

3 messages
English KY Zakzy - subject is closed
Hello I'm making an event called Black Hole.
it's Type 2.for more iformation go to:
Thank you.
Thursday 04/12/08

2 messages
Português ON_ebolA - subject is closed

200 clintz....
open to aplications till 12h (3/12/200
8 messages
English DL LIZBETH - last answer from 0 Hockey15, Thursday 04/12/2008, 02:28.
You want to fight the best ELO Survivor and T1 players as Miaouchat Angelo Yk_QJON Bowser Sweet & Co. JOIN here TEST 3 "Restriction" 2.

Wednesday 03/12/08

3 messages
Português X-Thuga-X - last answer from X-Thuga-X, Wednesday 03/12/2008, 22:58.
If You Talk Portuguese Or English ( Mostly )

You'll Have To Join http://www.urban-rivals.com/events/?id_event=1349

The Tournament Starts Tomorrow. 1º Prize is Betty And 50 % Of The Jackpot
12 messages
English Wolv(JH)-Evo - last answer from Wolv(JH)-Evo, Wednesday 03/12/2008, 08:19.
For all those who battle it out in the Daily Tournamants for that top spot, but somehow feels like u are being undone because of slow players! Here is your chance to proove your might! This will be the first of three events that I will create

This the first one will be for the players playing Type 1 Format

The others that will follow will be for Type 2 and then Elo

So if you truly think your the King of DT then sign up and show us what u got!

Tuesday 02/12/08

1 message
- low damagers


fee: 400

No Freaks and other poisoners nor healers
No SOA and SOB clans nor cards
No Pussycats (other reducers allowed)
only cards with max 3 damage (including ability and bonus)
min. 30 stars deck

7/12 - 21/12
3 messages
English krilix - subject is closed
I dont know how????
6 messages
Deutsch TB Bukowski - last answer from TB Bukowski, Tuesday 02/12/2008, 07:43.

The cake isn't a lie! Fight vour opponents and win Clintz and the cake! The first who reaches 19 points, will win the tourney. After 2 Months, if theres nobody with 19 points, the player with the most points will win the tourney.
Monday 01/12/08

4 messages
English master relic - last answer from Baron Brixius, Monday 01/12/2008, 21:45.
Dont forget join now, the winner recieve 5000 clintz + depending on the amount of people . also 2nd and 3rd get a strong card, they get to pic the clan they want the powerful card from.. it costs 300 clintz to join
ill send u a card for 350 and u sell it back for 50.
max rank titan min rank veteran.
comment on this if you want to join.

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