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Tournaments and events

If you are organizing a tournament, planning on joining one, come here.
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Sunday 28/09/08

30 messages
English StormWhisper - last answer from Blade Demon, Sunday 28/09/2008, 02:37.
As an apology I'll extend the Tourney an extra 30 min to 6:30pst. Good Luck everyone and remeber, The Keyword you must use is Perfect. Or else I'll refuse. Good Luck Everyone.

Note: Don't challenge me Twice. I will refuse. You do it 3 times and you forfeit your prize. Good Luck!

14 messages
English Waffle God - last answer from FireLizSword, Sunday 28/09/2008, 00:23.
As you may or may not know i hold anual clan battles between mine and others regardless of what lvl they might be. my clan has 27 members this time and we are itching for a fight. I randomly pick 1 post and choose that c;lanm to fight. there is no entry fee and the winning prize for the 1st place clan will recieve 1-30k each (depending on how many ppl)

To be elegible to enter alls you have to do is come up with a clan(urban rivals clan ex. Roots), the clans bonus, and the biography of that clan.
Saturday 27/09/08

47 messages
English Euzebe - subject is closed
Hello all !

Thanks to all participants and congratulations to the guilds still in competition.
There had been heroic fights, hard struggles and some roaring success. The first round was a furious struggle, let's see the second round.

It begins now and the fights will have to happen before thursday 25th of this month.
There couldn't be any draw, we'll only keep winning fights.
If you abandon or if the fight expire, you will lose 12-0.

If you want to see the nickmane of your opponent, just fo there : event=1

Let's see the opposing guilds :

Friday 26/09/08

91 messages
English esvetlicinii - subject is closed
I took the idea from Assecro and added some stuff

The rules are simple:
-The entry fee is 500 clintz(I sell you a card for 550 clintz and you sell it back for 50).
-16 players.
-No card level limit.
-You can have as much stars in your deck as you wish.
-No cards are banned.
-Your deck cannot contain more than one character from any clan.

1st prize will be 8000
2nd prize will be 2000
3rd prize will be 1000
All other players will recieve a common card

Just one more thing - I will participate.

You PM me your decks and when the tourney starts I'll post them in this topic along with mine.

Good luck
Thursday 25/09/08

12 messages
English Justinbg_LOA - last answer from The_Supremist, Thursday 25/09/2008, 09:50.
I will be making a type 2 tourney, the buy-in is 5k, 8 people will take part
There is only 1 card restriction no Leader

1st place will get 25,000
2nd place will get 10,000
3rd place will get 5k which is there money back

if there are any questions pm me

to register plz pm me. GL
9 messages
English yaoihuntresse - subject is closed
First of all, I want to thank everyone for their support of the first script and I hope you will like this one. It takes place after the pervious one and while it features other Sentinels and the Montana clan, I will update you on what happened to Robin and John later one.

Title: Thinking Bellow the Waist

Page 1

Panel 1: An establishing shot of the front of Borgia’s Palace on a busy night. Coby and Luis (in civilian attire) stand in front of the building, trying not to get run over from the bustling activity outside. Despite this, Coby is quite relaxed from having a temporary partner who isn't quite as troublesome.

Coby: Thanks for partnering with me while Dayton’s sick, Luis.

Luis: No problem.
Tuesday 23/09/08

6 messages
English kaneholt_nwnf - subject is closed
It doesnt have to be elo any lvl over 10!!! the deck cant be wrth more than 10k gt to have at least 4 Rescue cards and no more than 8 cards entrance is 800clintz i need 32 ppl and it is in the danger zone at the 21st of december so lots of time

1st prize is alec and Cyan
2nd prize is Rowdy and 500clintz
3rd prize is a Glorg
cmon pm me or put it on the board
13 messages
English KNIGHT RIDER - subject is closed
Entry fee is 600clintz if u want to enter the tourny tell me i will send it for 550 n then u sell it back for 50
1 price 10000 clintz + 1 cr
2 price 5000clintz
3 price 3000clintz

it is to entry deck must 35+
doubles r allowed
it the fight the will be held at fight club
there r three more crs to be given away as gifts
good luck

see u there by the way if any one of want 2 join my guild the u r welcome
Sunday 21/09/08

11 messages
Español 87Belfast - last answer from 87Belfast, Sunday 21/09/2008, 13:13.
All week we have been voting for the perfect tourney, now the registrations start and soon we'll play.

Voting is still open under " Perfect Tourney [The making of]
The voting will close in 4 days (friday)
When finished ill post the results here.

All players MUST have voted if they want to join.

Rules & Terms & Conditions will be posted on friday
49 messages
Español 87Belfast - last answer from 87Belfast, Sunday 21/09/2008, 00:55.
So heres how it works,

we will hold a poll each day on a rule for the tourney and which ever rule comes on top will be the offical rule of the tourney.

Friday 12th: We will vote for the number of players and deck restrictions
Saturday 13th: We will vote for the entry fee
Sunday 14th : We will vote for the Room it will be played in
Tuesday 16th Registrations start

The voting will be valid from 8am-12am GMT
Saturday 20/09/08

232 messages
English Versellie - subject is closed
The Prize
1st place: Kerozinn Cr
2nd place: Miss Twice Cr
3rd place: Lost Hog

The entry fee will be 500 clinz
Sell me a card for 50 clintz and I will sell it back for 550 clintz
At least 30-60 people can Join
The entry deadline will be on July 20 or 21

1st round of the tournament will be non-Random (You will have to fight in Danger zone or Fight club)
2nd round of the tournament will be OLD (Danger zone or Fight Club)
3rd round of the tournament will be random (Fight Type 1 or 2)

Max star count must be 30*
Yes you will be able to change your deck
Best 2 out of 3
No Doubles

You can choose a group for a certain deck in first round
A. Fight type 1 Deck (For people who want to use type 1 deck join this group)
B. Fight type 2 Deck (For people who want to use type 2 deck join this group)
C. Elo Deck (For people who want to use Elo deck join this group)

So chose a group you want to be in for the tournament 1st round
Then I will partner up everybody

But for 2nd and 3rd round of the tournament will not have groups.

Also my partner Soliuz ( My Partner in Crime lol) will be helping out with the tournament.

If you have any question Just message me or Soliuz
But mostly me .
I wish everybody good luck

P.S: For the people who cannot sell PM/Message me and i will sell u a card for 500 clintz..
2 messages
English Tiggy Tanks - last answer from callisti WMD, Saturday 20/09/2008, 16:15.
Get three players form your guild to compete against another. Max entries is 4 guilds. You deck must less than 28 stars, cant have doubles, and no Leader.
Friday 19/09/08

20 messages
English Cardz Ruler - last answer from Ponchos skirt, Friday 19/09/2008, 15:52.
The rules:

16 players

Entry 500clintz or card worth 500 clintz

30 stars or less

danger zone

NO cr's and NO 1 hit K.O

Players post result on board !NO LIES!

tournament will begin on Saturday 20th september

registration is open now (you sell me card for 550 i sell back for 50/sell me card worth 550clintz for 50)

i will refund


1st place- 4000 clintz
2nd place- 2000 clintz
3rd place- 800 clintz

have fun tell me if i have missed anything out please
77 messages
English Force Majeure - subject is closed
The Casket is closed and we are not accepting further members in our guild by any other means other than this or other future events held by us. So if you want to join our exclusive guild, this is the only way you can prove yourself worthy.

1.The tourney is free to join, only players from level 15 and up can register (if you already have a guild, you can't join)
2.Elo-legal decks only, no un-evolved cards, banned clan for the week can be used
3.The players will be set in groups and they have to fight with everyone in their group twice. They get their own Bps as score. The best 2 advances from each group.The remaining players go to straight elimination phase where the best of 3 games will go on. (the deck rules are the same). If I already have 16 players, registration closes.
4.There are strict deadlines to follow, once I get all the players, I will post the deadline for scheduling fights
5.At any point in time do I catch you cheating, you automatically drop, if you get yourself on a blacklist while on this tourney, you drop
6.When you reach the top 3 best players in the tourney you will be given a choice for your prize, either way, you will be banned to join further Open Casket Public Events such as this one

The best player will choose a prize: 8k clintz or 5k clintz and the chance to join Open Casket
The second best player chooses between: 5k or 3k and the chance to join Open Casket
The third best player chooses between: 3k or 1k and the chance to join Open Casket
5 messages
English cammy-rules - last answer from cammy-rules, Friday 19/09/2008, 06:26.
Hello guy's!!!!

Ok then, bassically this is a torny..
RULES: No cr's
30 stars MAX.

Ok, all games to be played in DANGER ZONE.
You will contact your player's....
You will be split into 4 groups
1game vs each person
win - 4
draw -3
loose -0

entry fee
500 clintz (you sell me card for 500) or i sell you Frida for 500

1ST 2.5k
2ND 1.5k
3RD 1k

entry is open

8groups - 4 people per group
32 People

entry is open again? xD
9 messages
English Transylvanian - subject is closed
If any moderators could answer this it'd be great but if someone else knows i still welcome input. Is there a system to how the cr cards get distributed in elo or is it completely random because ive never noticed a good cr card get dealt to someone at the bottom of the top 100 before.
Wednesday 17/09/08

5 messages
Română iustinic - last answer from 3M Allex, Wednesday 17/09/2008, 18:46.
Entrye : 5000
Max 4 player .
Deckt tipe : Type 1
Prize :
1= 15.000 clintz
A vs B win A
C vs D win D

A vs D win A
A = 15.000
Tuesday 16/09/08

14 messages
Română iustinic - last answer from iustinic, Tuesday 16/09/2008, 18:59.
Hellow to all player`s!!!This is a tourament verry special something new!!!
The host of this tourament are:iustinic(administrator),3m-kll3r the second administrator
Thise are the details:
-Entry fee:Level 10-30 will have to pay 300 clintz
Level 31-50 will have ti pay 700 clintz
Level 51 and more will have to pay 1100 clintz
-We have to sell to you a card with 350/750/1150 clintz depend on your level and you sell back to one of the administrator with 50 clintz

Round 1:-Rules-
-Your deck must have maxim 12 card`s
-Your deck must have maxim 20 star`s
-No Cr`s
-The clan`s in this list are banned:Fang Pi Clang,La Junta
-When Round 1 it`s over 10 player`s will be out(Remember those player`s Don`t get theyr money back!)
-We will chose player`s who will fight(We will choose corectly)
-The fight`s would be 1 VS 1
-Player`s would be in 15 groups
-Every group will have 2 player`s
-Only 1 match/group
-The Type will be decided by your votes(only player`s who will be in the tourney)
Sunday 14/09/08

5 messages
English FluffyDog - last answer from 7-Redge-7, Sunday 14/09/2008, 22:49.
The Elo tournament rules seem incomplete, they just say that it stops at sunday midnight, but doesn't state wich time zone is being used.

Can someone help?
8 messages
English demon team - subject is closed
I am sponsering a tournemt and i wiil be competing the grand prize will be 400 clintz if you wish to compete you must send me a message imeatedly the reason for that will be because i am only leting five people compete in the tournament but here is three rules one you must play fair two anyone can compete no matter what lelvel you are three the winner will not only get the grand prize but he also has the choice to join my guild but there is one more rule that must be followed if you join my guild you must give me a uncommun card or a rare card of your choic so send me your messages if you want to compete and if you are the winner and you choose to join my guild send me a message imeatedly that is all.so come and have fun.

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