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Monday 01/12/08

3 messages
English gcttirth - last answer from gcttirth, Monday 01/12/2008, 12:18.
Hi !

Dark Event
Fee : 600

See The Event Page .
16 messages
English Euzebe - last answer from Euzebe, Monday 01/12/2008, 11:53.
Hello all !

Be nice to your opponents, share your points with them for Thanksgiving. That's how it goes in Clint City.
Lose points when you win, win points when you lose. It sounds easy but... (random mode, no need to thank me)

Deck : T2 and everything you want in it.
Rules : which ones ?!?

Prizes :
The two best scores (the two players who'll lose the most ) : Shawoman Cr

Turkey prize : the worst score (so the most generous player) wins a Shawoman Cr too

This event will begin on Thursday. End on Sunday 24:00
8 messages
English punkpostmodern - last answer from punkpostmodern, Monday 01/12/2008, 08:17.
Who's the stronger sex in Clint City? Fight and find out!


1000 buy-in. Check out the details on the event page.
3 messages
English breakpoint - last answer from breakpoint, Monday 01/12/2008, 06:10.
Breakpoint's TWOrnament

Entrance: 800clintz

"Two 2* cards worth no more than 2k clintz" per clan.
1 message
I was thinking about create with 2 abilty!They Would be called the Betrayers and every of this cards will bring out every single clan forte lik,
Sakrohm,they are known for their dmg minusing.
Prianas known for their adding and minusin of pillz.
All Stars known for its power hunger.
Bangers known for its High Power and Dmg.
Fang Pi Clang known for its Very High Dmg
Freaks known for its Average Power and Dmg also known for its poisen
Ghiest known for its average power and dmg,SOA
Junks known for its Powerful Power
La Junta known for its Powerful Power
Monatana known for its High Power and Dmg
Nightmare known for being expensive and equally worth for being expensive
Pussycats known for its hot chicks and average stats
Rescuers known for its <<support>> abiltity and life adding
Roots known for being banned in elo and its SOA
Sentinals known for its Powerful Power
Ulu Watu known for its Power Hunger
Uppers known for its Attack hunger
LEADERS known to be Leaders
Hahas got all the clans forte according to this charts we could make cards according to this and the first ablilty of betrayers can be stop with SOA the 2nd one can't be stop and their bonus would be Support:+2attack because of its two abilty the bonus can't be strong and if i were urban rivals i would disable the purchase of this clan through shop and is gettable through daily tournaments and elo tournaments and survival
Saturday 29/11/08

9 messages
English Ryzilla - last answer from Ryzilla, Saturday 29/11/2008, 01:17.
Are the winners of the dailys generally type 1 or type 2?

I only play type 1 because of the skill involved. The problem is I can only get to 18 matches on a daily tourney in type 1 and the best I can generally do is be 15 and 3 with around 260-270 points. This means I am not playing enough matches to get to that 400 point Mark. I couldn't even win all the matches with average 20 points each to get to the top 5 spots. The best I have done in a daily is around 40th place.

I am averaging about 3 minutes and 20 seconds a match in a tourney I place well in and about 3 minutes and 45 seconds to 4 minutes a match in a tourney I do somewhat poorly in. This meens that players that play in type 2 with all or nearly all 5 star cards could potentially end a match in 38% faster (40-25/40). That meens that compared to my lowest average time in type 1 someone with equal type 2 skill could complete almost 29 matches. Now if you win 83% like I do in my best games in type 1 and average around 14 points you can get roughly 338 points.

Now there is something wrong here. The higher skilled daily game(type 1) has a lower chance to place higher than a less skilled game(type 2). I can get 260 points in daily type 1 while an equal skilled player as me in type 2 can get 338 points. Here is the math (338-260/33 = 28%. Type 2 can perform 28% better than type 1 in equal conditions.

There are errors in my math, though it is close.

What is the solution? You tell me?
Wednesday 26/11/08

7 messages
English HaveOne WMD - last answer from HaveOne WMD, Wednesday 26/11/2008, 04:48.
I'm going to try again to make a tournament for people to enjoy. Here goes:

Play Everyone

Signup starts now and ends friday.
Monday 24/11/08

15 messages
English elchew_OC - last answer from elchew_OC, Monday 24/11/2008, 20:48.

-Welcome to this crazy event. The rules are simple:

- Only cards holding weapons in the stage it is used are allowed

- As many stars as you want

- Every player must foght every other player 3 times

Hope you enjoy, Looking for as many people as possible to play in this unique, themed event
3 messages
English dragonian_UM - last answer from dragonian_UM, Monday 24/11/2008, 19:37.
25 star limit
ELO banned cards are allowed
CRs are allowed
Unevolved cards are allowed
Leaders are banned

The one and only rule is that you can have only one card from each clan (so you have to play 8 clans) that rules out clan bonusses and makes you rely on card abilities and/or power

Join my event if you like it.
6 messages
English ReadTheRules - last answer from ReadTheRules, Monday 24/11/2008, 15:50.
winner takes all
64 players
one battle per round (lose and you are out)
6 messages
English Rambull420 - last answer from Rambull420, Monday 24/11/2008, 12:14.
Here's how it works. To enter, you have to send me a pm with a preset or deck list YOU made of a theme I
choose. Also, you have to sell me any card of your choice for 1 clintz and post that you entered on this thread.
All entries have to be submitted one week after i post the theme. I will judge all entries myself. The prizes are:
1st place: 40 clintz for every person that entered
2nd place: 30 clintz for every person that entered
3rd place: 20 clintz for every person that entered
In the event that 2 or more people win with the same exact deck, the first person who entered wins.
This weeks theme is:
Cheap Piranas
(Make a mono-Piranas ELO deck that would cost 10,000 clintz or less to make.)
10 messages
English Jus CBA - last answer from Ian_WCH, Monday 24/11/2008, 08:43.
How much do you really know about urban rivals (lets see answer the following questions correct to win a Lehane
Who’s has these words in there bio
but that doesn't stop him from being happy
How many cr’s are there
How many clans were there at the start of urban rivals
When urban rivals first introduced events what was the min level of use
How many languages can urban rivals be viewed in and what are they
Can you changed your password and have you ever been able to change your password
What date was episode 4 of Collateral Damage
How many scores can you see for on tournament in Daily tournaments history
How many moderators are there
What clan has the most number of cards including crs minus (-) the clan that has the most crs (say the answer is 10 for most cards in a clan and 3 for most crs in a clan that would be 10-3= 7
next sunday
post here or pm it to me the winner will be first come first serve
Sunday 23/11/08

2 messages
English MDelRey - subject is closed
Whilst the temprature was hot and so was the atmousphere Jackie and Estalt where together. "Um how about some wine? said jackie her wild crazy voice. "Jackie why do you talk like that?" asked Estalt. Estalt was drunk. Jackie walked closer to him. Estalt felt a privite system of jackie. "You are a man!" Estalt his voice shocked like his face. "It took you that long," jackie protested." We made love about 5 times." "Get out!" Estalt shouted hands on face. "Oh my god," started Estalt. "O-M-G!" said a voice it was a slim woman with green her she wore straps as a bra and knickers. "I am here for an appontment," she laughed. She was the most beautiful woman in clint city. "Rubie, where is your hottie sister Rosa?" asked Estalt. Then he said something about Rosa's carrer that wasnt to nice. "You are just like her," said Rubie. Jackie was still in the room. "Jackie we need to teach our little friend how to be nice," lauged Rubie. "I taught him five times," said jackie one hand in a fist punching her other hand.
19 messages
English breakpoint - last answer from MDelRey, Sunday 23/11/2008, 10:20.
New cards are coming out next week so that means it's rumor season again! and I have the right kind of contest for this.

- START: Sunday 11/16/08
- END: Thursday 11/20/08
- Entry fee: Mikki

Read http://trickypanda.blogspot.com/2008/10/breakpoints-guess-card-contest.html

1. READ THE RULES. FOLLOW THIS RULE! A lot of people messaged me why their entries weren't counted. It is because you DID NOT pay the entry fee.

2. FOLLOW THE FORMAT. I will not entertain entries that do not follow the format.

good luck
7 messages
English Anger_HM - last answer from Anger_HM, Sunday 23/11/2008, 09:55.
This is my first even using the even tools(thanks to the admins who worked on this tool) So bare with me alright..
Comment is appreciated..

Domination Tournament where Domination Occurs
Join now...
entry fee: 300 clints only
type 1
Prizes to be won
1st. 50% from the jackpot+Blaaster
2nd. 25% from the jackpot+Tyler
3rd 10% from the jackpot+ Corrina

join now..

Any question(s) can be pm'ed to me..
6 messages
English StormWhisper - last answer from roneck, Sunday 23/11/2008, 00:19.
GO TO THE DZ. This event thing is irritating me and I'm not using it again.

Password: Null

Saturday 22/11/08

2 messages
English kingk00 - last answer from NewType_0, Saturday 22/11/2008, 05:07.
Anybody wanna be my master in the padawan tourny? must be lvl 51 or higher, as im lvl 21

http://www.urban-rivals.com/events/?id_event=938 -------tourny reffering to.
2 messages
English -Grave Lie- - last answer from -Grave Lie-, Saturday 22/11/2008, 01:19.
Do you remember Dark Corners? Do you wish to fight there again but you can't? Well, here's your chance to fight in that room again!

Go to deleted for more details.

General rules to enter:
1. Must be below level 20
2. Rank is Master (max)
3. Entry fee is 100
4. Prizes: 1st: 50% of Jackpot, 2nd: 30%, 3rd: 17% (temporary)

Happy Gaming Everybody!
19 messages
English roneck - last answer from roneck, Saturday 22/11/2008, 00:51.
Hi, im having a contest on the best Junkz/banger elo deck contest . The prize is a free Leila (R) banger card
will soon post the judges of the contest and i would like it to be moderators if they want to.
To enter post ur best banger/elo deck here. Then the judges will pm me their favorite one. i will then private sell you your prize. The end date to enter will be next saturday. Then the judges will have till sunday at 2 pm eastern coast time to reach a desicion. they will pm me their votes and ill tally the results.
good luck to all . p.s, any moderators who wanna judge plz pm me
Friday 21/11/08

6 messages
English NickWit - last answer from NickWit, Friday 21/11/2008, 15:22.
An event for English speaking players, starts today 20th November and to be finished by Sunday 23rd Nov.

Find out more here - http://www.urban-rivals.com/events/?id_event=973

Please sign-up now!

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