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Monday 11/08/08

5 messages
English knght man - subject is closed
This tournament will take place at about 3hours from now
if u want to take part than it is simple this decks are not allowed monatans and Roots
The Prize
1st place: Kerozinn Cr (Cr)
2nd place: Miss Twice Cr (Cr)
3rd place: Lost Hog (C)

The entry fee will be 500 clinz
Sell me a card for 50 clintz and I will sell it back for 550 clintz
At least 30-60 people can Join
The entry deadline will be on July 20 or 21

1st round of the tournament will be non-Random (You will have to fight in Danger zone or Fight club)
2nd round of the tournament will be OLD (Danger zone or Fight Club)
3rd round of the tournament will be random (Fight Type 1 or 2)

Max star count must be 30*
Yes you will be able to change your deck
Best 2 out of 3
No Doubles

You can choose a group for a certain deck in first round
A. Fight type 1 Deck (For people who want to use type 1 deck join this group)
B. Fight type 2 Deck (For people who want to use type 2 deck join this group)
C. Elo Deck (For people who want to use ELO deck join this group)

So chose a group you want to be in for the tournament 1st round
Then I will partner up everybody

But for 2nd and 3rd round of the tournament will not have groups.

Also my partner Soliuz ( My Partner in Crime lol) will be helping out with the tournament.

If you have any question Just message me or Soliuz
But mostly me .
I wish everybody good luck

P.S: For the people who cannot sell PM/Message me and i will sell u a card for 500 clintz..
Sunday 10/08/08

28 messages
English Z-DRAGON-Z-DC - subject is closed

I'm creating pics of urban-rivals charactars for free. please post what charactar u want and what sort of background and I will c what I can do. U can pay me if u want.

TOA masta
31 messages
English knght man - subject is closed
Any one that can tell me a team that can win in the elo. i will draw this on sunday if u think u know a deck that can win the elo than do tell me. i mean that deck can make my elo ranking 1350+

1st price:5000clintz
2nd price:3000clintz
3nd price:a card of ur choice that has the value of 2000 clintz

send in the list of the deck to win the entry is still open
and one more thing dont copy it from the public present becoz i will find out
all the money that is won can be obtain through or by selling me a low class card {the winners name will be announced tomorrow}
and only the winner can obtain the sum or card
if try to cheat that ur entry will be invalid
24 messages
English izam_z - subject is closed
Ill draw anything that i can, but itll take a while bcuz i dont have the time
Happy to accept tips :]
Friday 08/08/08

5 messages
English Arthur Daley - last answer from Slayernator, Friday 08/08/2008, 07:40.
What a great advert for the guild war . you click on it and get someone with a scottish name and written in french so 50% can`t understand it
Thursday 07/08/08

49 messages
English da-bigbivi - subject is closed
AZ AlvaroMr (esp) vs blax ( bel)
pt Shining (can) vs arconene( fra)
1f Angelo (ita) vs DAEXENWMD ( usa)
7 rg sandman (fra) vs az saturos ( esp)
sa uron ( can )vs phyllyp LOA (usa)
pti-rohffdu94(mar) vs cbp-fojtik ( uk)
1f altheos ( ita) vs nancéin ( fra)
--ago--(mar) vs vanpaia naito ( ita )
Wednesday 06/08/08

18 messages
English Xephyric - subject is closed
I'm going to be making icons for free during the week of Mon. August 4th
After that I'll put a price on it, haven't thought about it yet.

I will redo your icons if you are not satisfied until you are =D
I've had about 4 months experience with Photoshop and specialize in sigs [If thats what you want I'll make one]
I've also had experience with shops like this, but since they werent for games like this, i never got paid 0.o
126 messages
English The_Manly_Man - last answer from LoA_Mighty, Wednesday 06/08/2008, 21:58.
Little tourney i thought up of when i was bored.

500 clintz entry fee. sell me a card for 550 and i'll sell it back for 50.
16 players
unlimited amount of stars]
all cards are allowed
your deck must contain no more than 1 card from any clan (0 chance of activating bonus)
1st prize is 8k
2nd prize is 2k

Once i have 16 players, fees will be sent and tourney will start.
8 messages
English Shadow_na - subject is closed
Pm if u want to fight my guild
91 messages
English soliuz - last answer from armageddon69, Wednesday 06/08/2008, 14:32.
Well me and a *uc member* were a pretty big guild and were going to see who is the strongest in a friendly compettition
im donating like 7k to a 1st place

rules havent been decided so were going to see how many join and then will decide how we work things of please only join if your going to BACTIVE

so if your in SA or UC type in count me in

4 messages
English Capn Clintz - subject is closed
I am offering 1000-2000 clintz for someone to make me a avatar with:
Third stage of Graks
Secon Stage of Miss Twice *The one in my current avatar*
and fourth stage of Dorian in the back of the two.
The back ground can be either All Star, Uppers, or Ulu Watu.
Put Capn Clintz on there anywhere. *Colors don't matter neither does font.*

If there are more then one person doing this then I'll pick the best.
4 messages
Español 87Belfast - last answer from Capn Clintz, Wednesday 06/08/2008, 03:21.
Well i want to make a tourney/ tournament but i dont know how to make one.

i know you get some players they pay an entry fee and you go to a room but how are you ment 2 know whos winning if theres loads of different people fighting?? or am i wrong??

well please help me!!!
Monday 04/08/08

33 messages
English slick_back - subject is closed
Im making my first tournament so bear with me....
16 people
Type 2
played in Danger zone
entry fee 1600 clintz...dnt worry, its not high for the prizes

prizes: 1st- Kenny (maxed)
2nd: 4000 clintz
best out of 3 battles,
fees will be collected after 16 people join
Saturday 02/08/08

8 messages
English yaoihuntresse - last answer from Gryazzie, Saturday 02/08/2008, 13:07.
One thing I like about UR is the parodiesreferences that some of the characters are based off of. So I thought we could make it into a game of what stuff you've noticed. I'll go first...

Jackie: Jaqueline Kennedy in drag
Rubie: Alternate spelling of ruby, a precious gem.
Tyler: Could be based on Brad Pitt. In the 2nd level he looks like his character in the movie, Se7en.
Frankie Hi: Frank Sinatra
Janine: Nichole Richie
Jeeves: A sterotypical name for buttler characters.
Sydney: Paris Hilton
Zatman: American Psycho (they even call him one)
Colin: Simon Cowell
Elliot: Emril
Stanford: His name is the same as a prestigious college and the character being a student, it fits.

Ulu Watu
Gaia: The name means earth and since the earth is mostly water, it fits.
Ice Jim: Jim Carey (he definately looks like Ace Ventura in his second evolution)

Coby and Dayton: Their working relationship sorta has a Leathal Weapon vibe going on so it could be based on that.
Miranda: Name is derived from the term, Miranda rights.
Skiner: Fox Mulder (especally in his final evolution)

Corrina: Her situation is similar to the main character in the movie, Sister Act, except that Corrina is with an alien cult instead a bunch of nuns.
Gastroboy: Name sounds like Astroboy.
Lunatik: Alturnate spelling of lunatic.
Phonos: His final evolution has a reference to E.T. and Men in Black.
Wednesday 30/07/08

37 messages
English maskleader - subject is closed
Couple of rules
0) fee is 500 clintz or more (idk y you would give me more and no bribing)
1) No Crs
2) montanas or how ever you spell it are banned
3) the maximum star count is 30
4) i need at least 16 people and yes that means if there are only 16 people i don't get any money (i have enuf)
5) the maximum # of clans in your deck has to be 2 (leaders don't count but u can use them)
6) if u've wone the battle you must pm me or if u lost u gota do that to
7)no complaining
have fun
9 ) must be atlest lvl 10

The list of fighter will be established after a full day please no more than 64 (too confusing after that)(yes that means the 65 player who says im in and beyond that wont fight)

Monday 28/07/08

4 messages
English ThisIsntJack - subject is closed
Could someone explain to me how point bonuses work at the end of the game? I won a game with 5 pillz left just a second ago and got 91 points and am wondering how this system works.
Saturday 26/07/08

26 messages
English KNIGHT RIDER - last answer from ChessPiece, Saturday 26/07/2008, 17:33.
Help me pick a deck that can help me win or sell me a powerful deck that can beat all deck if it lets me win
1 price 5000 clintz
2 price 3000 clintz
3 price Card of ur choice choose any
the winner has 2 sell me a low class card 2 obtain the money
if the winner wins a card
I will give it in a private sale
Friday 25/07/08

7 messages
Español edwsan - last answer from edwsan, Friday 25/07/2008, 15:56.
This tournament is 4 phases
Phase 1: 8 groups are formed, which ranked the best two from each group
Phase 2: 4 groups are formed with the classifieds, which ranked the best two from each group
Phase 3: 2 groups are formed with the classifieds, which ranked the best two from each group
Phase 4: The final group is formed with the classifieds

entry fee 500 clintz

gameplay: to participate should write here
I participate. + Order of the types for each phase.

have to choose 4 of the following types in the order they want for each phase
Type 1 - Type 2 - ELO

the combats will be in Danger Zone

can only be repeating a type
the order will be by a majority of votes

Phase 1: The best of each group earn 500clintz
Phase 2: the best of each group earn 1000clintz, the second 500clintz
Phase 3: the best of each group earn 2000clintz, and the second 1000clintz
Phase 4: 1-4000clintz 2-2000clintz 3-1000clintz

Example enrollment
I will join
1.-Type 1
2.-Type 1
3.-Type 2
4.-ELO not Random
*The order of the type as you choose

awards may increase depending on the number of participants

the inscriptions begin
Thursday 24/07/08

3 messages
English Simple0313 - last answer from Simple0313, Thursday 24/07/2008, 20:53.
Making profile pics mainly for practice in photoshop.
Charging 300 for each one, If you don't like it I'll try and remake it.
PM me what you want done.
Wednesday 23/07/08

12 messages
English congreebo - subject is closed

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