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Tournaments and events

If you are organizing a tournament, planning on joining one, come here.
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Wednesday 17/09/08

5 messages
Română iustinic - last answer from 3M Allex, Wednesday 17/09/2008, 18:46.
Entrye : 5000
Max 4 player .
Deckt tipe : Type 1
Prize :
1= 15.000 clintz
A vs B win A
C vs D win D

A vs D win A
A = 15.000
Tuesday 16/09/08

14 messages
Română iustinic - last answer from iustinic, Tuesday 16/09/2008, 18:59.
Hellow to all player`s!!!This is a tourament verry special something new!!!
The host of this tourament are:iustinic(administrator),3m-kll3r the second administrator
Thise are the details:
-Entry fee:Level 10-30 will have to pay 300 clintz
Level 31-50 will have ti pay 700 clintz
Level 51 and more will have to pay 1100 clintz
-We have to sell to you a card with 350/750/1150 clintz depend on your level and you sell back to one of the administrator with 50 clintz

Round 1:-Rules-
-Your deck must have maxim 12 card`s
-Your deck must have maxim 20 star`s
-No Cr`s
-The clan`s in this list are banned:Fang Pi Clang,La Junta
-When Round 1 it`s over 10 player`s will be out(Remember those player`s Don`t get theyr money back!)
-We will chose player`s who will fight(We will choose corectly)
-The fight`s would be 1 VS 1
-Player`s would be in 15 groups
-Every group will have 2 player`s
-Only 1 match/group
-The Type will be decided by your votes(only player`s who will be in the tourney)
Sunday 14/09/08

5 messages
English FluffyDog - last answer from 7-Redge-7, Sunday 14/09/2008, 22:49.
The Elo tournament rules seem incomplete, they just say that it stops at sunday midnight, but doesn't state wich time zone is being used.

Can someone help?
8 messages
English demon team - subject is closed
I am sponsering a tournemt and i wiil be competing the grand prize will be 400 clintz if you wish to compete you must send me a message imeatedly the reason for that will be because i am only leting five people compete in the tournament but here is three rules one you must play fair two anyone can compete no matter what lelvel you are three the winner will not only get the grand prize but he also has the choice to join my guild but there is one more rule that must be followed if you join my guild you must give me a uncommun card or a rare card of your choic so send me your messages if you want to compete and if you are the winner and you choose to join my guild send me a message imeatedly that is all.so come and have fun.
2 messages
English call-999 - subject is closed
All this week we have been voting for the perfect tourney, soon... it will start.

So far we've voted on entry fee, prizes, deck restriction and more.

The voting is almost finished.

Here, the registerations start.
Anyone can register, as long as they are an active player.

vistit http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&forum_page=0&id_subject=560321&subject_page=2
for the voting. (Votings still open for all topics)

The rules will be posted shortly.

2 messages
English demon team - subject is closed
Only ten people can compete if you want to send me a message quickly.
Saturday 13/09/08

43 messages
English XC 1984 - last answer from XC 1984, Saturday 13/09/2008, 23:19.
Entry fee- 300clintz
rules- u are only allowed cards with 4 power or less (bonuses and abilities are exceptions e.g +2power)
if a player plays Flavio Cr the oppenent must play no pillz..
the games must be played in non random
there is no star limit but ill like to see u try to get over 25 stars.
winner Petra
runner up Tyler
9 messages
English nerfed kill - last answer from Capn Clintz, Saturday 13/09/2008, 21:51.
hi it ultimateice8 here im here to tell you about my rucruiting torniment for the clan urban ledgends here is the info

first of all the tourniment is going to be held on friday the 12th 6;pm gmt right now the tourniments going to have to have at least 4 people to make it happpen the prizes!!! right 1st place wins 60% of the jackpot [i will tell all of you wat the jackpot is at the begining of the tourniment] and alowed to join the clan 2nd place wins 30% of the jackpot and the chance to face me if you fight good and impress me you can join 3rd place 10% of the jackpot and the chance to face me if you fight good and impress me youre in the clan 4th to 6th place 400clintz thats it see ya and get ready
85 messages
English soliuz - subject is closed
Ugh cant think of a better title but if u can beat me ill give u either a alexie for 50 clintz if u dominate me by 5 points a Peeler i got 6 alex and 2 peelers about to get my rules no stars limitions and ill be in the danger zone (no random) when u send me a challenge say fp so i know ur playing it will start when i see this message posted gl!
4 messages
English superdouble - subject is closed
I dont no how but i was wonderin if people will help/show me......if they do i will give them a card....1 of my gd 1ns
2 messages
English zerk5 - subject is closed
How to enter tournament
4 messages
Română iustinic - subject is closed
The fee: 400
Inform: Who will create the best deck will win
Restrict: Dont to put Cr in deck
Requirements: need books in clintz amount does not exceed 10,000 clintz.
1 = 35% and a rare book
2 = 25% and a book uncomune
3 = 15% and a book comune
Me and 2 friends to see one and the best will win. Anyone can come. Deck f times can you type. But do not exceed the sum of 10,000 clintz.
87 messages
Português 0_BEATBOXER - subject is closed
-After trying to organize other events, that finally couldn't be done, with the excuse of birthday DRA1002, we had a group of players to make this.

-I'm proud of presenting it as D17.

-It's a lottery that anyone can join for free. The only thing you need to join is to answer this same topic in the hispanic forums (red-yellow-red flag).

-To register here : http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/forum/

-The raffle lasted one week and the prizes were promising to be on Sunday of the following week, that is to say on Sunday, the 27th

-Each card is for a player:

-These are the prizes:

-Flavio Cr
-Sigmund Cr
-Marlysa Cr
-Dragan Cr
-Reine Cr
-Ombre Cr
-2 Skullface Cr
-Selsya Cr
-Tessa Cr
-Thaumaturge Cr
-2 Nahi Cr
-11 Swidz Cr
-2 Page Cr
-Cassio Cr
-2 Diyo Cr
-Seldnor Cr

-The lottery was organized thanks to the help of:

-SA-Mac Leod
-Memento Mori
-Alexander brz
-3ivan17 AZ
-MTS perky
-AZ Kakashi

-If someone else wants to colaborate we'll be pleased to have you in (just contact with me)

-Bye, good luck to everyone and sorry for my english

-PD: Remember answer in the Hispanic forum
Friday 12/09/08

6 messages
English Blurred - subject is closed
In a couple tournaments I've waited the 40+ seconds before the challenge request times out and it goes on to someone else - once over 6 times in a row! Then while in a match had players take almost the full time allotted for each move. Is this common? If so I can't understand how anyone scores as many points as the winners!

Don't get me wrong, I understand some moves take extra time and they're certainly within their right to use the allotted time so that's not the main question. But sometimes the timer for their move will have counted down halfway then suddenly shoot back up and start over. And after a few timeouts on the challenge requests over 5 minutes of play time has gone by.

I'm not compaining so much as I am curious about the logisitcs with these issues - I can win all of my matches taking my turns very quickly but being at the mercy of the challenge requests going 40 seconds and players taking a long time to make their moves I never do better than the top 25%.

Also I read how points scored is based upon beating higher level, having pills left over, and leveling characters - but I'm having a hard time seeing a pattern. Specifically (not exact but fairly accurate numbers here) I'll get 14 points defeating someone 2 levels lower than me and having 4 pills left over and 17 points for defeating someone 30 levels higher and no pills left over.

Anyhow just thought I'd ask - appreciate any advice/answers.

56 messages
English breakpoint - subject is closed
You know what, since im in a good mood, no more entry free for this tournament.

groupings have been made using this randomizer:

Group A:
1. Simple0313
2. ExtremeDemon
3. 0-Jade
4. RG LoA

Group B
1. Majales
2. ceo2
3. 0LD_Dingo
4. 0- JP

Group C:
1. LoA_Mighty
2. cammy-rules
3. Blankhead
4. Tankys

Group D
1. NewType_0
2. katiecodor
3. 0 Ghost
4. Hobbitusz
53 messages
English Simple0313 - subject is closed
I am starting to become pretty experienced at photoshop from the practice I get from Icon requests

So I'm making an offer for everyone.
I will make you any kind of icon for UR for about 1 k more or less depending on the request

Just post here what you want done
Then PM me what you want in it so that I can start working on it.
If you aren't satisfied with it than I will redo it and try again, just point out the change you want

IMPORTANT: If you cannot sell on market than the payment option would be me sellin my cheapest card + 1k for the card and icon.
Thursday 11/09/08

12 messages
Español 87Belfast - subject is closed

No Crs
No one hit KOs
must be at least 3 clans

Star count must be 32 stars or under
There must be 32 players
the entry fee will be 666

Aditional info:
Played in Non-Random
Cards that has 1 hit ko can be used but you do not use 1 hit KO
Leaders DO count as a clan.

1st prize 11 000
2nd prize 5 000
3rd prize 2 500

I think thats everything.

So the tourney will start Sunday 14th September(next sunday)
If you want to join you must pay immediatly
6 messages
English ERming - last answer from ceo2, Thursday 11/09/2008, 04:16.
I am hosting a tournument.

Entering fee 500 Clitz

1st Prize 60%
2nd Prize 30%
3rd Prize 10%

Your objective is to have more then points then anybody else on the certain day.

Start next saturday.sell a card to me worth 550 and i will sell back 50.

No limit of ppl or mininum
Wednesday 10/09/08

8 messages
English jmh1jmh1jmh1 - last answer from LoA JuNtA, Wednesday 10/09/2008, 21:53.
Tuesday 09/09/08

67 messages
English FAST IS FUN - subject is closed
I was sorting through the presets today and noticed that pretty much everything that's highly rated uses cards that a new player wouldn't be able to get w/o spending a lot of money on packs. I think we should change that! Let's help out new players by posting good, inexpensive decks that they can use!

Post a low cost deck (<7.5k @ current market price), include "for new players" in its name, and link to the preset in this thread. I'll give 5k to the person who posts the best deck. This will be a totally subjective determination; I won't pay much attention to the ratings. I'm running a parallel contest for players in my guild. Members of Wise Men Distracted are NOT eligible for this contest. Only 1 entry per player. If you post two decks, I'll only look at the first. Contest will close @ noon EDT on Monday.

My entry (which won't be the winner) is here: Cheap Wins for New Players

Good luck everyone!

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