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Tuesday 02/09/08

34 messages
English LoA CickNason - subject is closed
Ive been wondering What the Next Cr cards are going to be i want to get opinions
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English 0- JP - last answer from 0- JP, Tuesday 02/09/2008, 00:26.

For each Card is 5 clintz.


a) I ONLY DO CARDS IN BULK (5 cards or more)
b) ONLY DO LEVELING FOR 4 star & 5 star cards.

Post if interested... arrrgh!
Monday 01/09/08

1 message
English Euzebe - subject is closed
Hello all

I know that some of you have problem to get in touch with their opponents.

If you need a translation :
- in french --> ask me (I could also help you a bit with italian)
- in spanish --> ask Garg

If you opponents
- never answer to your messages,
- refuse to fight,
- is not in the opponent guild anymore
- is definitely ban
- or anything than makes the battle impossible
explain it here :


Thank you

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English Euzebe - last answer from Dennis1012, Monday 01/09/2008, 02:11.
Hello all

As I have the same question 20 times a day, here the answer :

You could read this sentence in the first subject with the rules :
- Each registered member shall fight in a winning round against 3 members of an opposite guild.

So you fight just ONCE each member of the opposite guild.

Good game

Sunday 31/08/08

11 messages
English M0hamed - subject is closed
Here we go and don't ask me any question I'll give all the rules in this thread I'll need about 40people and fights will be made in bracket style I'll make it better later(look at example) u'll fight each one time so this means it's sudden death....entry fee = 2k...... send me a card and I'll send it back to u for 2050
example::this is wat I mean by bracket style

26* deck
all cards can be used
no doubles

1place: 40K
2place: 20K
3place: 10K
Saturday 30/08/08

132 messages
English Dennis1012 - subject is closed
Im holding a knockout tournament u can only have a 30 star deck no doubles and leaders are banned
i need at least 16 ppl 2 join
u send me a card 4 50 clintz I wi;; send it back for 50 clintz so really only 400 clintz fee
PRIZES:- 3 piranhas
1st:- any card that worth below 4000clintz from clan you used
2nd:- any card that worth below 1000 clintz from clan you used
1# no lying if lost
2# clan war mono clan only
3# follow every other rule and all will be fine
p.s i get 100 clint profit
also i'm participating so really
i only need 15 ppl
interested post here or pm me
Friday 29/08/08

14 messages
English Blind Site - last answer from guolin, Friday 29/08/2008, 21:57.
Are you lazy but have billions of cards you want leveled?

Do you love to play Urban Rivals but are always to busy to level up those tricky cards?

Well theres someone here to help you with those problems and his name is... Dr. Phi... O wait... Opra... O no S0S-Endrance!

I will train your cards for record low prices

And if you dont trust me with your cards ( Why Shouldnt you!?) I if do not return your card in a reasonable amount of time I will pay twice the market price of your cards


For each Card is 20 clintz

Post if interested
Thursday 28/08/08

6 messages
English Simple0313 - last answer from Simple0313, Thursday 28/08/2008, 20:30.
We are both pretty experienced at photoshop and are offering to make you guys one. Simply make a post/ or pm one of us about what you want your icon to be.

The charge is 1k per icon more or less depending on the picture.
Please post a request of who you want to do it
Post what kind of background, wording, and Characters (Not limited to UR)

Ok so here are some examples of both of our work. (We both chose 3 of our own to put up)

Simple0313's Icons

XxBeZeRKeRxX's Icons

Payment will be done by us selling one card to you for 1050 and you sell back for 50

If you cannot sell on market the payment would be us selling you our cheapest card for the lowest price on market + our 1k Icon charge
14 messages
English R3CAP_UD - subject is closed
I Can Make Ok Ones For 100 up to 500
8 messages
English Rocket Raccon - subject is closed
I am pretty experienced at photoshop
So I'm making an offer for everyone.
I will make you any kind of icon for UR for about 1 k more or less depending on the request

Just post here what you want done
Then PM me what you want in it so that I can start working on it.
If you aren't satisfied with it than I will redo it and try again, just point out the change you want

IMPORTANT: If you cannot sell on market than the payment option would be me sellin my cheapest card + 1k for the card and icon.
Wednesday 27/08/08

29 messages
English Euzebe - last answer from V3ctor, Wednesday 27/08/2008, 16:37.

You were more than 400 to try your luck.
Lets see who won the prizes :

Prizes :

1st : Sum Sam Cr --> Shadow_ECL
2nd : Lyse Teria Cr --> K_Buriag
3rd : Rass Cr --> Taco Cov
4th : Marlysa Cr --> MastaPanda
5th : Dragan Cr --> Mejeh
6th : Kerozinn Cr --> DS-UnKnoWn21
7th : Splata Cr --> Flaregon
8th : Page Cr --> OUC_Enzo X
9th : 50.000 Clintz --> thdeathmaster
10th : 20.000 Clintz --> Hdrnew

Congratulation and thank you all !
Monday 25/08/08

8 messages
English FM_HBJ - subject is closed
i will make any thing that you can think of for your profile.
i charge any where from 300 to 400 clintz for each picture.

i will have them to you within 3 days.

if my first attempt isnt good enough for you let me know and i will make a new one for free
3 messages
English _EagleEye_ - last answer from _EagleEye_, Monday 25/08/2008, 16:17.
Pm me if you wanna make me a pic im paying 500
1 message
English Euzebe - subject is closed

The list of duels for the Battle Royale will be published today at 18:00.
The tournament will begin then, just when you'll know who are your opponents.

You could see the rules here :

Good game !
437 messages
English Euzebe - subject is closed
Hello all !

The end of holidays is coming soon for most of us. Lets make this summer in Clint City really memorable with a lottery.

Rules :
To register, you have to answer below this subject and write :

“I love Willy’s sunglasses and I’m in”

The lottery begins now. Registrations will be closed on Sunday 08/24 at 24:00.
You will receive a number by order of registration.
I will draw the 10 winners on Monday 08/25.

Prizes :

1st : Sum Sam Cr
2nd : Lyse Teria Cr
3rd : Rass Cr
4th : Marlysa Cr
5th : Dragan Cr
6th : Kerozinn Cr
7th : Splata Cr
8th : Page Cr
9th : 50.000 Clintz
10th : 20.000 Clintz

PS : It doesn't mean you could have lotteries to.
17 messages
English Euzebe - subject is closed

For organization reasons, the Battle Royale 10 will begin on Monday.
200 guilds registered to this tournament. Battles between guilds will be ruled by direct elimination.

We apologize for this delay but the organization is taking more time than we thought (to collect the ID and hold the draw).

Good game,

Sunday 24/08/08

12 messages
English Jus CBA - last answer from 0 SpeeD, Sunday 24/08/2008, 05:07.
well now our guild have been around for a while we will now be looking for a guild war so if you think your guild is good then prove your worth and TRY taking on our guild it will be either a 5 on 5 or a 7 on 7 battle type 1 our guild is no 2 in America USA and our average ranking is between 120000 - 130000 points so we are a very good guild any guild thinks they got what it takes to beat us no matter what guild we will accept the challenge but the lowest level of the 5 or 7 has to be higher then 20
just post your guild name and link and i will pm you and we will sort it out

Friday 22/08/08

12 messages
English CityKid18 - subject is closed
First off these are the rules:
1. 16 slots available
2. The fee is 500 clintz
3. All your characters in your deck must still be available in the New Blood Pack
4. We'll play in Danger Zone
5. Unlimited Stars
6. Be honest about losing

Here's the good part, PRIZES:
1st: Azel
2nd: Deadeye and Andsome
3rd: Kluwn and Gyro
4th: Jeena and Rico

Hope you'll be interested, and you can also pm me with any questions
Thursday 21/08/08

7 messages
English cammy-rules - last answer from cammy-rules, Thursday 21/08/2008, 06:57.
Hi guys how'd you like to win Kenny ??? well this torni is bassically.

from sunday 7.00pm GMT
The torni will begin ill write down how many points you have and again in 24 hours the top scorer will win kenny
entry fee 500clintz


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