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If you are organizing a tournament, planning on joining one, come here.
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Sunday 23/12/07

6 messages
English NoTerroriZe - subject is closed
What card is the next of soleil card?
But I prefer to make All Stars become cr
Saturday 22/12/07

6 messages
English 0-Jade - subject is closed
First I can now see the level of my opponents. Second some even have doubles. What is happening?
30 messages
English pouou - last answer from TnT_MeRm, Saturday 22/12/2007, 05:51.
Hello im not sure if this is normal. I was in a daily tournament today i was at about 50/700 but the problem was i kept on getting the error thing "this player has not responded to your challenage" 3 times in a row i seen that. So im at 65/700 because no one played 10mins until the game ends also. Now finaly after waiting abit i get into a game but this player is taking his time i must have been in this game for almost 3mins then it says "battle has timed out" so the tournament ends im at 78/700 because i wasnt able to play any games for 10mins!.

Now if the tournaments are like this im not sure if im going to continue playing.
3 messages
English XC 1984 - last answer from TnT_MeRm, Saturday 22/12/2007, 05:23.
What if there were things like urban-rivals mini and big.
this is were things like
6 card decks 20* something like that
10 card decks 30*
8 card unevolved decks 20-25* something like that( but the cards don't level up or gain exp)
any thoughts to these ideas
Friday 21/12/07

3 messages
English -NA-MumuBB_93 - subject is closed
I am making a tournament for level 30 max players.
there will be group stage so we have to be at least 16 particpants.
The entry fee is 800 clintz.

1st place: 5000 clintz
2nd place:3000 clintz
3rd place: 2000 clintz
5 random cards for the most fait play
Saturday 15/12/07

7 messages
English Archit - last answer from Archit, Saturday 15/12/2007, 18:22.
I was wondering what calculates the experience in the daily tournaments. Sometimes I will get 24 pts per win and others only down to around 17 , which is even below my average at the time. Do I get more or less pts for a quick knockout? Chractcter levels that are being played, my personal player lvl compared to oponents?

If anyone has any answers to this, I would really like to know to help me in my tournament strategy.

Thursday 13/12/07

31 messages
English The-Girl-eVo - subject is closed

I think i will made a tournament.
So, will be three groups (A B C) every group 6 Players. It will be played in Danger Zone in OLD mode. Winner will be with higher BP's
Tuesday 11/12/07

5 messages
English mr egg - last answer from mccon2, Tuesday 11/12/2007, 20:48.
Tourney sed all way through u have not scored in this tournement when i had been battleing
6 messages
English OUC_Kenny - last answer from OUC_Kenny, Tuesday 11/12/2007, 02:10.
Please tell me each step to make a tournament of my own 4 my guild i want to know how please can some one
help pleas it will be very kind please help
Sunday 09/12/07

6 messages
English nickname3 - last answer from 0-Jade, Sunday 09/12/2007, 17:04.
3 messages
English DARK JELERO - last answer from Vanter, Sunday 09/12/2007, 11:40.
Saturday 08/12/07

7 messages
English funn_pimp - last answer from Desent, Saturday 08/12/2007, 22:12.
Please help me figure out how i get in a tourney!
Friday 07/12/07

15 messages
English Force Majeure - last answer from ReverseRaven, Friday 07/12/2007, 12:02.
This is so sweet.. I like it.. keep up the good work guys and more power to UR..
Tuesday 04/12/07

1 message
Clintcity.org's encyclopedia is updated and needs your card reviews! Please stop by, log in and rate each card. Leave a comment as to what your opinion of the card is and when and where to use it.

The Clintcity.org admin staff will be going through each card and adding tags. Tags allow you to see what cards are connected to what other cards. i.e. A Award and Reine are partners, Chloe and Havok are lovers, etcs.
Monday 03/12/07

151 messages
English Grixxxle - last answer from S4turos, Monday 03/12/2007, 20:45.
These are the groups the top 2 from each group will go through to the next round.I am sorry if you arent included.

Group A

Group B
K9 Gusbert
pokemon lover
0 jellyfish 0

Group C
LittleTk WMD
0-warr kid

Group D
dark assault
CBM Gizmo

please post you result in this topic

thank you

Sunday 02/12/07

99 messages
English King Trex Cr - subject is closed
Hello Im king trex and this is my new tournament. I want to apoligise for closeing my last tournament because of personal resons (not enough prizes or people ) but know i pretty much perfected my tounament.so please apply.The prizes are Bodenpower

1) You may use any cards but the one you cant use in EVO mode.
2) Your stars cant be higher than 30
3) You must put who won the match after it ends if you lie about who won you will be disquilfed
4) We will fight untill only one wins (you will fight everyone)
5) The winner will be declared the king of of Clint City (Urban Rivals)
6) The fights will be held at whenever you and your opponet are on at the same time
7) Ther deadline to be included in the tournament is on Thursday (USA GA time )
If you dont how to tell what day it is in the USA find out on your computer
9) If your ready to battle and you opponet is on UR you will fight in the Fight Club
10) If there is any rule that i forgot then MSG me dont post anything about rules on this post JUST MSG ME!!!
11) The only thing that you should put on this post is you name
Sunday 25/11/07

53 messages
Español _ - subject is closed
Hello,it wanted to know as they are going to be the next cr
Friday 23/11/07

2 messages
English Memento Mori - subject is closed
Sorry for the delay on the database. I forgot that new cards where released today.

As there is no topic on the matter on the staff forums I ask you here. Do you know the abilities?
17 messages
English Memento Mori - last answer from -Annihilator-, Friday 23/11/2007, 11:51.
There are new backgrounds during battles, to be exact one for each existing clan. Well, I'm not really sure about this. Do the leaders have their own?

While playing I realized this one (http://kirlad.net/shared/ur/unknown.jpg) which should be the leaders place. Do you think it is? or could be another (future) new clan? In my opinion it doesn't fit very well with leaders, as they don't fight well together should they have a "base"? And is too soon to include a new clan, but many things could make this background to be included.

What do you think?
Tuesday 20/11/07

3 messages
English Fraggle - last answer from The-Girl-eVo, Tuesday 20/11/2007, 20:24.
Just for fun

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