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If you are organizing a tournament, planning on joining one, come here.
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Tuesday 12/12/06

3 messages
English OKA-Kevinkun - subject is closed
To all my kababayan the schedule of the tournament (for those who don't know the exact time) here are the following times:

5:00-6:30AM (to be exact)

A public service reminder from Shinn-Ae member: ~-Untouchables-~
Friday 08/12/06

10 messages
Česky AoEM Tarr - subject is closed
Yesterday I ended up 26th in tournament because 4 minutes before end I got timeouted like this: I have 10 life, 4 pills, Bruce... opponent has 2 life, 1 pill, and some 3/3 not fully evolved guy. Certain KO, but no battlepoints given, because somebody is an *******. I think that the rules are giving "timeouters" too much space and making them easy way to spoil the game. If I see that the other one is detaining and I quit the game to play with someone else while there is tournament - not only he wins and get points, but I also receive 10 points penalty. I think that when the game timeouts the result of the match should be that the timeouter looses, and the other wins. I know that some sort of Clint penalty will damage players who not cause timeouts wittingly, so thats why I offer this solution: !!! Let timeouters loose by default. !!!
Thursday 07/12/06

58 messages
English Pipboy - subject is closed
What do you think of create an international tournament ? =) it could be fun !!! if i see some people are interested, maybe i will organise that =)
3 messages
English 00--OLEG--EVO - subject is closed
I wounder can you have a guil war cause if you want guys challange mine its WORLD FED
Wednesday 06/12/06

6 messages
English 1Fujiwara Evo - subject is closed
Someone msg me saying.. 'old does not exist'
is it true is noone playing it anymore i know that the points were reduced by i still wanna prove that i can win like this.
Tuesday 28/11/06

2 messages
English Battle-Me- - subject is closed
Can elo people play?
Saturday 25/11/06

2 messages
Português duds_br - subject is closed
Thursday 23/11/06

2 messages
English Kmathie1 - subject is closed
Where is the option in the latest poll to say "do not ban the Pussycats"

Ive been smashed about and knocked around by the Pussycats in ELO mode for ages and now taht I have finally collected some high end Pussycats cards they are gonna be banned ??

How about to balance out the strengths in ELO collect the right cards to be a strong player ?
Tuesday 21/11/06

1 message
English Muflon - subject is closed
I was just looking through the daily tournaments history and what caught my attention was that in the last tourney I had the same number of points as the guys on places 24 and 25, but ended up 26. So my question is - wouldn't it be more fair that players with the same number of battle points are put on one place ex aequo? I feel a bit cheated.
Monday 20/11/06

1 message
English TrueStrike - subject is closed
In Last week's ELO, even after i'd won my share of ELO, the "ELO Ranking" content did not change as fast.

This week's ELO still has not been finalzed of its results yet. I was expecting a message from Kate by now reporting my week's of ELO results.

Is this a major bug in the game? Admin please look into it. thanks.
Thursday 02/11/06

1 message
English superarkam - subject is closed
One time I was battling evilthen I won the first round second third then the final round I won. Oh and this story is true
Saturday 28/10/06

1 message
English Zekk - subject is closed
Ill fight you
Thursday 19/10/06

1 message
Português SynKaal - subject is closed
A tornament of brazilians peoples and argentin peoples
Sunday 15/10/06

1 message
English lydiafatasy - subject is closed
^____^how to starr the toument?
Friday 13/10/06

2 messages
English -sCapeg0d- - subject is closed
Tuesday 10/10/06

17 messages
English Tyberriuss - subject is closed
I was thinking of a tournament in wich everyone can chalange and fight everyone and everyone can fight u and the loser of each match gets kicked out of the tournament. By logic, the tournament will resume to 2 people who will fight for the grand prize
a battle royale tournament to say so

and there should be somke rules like: hwoever turns down more tnah 3 challanges is out or whoever times out ( once )gets kicked out
Tuesday 03/10/06

7 messages
English EVO-Sivori - subject is closed
I think it would be fair if all the player sknew who won the prizes at the ELO tournaments, what do you think?
Sunday 01/10/06

8 messages
English Mini_me500 - subject is closed
I need to no how to get some money
Saturday 30/09/06

2 messages
English Addiction - subject is closed
Does any1 know how to make ur own guilds tournament.

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