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Tournaments and events

If you are organizing a tournament, planning on joining one, come here.
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Monday 02/04/07

29 messages
English A Starman - subject is closed
We need another nifty tag like EVO or OLD. how about SLOW ? there are lots of poeple who can give you the joy of playing loooooong games any time of day and night ...
Sunday 01/04/07

6 messages
English Vesuvan - subject is closed
Hi I have had a few ppl in my quild inquire about this how do i set it up? prepare it/organize it ?
and do we play in our guild private room? any tips info strats greatly appreciated!

kind regards,

9 messages
English -sCapeg0d- - subject is closed
I've met a lot of people playing EVO in ELO mode. Do I still have to follow the rules of EVO or just my usual style?

I ask this as some players play EVO in ELO mode, and I always play in my usual way which ends me up in winning. Is this against the rules?
Saturday 31/03/07

76 messages
English Mac_Leod - subject is closed
After the wars passed, in particular the war of the clans which was terrible and devastator. And with the wire of the tournament, much sought to build the ultimate deck in order to embank their adversaries very. Some had found techniques very advanced and developed of the considered decks and particularly effective. But when would it be if everyone were on the same equal footing, would not see us, it true capacity of the players? It is the question which many warrior put, "and if I held his capacity, would have I to me as faculty to embank my adversaries.....ou is this in my spirit as the secrecy of the victory"
will know it to You while taking part in the ROYAL BATTLE 8 "Master Of Game".
Friday 23/03/07

9 messages
English Warr kid - subject is closed
Hey guys im going to be away for 2 weeks i return April 3rd....in the words of my good friend 0-JP WAKIKIKI

Soldier on

ps#Sven stop giving the people a hard time, Jericho close up your market ...0-JP do what you do best kick Ass bro.
30 messages
English 6SimS-Sven - subject is closed
Is this right?
merci (thank you)
s'il vous plaît (please)
bonjour (literally "good day", means good morning/good afternoon)
bonsoir (good evening)
bonne nuit (good night)
au revoir (literally "see you again", means goodbye)
pardon (sorry)
excusez-moi (excuse me)

thx to everyone
Saturday 17/03/07

36 messages
English 6SimS-Sven - subject is closed
1st prize:Copper
2nd prize:Aurelia

Just post
Entry fee none!!!
Rules:Elo modeanger zone:10 Fights
ill try making good matches and rivals(based on ur lvl)
6 messages
Deutsch 1f-eddy69 - subject is closed
Ga naar het Nederlandstalig forum voor info
Friday 09/03/07

50 messages
English Warr kid - subject is closed
1st leg...

A:0-JP NN vs Harvstar
B:0-Silvos vs Wolverine evo
C:Clintydude vs IR-Ravnicaevo
D.KV Braker vs Dead_finga
E:Rogueknight vs KV Celdin
F:Jericho vs KV Raven

post your results here thanks

gg and good luck to all of you

ps# you may star handing in entry fee
Wednesday 07/03/07

5 messages
English 6SimS-Sven - subject is closed
All Stars:

La Junta:
No Nam



Ninja Nyne

Sigmund Cr
2 Methane

everyone is maxed except Bryan
make a good offa
Tuesday 06/03/07

8 messages
English Daemien - subject is closed
What if I wanted to run a 16 man tournament with a 5000 clint entry fee and winner gets my Kenny How would I do that? I am new to the game but I got really lucky in a pack of cards I guess.
Sunday 04/03/07

7 messages
Português davidkennedy - subject is closed
Friday 02/03/07

53 messages
Česky AoEM Tarr - subject is closed
I think that the rate of 3 Cr cards given per week is inappropriate cos if we take you have 3:25 chance of winning and about 1:4 to end up in top 25 (there are about hundred skilled players out there) you will have to play about 10 years before collecting all Cr cards... Sure, you can also buy them on market - but it will be somewhere over 10 milion clintzs (which will cost about 3.000 euro) or you will have to play two regular tournaments per day for about 15 years always ending in top 10 to earn 9M clintz... so I think that the Urban stuff should find another way how to distribute Cr cards among us players or increase number of cards given per one ELO tournament... I've already spent about 100 euro on this game and believe me that it is more than enough for student like me... I like this game much but I wont spend neither 3000 euro nor 10 years of my life just to collect Cr cards... I hereby call upon other players to support me in my request!!!
Tuesday 27/02/07

5 messages
English 00MonsterMash - subject is closed
What does everyone think about a tournament where everyone puts in a set amount of clintz. Then you start the matches. If you lose 3 matces your out. If you win 3 one of your loses gets cancelled out. Winner takes all...plus a nice bonus from the site.

Just an Idea.
14 messages
English Collector_HM - subject is closed
1000 buy in
28 stars no doubles no cr
first prize: Striker maybe a second prize in ctz or card
let me no if you wana join
Saturday 24/02/07

46 messages
English wmd angelo - subject is closed
Here are the last four: Kv Raven vs o-jp , jericho vs Ravnica.... who's gonna be the champion??
Wednesday 21/02/07

9 messages
English AOD_Naiwf - subject is closed
Is there any way the game could automatically play someone's final card when they have no pills left? There's no strategy left when you have no other moves, and it's just completely bogus that someone can lose all 3 rounds of the match, have no pills left and then force a timeout, robbing you of many of your hard earned points. Can't something be done to change this?
25 messages
English Warr kid - subject is closed
New tournament: 14 playes...you play 1 match against your opponent a win gives you 3 points a draw gives you 1 and a loss gives you 0

Everybody will play everybody so a loss doesn't mean you out...the top 8 scores will go to the quarter finals.
its a 1000 clints to enter.

1st place = 7000 clintz
2nd place = 4000
3rd place = 3000

the prize money may become more im still looking for investors...

gg always.
Tuesday 20/02/07

2 messages
Español UP FAST EVO - subject is closed
Como puedo preparar mi torneo a como lo han hecho ustedes.
Me gustaria preparar un torneo interno en mi gremio.

How can i prepare my own tournament like you guys have.
I will like to prepare an internal tournament at my guild.
Tuesday 13/02/07

24 messages
English chrisdab AOD - subject is closed
Instead of having tournaments based on who can rack points up the quickest, I suggest having tournaments be where the highest 10 fight scores be ranked. So if you fight 30 fights in a 90 minute period, the top 10 scores of those fights are added to determine your place. If a second person was unlucky and fought quitters and stallers, he may have 15 good fights. The top 10 of those would be added for the total. Only 1 fight per person to stop cheating. Will it work? I cant stand the current tournament structure. Its just too flawed, too much luck needed to find enough fights and too easy to cheat.

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