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Tournaments and events

If you are organizing a tournament, planning on joining one, come here.
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Sunday 09/03/14

1 message
English Jamox360 - subject is closed

This is an event where the best of the best and the worst of the worst will receive awards for what they do best

Please nominate people for the different awards (You may nominate yourself)

There may be actual prizes for each of the awards too, so stay tuned
Saturday 08/03/14

10 messages
English joachim.rigets - subject is closed
Is there going to be one? I'm new to the community
Wednesday 05/03/14

1 message
Português -LDA- Beitih - subject is closed
Guess who will win the Fifa World Cup 2014 and Earn the Jackpot!

Good Luck and Good Guess!

Bolão da Copa - 2014

5 messages
English Cyber - subject is closed
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

1) 28st February(Registration open from 10am GMT+8 for 24 hours)
2) 1st March (Registration open from 9pm GMT+8 for 24 hours)

Each date will be decided by the event creator.

To join a qualification event, you must:
- Be part of the community of the event you want to join
- Pay an inscription fee of 1000 clintz
- Be level 45 or above
- Hero rank and above

Each community event creator can decide to adopt different requirements, if he thinks these ones are too restrictive for his community.

The deck type of the event will be the same for every phase.
The ban list may vary from phase to phase.
You can see it in the section "deck format" of the event.

14 life and 12 pillz in each phase.

3-9 march (Phase 1)
128-64 players
Groups of 4, 2 passes
7 days to play, 5 straight matches

10-16 march (Phase 2)
64-32 players
Groups of 4, 2 passes
7 days to play, 5 straight matches

17-23 march (Phase 3)
32-16 players
Groups of 4, 2 passes
7 days to play, 5 straight matches

24-30 march (Phase 4)
16-8 players
Groups of 4, 2 passes
7 days to play, 5 straight matches

3 players will join the 8 players qualificated starting from the phase 5:

- an ELO CHAMPION. He is the player of the community who obtained the highest elo score in the period from the 10 to 23 March.

- a SURVIVOR CHAMPION. He is the player of the community who obtained the highest survivor extended score in the period from the 10 to 23 March.

- a COMMUNITY CHAMPION. The moderators of each community will choose by themselves a pool of 10 players, that they consider to be the best players of their community on the actual scene. They have time until 16 march to choose these player.
These players will join an event, that start 17 march and end 30 march, in which they fight themselves all vs all in one single round. The winner will be the community champion. Check the FRENCH section to DECLARE YOUR INTEREST in that section! You have until 12 March 7pm GMT+8 to write in your application in the french section.

A player qualificated in one of the 3 methods above, that is still in the event at the beginning of Phase 4, will be substitued with any player, at his choice, of his nation.

31 march - 13 april (Phase 5)
11 players
All vs All, top 5 players gain access to the finals.
The 6th player in the ranking will gain access to the finals as substitute player for his team.
14 days to play, 3 straight matches.

Any other rule will be communicated by private message.

edited by Cyber Tuesday 25/02, 16:27
Monday 03/03/14

1 message
DanceFest 2014

Hello there EN comworthy enough to make the best impression at this big UR competition? 128 players compete for the title of "Dancer of the Year" and other prizes! Junkz, GHEIST, Uppers, Bangers and Montana are waiting for your performances to make their show incredible

There are only 15 places left and the entry price is 1000 clintz only!

Good luck!
Thursday 27/02/14

2 messages
English FOttaFlOwTD - last answer from FOttaFlOwTD, Thursday 27/02, 18:33.
Wednesday 26/02/14

14 messages
English TSC Redblood - subject is closed
In leagues you gather points and win good rewards!
To play please click the link:


Its a free event and always open for people to join!
Only join the event if you have entered into this event

Tuesday 25/02/14

Sunday 23/02/14

3 messages
English ChaosDragon88 - last answer from ChaosDragon88, Sunday 23/02, 20:32.
You are rich, but most of the cards you buyed are just sleeping in your collection?

Do you think you can win using only "old" and "bad" cards?

Release the power of Globumm and join

I hate this Collector Draft

read the rules before joining

Saturday 22/02/14

2 messages
Deutsch THM_Ekifreaki - subject is closed
Here is an Event, were i want you to rate red:

Wednesday 19/02/14

3 messages
English UW LARS - last answer from UW LARS, Wednesday 19/02, 23:35.
6 messages
Deutsch Tranquil_Suit - last answer from Infiniti, Wednesday 19/02, 20:01.
Could staff please PLEEEASE say haw many matches are to be played, somewhere on the info/rules page? I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I'd like to know that in advance.

Also it will probably reduce the number of threads going: OMG Coliseum room doesn't work anymore 1!1!1!
1 message
English ZaIn KiNgZ - subject is closed
Hey all players of this game, from all over the world.
I was made a event but it was was deleted by a careless mistake, I have just made a event who is just like that.
plz participate in my event and rate it plz. You can participate in just 200/- clintz. so plz guys participate in my event and then rate it PLz
Tuesday 18/02/14

5 messages
English whiseyjackLoA - subject is closed
I know that a random room will not be created at this time, but I was wondering if you would be willing to appease those of us who take issue with random.

I thought it might be helpful to provide a chart or calculator that would enable a player to determine the % chance of victory. I know I would appreciate a device like this.

If the above request is impossible, I would like to know what determines the random. Is it based upon attack greater, or is it based on a ratio of player's attack versus opponents attack?

If neither requests can be granted, I appreciate all the work you do keeping this game working, and I understand that moderating a game of this scope is a challenge.


4 messages
English Wakayama3 - last answer from Wakayama3, Tuesday 18/02, 12:33.
Come and compete by making decks. A fun time awaits
Sunday 16/02/14

2 messages
English 0 Chwing-Gum - last answer from 0 Chwing-Gum, Sunday 16/02, 22:04.
Clint city is preparing the olympinc games too, with the JU of Sotchi, Come and try the disciplines to bring back medals to your team !

Registration in team in Turk part
If you don't find a team, don't worry, just post in Romana part and i'll find a team for you.

The team ranking is not important, just a bonus for the best teams

Come to join JU de Sotchi

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