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If you are organizing a tournament, planning on joining one, come here.
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Thursday 24/07/14

2 messages
English mihalll7_UM - subject is closed
Do you enjoy non-battling events?
do you enjoy playing fast event?
do you enjoy risk?
do you enjoy shooting people in the face?

then join
an informer about upcoming events
Wednesday 23/07/14

3 messages
English HoA - Zero - subject is closed
Hello everyone, i have recently gotten permission to revive a old event.
deleted is a fast paced, non-battle event which is based on luck and a bit of skill.
Free of charge to enter, this game offers quick rounds in which players can win various prizes.
15 players per game, each game lasts for about 30 minutes, with 10 minute rounds.
In deleted you must use certain actions resulting in you to either deleted
There are different outcomes every game and you can play as many times as you wish for free
So if this sounds enjoyable to you, come have a go at deleted
Thank you to mahdin_DvF for giving me permission to bring this back
Thank you all and i hope to see you on deleted

Monday 21/07/14

6 messages
English Saga - last answer from DUC RAP, Monday 21/07, 09:24.
Cortez has you and 127 players tied up in the secret Room 13. You all have to complete the missions given by Cortez to avoid having your life cut short and to join the clan. Only 1 person will come out of the room alive. Will you be that person?


Every round a new mission will be given from Cortez. The mission will be related to either Survivor Deathmatch Tourney or Elo. Examples of some missions are:
Reach 1200 in Elo
Get 300 Deathmatch
Get a top 100 in DT
Reach 8 survivor.

The level of difficulty of the mission will determine how long you've got to complete the mission:

★ = 48 hours (2 days)
★★ = 72 hours (3 days)
★★★ = 96 hours (4 days)
★★★★ = 120 hours (5 days)
★★★★★ = 144 hours (6 days)

When you have completed the mission as evidence you must post a screenshot in the turkish section of this event.

The people who fail to complete the mission in the given time will be eliminated and will be butchered by a merciless Cortez
The people who complete the mission will go to the next round where they shall receive another mission from Cortez. The missions will get progressively harder.

We will keep on playing rounds until there is a winner.


1) Lamar Cr
2) Tanaereva Cr
3) Blaaster Cr
4) Jackpot

+ for every mission you complete you get 1500 clints
Sunday 20/07/14

17 messages
English play_0 - subject is closed
I will post a series of clues all over UR , 1 clue will lead to another , you have to find them , the first person to find them all will get some prizes

Please post your answers here I will shortly post all the clues , if you want to play post I'm in

There will be 3'rounds 1st round the winner gets 3k
2nd round the winner will get 3k

And for the 3rd round the winner will get 4k

You have 24 hours to post I'm in
2 messages
English HoA - Zero - last answer from HoA - Zero, Sunday 20/07, 11:07.
A new addition to the ZEL series has been put up today. deleted
The ZEL series is made up of Elimination style lotteries.
Essentially the goal for these lotteries is to bring back an old style, a sort of risk big, win big, however this one is a little less of a risk. For 1 000 Clintz you can have a shot at a total of over 65 000 Clintz worth of prizes.

I hope to see you at deleted

Remember your chances of winning won't be high, but if you do, you will be highly rewarded

Friday 18/07/14

2 messages
Русский XC-MeRLiN - last answer from XC-MeRLiN, Friday 18/07, 17:39.
Bunga Bunga
There are no rules. We are celebrating Sylvio's return!
In the coming days, I will ask you one Sylvio-related question, and for every correct answer, you score 1 point.
Next Sunday we close the event and the winners will be announced from amongst the top scorers.
If more than one winner, a draw will decide the winner.
1. Caelus Cr
2. Chiara Cr
3. Kawamashi Cr
Wednesday 16/07/14

2 messages
English BH MrBaco - subject is closed
3 messages
English HoA - Zero - subject is closed
I am happy to bring everybody my first lottery in the "Zero's Elimination Lotteries".

1. Do you enjoy taking risks?
2. Do you have what it takes to risk your clintz for the chance to win back your cash 50 fold?

If you answered yes to both of those questions, i have an event for you.
ZEL: 500 000 Clintz is an elimination lottery, designed for people who want to try their luck for 10 000 Clintz, the winner receiving over 600 000 clintz in prizes!

However there is only one winner, if you are interested enter now! Only three days are left for entrees.

### OVER 600 000 CLINTZ TO BE WON ###

ZEL: 500 000 Clintz ZEL: 500 000 Clintz ZEL: 500 000 Clintz
ZEL: 500 000 Clintz ZEL: 500 000 Clintz ZEL: 500 000 Clintz
ZEL: 500 000 Clintz ZEL: 500 000 Clintz ZEL: 500 000 Clintz

Thank you
- Zeroficial
Tuesday 15/07/14

2 messages
English HarleyxQuinn - subject is closed
Just buy in for 100 clintz and win the jackpot, its simple.

Simple Clintz lottery
1 message
Bet on the next cr of this year
Scommetti CR !
3 messages
Español RoxxxoBTB - subject is closed
Beat the Bastards invita a su torneo para novatos. Entrada GRATIS, premios a los primeros lugares y rifa para los que no ganaron. Premios desde 1000 a 3000 clintz en total, si se incrementan los participantes (que jueguen) se incrementan los premios.

Es momento de comenzar a jugar a nivel de competencia en un ambiente donde los novatos puedan probar sus hablidades con jugadores de nivel similar y colección al parejo, cosa difícil en los torneos diarios pero posible en este evento creado para ustedes. Los premios son cortesía del gremio Beat the Bastards y Rojoxxx.


Monday 14/07/14

6 messages
English ChangeIsGood - subject is closed
Oops wrong section

edited by ChangeIsGood Sunday 13/07, 03:39
Saturday 12/07/14

3 messages
English Saga - last answer from Saga, Saturday 12/07, 13:01.
2014 Summer Lottery

Draw will be done by a mod
Friday 11/07/14

1 message
Jin Kisaragi - subject is closed
Do you have one of those older Cr's just sitting around doing nothing that are not / only semi playable ? (If yes read on)

Do you have some free time this summer ? (If yes read on)

Do you have 2000 Clintz or can acquire 2000 clintz? (If yes read on)

Consider joining my little event:

Thursday 10/07/14

13 messages
Česky 0 Spycee - last answer from DIVINE Cr, Thursday 10/07, 22:44.
Join the celebration with me my 6 years in the game Urban-Rivals!

6 Years in Urban-Rivals

★ You're in Army of Elite Mercenaries ✔ FREE CARD
★ You're my mutal friend ✔ FREE CARD
★ You added me in my friend list ✔ 50% CHANCE TO FREE CARD
★ You don't have anything to do with me ✔ RANDOM CHANCE TO FREE CARD

Rate, comment, share & WIN !

Good luck and have fun

0 Spycee
Monday 07/07/14

1 message
English CB Maad - subject is closed
Just a little event for fun! 500 entrance fee and a "crazy" deck!
The winner takes the jackpot + all donations + 5K!
Thursday 03/07/14

2 messages
English HoA-Predator - last answer from HoA-Predator, Thursday 03/07, 17:34.
Hello guys!

Have you got the skills to rob several banks?

If so come and join The Bank Heist!.

Read rules before joining.

Thanks, Pred
6 messages
English BH MrBaco - subject is closed
2ºUncle Salty- Aerosmith

Don't do a contest on these boards, ty

edited by ChangeIsGood Thursday 03/07, 01:15
6 messages
English DA-UtherK - subject is closed
1-º I Don´t want miss a thing-Aerosmith

Don't do a contest on these boards, ty

edited by ChangeIsGood Thursday 03/07, 01:15

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