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If you are organizing a tournament, planning on joining one, come here.
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Wednesday 25/06/14

4 messages
English ZeroChuck - last answer from ZeroChuck, Wednesday 25/06, 23:11.
Are tired of your boring routine in Clint City? Would you like to escape your depressing life and go somewhere no living individual knows?

Well there is a solution!
For only 1000 clintz for a two month long stay, the now world famous Hotel to the Skies opens its doors for you!

There will be fun for the whole family since the hotel will organize a special chest hunt. In fact, the crazy old man of the place just wants to organize some quest, he thinks the paradise's entrance is hidden somewhere in the fourth floor... Just go participate, it'll make him happy!

Oh and, we gave him some trading cards to give to the winners, Manon Cr, Scarlett Cr, you may know these rare cards...

So yeah, join in! Hotel to the Skies
1 message
Welcome to the URCL, the Urban Rivals Champions League !

Here you will play against people from your country to pass the qualifiers and go to the main event!

Prizes are:
1st- Lao Cr
2nd- Vickie Cr
3rd- Jackie Cr

And the 1st of each qualifiers' groups will earn a half part of the jackpot!
Qualifiers are for 2 countries each, but you will only play against people from your same country.

1st to 4th get a ticket to the main event!

Will you hear the URCL anthem?

Go join!

Urban Rivals Champions League

(PS: Each qualifier is posted in its forum)
Sunday 22/06/14

1 message
Unicorn zombie apocalypse

Elo, two winner hands, everybody against everybody, eight players.

For the winner, Kolos + the jackpot.

3000 clintzs of inscription.
Thursday 19/06/14

2 messages
English Cyber - last answer from Cyber, Thursday 19/06, 16:39.
This is the 10th edition of NBMT #10.

This type of event will happen every Friday unless due to unforeseen circumstances. It will also happen at 8pm GMT+8 to the first 16 players for about 2 hours.

Read the rules carefully before joining.

The upcoming one will start tomorrow.
Monday 16/06/14

2 messages
Deutsch CurLy_TpU - last answer from CurLy_TpU, Monday 16/06, 22:49.
World Cup betting Game

World Cup betting Game entry in the Main Event is Free !!

Here is the main event due to popular request where I will send you the sub events on a daily basis in which you will be able to bet. At the end of the World Cup there will be a small lottery

actual subs

Spanien Vs Niederlande

Mexico Vs Kamerun

Chile Vs Australien

Ruels in the subs

-Entry fee: 1000 Clintz -The event will be open to join until 5 minutes to the start of the match! -The bet has to be posted until 5 minutes to the start of the match, too! Post your bets in the turkish sector Have fun

Kind Regards Curly
Sunday 15/06/14

2 messages
English (RAP) - last answer from (RAP), Sunday 15/06, 07:15.
All the players who like football and also want to win 128 k in some months so join it
battle event, not a lotto

FIFA World cup 2014
Saturday 14/06/14

1 message
English H zerOrez A - subject is closed

16-13 [SPACE] 13-5 [SPACE] 6-15-18 [SPACE] 20-8-5 [SPACE] 14-5-24-20 [SPACE] 19-20-5-16
5 messages
Deutsch 0 Ren - last answer from 0 Ren, Saturday 14/06, 15:13.
This is a lottery that still makes me think about the happiness we can provoque in a person by just adding a bit of our own.
everybody who wants to join has to donate 1 Globumm.
there will only be one winner of 1500 Globumm s wich is about 400k
I acept other donations , and extra Globumm s
and i want to thank everybody that suports this cause , not just in the game but in real life , if you give ,you recive.
Friday 06/06/14

5 messages
Português 0 Crown - last answer from 0 Crown, Friday 06/06, 18:00.
Urban Rivals World Cup


1 Player will Represent 1 of the 32 teams of the Real World Cup.
To do that He must win or be runner up at the Qualifiers.

Qualifiers Phases:

In each Qualifier there will be 2 Phases
- 1º Phase 8 Groups of 4
- 1st Of each group go to Finals
- 2 Hands Vs every member of the group

2º Phase 1 Group of 4
- 1st 2 get --> Read down this
- 1ºPlace gets the entry to main event has XXX
- 2ºPlace gets the entry to main event has XXX
- 2 Simple hands vs every member of the group
XXX -> Is the Events team name.

Qualifiers Prizes:
Blaaster Cr
Copper Cr


32 Teams Represented by 32 players that won the entry
Groups are = to World cup

1º Phase - Groups Phase (32)
8 Groups of 4
2 Hands vs each member of the group
1º and 2º pass to next phase.

2ºRound of 16 (16 Remaining )
3 Winning Hands vs 1 member of the event
Winner go to next phase

3º Quarter Finals (
3 Winning Hands vs 1 Member of the event
Winner go to next phase

4º Semi-Finals (4)
3 Winning Hands vs 1 Member of the event
Winner go to next phase

5º Finals and 3º4º Place (2)
5 Winning Hands Vs the other member of the event

1.st Marlysa Cr
2.nd Manon Cr
3. rd Dragan Cr
4. th Lamar Cr
Thursday 05/06/14

2 messages
English DUC-Dwerg - last answer from DUC-San, Thursday 05/06, 14:52.
The Bonusgame

Slightly complicated but feel free to ask anything that's unclear. Copper Cr + Zatman for the winner
Wednesday 04/06/14

Sunday 01/06/14

Saturday 31/05/14

7 messages
English Saga_Cr - last answer from Saga_Cr, Saturday 31/05, 17:36.
Join the 100,000th event which will be a big lottery

100,000th event
15 messages
English DA_Banana - subject is closed
People enter a lotto for a free Candice
the one and only lotto where i take the maximum amount of cash from the jackpot
the remains of the jackpot will be given to the lucky candace winner
join now!
Thursday 29/05/14

1 message

Big loto ---> Big card
Saturday 24/05/14

2 messages
English 00000-0000 - last answer from 00000-0000, Saturday 24/05, 20:20.
Fight for your life and become a hero! 240 fighters only one survives.
Registration: 3000 clintz
1er: General Cr + 20% of the jackpot

2eme: Marlysa Cr + Vickie Cr + 20% of the jackpot

3 eme : Manon Cr + 20% of the jackpot

4 eme : Tessa Cr + 20% of the jackpot

5 eme : Tanaereva Cr + 20% of the jackpot

Ave Caesar Morituri te Salutant !
Thursday 22/05/14

3 messages
English HoA-Predator - last answer from HoA-Predator, Thursday 22/05, 21:19.
Welcome to the first ever Red Or Black!

This is an event where luck can decided your fate.

There is also something for battling event players too!

So make sure you join Red Or Black #1!

Thanks, Pred

edited by HoA-Predator Monday 19/05, 18:42
Tuesday 20/05/14

Friday 16/05/14

1 message
English Exkeckle - subject is closed
Need someone to organize an event to give all my cards away as prizes. Some form of tournament. Or I can just donate prizes to events. Totalling approximately 250,000 clintz, Bangers and Pussycats clans. Banger Cr and Chikko Cr

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