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English wasteroftime - last answer from ((TinyGlitch)), Monday 21/04, 09:37.
We as a community need to keep our forums a bit tidier.

The forum needs to be helpful to new players that are looking for information and advice from the rest of us.

WP_Bauldy has created this deleted

Please try to direct obviously off topic discussion to the forum found under this event

thank you
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English AsianRepublic - last answer from Wakayama3, Saturday 19/04, 18:00.
Design a card! Let your imagination flow!

Design a card by it's:

Be unique!

Timeline of post creators of the "If you will be making a card in this game, what will it be?" series:

-6SimS-Sven (Original Creator, Part 1)
-Mr Intelijent (Part 2)
-Edon EG (Part 3)
-SadisticCynic (Part 4)
-Six Nations (Part 5)

Post away, fellow Urban Rivals players!
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English wasteroftime - last answer from dXm_ReDBuLL84, Wednesday 26/03, 22:19.
One of the most common questions posted by new players on this forum is how to get UR rich quick.

The reality of most games is that in order to get rich quick... you can simply spend real money and buy all the packs you need until you are content with your collection. Easy enough.

The reality for a lot of players is they do not have to funds to be spending a lot (or any money) on a game. No worries though, the gap between people who spend lots of money vs those who spend very little is big only when it comes to UR wealth, but when it comes to gameplay the difference is more than manageable

To give you an idea of how much credits the "veteran" credit using players are using in order to maintain their collection I'll share my personal experience. I am currently at 98% of the collection. The 2% is always the newest cards (12-15 of them) that i dont buy until they are much cheaper. I invest in a few cheaper cards here and there, but for the most part i earn clintz from packs and playing ELO/DT in weeks i am active. And i am able to maintain 98% using anywhere from 60-100 credits every 2 weeks.

If you do are an active player and can afford to buy credits once in a while, then eventually you will see your collection grow, allowing you to play competitively in every format and nearly all events.

However, if you are an active player buy have no funds then you may want some tips on how to earn clintz and credits as fast as possible

Tips will be listed below
1 message
Dear fellow players in the Urban Rivals Community,
I am here to offer my editing tool to help YOU!
To keep threads looking pretty, and to keep the main post as accurate as possible, I will happily edit any and all updates to your thread's main post!
Please comment below with the following:

- Thread link
- Updates (new presets, event description changes, etc.)
- Any fancy form you want to add (stars, smiley faces, etc.)
- Any change to the thread name that you would like to have done.

After completion, I will comment here "done " and that will signify your changes have been made and are up to date

Happy playing!
Sir B00BY
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English MasterfuI - subject is closed
“Clint Fighting,” which we now know as Urban Rivals, has come a long way from how it first began. Many cards were released for innovation, diversity, and for the sake of balancing the game. While some cards’ stats were tweaked, others were ELO unbanned, banned, and unbanned again. Even the artwork of the infamous Kate was changed to what it is now at some point (Listed in this timeline!). New features were added and many were changed or improved to make Clint City as vast as it is fun. I compiled this historic chronology of the awesome game that is Urban Rivals. Enjoy my fellow fans, and be amazed at how far this great online manga trading card game has come!!!

This Timeline lists...
- UR's original characters (listed BEFORE the dated timeline)
- Card release dates (and the names of some) I.E. “Danger from the Heavens”
- When cards became “Collector” (CR)
- Various "firsts" introduced. (I.E. Gheistling intros: “Poison” )
- Introduction of new UR features, memorable events, comics & milestones
- Asterisked events in the Dated Timeline, which indicate that the full story is available in the News Archive

Are the event descriptions in this timeline too vague? You want more detailed info?

Then go deeper in time by checking out my "UR Int'l News Archive" which shows DETAILED past events from the news feed & the staff mb posts
[Link in post #2]

Dated Timeline Format:
121 messages
English MasterfuI - subject is closed
This news archive lists Staff mb (Message Board) posts & events that have appeared on the public UR news feed

User Guidelines:
- Each event is listed in chronolgical order, descending from the past to most recent.
- Multiple events that happened on the same day are separated by number
- The first line shows the title of the event.
- The next lines show a summary. (The 1st few lines of the event)
- The last line is a link/URL to the full story. (IF a URL exists)
- The URL gives additional insight because the info in the discussions usually clarify anything seemingly unclear by the staff.
- Unfortunately, the Staff mb doesn't have an archive of everything that happened on the public news feed
(I.E. Some character & CR release stories are missing)
- I only included events that affected UR internationally, hence "UR International News"
(I.E. Character stories, new features, CR stories, comic releases, etc)
- I did not include: technical bugs/upgrades, new payment options, staff promotions, scam warnings, country exclusive events, etc

I used my best judgement on what to publicly reveal. But worry not! I keep a personal copy of the RAW, uneditted archive from the EN staff board & public news just in case major edits/additions are needed for future UR Int'l News Archive drafts.

News Archive Timeline Format:

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English Soiuku - last answer from playallday_0, today at 08:30.
Ever seen that ONE card for a mode that you were like, what utter TRASH!
It's so terrible!
How can people say it's under rated??

I had that experience lately with 2 cards in ELO.

1) Crunchy
Nightmare / 2 Stars / 4 Power / 5 Damage / Ability : -12 Opponent Attack, Minimum 8
First Impression : What the hell?? It's so low powered and it's it's. . . it's attack manip is so low!!
What I didn't see? 4 x 4 = 16 With SOB and big Manip. Against a 7 Powered Card that is a decent advantage up to 4 pills. 7 x 4 = 28 - 12 = 16 and with 2 Stars? I usually tie that and win. And 5 Damage for 2 stars is great!

2) Stooge
Frozn / 2 Stars / 8 Power / 4 Damage / Ability : Copy: Power And Damage Opponent
First Impression : Why Bother?!?? He faces competition with Annuqa for SOB Avoidance, Tiwi Ld for Defeat/Loser card, Hakaan and his SOA, and even Sah Brinak / Mahimatah for a 'Versatile/Utility Card' !
But I failed to realize that against SOA he reigns King among his 3 and 2 star friends. As well as against other Damage Manip Clans / Skeelz he can keep either equal power or higher (With his bonus. ) He's also like an almost better version of Randy who forces back powerhouse 4 and 5 Star Cards. He copies Power and Damage, seems bad, right? But with his bonus, he will overtake them in most cases, and his Utility is fantastic!

Sporks, Some Puddin' in the fridge, and an Ursaring stands in the way.
Your cards you were wrong about?

118 messages
English Kefalo - last answer from Kefalo, yesterday at 23:27.
So, since the big ELO discussion brought up the fact that way too many cards in the game never see play because nothing quite measures up to the staples, I'd love to have an "underused card appreciation thread". There are cards out there that you just put into your deck for missions or whatever reason and they won you more matches than any staple and have a special place in your heart.

For me there's a number of them:

1) Baby Q, 4* 6/6 SoB with -2/min 1 DR. You will aways, and I mean always see Ditha, Malicia or even the very underused 7 powered 4* girls and simply not put Baby Q into your deck.

What are you missing on? 6 damage for one pill, or someboy overpilling on a Sob Dr. LOL. Also, likely no Freaks poison, lol.

2) Cheep - 8/2 +2 life bonus, stop: -3 dam/ min 1. Well, stop cards are vanilla cards most of the time, and this guy is bonus dependent to boot.

What are you missing on? A bloody annoying 8/4 wall which makes SoA pointless because what SoA means most of the time is no DR. He makes people play stupid - heck, you can actually pill against their SoA and win for ALL damage reduced, making a 4 gap and turning your hand into a 3 rond win one.

Gork - 7/8 SoA bonus with poison self for 2 min/4. XU52 has att manip, Mechakolos is a 1 hit KO. Otherwise people just don't use him enough.

What are you missin out on? Pretty much a bloody honey badger who doesn't give a f**k. Unconditiona 7/8 with SoA? Otherwise he kicks ass.
9 messages
English wats_happenin - last answer from Tranquil_Suit, yesterday at 15:16.
Did anyone else completely forget this existed and managed to accumulate thousands of tickets?
Now I'm stuck sitting here pressing the little spin button and feeling a gambling addiction coming on :/
12 messages
English kc4444 - last answer from kTizzle(TCA), yesterday at 07:01.
So the Vortex page went well. So here goes All Stars. I use them fairly often, only cos I’ve got Marina and Saki for my half decks.

Each card is tiered within its own stars, there is no point comparing a 2* to a 4* (usually). The tiers are divided into S, A, B, C and D.
S tier - These are the cards that are some the best cards not just in their own clan, but the whole game, very few cards, and not in every clan. E.g. Spyke, Kiki Cr
A tier - These are the top cards in the clan, they are your first choices for that star count. E.g. Bogdan, C Wing
B tier - These cards are not as good as A tier, but are still quite good. You might use them if you need a card to deal with specific threats, such as if your deck has no DR or is really weak to SOA. E.g. Annuqa, Magnar
C tier - These cards aren't very good, use them for legendary missions or if you're a beginner, or a very niche usage such as a weak poison, or with Ambre. Or you're playing T2 and need 5*. E.g. Aktara, Chloe
D tier - Outclassed by another card in the clan, or just useless, E.g. Globumm, Perle

An asterisk after a character means that they belong in their tier; however they are outclassed by another card, and are therefore chucked into D tier. Note, we are not comparing from one clan to another, so because someone is worse than another card from another clan even if comparing Sentinels to Junkz, this isn’t how it works.
Wednesday 23/04/14

52 messages
English DA_Banana - last answer from DA_Banana, Wednesday 23/04, 23:45.
Best 2 stars in the game
an unintelligent assessment by da banana

#1 Lehane 8/2 sob +8 attack
Lehane is generally considered the best 2 star of all time and is the mother of all walls
8/2 is the highest non backlash stats on a 2 star ever
I consider her to be number 1 on this list

#2 Gil 7/2 -3 pills min 4 +8 attack Hawkins -2 pills min 1 sob and Shazam cob 2 poison min 3
Gil and Hawkins are alike but Shazam is a completely different pumpkin
Shazam is amazing
he's like a maralysa on steroids
7/2 stats are pretty solid. I'm not a Freaks man but a freak that can copy the opponents bonus and hold it's own against some clan staples for only 2 stars? YAY. he can potentially make a life gap of 10 and is perfect for inflicting that first turn poison
Gil and Hawkins are amazing
Gil gets his main scare factor from being a HORRIFIC first round bluff. those are rare in 2 stars.
5 pills gets you far with him
Hawkins is better in later rounds and is more of an all around type
thanks to his low minimum he is great when the pills are low
great synergy with his clan

#3 maralysa cr
this card used to be the queen of Elo and 2 stars
back when most cards were 6 powered this card demolished their bonuses and left them helpless while inflicting 4 damage that could 2hko with most of her clan
nowadays she is outshined by many cards and is no longer the legend she used to be but hey
she can still pull her own weight around and is a pretty awesome card throughout
2 messages
English AceClip - last answer from DA_Banana, Wednesday 23/04, 19:32.
Hello. How many credits would I get with a 20 dollar ultimate game card for NA? Same thing for 10 dollars.
14 messages
English DA_Banana - last answer from Kefalo, Wednesday 23/04, 18:27.
Mechakolos costs more than Kolos
I know the tourney penalties and all that but still
Tuesday 22/04/14

5 messages
English zergling13 - last answer from lzole, Tuesday 22/04, 21:16.
Hi so I have been playing urban rivals for a while now, but recently I have been rewarded with negative battle points???
I was just wondering why because I won 2 games in a row (played legitimately in t2 tourney) and I was rewarded with -2 and -4 points respectively....why?
78 messages
English TaguX - last answer from DA_Banana, Tuesday 22/04, 19:19.
This is a subject for us to reflect on things that happened "back in our days" in opposition to how those same things are today.

I'll start.

back in my days, full xp characters were more valuable than 0xp characters. I remember to buy them 0xp, make them full and sell again for a huge profit. That happened, I guess, because people wanted the cards full right away and were willing to pay more for not to waste time in the lost warehouse. And the reserve xp came to change that, making it exactly the opposite: people value way more the 0xp characters and I don't get why.

your turn
64 messages
English ComplexBeast - last answer from Kefalo, Tuesday 22/04, 18:36.

I've been seeing a trend lately with matches I've been in that I've never seen before. In the points breakdown, I'm losing points on random characters! One time I saw:
-Jackie Cr -10pts
What does this even mean? I've looked at the rules, and see nothing about losing points on characters. This isn't just on Jackie Cr though, it's happened to other cards.

But, what the hell's happening in this picture? I won the match due to timeout, and I lost 4 points? For what?!
1 message
36 messages
English Kyuzo Blade-- - last answer from - Elkas, Tuesday 22/04, 11:59.

I am sure a lot of people are wondering what the odds of getting a Cr card in the wheel of fortune are. It is quite likely they are less than 1/100, since otherwise the 100 tokens for a guaranteed Cr card would be pointless. How about players that had spent gold tokens posting how many the spent and how many Crs they got? If enough people post then we may be able to estimate a probability. I would keep it just for gold tokens, that way calculations ought to be easier and more reliable. I haven't won any gold tokens yet btw, but if anyone wants to share his/her experience that could be helpful for everybody. Good luck all!
Monday 21/04/14

27 messages
English kc4444 - last answer from YourPetChicken, Monday 21/04, 14:45.
Hi guys, just want to share some tier lists of characters. I've made them for my own reference and because I've got too much spare time . If this gets a conversation going, then I'll put more of them up from different clans. And I'll put them in the clans page as well, but those don't get seen. Note, this is both my opinion, and with gray areas, especially for clans I don't use often or have enough cards.

I'm starting with Vortex, because I play with them the most, play with them successfully, and have most of the cards.

Each card is tiered within its own stars, there is no point comparing a 2* to a 4* (usually). The tiers are divided into S, A, B, C and D.
S tier - These are the cards that are some the best cards not just in their own clan, but the whole game, very few cards, and not in every clan. E.g. Kiki Cr
A tier - These are the top cards in the clan, they are your first choices for that star count. E.g. Bogdan
B tier - These cards are not as good as A tier, but are still quite good. You might use them if you need a card to deal with specific threats, such as if your deck has no DR or is really weak to SOA. Or you're playing T2 and need 5*. E.g. Dwan
C tier - These cards aren't very good, use them for legendary missions or if you're a beginner, or a very niche usage such as a weak poison, or with Ambre. E.g. Aktara
D tier - Outclassed by another card in the clan, or just useless. E.g. Globumm

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