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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Monday 18/08/14

3 messages
English MetallicHell25 - last answer from MetallicHell25, Monday 18/08, 17:37.
Hey guys. So about 30 minutes ago I spent some credits that I bought and got a bunch of Elite packs and sold all the cards on the market because I'm saving up for an expensive Cr...but now when I go onto the market...nothing pops up...just a message that says I have completed too many actions on the market in a short period of time...and to wait and try again later. :/ This has never happened to me before but then again...I have never sold this many cards at once before. So I just wanted to know why this is happening and when I'll be able to access the market again. Thanks.
Sunday 17/08/14

129 messages
English Boss Z - last answer from DucDarkDemon, Sunday 17/08, 20:22.
This is different from the Make a character thread, i promise you
it often seems that the UR staff never gives clans the cards they need
the Sentinel need a good 3 star and the Roots could really use a good 4 star for examples, but does UR ever give them any? No... they do not
And these faliures have been amplified in the form of Legendary characters, it is an amazing idea, lets give some strong cards to strong players... the only problem? There are no exceptional legendaries
yes, Bonnie Ld is a great card, and Dudley Ld is pretty nice himself, but Kreenk Ld has too much competition in his clan and too many things that make him pointless, besides 7/2 damage=opp damage cards are cheap price wise and are never used, the Montana, Bella Ld, she is bad, there i said it, she is... Sharon is the exact same thing, and in my opinion much better, and much easier to use

Now I am sure people out there have many things they'd like to be changed about the Legendaries
My friend IM_Rayce brought up the idea that they should have their clan symbols in their backgrounds, or just have a background in general

and I personally have atleast one idea in my head that would DESERVE the right to be called a legendary!
If you feel you do, please feel free to post them, but be sure to include the card, in all forms, a bio, AND THE MISSIONS REQUIRED (and maybe even the card's apperance)

Thank you


Hopefully, eventually the UR creators will listen to some of us!
7 messages
English Zerological - last answer from Zerological, Sunday 17/08, 17:17.
Simple question, ive PMed multiple staff and admins and moderators, one told me to go to a different moderator, i sent him a message asking if there was a way i could trial or work my way into the team, no reply, can anybody help?

Ive been making events for years now and for a good while I've really wanted to become a part of the team
5 messages
English shadowstalker5 - last answer from Thoazol, Sunday 17/08, 10:46.
So im stuck on his mission get 40 pills with one Vortex member is it a specific card or what?
Friday 15/08/14

8 messages
English The Feared - last answer from ---SiM-HoA---, Friday 15/08, 06:19.
I am thinking of buying 220 credits and I was wondering what packs would be best to buy.

Also, what is the average amount of card value you would get for 220 credits? I am hoping to get 100-200k worth of cards.
2 messages
English 0 AyGaming - subject is closed
2 messages
English The Feared - subject is closed
I sold Slyde Cr for 10,000 clintz and did not receive them. I am extremely disappointed in this since that was my only spare card I could sell to get Saki for my All-Stars deck. Is there any way to get these clintz back?
Thursday 14/08/14

13 messages
English - Elkas - last answer from - Elkas, Thursday 14/08, 21:20.
The title says it all,I kinda say that it is worth getting to 100 bronze/silver because you get Cr no matter what.But since,I'm not good at DTs and get t25/t50 I'm kinda like "Nahh,I can't be bothered to get to 100".And If anyone got to 100 just post what Cr you got.
17 messages
English M-Bison - last answer from Elite Maad, Thursday 14/08, 15:22.
This is what I do when I'm bored, just mute it if you don't like the commentary.


Might do another one with Mega New Blood or something.
20 messages
English Elite Maad - last answer from BA_Hydro, Thursday 14/08, 09:32.
I think I would go for one of these: Ulu Watu (Surf and babes xD) Frozn (Dope!) Riots (Dope x 2) Roots (♪Smoke weed everyday♫) or Bangers (Hip-Hop&hearts
Wednesday 13/08/14

19 messages
English owButtacup Ld - last answer from ((TinyGlitch)), Wednesday 13/08, 22:00.
What a nostalgia trip. Its fun looking at my old posts back from my younger days. Roots were always my favorite clan. I left when their main 3 stars got banned. They're still the same with their focus on gaining a life gap and attack manip. The last notable thing I've done in the market is sell, then buy a for Kalindra 76k. That was two years ago. Its nice to see her double in price. Anyways, any old accounts here as well?
6 messages
ελληνικά prive001 - last answer from { RAP}, Wednesday 13/08, 15:24.
Was there an official post about what is going on with Coliseum??
I feel like it has been a couple months since the last one… is it done with or are the staff putting it on hold for now?
4 messages
English Sweaty Beans x - last answer from HoA Titan, Wednesday 13/08, 14:26.
I am wondering how you can get these quickly and easily. Please help
6 messages
English The Feared - last answer from prive001, Wednesday 13/08, 09:13.
I am building a mono All Stars deck and I am having trouble choosing a 4 star and 5 star. I am looking for the best ones in your opinion. Budget is not a problem for the most part but I can't afford Lamar (I think he isnpermabanned anyways).
4 messages
English 0 AyGaming - last answer from Elite Maad, Wednesday 13/08, 03:00.
If any of you need logos you can PM me here are a few examples
http://snag.gy/ESted.jpg Rainbow Steel
http://snag.gy/Ob8rA.jpg Hearts
http://snag.gy/KKKja.jpg Racecar
http://snag.gy/qTtgo.jpg Iceplosion
http://snag.gy/06ADJ.jpg Darker Iceplosion
http://snag.gy/zU0nw.jpg Hell
http://snag.gy/A53UQ.jpg Coke
http://snag.gy/dKfB7.jpg Professional logo 1
http://snag.gy/vzOlz.jpg Professional logo 2 (My favorite of the two)
If you want me to show more examples tell me
17 messages
English Elite Maad - last answer from Elite Maad, Wednesday 13/08, 02:57.
This idea is kind of basic:
- There would be basic missions (Inflict x damage per day, wind x matches per day, etc..)
- There would be an bar (like that bar from the world cup event)
- Each kind of missions would have 3 levels (1st level give you 5 pnts, 2nd level you 10 points, 3rd level you 20 pnts)
- The bar would have an 500 pnts limit and also 3 levels (1st level at 100 pnts, 2nd level at 250 pnts and 3rd level at 500 pnts*)
- You can fill the bar from Monday to Sunday, by the end of the week your bar would be restored to 0..
- By the end of the end of the week you would be rewarded with a prize
- The prices would be: lvl1- pack (3 common cards) OR 2 credits OR 1K OR 1000 BP OR 10 tickets. | lvl2 - pack (2 common cards and 1 uncommon) OR 5 credits OR 2,5K OR 2000 BP OR 20 tickets. | lvl3 - pack (1 common, 1 uncommon and 1 rare) OR 10 credits OR 5K OR 4000 BP OR 30 tickets.

* Maybe lvl2 and lvl 3 could be with more points as the prizes are a much better!

Conclusion: This thing (Can't find a good name for it xD) would be good for every kind of players, it would help all the players (newbies and pros included) to build their collection!

What do you think?

Sorry if is a bit confuse but as english is not my native language I can't find some expressions to make it easy to understand!
2 messages
English Elite Maad - last answer from 0 AyGaming, Wednesday 13/08, 00:46.
This idea is like the PP rating system but for all the clans and the characters.. And for the characters there would be 2 things that we would be able to rate: Card overall and the artwork..
What do you think?
Tuesday 12/08/14

6 messages
English Elite Maad - last answer from HoA-Silver, Tuesday 12/08, 18:18.
This event would consist in one deck.. 8 cards and all of them would be Ogoun Kyu.. 12 life and 10 pillz.. The winner of the event would take all the Ogoun Kyu cards from other players.. Best event ever with the best card ever!
6 messages
English 0 AyGaming - last answer from HoA-Silver, Tuesday 12/08, 10:19.
I was playing ELO and right after one of my matches started the message "The battle is over" poped
up. at first i thought the other guy quit but then i realized than my score went down this has never happen before to me and I was just wondering if its a common thing and why it happened
Monday 11/08/14

8 messages
English 0 AyGaming - subject is closed
If I won 250,000 in the slot machine lottery but never got paid
.... i'd post a screenshot if I knew how to post it

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