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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Friday 18/04/14

173 messages
English Jamox360 - last answer from XxBloodFirexX, Friday 18/04, 17:28.
Post your pack results here!

This can be used to find average price of packs, rarity quantity etc.
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English EA-robbie CR - last answer from DUC-San, Friday 18/04, 17:22.
My deck is compatible with collesium game mode but I still cant play it anyone have any ideas?
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English Bemmoth - last answer from Pilluminati, Friday 18/04, 14:02.
Just a thought. New ability/bonus that boosts the next card played.

Defeat: Assist: +2 Damage/Power. When you lose with this card, the next card you use is assisted with +2 damage/power.
Defeat: Assist: Protection: Power/Damage. When you lose with this card, the next card you use gains Protection: Power/Damage

Can make + Life per Damage cards even more deadly if you have + damage, can make some 1HKOs for La Junta/Fang Pi Clang (even in ELO), can make All Stars create nice power gaps if + power, etc.

Can also make your opponent think about putting an extra SoA into the deck (could bring Stop: Ability cards into play?)

I'm sure there could be some sort of balance by looking through the cards, but the idea is lose with 1 card, then the next card becomes stronger (or maybe make opponent's card weaker).

Or, maybe even change the ability to Cripple (probably not Bonus, since they'd probably all be splash cards).
Cripple: -2 Damage/Power. If you win with a card, your next card gets -2 damage/power, min 1.
Cripple: SoA. If you win, your next card doesn't have an ability (In this case, you can't just win with 1 card, then throw out a DR or Defeat: + Life card for life gaps).

These card will have slightly higher base Power/Damage than normal, but winning with them will result in a negative effect for your next card.
14 messages
English ZEPPELlN - last answer from ((TinyGlitch)), Friday 18/04, 04:38.
Hi guys I'd just like to ask you fellow players what you think (or what prevalently) is the use of ELO-banned cards at present? Please excuse the ignorance as I took a three-year or so hiatus from the game, so I'm not at all used to the game at all right now.

I was rather alarmed when I found out that using non-ELO banned cards in tournaments would mean having deductions in your battle points. Knowing this, it seems these cards have been reduced to collector cards in their own rights, seeing battle only on special occasions. Granted, some can be used despite the points reduction, but I personally don't think it's worth it. What are your thoughts? What do you use your non-ELO cards for?

P.S. I'm not really ranting that I can't use my cards in the tourneys, just really wondering how they're used now considering times have changed. Thanks for taking the time to read through all this.

(Shout outs to Wise Men Distracted by the way please take me back )

tl;dr: non-elo cards suck now, yes / no why?
Thursday 17/04/14

99 messages
English Kefalo - last answer from Kefalo, Thursday 17/04, 21:03.
So, since the big ELO discussion brought up the fact that way too many cards in the game never see play because nothing quite measures up to the staples, I'd love to have an "underused card appreciation thread". There are cards out there that you just put into your deck for missions or whatever reason and they won you more matches than any staple and have a special place in your heart.

For me there's a number of them:

1) Baby Q, 4* 6/6 SoB with -2/min 1 DR. You will aways, and I mean always see Ditha, Malicia or even the very underused 7 powered 4* girls and simply not put Baby Q into your deck.

What are you missing on? 6 damage for one pill, or someboy overpilling on a Sob Dr. LOL. Also, likely no Freaks poison, lol.

2) Cheep - 8/2 +2 life bonus, stop: -3 dam/ min 1. Well, stop cards are vanilla cards most of the time, and this guy is bonus dependent to boot.

What are you missing on? A bloody annoying 8/4 wall which makes SoA pointless because what SoA means most of the time is no DR. He makes people play stupid - heck, you can actually pill against their SoA and win for ALL damage reduced, making a 4 gap and turning your hand into a 3 rond win one.

Gork - 7/8 SoA bonus with poison self for 2 min/4. XU52 has att manip, Mechakolos is a 1 hit KO. Otherwise people just don't use him enough.

What are you missin out on? Pretty much a bloody honey badger who doesn't give a f**k. Unconditiona 7/8 with SoA? Otherwise he kicks ass.
2 messages
English Philon - last answer from -sCapeg0d-, Thursday 17/04, 08:33.
I'd love to get some input on my preset.


It is a part of a guild contest, so I would appreciate any happy face ratings.
Thank you!
Wednesday 16/04/14

4 messages
English ) LoA Yellow - last answer from ) LoA Yellow, Wednesday 16/04, 22:57.
I got this idea while doing missions.

Clan: +2 Attack

A similar theme to the Rescue Bonus, but goes as high as +8 attack. The trade off is that if SoB hits a card with this bonus, it still recieves +2 attack from each of its clan mates, virtually making SoB into -2 opp attack against them.
6 messages
English Six Nations - last answer from Six Nations, Wednesday 16/04, 15:15.
Shouls I have Craho or Plunk in my mono Roots deck?
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English ComplexBeast - last answer from YourPetChicken, Wednesday 16/04, 14:46.

I've been seeing a trend lately with matches I've been in that I've never seen before. In the points breakdown, I'm losing points on random characters! One time I saw:
-Jackie Cr -10pts
What does this even mean? I've looked at the rules, and see nothing about losing points on characters. This isn't just on Jackie Cr though, it's happened to other cards.

But, what the hell's happening in this picture? I won the match due to timeout, and I lost 4 points? For what?!
1 message
I've posted a Review of UluWatu, please check it out guys

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AE4crDH-sJQ - Part 1
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RP6Tyq2xuVQ - Part 2

if you havent already subscribe to the channel for more Urban Rivals and Pokemon content
7 messages
English AceClip - last answer from ((TinyGlitch)), Wednesday 16/04, 04:26.
Hello what is the meta right now in Urban Rivals? Clans etc?
Tuesday 15/04/14

30 messages
English TaguX - last answer from SinMade, Tuesday 15/04, 09:11.
Now that we have clintZ and tokenZ should not we have also creditZ and even lottery ticketZ? how come did not the staff thought of it?
7 messages
English NextLvLStr4ts - last answer from hutson01134, Tuesday 15/04, 05:14.
I saw a dahlia cr in elo
Her card and xp bar was.surrounded by gold, why?
21 messages
English Xeo Ld - last answer from Soiuku, Tuesday 15/04, 02:49.
Who thinks that a Support: -3 Opp Attack Bonus would be a good idea? Or a bad idea?
Monday 14/04/14

4 messages
English AKP Kerza - last answer from Pilluminati, Monday 14/04, 16:02.
Direction votre collection, une annonce du staff sur facebook a été comuniquée mais aucuns détails..
juste une fantaisie ?

"Did you notice?
Check out your Collection!

perso je ne trouve pas ça beau
Sunday 13/04/14

5 messages
English SchoolBoyQx - last answer from -sCapeg0d-, Sunday 13/04, 06:39.
Hey I'm new to urban-rivals nevermind the level and cards my brother gifted me this account since he was quitting.I'm new to UR and just need help finding a good clan to run with I've never thought of using dual clans but will try it, any help is appreciated.
6 messages
English ItsMyYard - last answer from -sCapeg0d-, Sunday 13/04, 05:47.
Looking for ideas as for which 4 cards to pair with my Hurricanes. I was considering Frozn...thoughts?
Friday 11/04/14

8 messages
English SinMade - last answer from ) LoA Yellow, Friday 11/04, 07:25.
I know this is broad and all but,
in general which do you prefer?
and in what situation does each fail

ability: soa
bonus: sob


ability: sob
bonus: soa
2 messages
English PrideOfDeathX - last answer from tgh02, Friday 11/04, 05:18.
Help me please
Thursday 10/04/14

3 messages
English przemus47 - last answer from YourPetChicken, Thursday 10/04, 19:44.
What do you get in tokenz.
i circle 5 bronze tokens and get Veronica pussy 1k some tickets obout 15 and Aniki
say what do you win in weel and who match do you spend.

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