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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Wednesday 22/10/14

76 messages
English Kyuzo Blade-- - last answer from HarleyxQuinn, Wednesday 22/10, 23:53.

I am sure a lot of people are wondering what the odds of getting a Cr card in the wheel of fortune are. It is quite likely they are less than 1/100, since otherwise the 100 tokens for a guaranteed Cr card would be pointless. How about players that had spent gold tokens posting how many the spent and how many Crs they got? If enough people post then we may be able to estimate a probability. I would keep it just for gold tokens, that way calculations ought to be easier and more reliable. I haven't won any gold tokens yet btw, but if anyone wants to share his/her experience that could be helpful for everybody. Good luck all!
2 messages
English - Pillman - last answer from Thoazol, Wednesday 22/10, 23:17.
So after completing Dudley Ld's last mission instead of getting 10 credits I get another copy of him,contacted CSS,they said that the 2nd Ld will be removed and it was.But what is annoying is the fact that I DIDN'T RECEIVE MY 10 credits,and it has been 1 or 2 weeks since I contacted support! -.-"
32 messages
English Shrekmate 1-0 - last answer from TheOPG, Wednesday 22/10, 22:38.
What is this?
15 messages
English Jamox360 - last answer from theking6198, Wednesday 22/10, 21:35.
2500 messages
English M-Bison - last answer from del80y, Wednesday 22/10, 17:24.
Every 100th post gets a random CR up to 2500. (3 posts in a row I'll assume you're talking to yourself)

I'll throw some random cards at people if you make me laugh as well, let me hear you say WAYO.

Also cry me a river if you get Veenyle Cr and the other guy gets Lamar Cr ROFL.

Final notes, I won't be active 24/7 you might have to wait up a day for your prize and I don't have any big 5 so don't get to excited. Have fun.

Pilluminati will win a Bob Joby if he posts anything at all.
23 messages
English syg_chaos - subject is closed
It sucks cause they removed dm for it

Tuesday 21/10/14

33 messages
English TheOPG - last answer from hutson01134, Tuesday 21/10, 00:22.
Welcome to Menace in the Northern Mountains!

The list of players and their characters:
HarleyxQuinn - Krash
lemme win - Tiwi
0 Shrek - Thormund
hutson01134 - Dr Saw
UM_AaaBattery - Emeth
neo_08ms - Chiro
Spikey 13 - Chan

Here is the thread we'll be using for any out-of-character (OOC) conversation: http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&forum_page=0&id_subject=2497462&subject_page=0
Monday 20/10/14

30 messages
English CB Gab - last answer from {Titan}, Monday 20/10, 21:28.
I think I would go for one of these: Ulu Watu (Surf and babes xD) Frozn (Dope!) Riots (Dope x 2) Roots (♪Smoke weed everyday♫) or Bangers (Hip-Hop&hearts
19 messages
English {Titan} - last answer from theking6198, Monday 20/10, 21:00.
Not sure if i can do this. If not just close the thread

If anyone has ideas for events post here for me or an event team or someone to maybe do it. u would be mentioned.

if you are under level 40 or have little experience with creating event or cba post your ideas here
57 messages
English theking6198 - last answer from theking6198, Monday 20/10, 15:45.
Dang man I still remember my worst matchup. I versed a guy with Lady Maurice Jackie Cr and DJ Korr Cr like WTF????
Friday 17/10/14

5 messages
English CB Gab - last answer from theking6198, Friday 17/10, 21:07.
Thinking about completing a clan.. Can someone PLZ tell me the prices for each clan with and/or without CR's?
Already completed GHEIST (without CR's) and thinking about completing Piranas, Rescue, Nightmare, Ulu Watu or La Junta..

** I did this post months ago but as the market changed A LOT I think it would be better to do a new one
27 messages
English G33K-GIRL - last answer from G33K-GIRL, Friday 17/10, 21:02.
I am French businesswoman (250M) I want to help the English do have money I want to know who is interested and I must do as event or guild?
6 messages
English RAMZYxUK - last answer from theking6198, Friday 17/10, 20:56.
I wanna know what is a good card to invest into? and i dont find NB that good but then again idk how investing works on this game so would like some information on how it works etc so i can try and become good at it
5 messages
English tkewl.barragan - last answer from TheOPG, Friday 17/10, 00:30.
I can't sell any cards to public or make a private sell
Thursday 16/10/14

6 messages
English RAMZYxUK - last answer from theking6198, Thursday 16/10, 10:16.
Ok so i been thinking of getting a titanium pack or 5 elite packs. idk which one to go for and what clans shall i choose? i wanna choose clans that have cards worth quite abit so it could help me buy better cards. need some help deciding i thought Riots and hurucan as 2 of them but the others idk.
44 messages
English CB DarkBlood - last answer from DeepEnd, Thursday 16/10, 10:05.
Says it all at the top
Wednesday 15/10/14

20 messages
English syg_chaos - subject is closed

only 3 questions , all questions are compulsory thx

please answer , so that we can show the results to admins later
60 messages
English theking6198 - last answer from theking6198, Wednesday 15/10, 09:46.
Hey guys what's the amount of clintz u should have before considering yourself a "Playa" (very rich) I'm not gonna say my fortune out loud cuz of hackers.
6 messages
English 0 Shrek - subject is closed
And not me... Especially the one with the recent scamming crisis...
Don't want to make myself look like an arrogant brat...
2 messages
English TheLastMyth - last answer from CN Mafioso, Wednesday 15/10, 03:53.
Im trying to buy credits using a gift card that i bought at the store i have a visa and a mastercard they both dont work instead when i try and use it and error comes up and says that it cant be used because it has been denied by the card issuer i have also tried buying credits using itunes and the app but it still does not work is there anything i can do or any reason why my cards arent working anymore i used to be able to buy stuff online just fine buying this gift cards

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