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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Friday 30/05/14

2 messages
English SwaggieMaster - subject is closed
You need to started of with:-
-Bonus : Victory or Defeat: 1 Pillz+
5 messages
Español genegx9 - last answer from Cobaltpanther, Friday 30/05, 13:52.
Hello i been having this error every time i try to buy credit in Urban Rivals app....Every time i try 2 buy the 450 credits i get an error message...."Error 450_Credits"...any one has any ideas?
Thursday 29/05/14

10 messages
English agentpipoy - last answer from Wahzoo, Thursday 29/05, 20:44.
Im new here and i want to know your opinion on what deck should i choose! Help
Tuesday 27/05/14

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Česky AoEM_Sakal - subject is closed
Hi, I know when I unlock last legendary mission before expiring, I can finish it even after expiration date and still get the LD or 10 credits. But am I still able to finish last LD mission, when is there already new set of missions for the same LD?

For example, if I unlocked final mission of Futoshi Ld, but left it unfinished and new set of missions to get Futoshi Ld is released. Can I still finish previous final mission and get 10 credits/Futoshi Ld from that mission?
196 messages
English Kefalo - last answer from TheOPG, Tuesday 27/05, 18:09.
So, since the big ELO discussion brought up the fact that way too many cards in the game never see play because nothing quite measures up to the staples, I'd love to have an "underused card appreciation thread". There are cards out there that you just put into your deck for missions or whatever reason and they won you more matches than any staple and have a special place in your heart.

For me there's a number of them:

1) Baby Q, 4* 6/6 SoB with -2/min 1 DR. You will aways, and I mean always see Ditha, Malicia or even the very underused 7 powered 4* girls and simply not put Baby Q into your deck.

What are you missing on? 6 damage for one pill, or someboy overpilling on a Sob Dr. LOL. Also, likely no Freaks poison, lol.

2) Cheep - 8/2 +2 life bonus, stop: -3 dam/ min 1. Well, stop cards are vanilla cards most of the time, and this guy is bonus dependent to boot.

What are you missing on? A bloody annoying 8/4 wall which makes SoA pointless because what SoA means most of the time is no DR. He makes people play stupid - heck, you can actually pill against their SoA and win for ALL damage reduced, making a 4 gap and turning your hand into a 3 rond win one.

Gork - 7/8 SoA bonus with poison self for 2 min/4. XU52 has att manip, Mechakolos is a 1 hit KO. Otherwise people just don't use him enough.

What are you missin out on? Pretty much a bloody honey badger who doesn't give a f**k. Unconditiona 7/8 with SoA? Otherwise he kicks ass.
12 messages
English Optimus_10 - subject is closed
Here you can rate each other's deck here is mine: it's a mono Piranas deck
Monday 26/05/14

23 messages
English DA_Banana - last answer from Six Nations, Monday 26/05, 13:27.
Anybody who comments here gets a limerick based on their comment
Sunday 25/05/14

19 messages
English DA_Banana - last answer from -Dxxx-, Sunday 25/05, 21:27.
Let's start with Slify
there once was a fellow named slify
his reviews they were ever so spiffy
then he went on a rampage
mixed up power and damage
the number was Fifty times Fifty
2 messages
English Wakayama3 - last answer from TheOPG, Sunday 25/05, 19:56.
What does the trophy symbol stand for? For example on Jackie Cr an Vickie Cr? Never seen that b4? :O
2 messages
English SuN Murek - last answer from DA_Banana, Sunday 25/05, 11:25.
Hi Guys as the name says i search Ava maker.
If you now someone how can make one or you can make self one PM me please.
Friday 23/05/14

16 messages
English Mr_BigNiN_WMD - subject is closed
I've seen people post how much there entire collection is worth, but I can't find where that is. I can't seem to find it on the my collection screen.
Any help is great
10 messages
English Rackenhammer - last answer from Pabst Blue, Friday 23/05, 02:38.
So, yeah, I used to play UR a lot when I was at University, but I sort of tapered off when I had to buckle down my senior year. Last time I logged in, they were just introducing the Frozn clan.

Now I'm kind of curious: what's been going on, in terms of major changes, since I left? How much of my collection is likely useless now?
Wednesday 21/05/14

12 messages
English Kefalo - last answer from HipHoppa, Wednesday 21/05, 23:57.
I just have to share this and let out a huge whoop of: "F**k yeah! It's done! It's finally done! The godawful worst mission in the whole game is done and I'll never ever have to put that card in my deck! Whoooo! I got rid of Marzo!"

Cassandra is at 243 out of 250. Marzo is DONE! FINSIHED! Over! After god knows how long!

Contemplate this for a bit.
Tuesday 20/05/14

10 messages
English Daxose - last answer from 40Waffles, Tuesday 20/05, 21:03.
Should winning more rounds and/or having a lower star count still be a draw?

If the deck I draw is 10* and my opponent draws a 12* deck and we both tie, should it actually be a draw or should the person with the lesser deck win?

Also, and this one may be easier to change than the star count method:

If I win 3 rounds and my opponent wins 1 and we end up with the same amount of life should it still be a draw? Obviously the person can create their deck so they only need to win one round, but that's not only a lazy way of winning the match, but it defeats the purpose of trying to win in general. Technically I won more than my opponent, why should I be penalized with a "draw" if I was able to win 3 rounds to his/her 1?
4 messages
English Clean0nion - last answer from Blue_Muffin, Tuesday 20/05, 01:50.
I've noticed that at the start of a match, the number of Pillz and Life of a player seem to vary but will always add to 25.
For example, I might start with 13 Pillz and 12 Life, but my opponent might start with 12 Pillz and 13 Life.
In one instance, I've noticed my opponent starting with 10 Pillz and 15 Life.
What determines this?
Monday 19/05/14

10 messages
Română UR-Assassin - last answer from 40Waffles, Monday 19/05, 21:40.
Running a Windows Phone nokia lumia and I was wondering if it will ever be available .
40 messages
English TheOPG - last answer from TheOPG, Monday 19/05, 15:46.
The title says it all. Personally, my favorite is Deea + Naele. The attack manipulation plus the insane power is more than a little fun. Also if you lose a round, you get pills back too!
Saturday 17/05/14

18 messages
English ChangeIsGood - subject is closed
Let's see how long I can last without a guild.
3 messages
English warandchaos - last answer from Kee_Wee, Saturday 17/05, 16:14.
I'm almost done collecting the Montana deck (I won't be going for Lyse Teria Cr or Vickie Cr as they are crazy prices)
What clan should I move on to next? I want one which I can have fun playing with.
2 messages
English 0 Crow - last answer from TheOPG, Saturday 17/05, 16:07.
I dont know if this is the right thread, but I'm looking for someone who does avatars.

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