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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Tuesday 18/03/14

17 messages
English Soiuku - last answer from Soiuku, Tuesday 18/03, 22:09.
Almost every time I see that card he usually ends the match in either a tie or them winning because of a TINY difference. 6 Damage with +14 Attack and 6 Power might not seem like much, but this card is a royal pain!
I can handle (And see) Devil Dog coming, his SOA is easy to work around. El Matador is either a pill dumpster or a bluff in most cases and has 2 turns for best useage. Pandagran . . .is well . .. Pandagran . : s
People might say that he isn't that tough for low base stats but he provides TOO dangerous of a fork, able to cut my life nearly in half or act as Pseudo DR, which really bugs me about him. Some people might say it's a judgment call, but once again, he's a tough one when he has a decent sized Attack Bonus, and that adds on to this card. He allows my opponent to sit on cards like El Matador , Wonder Lana , or my least favorite (Who also needs a ban) . . . Derby Queen !! While Derby Queen also may not seem like much to some, 5 damage that could be sprung on you while you're trying to gauge their other threat cards is a true menace; easy to throw away, hard not to notice. When you combo these two, you have a buffer to keep El Gascaro , El Matador / Derby Queen from getting their turn. Those three together also flow VERY well, making for an annoying pounding to approach you hard and fast.
Why aren't these cards banned again?
2 messages
English Tagux - last answer from Thoazol, Tuesday 18/03, 20:07.
Is there any way to know how many copies of a certain character exist in the game at any given moment?
5 messages
English Ferreroh - last answer from Icarus, Tuesday 18/03, 17:58.
This has been a problem for a day now, my Deck has a check Mark for modes like Elo, Coliseum... but i still can't enter the mode. when i click it, it doesent show a play button, instead a My Deck which leads me to my deck,.. why is this so. pls help i wanna coliseum but now i cant..
4 messages
English Wakayama3 - last answer from hutson01134, Tuesday 18/03, 17:55.
I know a list is already made on the wikia page but still, y not post your UR abbrev.

I use PR as much as DR, y does not anyone else use PR? For example xD
2 messages
English liam.carr.1293 - last answer from Soiuku, Tuesday 18/03, 01:03.
I brought an ultimate games card $30 AUD and spent $16 on a 10 Euro thingy and now I cant spend the rest of my cash on my card please tell me why
Sunday 16/03/14

23 messages
English wghheghfuehui - last answer from -Mordecai, Sunday 16/03, 05:01.
Look here


there are exactly 1000 search results for
guilds , guilds , public presets and message board
8 messages
English wghheghfuehui - subject is closed
Talk anything about the coliseum you want here
Saturday 15/03/14

27 messages
English 1san - last answer from Bemmoth, Saturday 15/03, 22:52.
So for example lets make up a simple one like:

+1 life per opp stars

So if your facing a 5 star card and win, you would receive +5 life! However if your opponent reads you well and plays a 2 star card then you would only receive +2 life if your card won.

This could even be applied to a multitude of abilities.

Heck just imagine a new clan with: -3 opp Attack, Min 5. Against a 2 star you'd get -6 attack, while against a 5 star card, you could snag a lovely -15 to overpower those pesky Uppers, Montana, and Rescue clans!

33 messages
English -Mordecai - last answer from -Mordecai, Saturday 15/03, 19:03.
Any thoughts on them?

Fang Pi Clang
All Stars?
Any others feel free to add...
1 message

please rate it down
Friday 14/03/14

10 messages
Português iNanoLuck - last answer from SVR Soul, Friday 14/03, 23:09.
Simple question here. I do not have so much time to play Urban-Rivals, nor much clintz to buy different decks. So which mode should I focus in long run for Credits+Clintz? I may be wrong, but is seens to me that the clintz from DT are not so good if you can' t achieve top10. But I've never achieved 1200+ ELO, so I don't know how much money it gives.

I can play only 1~2 hour at max daily and have all Vortex, Berserk and Huracan cards, and some clintz to build decks. My problem is: what mode should I focus on at this moment, since my goal is to buy and collect cards from all clans. (I'm the kind of guy who likes to collect card, and not be on top of competitive play)
Thursday 13/03/14

4 messages
English express54321 - last answer from Thoazol, Thursday 13/03, 14:59.
Does anyone on UR play GTA V? It's one of my favorite games now. In fact, I had some presets with GTA-related names, but they all got deleted since they never got a high enough rating.

I have some other questions for you GTA V players out there:

1. Do you play GTA Online as well? If so, what cars do you have in your garage?

2. What are your thoughts on chrome Adders?
4 messages
English PhatLloyd - subject is closed
Why can't I join guilds??? I can only create guilds but not JOIN. I'm level 7?

Wednesday 12/03/14

1 message
What do you think? I welcome comments/suggestions and if you like please rate up
Sunday 09/03/14

12 messages
English TheDoomBug - last answer from wghheghfuehui, Sunday 09/03, 16:14.
I know it's a bit of a meme to claim that Vortex names are typed by nose, but I've been wondering what meanings the names could have. Specifically, the five (yeah, small number) I haven't found a possible origin of:
Heegrn Cr
Cyb Lhia
And the three that I'm not sure of:
Dregn (Dragon, the symbol of royalty? Drain, like what he does to your Opp Life?)
Oflgn (Offline?)
Negodz (New Goods, what he sells? No Gods, what he probably believes?)

Any serious ideas or intel?
Saturday 08/03/14

21 messages
Русский XC-MerLiN - last answer from hashburki, Saturday 08/03, 21:00.
I honestly have no idea who borrowed my cards, I don't keep track because all you guys are very honest, and I am too lazy to go into sales history, then purchase history and Secure Trade and so on, but still I would like to request people who borrowed a Guru and a Lyse, specifically to please return them.
By the way, I am not crazy, only I don't know where all my cards are, and I loan out only too readily.
If you are the guy who sees this message and loaned my card, please so get in touch. When you return my card, I will kiss you.
Wednesday 05/03/14

2 messages
English SavvyHavvy - subject is closed
I have recently completed the following clans: Montana, Hurucan, Vortex, and Frozn, WITH NO CRs!

So since I have the ability to make any non-cr deck, I am looking for advice on the best decks for each of these clans without Crs. I usually play any game mode except for ELO but I am open to all opinions. Thank YOU.
Tuesday 04/03/14

9 messages
English wghheghfuehui - last answer from wghheghfuehui, Tuesday 04/03, 02:52.
Well spam this place and like my presets
every time i comeback and see that 1 of my presets has gotten +200 points ill give a Globumm to a random person who posted in the last ten points

double post are not allowed
no smileys
no numbers

let us start the spam
Monday 03/03/14

8 messages
English zz Tundra zz - last answer from zz Tundra zz, Monday 03/03, 19:57.
Could someone explain to me what a CR is?? How does a card become a CR?? Who decides the next group of CR's??

Any info would be great!!!
Saturday 01/03/14

14 messages
Português Roberto RBL - last answer from Bemmoth, Saturday 01/03, 13:15.
Is not possible that people by so fast every single time the cheap cards on market, I take on the max 3s to buy the card and is already sold out, there are people using market bot ?

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