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Strategy and Tactics: General

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Monday 10/02/14

4 messages
English Tagux - last answer from - Elkas, Monday 10/02, 22:23.

when I get into Le repaire de zapatan (http://ur.xephon.org/), on the right side it shows a card that summarizes my profile, and so:
the design of the card is my avatar
the name of the card is my nickname
the clan of the card is the flag of my country
the ability of the card are my clintz and credits
the bonus of the card is my guild
the power of the card is my level

but I can't understand what the damage of the card is. does any of you know?
2 messages
Română Steel X_HoA - subject is closed
Really ... one of the issues with that new layout of the site they wanted to implement was the ad swarm. If that new version is now gone, most probably due the mass of negative feedback, why do they think that spamming the current one with ads is a good idea, then ? Really, just now, clicked on about 5 of these stupid things accidentally. Not to mention that they're slowing down the website for me. Way to go UR .
4 messages
English Squirtroll - subject is closed
Now it has recently been brought to my attention that mods tend not to look at the guild threads, well, they look to blacklist cough cough

But they don't do anything regarding the comments themselves
Possible solutions that don't involve mods to spend their " precious " time " moderating "

Threads need approval,
Perhaps implement the comment approval system again just for that one area

Allow admins and creator of the thread to edit and remove comments, although it is the hardest to make happen it is by far the smoothest fix

Send all comments to creator of the thread to approve
Sunday 09/02/14

6 messages
English LW-Joe-LW - last answer from Infiniti, Sunday 09/02, 16:05.
I can't understand this, whenever I publish new presets (a couple on same day ect.) they'll get deleted days later.
I mean around 2-4 presets at a time, one of my old presets from years ago got deleted too when I added more.. it just doesn't make any sense.
Saturday 08/02/14

10 messages
English lightball20 - last answer from tgh02, Saturday 08/02, 16:11.
I had bought about 20 packs of the 7 card new blood pack today and was selling off the copies, really new cards(ones not worth holding because their price is still dropping every 2 weeks), and cards I just generally had no interest for when near the end of the last few packs the market now no longer shows up and instead gives me:
"You have carried out too many actions on the Market in a short period of time. Please wait and come back later. To avoid this problem, ease up on the Market."
Anyone know how long the lock is for?
Friday 07/02/14

46 messages
English Wakayama3 - last answer from DA_Banana, Friday 07/02, 23:12.
Hi Guys! Just a funny idea y not gather the extremes of Clint City regarding differet things, like a record book. I will start out by starting to fill out this form, and then you guys copy it and fill it up with what you might consider as records. I have some starting points:


Most Power (14):

* Fanny

Most Damage:

*All hail the lonely record-holder Dacote.

Most Pillz that could be gained in one round:

*Whole Vortex-clan

Most life-gaining in one round (12):

*Kenny Cr

Biggest life-gapper:


Most expensive card:

*DJ Corr Cr
Wednesday 05/02/14

5 messages
English -Mordecai - last answer from - Elkas, Wednesday 05/02, 20:23.
Anyone play?
It gets kinda boring when I don't see any familiar faces around...
If you do play put your username below
Tuesday 04/02/14

14 messages
English ) LoA Yellow - last answer from Tranquil_Suit, Tuesday 04/02, 19:45.
Sleelz, Nightmare, Piranas, and all the Stop abilities out there have ruined these two clans. It was not any one of these things, but all of them combined that destroyed them.
5 messages
English Noodle_DG - last answer from ChangeIsGood, Tuesday 04/02, 03:44.
"The kung-fu taught at Fang Pi School was developed in the Golden Mountain Monastery and is an ancestral martial art. The Clan, lead by the merciless Lost Hog, wants to enforce its warmongering ways on each and every one of us. To gain world supremacy, the Clan is fighting to overthrow the government in favor of a Bruce Lee clone that it has created and raised in secret."

Who is the Bruce Lee Clone that the Fang Pi Clan Bio Speaks of?
Sunday 02/02/14

14 messages
English Freddyt58_HoA - last answer from -Saladin, Sunday 02/02, 19:02.

this is what i get... 450 credits.... and i get this
Saturday 01/02/14

2 messages
English SharK T40 - last answer from SPT rozzo, Saturday 01/02, 14:50.
Do you guys know how much would the whole Frozen clan cost if some is selling it?
8 messages
English hashburki - last answer from hutson01134, Saturday 01/02, 08:31.
What boggles me is, what is the purpose of the slot machine and tickets anyway? For me it just doesn't fit into the theme of a card trading/dueling game. Couldn't the "free" clintz be distributed through a better method which didn't require luck?
Also has anyone won the 250k award? And is the Staff planning to change or update the slot machine?
Friday 31/01/14

10 messages
English -Mordecai - last answer from hutson01134, Friday 31/01, 02:45.
Would be cool if UR could make a clan with the bonus: Protection Attack

The reasons are blatantly obvious...

But this would add another layer of skill to the game
Thursday 30/01/14

3 messages
English CK-Shawn - subject is closed
My account just got hacked without even noticing and lost most of my cards and 300,000 clintz, I can't believe this happened, can anyone help me. I was not even on today until now, can someone help me?
Wednesday 29/01/14

13 messages
English Poison Ivy89 - last answer from broxx93, Wednesday 29/01, 23:57.
If you wonder what kind of songs would fit as a clan theme. Well this is my personal list of what I think would be a clan theme song.
All Stars: 'We Are The Champions' Queen.
Bangers: Any song based on there genre (since most of the members are based off famous rappers)
Berzerk: Any song under Death Metal.
Fang Pi Clang: Any song with kung fu, or songs by Wu Tang Clan (the latter being inspiration of the clan's name)
Freaks: Any song that is affliated with circuses.
Frozn: Song based on ice.
GHEIST: Any song representing evil.
Huracan: Latino-base music (or the themes to Eddie Gurrero, Rey Misterio, and/or Sin Cara).
Jungo: Tribal-based music.
Junkz: Anything under hardcore rave.
La Junta: Anything to do with Trumpets.
Leader: 'Leader' Bif Naked.
Montana: The entire score to The Godfather movies.
Nightmare: 'Monster Mash' (I don't know the name of the original artist).
Piranas: Pirate themed music.
Pussycats: 'I am Woman, Hear Me Roar' (I don't know the name of the original artist)
Rescue: 'Dr. Feelgood' Motle Crew.
Roots: Reggae-based music.
Saks: 'Intergalactic' The Beastie Boys.
Sentinel: 'Bad Boys' Inner Circle.
Skeelz: 'Schools' Out for Summer' Alice Cooper.
Ulu Watu: Anything with a Ukelele.
Uppers: The theme to Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous.
Vortex: The score to The Terminator.
Tuesday 28/01/14

5 messages
English Soiuku - last answer from DUC-San, Tuesday 28/01, 19:45.
Lianah Ld might not have seemed that great back in the day but I decided to take another look at her.
Well, not her chest that is *AHEM!*
Well, looking at Lianah Ld vs Taigo : Why choose Taigo over Gabrielle and her DR, or the Better Wall Fanny ? Also, looking at Dave, he pierces Dr, and all in all I'd rather have Fanny over Taigo.
In the 3 Spot there is decent competition, but not a terrible amount. Besides that, there is a good amount of walls in the 4 Star Lineup (Think Noland , Buck , and Shayna ). Frankly, I feel she fits in with her wall 4 Stars.
In the 3 Stars her biggest competitors are Gaia and Eugene . While Shaun is worth mentioning I feel his conditional effect is easily beaten by the low minimum attack Manip of Lianah Ld which is a NICE and SOLID minimum. Gaia is better, no doubt; but double trouble 3 Star Walls isn't terrible. Eugene is good, but gets more obvious to someone who can read their opponent well enough. Eugene has the flex, but Lianah has the wall and frankly, I like it when lined up with Dave, Noland , and Shayna or Buck .
3 messages
English ScaryRyan RG - last answer from ScaryRyan RG, Tuesday 28/01, 14:03.
Is their a cap on how many of these you can get into?
if i got 40th place twice in one day, would i be in 2 lottery's?
13 messages
English bokneehog - last answer from bokneehog, Tuesday 28/01, 01:20.
Hey guys, I have an idea for a little game to play. The first 3 people to comment on this will get a free card from me. If you receive a free card, you have to pay it forward to three more people. You can do it for anyone you choose. All you have to do is put the card in their private sales for 50 ctz and send them this message: "I put a free card in your private sales. Please pay it forward to 3 people." Lets see if this works
Saturday 25/01/14

20 messages
English Icarus - last answer from Infiniti, Saturday 25/01, 15:54.
A week from now, this game will turn 6. Have you ever wondered what will they bring to us? Maybe that's the time the'y'll release their promised changes
Thursday 23/01/14

5 messages
English troll4663 - last answer from Yurieu HoA, Thursday 23/01, 22:30.
What if it was? What cards would you make Miss Clint City who had too much competition to become ye real miss clint city? Maybe every 2 years type thing if it were to ever happen?

Miss Willow would be fun if this were real amirite?

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