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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Tuesday 20/05/14

4 messages
English Clean0nion - last answer from Blue_Muffin, Tuesday 20/05, 01:50.
I've noticed that at the start of a match, the number of Pillz and Life of a player seem to vary but will always add to 25.
For example, I might start with 13 Pillz and 12 Life, but my opponent might start with 12 Pillz and 13 Life.
In one instance, I've noticed my opponent starting with 10 Pillz and 15 Life.
What determines this?
Monday 19/05/14

10 messages
Română UR-Assassin - last answer from 40Waffles, Monday 19/05, 21:40.
Running a Windows Phone nokia lumia and I was wondering if it will ever be available .
40 messages
English TheOPG - last answer from TheOPG, Monday 19/05, 15:46.
The title says it all. Personally, my favorite is Deea + Naele. The attack manipulation plus the insane power is more than a little fun. Also if you lose a round, you get pills back too!
Saturday 17/05/14

18 messages
English ChangeIsGood - subject is closed
Let's see how long I can last without a guild.
3 messages
English warandchaos - last answer from Kee_Wee, Saturday 17/05, 16:14.
I'm almost done collecting the Montana deck (I won't be going for Lyse Teria Cr or Vickie Cr as they are crazy prices)
What clan should I move on to next? I want one which I can have fun playing with.
2 messages
English 0 Crow - last answer from TheOPG, Saturday 17/05, 16:07.
I dont know if this is the right thread, but I'm looking for someone who does avatars.
8 messages
English CB Maad - last answer from FruzWho, Saturday 17/05, 12:23.
I just notice that Kenjy's description says that there is an university in Riotspolis but in the clan's description it says that Riotsville was drilled apart.. So is this the same place/city? Or is like a City and a Village? Or did I missed something? I'm not an fluent english speaker so I maybe it's just an translating error by me!
18 messages
English Bemmoth - last answer from DerMagus, Saturday 17/05, 00:44.
Just a thought. New ability/bonus that boosts the next card played.

Defeat: Assist: +2 Damage/Power. When you lose with this card, the next card you use is assisted with +2 damage/power.
Defeat: Assist: Protection: Power/Damage. When you lose with this card, the next card you use gains Protection: Power/Damage

Can make + Life per Damage cards even more deadly if you have + damage, can make some 1HKOs for La Junta/Fang Pi Clang (even in ELO), can make All Stars create nice power gaps if + power, etc.

Can also make your opponent think about putting an extra SoA into the deck (could bring Stop: Ability cards into play?)

I'm sure there could be some sort of balance by looking through the cards, but the idea is lose with 1 card, then the next card becomes stronger (or maybe make opponent's card weaker).

Or, maybe even change the ability to Cripple (probably not Bonus, since they'd probably all be splash cards).
Cripple: -2 Damage/Power. If you win with a card, your next card gets -2 damage/power, min 1.
Cripple: SoA. If you win, your next card doesn't have an ability (In this case, you can't just win with 1 card, then throw out a DR or Defeat: + Life card for life gaps).

These card will have slightly higher base Power/Damage than normal, but winning with them will result in a negative effect for your next card.
Friday 16/05/14

10 messages
English kTizzle(TCA) - last answer from HipHoppa, Friday 16/05, 19:36.
Just a question. I rarely see backlash cards used. If backlash- own life could trigger revenge would it become a viable option?

Same with Defeat: -life abilities to trigger confidence.

Would the mechanic be better if it was based on causing damage rather than winning or losing rounds?
4 messages
English wats_happenin - last answer from - Elkas, Friday 16/05, 11:23.
I've been thinking with standard gone UR returns to the problem of new cards either being next gen ridic (Mokra, Lear Barduh etc) or total trash that just churns through new blood and is spat in the bin at the end (Most commons etc)

Now standard didnt work because of these next gen ridic cards ruling the format but we still need a new format to play with these new cards in!!! As much as I love Lee Moon, it'd be cool to have to use the guy in a deck somewhere and not for him to just be gangnam styling by himself in my collection

What are your thoughts? Should a new mode be created to cater for this?
Perhaps a new ELO standard be introduced that eliminates ALL RARES (the general problems in releases) from the format
Maybe a format with only common cards being allowed, with certain appropriate bans (i doubt wed need to use them though)
Maybe a format for cards under 5k only, mono only, half deck only?
The possibilities are endless
Id love to hear your ideas of a new mode to cater for the growing trash heap of cards, and even those underused Bob Joby's that everyones dying to use
28 messages
English Xeo Ld - last answer from Soundtrack-HW, Friday 16/05, 10:14.
How about a +2 or +3 Attack per Opponent Life Missing... but I think +3 is OP. XD
2 messages
English wats_happenin - subject is closed
So ive been crunching the numbers and worked out the optimal 4 clans to choose for the Titanium pack can be narrowed down to a few combinations and ill explain why in the next few posts
The core 3 clans will be Huracan, Berzerk, GHEIST
With La Junta, Fang Pi and Vortex as your best options for the fourth contendor

Note: That as of tomorrow that new clan will definitely take the fourth spot over the other 3
Tuesday 13/05/14

2 messages
Deutsch jandemelkman - last answer from TheOPG, Tuesday 13/05, 23:53.
Where in the app can you find the slotmachine pls help
Monday 12/05/14

5 messages
English queen bee dra - subject is closed
How do u get tokenz and what cr are in each catagory
Sunday 11/05/14

8 messages
English bokneehog - subject is closed
I think an ability that could add an interesting dynamic to the game would be Defeat, but it punishes the player who was defeated. For example, you add a powerful card (8 and 5, 3 stars) to a powerful clan such as Junkz. You then give the card the ability Defeat: -3 pillz, min 2. So if you lose with that card, you also lose 3 pillz. I think this could make for some interesting play.
6 messages
ZacharyThomas - last answer from -Mordecai, Sunday 11/05, 19:50.
Is it against the rules to make post in which i ask people to refer me on lol and if they do ill give em oodles of free 0xp rares cause i don't play this game much anymore and i have been wanting to get up to Fifty friend referrals on lol so i can get medieval twitch =)

just asking cause i know asking for trade for another game for cads in this game is ban worthy.

so just feel free to let me know someone
Saturday 10/05/14

17 messages
English warandchaos - last answer from -Mordecai, Saturday 10/05, 19:52.
Hey everyone, I just started playing again after a very long time away.
I'm a little rusty now, and I want to improve my deck.


What do you think of it, and what changes would you make?
Wednesday 07/05/14

49 messages
English Treedroid - last answer from Spikey 13, Wednesday 07/05, 22:22.
I think the title explains it all. it's usually a decent may split, right? I've been gone so long, I can't really remember.
( if there are any threads already up about this, please link me)
12 messages
English warandchaos - last answer from warandchaos, Wednesday 07/05, 13:02.
I'm trying to build up Clintz without purchasing packs or cards.
What would be the best way for me to do this?
4 messages
English DA_Banana - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Wednesday 07/05, 08:58.

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