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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Saturday 05/01/08

1 message
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English Raynos - last answer from Lewster48, Saturday 05/01/2008, 19:40.

Im making a half Roots deck half something else

Roots 13*

Shakra 5*
Nahi Cr 3*
Yookie 3*
Miken Moose 2*

??? 12*

Im not sure what would work well with it

maybe GHEIST

Methane 4*
Leviatonn 3*
Bristone 3*
Z3r0 D34d 2*

or Montana 12*

Rosa 4*
Mona 3*
Ottavia 3*
Prince Jr 2*

or Uppers 12*

Beetenka 4*
Zatman 3*
Rubie 3*
Samantha 2*

(perhaps Frankie Hi isntead of Beetenka and noodile instead of Miken Moose)

I pretty much have every worthwhile good non cr card from all clans so if you think another clan is better

do please advise whats best

Oh and i heard Roots/Junkz could work but not sure how

since i want the 20k i invested in Nahi Cr put to good use

Thank you

21 messages
English Ponchos skirt - last answer from definedeath2, Saturday 05/01/2008, 19:36.
Hi there all,
I was just wondering what the best and quickest way to make money on this game is?
5 messages
English 0UC_xSStar - last answer from 0Vman LoA, Saturday 05/01/2008, 18:38.
Hi all i would like to know the best combination for general play! i dont mind whatever it is, i just need it and i need it now!
6 messages
English killing101 - last answer from Raynos, Saturday 05/01/2008, 11:55.
I have 4 decks
a sent deck
Rescue deck
Freaks and a
goood Fang Pi Clang deck need 2 make a lil better deck advice
11 messages
English Lewster48 - last answer from 0UC K-Ryder, Saturday 05/01/2008, 08:42.
In some battles i have noticed that some poeple dont use pillz, why is this
Friday 04/01/08

2 messages
English Elite Star - last answer from Elite Star, Friday 04/01/2008, 21:44.
Got the suggestion from Jade. Help me build a Type 1 and ELO deck.
Here are restrictions:

1) I can buy cards for 50k MAX
2) Im an aggresive play, but can play defensive
3) I've got a Rescue deck already, so no Rescue's please
5) If you follow the "rules" above and make me a successful deck for either Type 1 or ELO, there will be an award waiting for you!
5 messages
English rooster6050 - last answer from LOA_MadPirate, Friday 04/01/2008, 20:00.
Im thinking of buying 8 wandas to help me lvl up low level and wen u lose still get a lot of bp (more then how much i get normally- 7 for a win with a 40 star deck 35 without Ambre

this my current deck all max lvl

Vermyn N


10 messages
English Killingshadow - last answer from Killingshadow, Friday 04/01/2008, 17:18.

PUSSYCATSUPPERS i got all usefull cards

UPPERSAKROHM got all useful cards

ALLSTARSSENTINEL got tessa and lamar and others

ALLSTARSPUSSSY CATS got all useful cards

ULUWATUallstars got all useful cards

ULUWATUpussycats got all use full cards

10 messages
English von Hohenheim - last answer from Raynos, Friday 04/01/2008, 16:05.
Can anyone suggest a good daily tournies deck? (Type 1 preferably due to the lower star counts)
Clans I'm interested in are:
La Junta

Any suggestions are much appreciated.
4 messages
English serovak - last answer from rooster6050, Friday 04/01/2008, 15:39.
Right well i been svaing now for a day or so competeting in the all the tournements. at the moment the deck i use consists of 4 All Stars, 2 Junkz, and 2 randoms. i am looking to strengthen things now with the addition of a Leader. card i have seen a few in battle but i would like ppl's opinions on what they would use and why
8 messages
English Team-Rocket - last answer from TNT_Shadow, Friday 04/01/2008, 15:22.
My deck is Mixed, Uppers and Montanna. I've done pretty well up till now. Never scored 1st place, Sadly, but come oh so close back in the starter and middle level rooms. But now, I'm getting smashed as much/more than I win, and seek council. My deck is as follows.
Don Beetenka Havok
Mona Tyler
Murphy Zlatar

I KNOW I need to ditch Havok. He's odd clan out, and such, but, I lack anything to replace him with of his power level. Plus that -2 power is hard to get rid of. Mona has -2 power, but with a crappy min of 4. Bleh. Just not sure what to get.
2 messages
English wL_StarZ - last answer from LOA_MadPirate, Friday 04/01/2008, 10:12.
8 messages
English Elite Star - last answer from 0-Jade, Friday 04/01/2008, 03:05.
I'd like to have a good ELO deck, you can pick from any 2 clans that you want to, I can afford it lol. BUT, I want the cards fully evolved if possible since I think ELO was a big disappointment after I noticed that my Charlie got exp lol.

This is my Type 2 deck:

Vermyn N

All Stars:
Striker (thinking of buying Oyoh instead of Striker)
Loma Noju


Dont forget about my ELO deck

Elite Star
One of Xavier's Knights
4 messages
English Lewster48 - last answer from 0-DCGOJ cute, Friday 04/01/2008, 03:01.
Has anyone got an ELO Deck for ulu watus and one other clan or just a pure Ulu possibly
Thursday 03/01/08

4 messages
English Silently - last answer from Ink_MoB, Thursday 03/01/2008, 11:06.
Other then fighting for like 5-7 clitz....... /cry. How can i make some better money? I dont have a paid account so i cant sell any cards, and I only have 8 cards.... Please some advice would be appreciated!
Wednesday 02/01/08

3 messages
English nezinams - last answer from Vanter, Wednesday 02/01/2008, 20:44.
My curent elo deck is Kati Morphun Ottavia Simon Noodile Yookie Gabrielle Jeff and working prety good but sometimes i even lose 11-0 or 12-0 if you hawe a better idea just say it
3 messages
English canarius234 - last answer from Memento Mori, Wednesday 02/01/2008, 14:18.
Wat is the ability of the Leader??
2 messages
English DA__Subzero - last answer from Gone4eva, Wednesday 02/01/2008, 10:12.
Well, my Deck consists of..
Mona (3)
Miken Moose(2)
Noodile (3)
Ratanah (4)
Yookie (3)
Is My Dekc Good Or Not?
And i Need a Strategy..

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