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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Thursday 20/12/07

23 messages
English Warr kid - last answer from 0UC K-Ryder, Thursday 20/12/2007, 07:32.
Ok who wins this fight...and please explain to me why.

Lamar with his bonus activated at 9 pills (bonus is minus 2 power)

Estalt with his bonus activated at 10 pills (ability is minus 3 power)

now i know Estalts bonus gets cancelled, so with both having a reducing power ability and bonus

shouldnt this now make both of their power 3

Estalt winning because of its 10 pills to 9?

and then later on Estalt vs Veenyle both no pills...who should win that fight? Veenyle did not have a bonus activated

Warr kid....OMG i feel like a noob now
1 message
I was thinking of making a new account and then try and collect a whole clan without the use of credits
then make a guild of the whole UR clans (All Stars, Bangers etc.) with each player collecting a whole clan

anyone want to join this thing???
13 messages
0UC K-Ryder - last answer from Gone4eva, Thursday 20/12/2007, 05:22.
Lets all use our imaginations and make a cr elo deck
because theres only a handful of cr cards, i guess it'll be mostly the same
mine is this:

Nightmare 13*
Ombre Cr 5* (daing he looks cool)
Dwain Cr 2*
Amborse Cr 3*
Thaumaturge Cr 3* (all the Nightmare cr's look good)

FPC 10*
Kerozinn Cr 5*
Selendor Cr 3*
Marlysa Cr 2*

Selsya Cr 2*

Now lets see your cr (dream) deck
20 messages
English i amPOWERFUL - last answer from Gone4eva, Thursday 20/12/2007, 05:13.
I need help for my fang pi/Rescue deck my cards are:Bobby,Slyde,Lea,Larry,Sakazuki,Mini Mosu,Nartang,Otome(i have 404 clintz to spend,what will i buy?)
4 messages
English HolyWizy - last answer from HolyWizy, Thursday 20/12/2007, 02:00.
Wednesday 19/12/07

19 messages
English Team-Rocket - last answer from Tanto89, Wednesday 19/12/2007, 20:55.
I'm finding, as I go up in ranks, more and more, my deck seems useless.
I started using all Montanna. Well, once I could buy and seell off ones I needed/didn't need. And that got me through great. For a time.
Now, I find the futher up the chain I climb, the more pathetic my deck is. I'm taking on a few here and there as I go, but, it's not Easy shifting gears when I thought I had something that worked. I seem to be lousy at mix and match.
2 messages
English RG LoA - last answer from Hobbitusz, Wednesday 19/12/2007, 19:58.
I've noticed that it is very hard to get cards that are level 3 to level 4 in the lost warehouse because it has the highest chance of not getting a big level difference on the cards. I think it would be a good idea to put a level 3 card against level 5 (or 1) whenever possible, even choosing that over a level 2 card. Getting to level 3 doesn't take that long anyway.

I think it is almost easier to get to level 5 than it is to get to level 4.
11 messages
0UC K-Ryder - last answer from Tanto89, Wednesday 19/12/2007, 18:06.
I need a cheap deck with a fair few soa's and sobs

i could have this build:
Emma 5 (good to counter Rescue and good to play first time)
Yayoi 4 (will get)
Gwen 2
Feelyn 2

lullubee 5
Ice Jim 3
Nanook 2
Gabrielle 2

theres 3 soa/sob in that build

is there a better deck than that that i could use with more soas. maybe GHEIST or Roots but not Nightmare, they're too expensive at the moment (and maybe forever)
i was also thinking Junkz with Otakool, veenyl, Gibson and something else but i think thats too expensive

most of my pairs are 13 stars so i think this half needs to be 12.
2 messages
English ultimate523 - last answer from 0-Jade, Wednesday 19/12/2007, 16:16.
One thing I was wondering is how much does using a specific clan or clans help?
14 messages
English 0Vman LoA - last answer from Tanto89, Wednesday 19/12/2007, 12:41.
Nightmare: *25

Ambrose Cr
Thaumaturge Cr

This is an ELO deck, I don't plan on changing any cards, but I do have almost every character so I would like some suggestions as to which crads should be put in and taken out.
9 messages
English Elite Star - last answer from Elite Star, Wednesday 19/12/2007, 10:01.
Here are my current cards:

Miss Chloe



I'd like a ELO deck with 2 clans of your suggestion I've just got 15k right now but I could sell Bridget,

2 messages
English OUC_Kenny - subject is closed
The more i play i lose i have strong cards like 7 6 but i still lose
i cant believe a powere with 4 and 4 pills and mine with power with 7 whith 7 pills i lost the battle i do a stragedy like in the begginin i use 5 the second 4 the third 3 but i still lose thats why i am starting to hate the game i lose please tell me a stragedy plsease i need help
3 messages
English Beliazmodan - last answer from Beliazmodan, Wednesday 19/12/2007, 03:59.
Here are my cards

Alexei 4*
Billy Bob 4*
Yookie 3*
GraksmxxT 4*
SkrumxxT 5*
TrinmkkT 4*
Josh 3*

Im trying to decide what to do with my deck, because the farther im getting the harder its getting to win =D
So im planning on a Sakrohm / Sentinal or Sakrohm / All Stars, but Any combination would work

What should i do!! HELP ME!! (Please)

Btw i only havew 500 credits to my name
6 messages
English DatPyro - last answer from Scyr, Wednesday 19/12/2007, 00:16.
So like im runnin around with a ghiest/Nightmare combo
looks like this
Gheistling 5/3 Poison 1 min 1 -- 3
Igniss 4/1 Dmg=oppdmg -- 3
Vryer 4/2 ???? --2(3)

Elixer 3/5 -- 3
Endora 4/4 -- 3
Hel 6/2 1 life per dmg -- 2
K Cube 5/2 dmg + 2 -- 2
Melluzine 3/2 ??? -- 2(3)\

however im open to all suggestions ...
Tuesday 18/12/07

7 messages
English bourgeoisie - last answer from PanzerElement, Tuesday 18/12/2007, 23:34.
i have this 'quite strong' deck..
70 percent of my battles are wins.. (boo!!! :razz
here's my deck..

Ulu Watu

Wee Lee
Ice Jim (????!!!!! )
Coraille (not bad....)


Frankie Hi

i am REALLY planning to change Ice Jim and Coraille with tanaereva..
and i would like to add Timber and Zatman to my deck..
would this make my deck powerful???
2 messages
English Bottle - last answer from DerMagus, Tuesday 18/12/2007, 22:35.
Which cards should I get to make a strong deck that isn't too expensive?
13 messages
English The-Girl-eVo - last answer from Gryazzie, Tuesday 18/12/2007, 13:22.
Maybe on x-mas we can get Clintz City Minigames?
It would be fun - new players on UR can get clintz
1-10 lvl (min ctz - 30 - max 500)
10-20 lvl (min ctz - 15 max 300)
20-30 lvl (min ctz - 5 max 200)
30 ~lvl (min ctz 2 max 100)

Min ctz - minimal ctz what can get in game.
and - someone thinks its not fair - players only play and buy all collection WRONG!
Players game can play only 5 times in day...

Message Box...
Maybe you can fix it? becouse sometimes you see you have message, you go and check you dont see message but you see you have

2 new cards from Mana Rouge?
3 New soleis
Becouse i wanna see very good designed cards

and no Leaders no more becouse all wants leaders but all Abilitys have leaders...
Stop opp ability doesnt work good for leaders.
Thats al right now.
16 messages
Deutsch slockaz - last answer from ReverseRaven, Tuesday 18/12/2007, 12:00.
What imean is i willget the stongest from each clan and mixed them all up to makea deck does that look OK or horrible?
12 messages
English Gone4eva - last answer from pato69, Tuesday 18/12/2007, 11:47.
This Is My Deck:

Fang Pi Clang- *11
Sakazuki *2(It is in level 1 for now.)
Sai San *4(it is in level 1 for now.)
Lihoi Chun *2
Nartang *3

Brutox *3
Meyen *3

Nightmare- *5
Hel *2
Melluzine *3

Planning To Do This Deck:

Fang Pi Clang- *11
Sai San *4
Natrang *3
Sakazuki *2
Lihoi Chun *2

Nightmare- *9
Hel *2
Kenny *4
Timmy *3

Leader- *5
(Any Leader Except Ashigaru.)

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