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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Saturday 22/12/07

8 messages
English Shinsou - last answer from XC 1984, Saturday 22/12/2007, 09:29.
Ok so i was wanting to make a Sentinel Freak ELO deck
this is what ive got so far
Sentinel: 10*
Amy 3*
Aurelia 2*
Carlos 3*
Rebecca 2*
Freaks: 14*
Esmerelda 2*
Ironfield 3*
Wolfgang 4*
Eve 5*

any suggestion would be nice
also i cant afford crz... so there kinda outta the pic
Friday 21/12/07

4 messages
English GEC_Xmagnus - last answer from Gone4eva, Friday 21/12/2007, 23:57.
Ok i have the Rescue clan completed
i have
what deck to use???
post like this
type 1
lines stand 4 cards
1 message
wHat is TouTamEnt ELO? :? ?> ? /:
5 messages
English ASDDFDH - last answer from ASDDFDH, Friday 21/12/2007, 12:57.
Should his ability not be canclled when two leaders are on the feild?
4 messages
English Tanto89 - last answer from PanzerElement, Friday 21/12/2007, 03:31.
I'm trying to use it and I think it works well..
this TYPE 1 deck..





need any improvement?
14 messages
English Jonno128 - last answer from Jonno128, Friday 21/12/2007, 03:07.
Heres is my deck for ELO what do u think

aureilia 7/2 Sentinel -- 2

kluas 3/5 Sentinel ability minus four opp damage --4

Carlos 7/3 Sentinel -- 7

Chloe 5/8 Sentinel ability = minus 4 opp damage --12

Skiner 4/5 Sentinel ability = attack plus 12-- 15

Luis 6/3 Sentinel abiltiy = stop opp ability-- 18

Hel 6/2 Nightmare ability= +1 life per damage--20

Erpeto freak 6/7 ( after i finish leveling him up) ability courage power +2--- 24 ( 25 when i finish leveling him up

what u think?
8 messages
English tr8zy - subject is closed
all u have to do is b over level 5 and u r in we can be #1
18 messages
English ibtd - subject is closed
So, I started playing again since a few months break and...

Is it just me or is Rescue SLIGHTLY overpowered in tournament play ? I mean, seriously, come on. How do you beat them without exposing yourself to other decks ?

The way I see it you basically have to run Rescue to score good in tournaments right now. They are not only somewhat cheap in star count which grants them high scores, all their stupid support abilites are just ridiculous too. And I am not even talking about that way overpowered bonus.

What were you thinking by creating a few of these cards ? You must've known that people would run full Rescue decks in tournaments which makes support retardedly broken. There is just no way you can create cards that have support: power +1 or support: damage +1 while they already get +12 att from their bonus.

Oh, and when the Rescue players have the luck on their side too, there is absolutely nothing that can harm then. It's just no fun at all anymore.

6 messages
English OUC_Kenny - last answer from TnT_MeRm, Friday 21/12/2007, 01:13.
Can any one tell me tactics 4 the game
example like 7 in the first round in the 2 round 5 the last round 3 and 0
Thursday 20/12/07

13 messages
English TNT_Shadow - subject is closed
Hii wat card do you think is the best in pi fang clan

I think it has to be Kinjo because if you use him right you can wipe people out in one move
if you have Ambre and Kinjo you can win almost any battle (accept when a deck has all - 3 opp damage or something like that)
5 messages
English Dreshawn-XK - last answer from 0MystiQ QJON, Thursday 20/12/2007, 16:57.
Heres what i want it to look like
Leviatonn (R)
XU52 (R)
Methane (R)
Vladimir (U)

Dieter (C)
Nistarok (R)
Kenny (R)
Ielena (R)

im just messing with some card so what do you think if you can make it any better can you please let me know.
and it is not for elo
9 messages
English HolyWizy - last answer from 0MystiQ QJON, Thursday 20/12/2007, 16:16.

I not realy happy with this deck
3 messages
English chaz1 - last answer from 0MystiQ QJON, Thursday 20/12/2007, 16:11.
Same as tilte thx in advance
3 messages
English Travel-cek - last answer from 0MystiQ QJON, Thursday 20/12/2007, 15:54.
My deck has 26 stars. Generally is Striker, Marina, Ashley, Amelia and Gaia, Nanook, Warren, Hikiyousan. I can't find a balance for a 25 stars deck. Any suggestions?
4 messages
English ZEPPELlN - last answer from von Hohenheim, Thursday 20/12/2007, 15:52.
Her stats suck, but she is still a stop-all card.

3 messages
English poorbuggers - last answer from Raynos, Thursday 20/12/2007, 14:04.
I currently own all the Ulu Watu cards (except Tanaereve and Rass Cr), 13k Clintz, Hugo, and Morphun. Along with that, I own a couple more rares worth about 25k Clintz total. So, any deck suggestions are great. I also have quite a bit of the Pussycats (most of the expensive ones).

I would like to use Ulu Watu in my deck, but if they really are not good for ELO, I can replace them.

Also, I would like to have a deck for the ELO (non-random). If the same deck works, even better. But I don't mind getting two different decks for different play styles.

Also also, a second deck (preferably using one of the clans in the first deck) would be awesome for some variety. If you only have one suggestion, please tell me if I can message you to ask questions about a second deck idea. I would like to help if I can.

Thank you guys so much (in advance).
2 messages
English Raynos - last answer from 0MystiQ QJON, Thursday 20/12/2007, 14:03.
Hey im currently playing elo and im doing alright but not awesomely , so i would like some advice

I currently play Roots/Ulu Watu

Roots 14*
Shakra 5*
Ratanah 4*
Noodile 3*
Miken Moose 2*

Ulu Watu 11*
Nanook 3*
Gaia 3*
Rass 3*
Gabrielle 2*

Now im not sure whether this is a good clan pair up but its doing alright

any advice is welcome I have most of Junkz/All Stars/Freaks/Bangers/Fang Pi Clang/Nightmare and some of GHEIST (dont have Leviatonn and Methane yet, so cant make anything decent with GHEIST yet neither do i have XU52)

Please gice some advice thank you

11 messages
English zombie god - last answer from ReverseRaven, Thursday 20/12/2007, 13:33.
I want 2 make the best deck i can help me please!
cause so far i feel im going 2 lose every match i go in
3 messages
English unnothesaviour - last answer from unnothesaviour, Thursday 20/12/2007, 12:37.
Here are my cards:
Noon Steevens
Mickey T
Frankie Hi

I currently have 250 clintz and 15 credits.........what do I do? pls.help me.....

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