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Tuesday 18/12/07

13 messages
English The-Girl-eVo - last answer from Gryazzie, Tuesday 18/12/2007, 13:22.
Maybe on x-mas we can get Clintz City Minigames?
It would be fun - new players on UR can get clintz
1-10 lvl (min ctz - 30 - max 500)
10-20 lvl (min ctz - 15 max 300)
20-30 lvl (min ctz - 5 max 200)
30 ~lvl (min ctz 2 max 100)

Min ctz - minimal ctz what can get in game.
and - someone thinks its not fair - players only play and buy all collection WRONG!
Players game can play only 5 times in day...

Message Box...
Maybe you can fix it? becouse sometimes you see you have message, you go and check you dont see message but you see you have

2 new cards from Mana Rouge?
3 New soleis
Becouse i wanna see very good designed cards

and no Leaders no more becouse all wants leaders but all Abilitys have leaders...
Stop opp ability doesnt work good for leaders.
Thats al right now.
16 messages
Deutsch slockaz - last answer from ReverseRaven, Tuesday 18/12/2007, 12:00.
What imean is i willget the stongest from each clan and mixed them all up to makea deck does that look OK or horrible?
12 messages
English Gone4eva - last answer from pato69, Tuesday 18/12/2007, 11:47.
This Is My Deck:

Fang Pi Clang- *11
Sakazuki *2(It is in level 1 for now.)
Sai San *4(it is in level 1 for now.)
Lihoi Chun *2
Nartang *3

Brutox *3
Meyen *3

Nightmare- *5
Hel *2
Melluzine *3

Planning To Do This Deck:

Fang Pi Clang- *11
Sai San *4
Natrang *3
Sakazuki *2
Lihoi Chun *2

Nightmare- *9
Hel *2
Kenny *4
Timmy *3

Leader- *5
(Any Leader Except Ashigaru.)
10 messages
English Opec - last answer from diedsoul, Tuesday 18/12/2007, 04:59.
How's my Ulu Watu/Freaks deck?

Ulu Watu:

Miss Ming

May not be the best but I haven't got everything yet.
Monday 17/12/07

18 messages
English Elite Star - last answer from LOA_MadPirate, Monday 17/12/2007, 21:32.
I have:
Sakrohm: SkrumxxT , TrinmkkT , Venus and Uranus
Sentinel: Havok , Rebecca , Aurelia
Leaders: Bridget
And Im thinking of selling Macumba and to switch Bridget for another Leader or card. Im making a Sakrohm/Sentinel deck.

These are the cards Im thinking of:
Chloe/Miss Chloe

I currently have 5.6k and as I said, I could sell Bridget and/or Macumba, just come with suggestions. Thanks

12 messages
English elfayra - last answer from 0- JP, Monday 17/12/2007, 05:42.
Making an ELO deck and need u guys to see which deck is better...

Ulu Watu/Pussycats

Nanook (Nanook or IceJim?..will get Gaia eventually.)
Alice (Can't afford Cassio)

All Stars/Ulu Watu

10 messages
English falloutboy333 - last answer from 0- JP, Monday 17/12/2007, 05:34.
Give me sum advice on what cards 2 buy, good cards at a low price. i need advice
5 messages
English AZER911 - last answer from 0UC K-Ryder, Monday 17/12/2007, 05:31.
Im looking for help on a deck.....I have brought credits

Here are my cards

Acid DC

and a few others

I was thinking maybe

La Junta/Sakrohm
Sentinal/Fang Pi Clang

any suggestions please i would like to use for daily tournies and elo when i can =]
Sunday 16/12/07

9 messages
English Gone4eva - subject is closed
Rules for ELO

* Your Deck cannot contain less than 8 characters.
* The sum of the characters levels in your Deck must not exceed 25.
* Your Deck cannot use the following 1 Clan(s): All Stars.
* Your Deck cannot contain any of the characters forbidden in ELO.
* Your Deck cannot contain doubles of any characters.

Other ELO rules:

* The current list of forbidden characters in ELO is:
Wanda, Wee Lee, Jackie, Vickie, Kiki Cr, Baby Q, General Cr, DJ Korr Cr, Tanaereva, Guru Cr, GraksmxxT
* The forbidden Clan will change every week based on the dominant Clan from last week ELO Tournament
* You can only challenge an ELO player with an ELO value within -50 and +150 from your ELO value.

ELO Tournament prizes:

* 1 Collectors cards for 10 random players from the the top 100 ELO
* 1 Rares cards for 30 random players over 1000 ELO rating
* Clintz from the ELO jackpot with big shares for the top 25, then the remaining Clintz shared among the other ELO players according to their ELO rating
* 10 Credits for the top 25, 5 Credits for players 26 to 100 then 2 Credits for the remaining players
8 messages
English Opec - last answer from TNT_Shadow, Sunday 16/12/2007, 11:43.
I need a good ELO Sakrohm/Any other clan deck. Anything below 40k would be nice.
6 messages
English Blue Zero - last answer from Blue Zero, Sunday 16/12/2007, 10:15.
Someone said my decks need improvement
this one is for ELO and type 1
another one i think is quite good at ELO
Jane Ramba
This one's one of my best but i still need Kenny
does this decks need improvement
plz post for suggestion
1st deck for ELO
2nd deck for ELO
3rd deck for ELO
6 messages
English poorbuggers - last answer from 0- JP, Sunday 16/12/2007, 03:12.
I was just wondering if either of these two combos would work well (Pussycats + La Junta or Pussycats + Ulu Watu). If they could be good, some deck suggestions would be nice.
7 messages
English chazman - last answer from Gone4eva, Sunday 16/12/2007, 00:26.

M = Max Level

Alec LV2
Anita LV3- M
Bobby LV3- M
Hax LV2
Lea LV2- M
Lobo LV3- M
Slyde LV3- M
Steve LV2 - M

Endo LV1
Natrang LV3- M
Sakazuki LV2- M

Brutox LV3- M
Gheistling LV3- M
Meyen LV3- M

Bunny LV3
Gibson LV4- M

Giovanni LV2
Simon LV3- M

Cell LV3- M
Hel LV2- M

Corrina LV1
Venus LV4- M

Klaus LV2- M
William LV3- M

Frankie Hi LV3- M
Zlatar LV1

BB Cool G LV3- M

Wolfgang LV2

Hugo LV3

Emma LV5- M

Miken Moose LV2- M

Once you have rated my deck, post your deck and we'll rate yours!
11 messages
English Psi Apotheosis - last answer from elfayra, Sunday 16/12/2007, 00:15.
Morphun lvl 4 (working on lvl 5)

Eyrton - lvl 5
Oyoh - lvl 5
Willy - lvl 5
Estalt - lvl 5
Armand - lvl 5
tanaereva - lvl 5
Sydney - lvl 5

some of the other rare characters i have:

Eve - lvl 1 (have two of these cards)
Beetenka - lvl 1
Candy Jack - lvl 1
Macumba - lvl 1
Rosa - lvl 1
Elvira - lvl 1
13 messages
English diedsoul - last answer from elfayra, Sunday 16/12/2007, 00:11.
I've noticed how lots of people are complaining about Rescue so i thought i'd make a few ELO decks aimed just at them.

All Stars/Uppers

All Stars 13*
Lamar (R) 5* (SOB)
Striker (U) 4* (SOA)
Flo (U) 2* (SOB)
Ashley (C) 2* (-3 opp damage, min 2)

Uppers 12*
Beetenka (U) 4* (damage +2)
Rubie (R) 3* (SOA)
Zatman (U) 3* (-4 opp attack min 1)
Samantha (C) 2* (SOB)

Summary: Abilitys: 2 (SOA), 3 (SOB), 1 (-3 opp damage ), 1 (- 4 attack min 1)
Bonuses: -2 opp Power min 1/ -10 opp attack min 3.


Nightmare 13*
Nistarok (R) 5* (-5 damage, min 3)
Kenny (R) 4* (+2 life per damage)
Sheitane (U) 2* (poison 2, min 1)
Hel (C) 2* (+1 life per damage)

Leviatonn (R) 3* (SOB)
Methane (R) 4* (+2 damage)
Bristone (U) 3* (-3 opp damage, min 2)
Z3r0 D34d (U) 2* (+3 damage)

Summary: Abilities: 1 (SOB), 2 (Blockers), 2 (Damage + 2), 2 (Life + x), 1 (Poison 2, min 1)
Bonuses: SOA, SOB

La Junta/Roots

La Junta 13*
Bryan 4* (SOA)
Wardog 2*
Jane Ramba 3* (-2 opp damage, min 1)
Gertrud 4* (SOB)

Noodile 3*
Ratanah 4* (-4 opp attack, min 4)
Yookie 3* (-2 opp damage, min 1)
Miken Moose 2* (Attack +

Summary: Abilities:1 (SOA), 1 (SOB), 2 (-2 opp damage, min 1), 1 (Attack +, 1 (-4 opp attack, min 4)
Bonuses: Damage +2, SOA

I'll be making more decks once this posts get through...expect the following 2 decks:

Pussycats/Ulu Watu
5 messages
English OnlineHelper - last answer from elfayra, Sunday 16/12/2007, 00:02.
Title says it all.
Saturday 15/12/07

5 messages
English Dark pegasus - last answer from LOA_MadPirate, Saturday 15/12/2007, 21:08.
Ok this is kinda annoying really basic first battle first round this guy puts up
Montana:: Rosa 6-6 poison 1-1min and -12attack
thinking i was being clever i played
GHEIST:: Bristone 6-4 -3damage and stop ability

didn't piltz it and he won did 3damage...but after my next go i got hit by poison!???? shouldn't stop ability stop that? this has happend to me a couple of times now and its kinda cheap is this a bug or is poison meant to get through?
ow i still won the battle with a Methane fury hehe
11 messages
English Damgark - last answer from LOA_MadPirate, Saturday 15/12/2007, 21:05.
I am planning of a Roots/La Junta.

La Junta 11*
Tank 3* or jane ramba 3*
Bryan 4*
Wardog 2*
Dean 2*

Roots 14*
Shakra 5*
Yookie 3*
noodile 3*
Narendra 3*

Is this ok?
4 messages
English Quorthorn - last answer from ASDDFDH, Saturday 15/12/2007, 18:40.
Does levelling characters get harder as you gain levels or something? It seems that levelling a card from 2-3 is slower now than it was when I first started to play.
5 messages
English Get_That_Money - last answer from 0- JP, Saturday 15/12/2007, 16:05.
It's designed for type 2...

Don 6/8
Giovanni 5/6
Mona 6/4
Ottavia 7/3
Gaia 7/4
Hikiyousan 8/5
Lulabee 7/6
Nanook 8/4

Have mercy please, I started yesterday...

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