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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Monday 26/11/07

4 messages
English _R34per_ - last answer from LOA_MadPirate, Monday 26/11/2007, 21:04.
How do you tell what a cards abilty is if its not on the first lvl with out buying and lvling it, i cant seem to find any way to, and im fairly new, so it makes it realy hard to decide what to buy, could someone tell me how or where to find out a cards abilty, i see it tells when it gets the abilty, but not what it is.

p.s. yes i know this is the second one of these, but i couldent find the first one...sorry, im a newb
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English ASDDFDH - subject is closed
I personally think after reading the comments posted on my ' new generation' post that the quality of gaming has gone down , way to many noobs are in the lost warehouse and the lostwarehouse open, there's no courtesy or respect for older players anymore ,the noobs have taken over! why should we suffer just becasue some one doesn't spend like 10mins reading the rules or reading the message boards before asking a stupid question , why should the noobs have the right ot stop dedicated players from achieiveing what they should just because the noob didn't know what they were doing! , some of the players here should have the right to have a room built only for dedicated players who understand the rules , there should be a test given out to see if a player is able to play in the lostwarehouse's and there should be a direct link the the rules page once a player has signed up , my two cents
11 messages
English SA_SaikeDemon - last answer from Dx 188 - LOA, Monday 26/11/2007, 16:21.
I've had a lot of bad experiences with this deck faced against me.
With their bonus of Support: +3 attack and most people have 4 of them out it doesn't really take that much skill to beat an oppanant unless they are running Montana, Uppers, Nightmare, or an All Star deck.
Really, I don't have a problem with Rescues but I'm just saying that most of the cards are already Tanks (good but annoying) and with their abilities and bonuses it gets kinda one sided.

Anywayz here's my Rescue deck. Rate or Hate

Star Count: 33

Alec lv 4
Marco lv 5
Ghoub lv 4
Anita lv 3
Elvira lv 3
Hax lv 5
Kerry lv 4
Hugo lv 5

This is not my real deck but I might use it if I ever get all of them.
48 messages
English jam5 - last answer from Akire_, Monday 26/11/2007, 09:31.
My fave is the leaders clan
12 messages
English farnzy - last answer from farnzy, Monday 26/11/2007, 05:59.
Well im looking to make a deck out of GHEIST/Freaks. I was wondering if people could help me make one......i dnt have many clints but i have 2 freak cards added already

Titus and Crassus
15 messages
English Mindless Mind - last answer from Gryazzie, Monday 26/11/2007, 03:13.
Hey guys,

what you think, what is good tactics when you want to win daily tournament?

Sunday 25/11/07

5 messages
English Haxxer - last answer from LOA_MadPirate, Sunday 25/11/2007, 21:12.
Hey i tried out 2 do a deck, but i want to be able to seleckt witch i want too have in my deck, but i cant get them up, maby i dont know how too seleckt them in pro, any one can help me
6 messages
English 0mfg0rz - last answer from 0mfg0rz, Sunday 25/11/2007, 19:48.
Well when i first came i was terrible and lost like every fight now that i read some of these posts ive updated my deck around the Junkz im still looking for 2 cards to replace mort and Leo but so far heres what i got

Acid DC 3 Power 4 Damage
Allan 5 Power 3 Damage
Brandon 4 Power 4 Damage
Bunny 3 Power 5 Damage
Crystal 3 Power 5 Damage
Flyer 6 Power 3 Damage
Leo 5 Power 4 Damage
Mort Bax 4 Power 4 Damage

Leo and Mort will be taken out once i get some cards like Peeler and malmouth the +8 attack bonus from my Junkz helps me cause for my 3 power chars its like almost 3 extra pillz
3 messages
English DA__Subzero - last answer from Anger_HM, Sunday 25/11/2007, 11:20.
Should i Be Getting 10-18 Exp killing level 16-24 people?
8 messages
English DA__Subzero - last answer from 0-Jade, Sunday 25/11/2007, 10:42.
Well, My Deck Consists of

Ambre [5 Star]
Mort Bax [4 Star]
Murphy [4 Star] <-Rare
Kiki [5 Star] <-Rare
Shakra [5 Star]
Tshern [4 star]
Havok [5 Star]<-Rare
Skiner [3 stars]

What Can i do to Improve it?
17 messages
English Nolatari - last answer from brozo, Sunday 25/11/2007, 03:23.
I'd like to add one Leader card to my deck but as they are rather expensive I would like to go on more then looks here. I know what a few of them do from the battles I took part in. The choice is between Bridget, Ashigaru and Ambre. The others do not interest me. There's one curiosity on Vansaar, any details on him?

I do know that Bridget gives 1 life heal per turn. But although I thought the other 2 I did not take notice of their abilities.

Thanks in advance.
Saturday 24/11/07

7 messages
0UC K-Ryder - last answer from 0UC K-Ryder, Saturday 24/11/2007, 23:44.
If i was playing evo in the lost warehouse open, and neither of us have an unevoed card
what should i do???
most of the time i have been leaving, is that fine? or should i battle them in evo?
7 messages
English andy1337 - last answer from 0- JP, Saturday 24/11/2007, 21:27.
Ok i've just started out so can anyone tell me if this deck is ok:

Lihoi Chun. power=4 attack=3 2 stars (highest)
Brutox . power=5 attak= 4 3 stars (highest)
Vryer. 4,4 3 stars (highest)
Leo, 5,4 3 stars (highest)
Svelthlana 2,4 3 stars (highest)
Wanda 8,2 2 stars (highest)
Venus 6,6 4 stars (highest) <---- my best card btw
Maeva 3,5 3 stars (highest)

also i'm almost lvl 10 senoir just a bit more to go

is this a good deck? my stratergy is just use Venus with fury and 3 pills so i have 6 left then i use someone with 4 attak damage and fury and the rest of my pills i've won 30 out of 40 so far...

also do certain clans hit weaker against other? say i use Wanda with 8 power and she doesn't kill the other card y is that is i cos of a special ability, their clan or both????

(please don't flame me and say i'm noobish i only started )
9 messages
English Rath - last answer from 0- JP, Saturday 24/11/2007, 21:20.
Alright, I'm sorta new so here's my current elo/normal deck. Any advise or is it good as it is?

Bruce (C) 3 stars 8/3
Burger (U) 4 stars 6/5 (Courage: Pow +3)
Leo (C) 3 stars 5/4 (-2 opp damage, min 2)
Mitch (C) 3 stars 5/4 (stop opp bonus)
Aurelia (C) 2 stars 7/2
Luis (C) 3 stars 6/3 (stop opp ability)
Miranda (U) 4 stars 7/4 (damage +2)
William (C) 3 stars 5/4 (-4 opp attack, min 1)
4 messages
English gz - subject is closed
I think that should be a clan with this new bonus: suicide: -x points of life per turn min 0! ( the opposite of poison)
they should called the celebrities that are good at first and in the end they may suicide...
they have very good abilities like + 2 life per damage and card with 4 power and 6 damage!
another exemple: a card 1 power and 6 damage level 2 with ability courage: + 5 power

very good abilities...
it is good for 2 things:
1) it will be a nwe way to think about and cards include there bonus and play as fast as you can before the suicide will kill you...

2) it will solve the problem like in the ELO that you want to do a deck and then you notice that you missed one card so you can put a celebrity there!
But think about the option that before you will lose your all life you play with great cards so the chance for winning is bigger!!
it also will solve the problem with
"the missing cardqs in the deck!"
it will be stupid to put just tow because ones you put tow the bonus is activate so use the whole cards you got...
i think it is very good idea so please write wht you think about it and moderators: please check out this idea...it is a good one!

I think it will open a new BIG door and the game would be much better!!
Friday 23/11/07

4 messages
English AOD_CKANE - last answer from AOD_CKANE, Friday 23/11/2007, 19:11.
Hello all,

I'd like to ask everyone to stop by ClintCity.org and vote on your favorite cards on a 1 to 5 star scale. If you really love or hate a card you can leave a full review of it for others to learn from.

Is a card missing from the encyclopedia? Add it! All you need to get a card into the encyclopedia is it's basic card info -- Name, Power, Damage and Clan. Once it's in you can go back and update it.
2 messages
English neji_hyuuga - subject is closed
How do i find out a person's abilities before i buy them?
9 messages
English JSA_ShadowGod - last answer from LOA_MadPirate, Friday 23/11/2007, 06:36.
I playing all Pussycats i just wonna what i should change or should i just keep it thw way it is
Ninja Nyne 4stars 3/8
Yayoi 4stars 7/6
Dolores Boss 4stars 5/5
cassio 2stars 5/1
Feelyn 2stars 5/3
Gwen 3stars 7/3
noon stevens 3stars 6/4
Elly Mae 4stars 8/3

so tell me what u think
4 messages
English Ezkiimo - last answer from Ezkiimo, Friday 23/11/2007, 05:22.
Ive never tryed my hand at elo before, but ive decided to give it a go and need help making my very first elo deck,
at the moment im into the whole La Junta (dam +2) and Pussycats (-2 opp dam), soooo here are the cards

La Junta
Amiral Py
Jane Ramba
No Nam

Baby Q (ugh, yeah... i know u cant use it )
Elly Mae

and if i used a Leader it would be Timber to combine with No Nam for the ole' one hit k.o

Thursday 22/11/07

22 messages
Português RIPSUPERSKILL - last answer from korinthos, Thursday 22/11/2007, 22:58.
Give me you oppinions please

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