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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Saturday 03/11/07

5 messages
English von Hohenheim - last answer from i amPOWERFUL, Saturday 03/11/2007, 23:48.
This is my current ELO deck, opinions please!

Windy Mor
Amiral Py
Jane Ramba

I don't have much Clintz or Credits, so what would be a good but quite cheap deck?
Thanks in advance.
2 messages
English von Hohenheim - last answer from 0- JP, Saturday 03/11/2007, 22:46.
Hi! I've just started to play ELO, and I'm getting beat quite badly most of the time. So if anyone can give me some advice on what cards I should buy/sell and how I should build my ELO deck, it would be very much appreciated.
Many thanks in advance.

These are the cards I currently have:

All Stars
Alexei (U)
Ashley (C)
Dan (C)
Willy (R)
Fang Pi Clang
Mini Mosu (C)
Sakazuki (C)
Windy Mor (U)
Brutox (C)
Dr Saw (C)
Igniss (U)
Meyen (C)
Flyer (C)
Gibson (C)
Nobrocybix (C)
La Junta
Amiral Py (U)
Jane Ramba (U)
Myke (C)
Niki (C)
Morphun (R)
Angelina (C)
Pino (C)
Simon (C)
Svelthlana (C)
Wanda (U)
Lunatik (U)
Venus (C)
Amy (C)
Copper (U)
Josh (U)
Skiner (C)

I currently have 131 Clintz and 6 Credits.
7 messages
English WedgeWarrior3 - last answer from 0- JP, Saturday 03/11/2007, 22:30.
Plz elp me build my elo deck
I only have these cards


Bob Joby
Mo DiFalco

All Stars

i'm a level 10 novice
I have 172 clintz
and 6 credits
5 messages
Deutsch 0UC-DarkEagle - last answer from 0- JP, Saturday 03/11/2007, 22:27.
Fang Pi (13 stars):
Kati (4)
Marlyssa Cr (2)
Sakazuki (2)
Kinjo (5)

Pussy Cats (12):
Tania (3)
Noon Stevens (3)
4 messages
English jam5 - last answer from 0- JP, Saturday 03/11/2007, 22:22.
Im new on ELO and i want to know how to get lots of clintz and credits so can you help me out plz thnx
4 messages
English Fyuryus - last answer from 0- JP, Saturday 03/11/2007, 22:12.
Do you think i'm ready for ELO,here are my cards

Gibson (C)

Meyen (C)
Brutox (C)

Ulu Watu
Ice Jim (C)

La Junta
Uxoh (R)

Pino (C)
Ricardo (C)
2 messages
English NewType_0 - last answer from 0- JP, Saturday 03/11/2007, 21:59.
Well what's better?? (elo) pure sentinels or pure fang pi with Hugo
opinions please
3 messages
Português Assislau - last answer from 0- JP, Saturday 03/11/2007, 21:49.
Nanook, Gwen, Dorian, Noodile, etc, etc...

Are great cards that Don´t have an abbility! and they´re great!

All new cards like the Rescue clan and from others clans... ALL have abbilities... why´s that?
9 messages
English 0 Mr Holmes - last answer from Darko EVO, Saturday 03/11/2007, 18:12.
Dont you think that the counter part of allstars- the Uluwatu cause their is no Allstar who has power of 8 but the Ulu Watu clan has plenty, and Hikiyousan, a four star card, the counterpart of Lamar, only 2 stars??
5 messages
English blackie1234 - last answer from blackie1234, Saturday 03/11/2007, 16:24.
What does the strike back ability of Ashigaru do?

and who out of the 3 is the best
or Ambre
thank you for answering
3 messages
English GarethXL - last answer from ASDDFDH, Saturday 03/11/2007, 14:12.
Hello there could someone tell me what those the leaders ability do?
12 messages
English XC 1984 - last answer from NewType_0, Saturday 03/11/2007, 14:00.
How do u win elo if you have a rubbish hand
Friday 02/11/07

24 messages
English LoA Rockem - subject is closed
: ). I know. not very insightful, but in my opinion, he throws off the competitve balance of ELO. if tanaraeva is banned, and Wee Lee, how is Lamar still playable? So create some new comptetitive card for All Star which they have and take him off the table. I mean if Baby Q can be a banned card. Explain to me how Lamar cannot. I have played against the card plenty of times and come out on top, but I am beginning to see the rift.

This is not a complaint, just a concise opinion about a card that should not be playable in ELO. No flames please, just looking for other peoples opinions. Thank you.

LoA Rockem
17 messages
English neji_hyuuga - last answer from RG LoA, Friday 02/11/2007, 20:42.
What is a good clan for a beginner?
Thursday 01/11/07

4 messages
English lostxboy - last answer from 0- JP, Thursday 01/11/2007, 20:45.
Is there any Montana cards that have the power = opp ability?
9 messages
English HG Windstrom - last answer from 0- JP, Thursday 01/11/2007, 20:40.
Zer0 D34d
Dr Saw

I'm looking for relatively low budget (only two expensive cards). I think the life gain will work wonders in ELO. Any thoughts?
2 messages
English WedgeWarrior2 - last answer from 0- JP, Thursday 01/11/2007, 20:39.
cause I only have
245 clintz and 14 credits
I have this cards

La Junta
Amiral Py

Frankie Hi
Mo DiFalco

any suggestions???
i'll try them (if I can)
1 message
Can someone help me with that
2 messages
English Mindless Mind - subject is closed
Hey guys,

if you play UR seriously and make your effort in daily tournaments, you must be as much annoyed as I am when your opponent times up on purpouse, when he or she is losing. I consider it very serious misbehaviour and abuse. The most painfull is the fact, that you as a winner get 12-14 points for such game what is equal to many my lost games.

I tried to inform about this moderators through insult feature, however, they always say, they cannot prove anything and therefore they can't help me! It's so frustrating!

therefore I decided to launch this thread and encourage you to post the names of all players who obviously act in contradiction with ethics!

here is my first post:

Elmir - http://www.urban-rivals.com/player/?id_player=900461
he timed up after second round, when he didn't have any chance to win!
15 messages
English WedgeWarrior2 - last answer from ASDDFDH, Thursday 01/11/2007, 12:15.
I've just made my own deck and I think I can pawn titans
here it is!!!!

Frankie Hi
Bob Joby
Mo DiFalco
Mickey T

and this are/is the cards that I have'nt changed yet


Any suggestions???
i'll try them
tnx!!! !

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