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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Thursday 18/10/07

12 messages
English ) LoA Yellow - last answer from Darko EVO, Thursday 18/10/2007, 02:20.
After my failed Uppers deck, I decided to sell the cards in it to market some Leader cards and a few others that did not market too well for me. I eventually received the funds I needed for a new deck and I decided to go with an all Ulu Watu Deck. It is one card away from completion, but here is what it will look like.

Ice Jim
Chad Bread

Gabrielle is the last card I need. I considered getting Lulabee, but Gaia was enough of a hassle to purchase and I still need Gabrielle as I already mentioned. I have two other reasons for not using Lulabee. I first obtained one in a pack, but I leveled her and sold her for the funds needed for my Uppers deck. I sold her for 5,197. That only took place last thursday and the price for her has already gone down dramatically. If I decide to buy her, it wil be when the price for her jas stabilized somewhat. My final reason is that I spent some time comparing Lulabee and Hikiyousan in my head and how they would benefit my deck overall. It was close and because of how close it became in my comparisons, I finally decided it was not worth the time or money to replace Hikiyousan with Lulablee, at least not yet anyway.

Aside from that, what do you think of this set up? Any good advice on it?
4 messages
English LOA_Burrito - last answer from 0- JP, Thursday 18/10/2007, 01:24.

3 STARS Amy 3/5 Courage: power +3 Attack +8

2 STARS Aurelia7/2 No ability Attack +8

3 STARS Carlos7/3 No ability Attack +8

5 STARS Copper4/8 Power +5 Attack +8

5 STARS Havok4/4 Attack +8

3 STARS Josh3/6 Stop opp bonus Attack +8

2 STARS Klaus 3/5 -4 opp damage, min 4 Attack +8

3 STARS Luis 6/3 Stop opp ability Attack +8

4 STARS Miranda 7/4 Damage +2 Attack +8

5 STARS Miss Chloe 5/8 -4 opp damage, min 2 Attack +8

2 STARS Rebecca 6/3 No ability Attack +8

3 STARS Robin1/7 Power +2 Attack +8

3 STARS Skiner 4/5 Attack +12 Attack +8

3 STARS William 5/4 -4 opp attack, min 1 Attack +8

4 STARS Zdrone 5 7 No ability Attack +8
Wednesday 17/10/07

2 messages
English 0_Preamble - last answer from Darko EVO, Wednesday 17/10/2007, 19:41.
Many cards have a symbol etched near the picture. Does the symbol mean anything?
10 messages
English Racholin - last answer from Racholin, Wednesday 17/10/2007, 15:32.
Here are my cards:
Eve-lvl 3
Vassili-lvl 3
Brutox-lvl 3
Meyen-lvl 3
Mort Bax-lvl 3
Pino-lvl 2
Cell-lvl 3
Melluzine-lvl 3
Venus-lvl 4
4 messages
English Anger_HM - last answer from jjjkj, Wednesday 17/10/2007, 15:32.
Pino, level 2
Lino Borsa,level 3
Svelthana, level 3
Venus, level 4
Dan, level 3
Alan , level 2
Wanda, level 2
Frank, level 2
Brutox, level 3
Meyen, level 3
Flyer, level 3
14 messages
English tubbeecakes - last answer from 0-Jade, Wednesday 17/10/2007, 10:49.
I wanna save up for the DJ Korr Cr but im no where near there, how do i get lots of clints?
9 messages
English bg20071 - last answer from NewType_0, Wednesday 17/10/2007, 10:11.
How can i make big clintz in fights
Tuesday 16/10/07

6 messages
English Ryu Roberts - last answer from Ryu Roberts, Tuesday 16/10/2007, 20:16.
I'm very new and just saying hi but also since I'm new and not sure where to put it. As this doesn't really fit tactics or stargedy but might fit there. Also since I'm new I figured it won't be bad to put it with my introduction either

Is there another factor besides Power TIMES pills? to figure an outcome? The higher Power wins right? Or am I missing something as sometimes I win one that is so outlandish. Like one with 12 pills on a 3 power and me with a 5 and 2 pills or something.
6 messages
English Gone4eva - last answer from ASDDFDH, Tuesday 16/10/2007, 18:14.
I Will accept the most intellegent Deck.
I will use that deck or buy the cards needed.
Well,don't make a Pussycats/Uppers deck just make a Pussycats deck or Uppers deck or All Stars deck
4 messages
English Anger_HM - last answer from 0- JP, Tuesday 16/10/2007, 17:23.
Well now I'm on Senior lvl 11..This is my deck..How about you give any suggestion and ways to improve it..

Dan,level 3
Frank,level 2
Brutox,level 3
Meyen,level 3
Alan,level 2
Flyer,level 3
Lino Borsa,level 2
Pino,level 2
Svelthlana,level 3
Venus,level 4
Wanda,level 2
4 messages
English Play-Fast_Pls - last answer from 0- JP, Tuesday 16/10/2007, 17:16.
Here is all of my current cards:
I am not sure if you understand English. But I sure hope you do! I was wondering if you could take a look at my cards and tell me what I should do to increase my skills and ability! Thanks soo much! ~Sully Mikki Chikko Platoona Kati Tatane Nobrocybix Niki Winifred Cell Mojo Noon Stevens Matthew Globumm Mac Henn Rass Samantha ~Sully7 Hello Sir.
Today at 21:54

I am not sure if you understand English. But I sure hope you do! I was wondering if you could take a look at my cards and tell me what I should do to increase my skills and ability! Thanks soo much!
Noon Steevens
Mac Hen

What clans should I go for and what cards should I sell/ buy?
Thanks everyone!
5 messages
Português XT-Herege - last answer from ASDDFDH, Tuesday 16/10/2007, 16:20.
Just a simple question. I couldnt find the answer anywhere:

If I use my Leader on the first round and he looses that round, does the Leader bonus remains for the following rounds?
3 messages
English asdfghjlk - last answer from Memento Mori, Tuesday 16/10/2007, 10:04.
I know about actions but the cards in it are very limited is that the only way?
10 messages
English orangebut - last answer from Gone4eva, Tuesday 16/10/2007, 04:02.
This is my deck, i spent alot of clintz on it so im hoping you lot will approve lol

Oyoh - 5str
Bodenpower - 5str
Vladimir - 5str
No Nam - 5str
Charlie - 5str
Shakra - 5tr
tanaereva - 5str
Dorian - 5str

tell me what you think, ta
3 messages
English Nitz52 LoA - last answer from 0- JP, Tuesday 16/10/2007, 01:46.
Hey Guys, I stopped playing the game for a while, and now I'm trying to come back. I was wondering if you could help me with building an ELO Deck. My current collection is...

Endo, Kati, Kerozinn, Kinjo, Lihoi Chun, Lost Hog, Macumba, Mini Mosu, Natrang, Otome, Sai San, Sakazaki, Seldor, Tatne, Windy Mor, Xia Leming, Dr Saw, Ambre, Morphun, Hel, Wanda, Amy, Aurelia, Carlos, Copper, Josh, Klaus, Luis, Miranda, Miss Chloe, Rebecca, Robin, Skiner, and Zdrone

I also have 12k Clintz. I was saving up for Marlysa Cr, but she's still a long ways away, and if I need to spend it for a decent ELO deck, so be it.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ahead of time!
Monday 15/10/07

16 messages
English 0-FS WMD - last answer from EnT WHoLESaLE, Monday 15/10/2007, 21:45.
Do people still not understand the purpose of this room? I go in, in hopes of leveling up my characters and players still purposely try to KO you. I even play in the Level Up mode room to try and PREVENT this but to no avail. People play cards with 5 and 6 power and 6 and 7 damage and STILL try (if not prevail) in KOing you.

Mods the warehouse was a great idea. The LEVEL up mode was a great idea. Now implement some other things to prevent this. No loss/win for winning/losing. I hate seeing my record go down when all I want to do is level up.

Force EVO play. Don't give pillz just auto assign 6 on that players turn. It would then at least give a chance to last until the 3rd turn.

Limit damage. Even if something or someone can deal 12 damage on the first turn limit it to 5 damage so that you can't get KOed. People dont understand you get NO bonus for KOing in the Warehouse rooms!

Anyone else have any ideas?
1 message
What Leader has the best ability or is the best Leader
4 messages
English reign of fire - last answer from reign of fire, Monday 15/10/2007, 20:16.
If you know Gary;s card the robber guy. he has ability in the power catergory. what is ability in a fight anyway.

He has P5 and ability level 5. what does this do for me.
6 messages
English Cybrax2 - last answer from Darko EVO, Monday 15/10/2007, 15:23.
Right now I Have:

and Svelthlana

Should I get Maciej or Ambre first? I have about 1300c right now.
6 messages
0UC K-Ryder - last answer from 0UC K-Ryder, Monday 15/10/2007, 06:56.
I need a make shift deck so i can play elo for the first time while i save up for that ulu-junta deck that's in the forums
since i have lots of FPC and Junta, i will use them so i use minimum ctz
FPC has a decent 2 star card!!!! so when it goes cheap, i will use it
it will look like this:
FPC 13
Kinjo 5 (not enough money to buy lost hog or kerozin so DONT say change it)
Windy Mor 3
Xia Leming 3
Sakazuki 2 (thats the name right)

Junta 12
jane rumba 3
Mitch 3 (dont say change this to Bruce coz i wont have the money when i buy 2 star FPC)
Leo 3 (nor this one)
amiral py 3

this way, i only need to buy 1 card which probably be only 300 ctz by next week maybe?

the thing i need to know is: should i play elo without Kinjo replaced by a 4 star other clan card (and Sakazuki replaced by Natrang) or should i just play normally in a non-random room and pwn to get ctz?

also PS me a Sakazuki for a low price (500 max) please if anyone is kind enough

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