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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Friday 12/10/07

6 messages
English NachomusPrime - last answer from NachomusPrime, Friday 12/10/2007, 16:07.
2nd round in the non-random elo room

Elya Cr vs Amelia

Elya Cr
power 3
dmg 5
(ability) Courage +5 power
(bonus) +2 dmg

power 3
dmg 5
(ability) +4 power
(bonus) -2 opp power, min 1

Again this is the 2nd round so the courage should not apply.

Elya had 4 pills making her attack power a total of 4 (All Stars -2 to power on her 3 power reduces it to 1 power)
Amelia was pilled with 2 making her attack power 14

Elya ended up winning the match, in the non-random elo room.
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English OnlineHelper - last answer from Darko EVO, Friday 12/10/2007, 15:11.
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English Serrah LOA - last answer from Darko EVO, Friday 12/10/2007, 13:44.
Ok, can I get some tips for improvement/adjustments for this deck idea for ELO games?
This is what I have thus far, I'd like to switch Wardog out for a good AS or FPC card, but due to the * total right now, he was the best choice.

All Stars - 11
Alexei (U) 4
Amelia (C) 3
Ashley (C) 2
Flo (U) 2

Fang Pi - 12
Kati (U) 4
Kerozinn (U) 5
Windy Mor (U) 3

La Junta - 2
Wardog (C) 2

Thanks in advance!
2 messages
English EBATO - last answer from 0-Jade, Friday 12/10/2007, 08:10.
Where can I find Leader abilities? \;
Thursday 11/10/07

4 messages
English Devils-9ine - last answer from Darko EVO, Thursday 11/10/2007, 20:52.
How can i make a good elo deck, and what cards do you recommend? I'm asking this due to the level push back on elo battles and now want to startt fighting in elo battles, but need alot of help.
6 messages
English 0-FS WMD - last answer from Zhupons, Thursday 11/10/2007, 18:38.
Thought I would play around some. Built this deck and it has done me, well really well. I have only lost about 2 out of 15 or 20 matches so far.

All cards are in their Maxed form.


Dr Saw
Morlha - think of changing her out. Her power is kind of low but she is really just a filler



With all the stop ability/bonus in this deck I have done really well. The healing from the 4 healers is phenomenal and sheitane's poison can easily win the game. A lot of times it comes down to the last card and reading your opponent right but, regardless thought I would share.
2 messages
English KBD_LT - last answer from KBD_LT, Thursday 11/10/2007, 17:04.
Today i fought ELO battle against 16lvl player...


2 messages
English -Annihilator- - last answer from 0-Jade, Thursday 11/10/2007, 14:29.
Why dont they put minimum??? for ex. pwr opp. minimum 5 . so the power of the card WONT GO BELOW 5.
what if your card has higher power than the opponents card and your card has power opp. ability??? how is that??? thats unfair for the card.
11 messages
English PYROpunk - last answer from 0UC K-Ryder, Thursday 11/10/2007, 03:11.
For the ultimate K.O. Deck, Use Ambre and 7 Kinjo's. Kinjo can deal 8 damage in one turn and has a bonus that adds two damage. Combined with 9 power added and furry, Kinjo can ko the opp easily. Also, Kinjo is slightly stronger than Lost Hog which many people overestimate. This strategy will also keep your opponent at edge because they won't know when you will max out one of your Kinjo's status for if they waste any power, You can easily KO them at any time during the battle.
Wednesday 10/10/07

13 messages
English Pyro HoA - last answer from Manecofigo, Wednesday 10/10/2007, 16:29.
Gabrielle (U)
Gaia (R)
Hikiyousan (U)
Joao (R)
Lulabee (R)
Nanook (U)
Ross (R)
Ambre (R)

So any possible changes or am I good?
6 messages
English cobaltninja - last answer from PWNAGEFDHDFH, Wednesday 10/10/2007, 13:19.
It takes me ages to get creditz and i think it'll take weeks 'til i have enough for Hugo
Tuesday 09/10/07

14 messages
English Donutdude143 - last answer from PWNAGEFDHDFH, Tuesday 09/10/2007, 20:53.
6 messages
English Serrah LOA - last answer from Force Majeure, Tuesday 09/10/2007, 20:22.
Between Ability/Bonus and Stop Opp Ability/Stop Opp Bonus, which takes priority?
ex: Windy Mor (Ability: Stop Opp Bonus, Bonus: Damage +2) vs. Elixir (Ability: None, Bonus: Stop Opp Bonus).
Would the ability function first, negating Elixir's Bonus, so Windy Mor gets +2 damage? or does Bonus function first, so Windy would not get the +2 damage?
Same question for Stop Ability, and then if the two are against each other, such as Windy Mor vs. Brandon (Ability: Stop Opp Ability)

Thank you!
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English iiiaaannn - last answer from ReadTheRules, Tuesday 09/10/2007, 20:18.
I have:

what are good combinations?
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To make the ultimate deck for fight type two, use 8 Charlie (s). Her ability lets you negate two points of damage so if your opp uses something like vicke, that blocks your bonus, your in luck. Also, Charlie does have 7 power and deals eight damage.
11 messages
English Luminaire - last answer from NoTerroriZe, Tuesday 09/10/2007, 02:25.
Ive been working a lot on this deck and it has help me sooo much. any advice how to make it better

the cards are






Miss Chloe




Could u also help me make a type 1 deck from those
3 messages
English Gus Lee - last answer from 0- JP, Tuesday 09/10/2007, 01:52.
Dash has a go abilyty i think but he i to weak to destroy with stong cars with high damege he can only destoy weak card
Monday 08/10/07

12 messages
English Tanto89 - last answer from FLASH34CK, Monday 08/10/2007, 22:54.
Anyone know about it?
I want to know everything about Leader ability so I can choose which one I must buy
4 messages
English Warlord Asura - last answer from diedsoul, Monday 08/10/2007, 21:03.
Sometimes I have a charicter up against another charicter who when you count both pills and the energy together, mine should deal more damage. PLUS my charicter goes first but oddly enough the other charicter ends up winning instead. This has happened a few times with me WTF? Am I not understanding this game properly or do I sense a bug in here? Please reply and tell me why this happens because it's annoying me. Thankyou
12 messages
English diedsoul - last answer from Zhupons, Monday 08/10/2007, 18:31.
Which Leader is better? Bridget or Morphun? +1 life or +1 pill..hmm..also, should I get one of the leaders first or get lelena and Nistarok first?

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