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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Saturday 03/03/07

4 messages
English Density23 - subject is closed
I came up with this deck while browsing thet caracters.
it's just a pile of cards i think look cool

Sum Sam



Wadda you think?
Bad, Middle, or Allright?
Friday 02/03/07

7 messages
English Prysm CCU - subject is closed
I was wondering if it's a possible answer. I've been using this deck for a while and it's well won me a lot of games but not enough to be officaily my deck . But it's an Elo deck that can stop both Pussycats and Sakrm if used right. that way the minus damage does little to nothing. With the help of Leader, I suggest Timber or Ambre, now that she's stronger. but try these.

Perle - 3 stars 7-1
Lelena- 5 stars 8-3
Kenny- 4 stars6-3
Ambrose- 3 stars 5-3
Sheitane- 2 stars 6-1
Gheistling 1 star 3-1
Nikki 2 stars 2-2 as the baiter card if used with Ambre she is an 8-2
(Timber- 5 stars 6-6 or Ambre- 5 stars 6-4)

But that's one of my decks, see how it works out for you.
3 messages
Русский Ivetta_JH - subject is closed
I'm curiouse how does "stop" work on another "stop"
It's simple when chars stop each other ability or bonus, but what happens if:
I'm stopping opponent ability with my ability, but his ability is to stop my bonus, will I get my bonus this way?
Or else I want to stop his ability with my ability, however he has bonus to stop my ability?
The same with bonus. I s'pose there must be a priority...
Thursday 01/03/07

17 messages
English Prysm CCU - subject is closed
Blast it all to Clintz Can the most powerful crime syndacate be any weaker? So many star levels with so little power that's B.S you, I love GHEIST because they were the first group I ever collected fully but come one give me a break they are the weakest group in the game even the All Stars are stronger and they just became a group are you kiding me? Can someone comment on this or am I alone in my GHEIST struggles?
3 messages
English Prysm CCU - subject is closed
Even though I think this is the worst Idea in the world to do but I ques I can share with you my Deck that has me dominating most of my opponents. It doesn't work on wild card players like me, but on those strategy geared gamers it's a sincch for a win. Good luck on building my deck, I'd love to see more of it, just not in ELO

Comment please

Methane- 4 stars- 7-5 ability 2 damage
Selsya- 2 stars- 1-4 ability power=power (That's my baby, but Perle will always have my heart , so guess she's my mistress)
Sigmund Cr- 4 stars-
5 messages
Русский Ivetta_JH - subject is closed
There is another question:
How do modifires apply? I mean do they stack first then resolve, or resolve without stacking via specific order.
Example: If my opponent plays Tania (2/6, stop bonus, -2 dam) boosted by Ambre (3 courage), and I play Striker (6/6, stop ability, -2power), I suggest 3 situations:
1. Tania stops my bonus and has power 5
2. Tania doesn't stop my bonus and has 3 power, because 2 own 3 Ambre and -2 Striker.
3. Tania doesn't stop my bonus and has 4 power, because 2 own -1 Striker (-2 power, min 1), 3 Ambre.

Does Courage stack? (If I Have Ami and Ambre shall Ami has 9 power or 6 for her first round)
Wednesday 28/02/07

15 messages
English DanTheTimid - subject is closed
Let me just confirm, the way the ware house works is that you combine the experience both characters would get from a fight, increase it by 25% and then split it evenlly between the characters. Thus if you have a low level you'd want to take out a high level, and if you had a high level you'd actually want it to LOSE to a low level because the low level would get a huge experience boost... which is then distributed evenly between both characters.

Is this correct? Assuming it is correct no one I seem to play seems to understand this fact. Half the people play EVO style, just choosing 2 characters they want to level and boosting them with 6 pillz and usually tring to send them after something higher. The other half play it like a normal room, just trying to beat me. Either way when I try to over power there level 4 with my 1 they boosted him even more and win and we both get crap experience and they get angry at me for not sending out my high level...
Tuesday 27/02/07

8 messages
English SuBjEcT-28 - subject is closed
#2 La Junta - Sentinel
La Junta
Bryan (r) 7/5 5*
Niki (c) 2/2 2*
Wardog (c) 8/2 2*
Aurelia (c) 7/2 2*
Dragan (r) 4/7 4*
Josh (u) 3/6 3*
Mojo (u) 6/1 3*
Morphun (r) 5/5 5*
8 messages
English SuBjEcT-28 - subject is closed
Deck 1 : Fang Pi - Pussy

Pussycats :
Katy (u) 7/4 4*
Marlysa (r) 7/2 2*
Natrang (c) 4/4 3*

Fang Pi Clang :
Gwen (c) 7/3 3*
Sakura (u) 2/6 3*
Dolores Boss (c) 5/3 2/3*

Meyen (c) 7/3 3*

Leader :
Morphun (r) 5/5 5*
Sunday 25/02/07

10 messages
English MiauRock - subject is closed
Kenny damaged me by 6 points because of fury, normally his damage = 3. He doesnt have any special abilities increasing his damage. What,s going on?
5 messages
English Dirq - subject is closed
If I want to buy credits deck, it is better to buy 2 decks or 1 full deck? still I was take normal deck for twenty credits what's cards existing in full deck? Answer me fast plz
3 messages
English Elkyr EVO - subject is closed
Sorry, didnt know where to ask this, but are the bonuses such as attack 8 and courage added on before the pills are calculated or after the pills are added on>
Friday 23/02/07

3 messages
English el-hae - subject is closed
I NEED HELP how do you make a guild i keep searching but i can't create my own guild please help me
Thursday 22/02/07

5 messages
English xfactorx - subject is closed
Sum Sam Cr
Lost Hog
Lao Cr
DJ Korr Cr
number the characters:
no use at all = 1
no use = 2
ok-ok = 3
not so good = 4
very good = 5
16 messages
English Bendy(HAN)EVO - subject is closed
I need a deck from these plz
All star
Katsuhkay *2
3 Lewis*1
Lewis *3
Bodenpower *3
MC Decay
Vermyn N
Fang Pi Clang
Natrang *3
Windy Mor *2
Brutox *3
3 Gheistling
Meyen *3
2 Nina
Vladimir *3
Vryer *3
Acid DC
Flyer *3
Malmoth *2
La Junta
2 Bryan
Diego *2
Hugo *2
Timber *2
Flesh Pimp
Ielena *3
Wanda *2
Billy Bob
Ogoun Kyu
2 Ratanah
2 Caciope
Globumm *2
Phonos *2
Ulu Watu
Gaia *2
Ice Jim
Bob Joby
i want at least one deck for EVO(if that's possible from this deck)
a deck for messing around plz
11 messages
Español Nikoa - subject is closed
Could anyone tell me wich cards would go on a poison deck? In a life gain deck? In a mix of both? Wich would be better? I only know a few cards with such abilities (ex. Geistling). Or if anyone knew all the characters with those habilities it would help too.
7 messages
English kujo006 - subject is closed
I was thinking of Bangers/ Uppers but i'm still new at this game so i'd take any advice given, and if i do go with Bangers and Uppers which cards would u recommend?
13 messages
English finalstory - subject is closed
What are the must have cards for a half deck of All Stars

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