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Strategy and Tactics: General

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Thursday 26/07/07

5 messages
English LoA DHUB3R - last answer from Darko EVO, Thursday 26/07/2007, 22:51.
I waS wondering if u have like a whole deck of Bridget and no other cards and lets say u get 4 bridgets in your hand. do u get 4 life per turn or not?
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English VenZacTocl - last answer from Darko EVO, Thursday 26/07/2007, 15:18.
Ok..this is my colelction..not my deck..MY COLLECTION

D34d Z3r0
Ice Jim

help me make a deck out of these
6 messages
English Coure - last answer from Coure, Thursday 26/07/2007, 10:24.
Tried making a pure Soliel ELO deck with relative succuss. 50/50 win rate

Elya 3
Kerozinn 5
Marlysa 2

Diyo 3
Geuner 2
Splata 5

Nahi 3
Beltran 2

Anyone care to fine tune it?
Wednesday 25/07/07

1 message
Since I'm sick of playing the same clans and characters over and over again I want to try this deck.
It has:
2x stop opp bonus
2x stop opp ability
2x damage reduction
1x lifegain
and great bonusses

All Stars (
Amelia (3)
Flo (2)
Loma Noju (4)
Striker (4)
1 message
I was just playing a game that i thought i would win, but it was a draw because plus life takes effect before poison.
i had Loma Noju level 3 and they had Zoltan as our last cards. they had 7 life and i had 3 and i was poisoned. since they had no pillz left, i used fury on Loma Noju and did 3 damage and gaining 3 life, but poison caused me to end up with 4 life too oh, well. at least i know now that poison works last
Tuesday 24/07/07

4 messages
English 0 Prophet-Cr - last answer from 0 Prophet-Cr, Tuesday 24/07/2007, 21:00.
Was wondering if a Junkz and Uppers deck would work any suggestions?
thnk u
37 messages
English nervy - last answer from A_N_N_A, Tuesday 24/07/2007, 19:23.
Hi all!
It's become pretty annoying. My card+pills gives me better strenght than my opp but nevertheless I loose the round. If in game mechanics there are some math or logics so I haven't find nothing! It's make me mad! Besides it keeps repeating!
Is there anyone who can explain this to me?
5 messages
English najlrae - last answer from Warr kid, Tuesday 24/07/2007, 13:31.
Here's my question... hope someone would actually answer:

What does the happy face/angel face/ angry face symbolize?


How can i get my angry face up to the angelic face?

thx for those who will answer
7 messages
English wintervolt - last answer from 0-Jade, Tuesday 24/07/2007, 12:37.
Any suggestions, please tag below
Monday 23/07/07

3 messages
English XC 1984 - last answer from 0- JP, Monday 23/07/2007, 19:20.
13 messages
English Marubin2080 - last answer from 0- JP, Monday 23/07/2007, 18:46.
Is a Pussycat,LaJunta and Ulu Watu deck good 4 ELO?
7 messages
Deutsch Jerre Muesli - last answer from Jerre Muesli, Monday 23/07/2007, 09:01.
So I was playing ELO and this were the draws:
opp: Xia Leming - Lost Hog - Jane Ramba - Bridget
me: Gwen - Feelyn - Thompson - SkrumxxT
life: 12 - 12

My opp begins and plays Jane Ramba
I counter with Thompson and win
-1 dmg but +1 life from Bridget
life: 12 - 12 (so far so good)

Next turn I play SkrumxxT and he plays his lost hog.
I win and inflict 7 dmg (1 poison but +1 life from Bridget)
life: 5 - 12

Next turn he plays Xia Leming and counter with Feelyn
I win and inflict 2 dmg (1 poison but +1 life from Bridget)
You see a fraction of a second that the life total becomes 3, but suddenly it becomes 5 again

huge WTF
15 messages
Português Darko EVO - last answer from Gone4eva, Monday 23/07/2007, 08:20.
All the others rooms are always full and Danger Zone always have few people playing ?

I have thought about thism but don't have any conclusions. Most of the people here play as if don't have randomness, but still keep playing in the Dark Corners rooms....
I agree that some of them don't know very well, but it so much better to play without count the luck.

Other reason that can be is because most of the persons there play with "40 star deck" assuming that with the most stong cards they can win easily

What do you think ?
12 messages
English A_Theophilus - last answer from Gone4eva, Monday 23/07/2007, 02:58.
I'm wondering exactly what my title questions....I'd like to know what ability each Leader has. Any information would be much appreciated.
Sunday 22/07/07

1 message
Hi, guys I've just played this game for few days, so there r some abilities i don't understand how they works

For ex : I play in danger zone ... Svelthlana(power=2) with 2 pillz VS a power-8-character with 1 pillz .. who win ? Does Svelthlana's power change into 8 becoz of her ability ? If she win, that's strange becoz her price in market is really cheap

Character A has bonus : STOP OPP ABILITY
Character B has bonus : damage+2 & ability : STOP BONUS
A vs B ... is ability damage+2 triggered ?

Character A has bonus : STOP BONUS
Character B has bonus : damage+2 & ability : STOP BONUS
A vs B ... is bonus damage+2 triggered ?

Yup, 3 questions ... hope that's not too much Any help is appreciated .. especially from pro
1 message
I wanna make a good point,some are always need in help of elo decks,i have seen some playing elo almost perfectly BUT I ALSO SEE SENIORS AND not yet level 20 intend to be "wannabee"...dang

I just wanna make the boards clean and having fun,so from now on if you ever need help used them in a good way you will have experience and strategies

Good games
14 messages
English Radic - last answer from Gone4eva, Sunday 22/07/2007, 07:21.
This came up in one of my games today. Say that one card "A" has the ability Stop Opp Bonus, and the other card "B" has the ability Stop Opp Ability, Will Card "B" stop Card "A" from using its ability to stop its bonus, or will Card "B"s bonus be blocked?
Saturday 21/07/07

27 messages
English Zaeon - last answer from Collector_HM, Saturday 21/07/2007, 20:54.
This game is based a TON on luck and chance, and no where near enough on skill and power. Can this be fixed, please?
10 messages
English Radic - last answer from Baron WMD, Saturday 21/07/2007, 18:25.
I don't know if this has been talked about before, but i think it would be a great feature to allow players to "Down-level" their characters to play while in decks. This wouldn't be a permanent change to the card, only to card when it is played in that deck. Currently Players have to buy un-leveled or mid-leveled cards to complement their ELO decks. I really think that this is an unnecessary hassle to the player and I hope the devs would consider this change. I doubt it would be too difficult to implement. What are other players thoughts?
4 messages
English lilfez_93 - last answer from Jolly Roger, Saturday 21/07/2007, 13:13.
Do the cards that are going to become a collector have starz by them

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