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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Monday 02/04/07

1 message
English CeleTheRef - subject is closed
Exactly how to calculate the number of clintz gained in a battle? Thanks
Sunday 01/04/07

16 messages
English 0Vman LoA - subject is closed
I was thinking of making a deck where you can poison your opponent but also drain their life, and still keep it evo. This is what I came up with:

Nina (GHEIST) P 6 D 2 Ability: Poison 2, Min 1
Veenyle (Junx) P 6 D 1 Ability: -3 Opp Damage, Min 2
Jane Ramba ( La Junta) P 7 D 4 Ability: -2 Opp Damage, Min 1
Bridget (Leaders) P 5 D 5 Ability: 1 Life Per Turn
Kenny (Nightmare) P 6 D 3 Ability: 2 Life Per Damage
Sheitane (Nightmare) P 6 D 1 Ability: Poison 2, Min 1
Gabrielle (Ulu Watu) P 6 D 2 Ability: -2 Damage, Min 1
Gina Glitt (Uppers) P 1 D 8 Ability: -4 Damage, Min 2
Friday 30/03/07

7 messages
English 0 Prophet-Cr - subject is closed
Hey guys i've got a Montana deck jus wondering what u think and i can do some improvements
there are :
Mort Bax
and i'm saving up for a Giovanni
allmy cards are full level except vickie cos i jus got her 2day , and Hugo cos he hardly gets a chance to fight lol
Wednesday 28/03/07

8 messages
English Weal and Woe - subject is closed
I've been playing with a Sentinel deck since I started, since that's what most of my cards were and that's the team I like the most. But, it seems like no matter what I do the randomization portion of the battle forces me to lose. Does the team's 8 'attack' even do anything, since there is no 'attack' stat? Or is it supposed to be a bonus to power, because if it is it certainly seems like they arent getting it.

If it actually is properly functioning, does it only actiate under certain circumstances? It would be kinda useful to know... It's just very disappointing to set something up and then find out that the primary bonus for actually trying to assemble a team turns out to be worthless.
18 messages
English Prysm CCU - subject is closed
Mydeck only has 23 stars ha ha ha I love it. It seemed I ran into my last 4 posted decks so I had to keep changing it but this is my new baby that with hope will never be aborted

maxed all
Frankie Hi

You think I win by luck? Try to make your deck a 23 and get to 1189 elo in two sittings this is a contender deck baby.
15 messages
English Gazelle28 - subject is closed
Can anyone post a junta watu deck???
13 messages
English BlatantEVO - subject is closed
Ok minor rant here. I'm still new to the game but I know how EVO training works, but I run into players that constantly use teams like max level junkies that ensure I won't win with a low levelled card. Are some EVO players frauds? I also run into evo players that will brutalize me when they get all maxed levels on the feild with no one to train yet won't give me the curtosey of allowing me to to win with my cards. Does this happen a lot? It's kinda low to go through that alot. Also I run into people that will time out when they are losing. Is timing out more severe then losing?
Tuesday 27/03/07

5 messages
English Flamberge - subject is closed
Hello everyone, I'm pretty new to this; albeit I'm level 10 I'm still learning how everything works with the gameplay. I'm wondering how I can get cards without spending my real life money. I have read a few things but I'm still a little confused. I would really like to get more cards and expand my collection, I've leveled all 8 of my starting cards to full stars. Any help is appreciated. I'm not looking for strategy, I'm liking the whole 'learning on my own' thing.

Thanks alot,
4 messages
English baruk - subject is closed
Had my best fight so far today (I've been playing just a couple of weeks).
I faced Lost Hogg, Kati and 2 Kinju. So 3 damage 10 cards that can can one turn kill me.
I'm just using my levelled up starter deck. (plus a Jenny I bought to go with my Bodenpower). I got Dan, Jenny, Venus and Mitch.
He goes first, plays Lost Hogg. I play Dan unpilled, hoping he wastes some pillz without being able to kill me. As it turns out, the Hogg is also unpilled, and I'm lucky enough to win the ensuing fight.
I play Jenny, with all 12 pillz. I figure my only chance is if he goes for the one turn kill - a 9 pilled Kinju backed with fury (I deliberately chose my weakest card to influence him toward making this choice). He does exactly that, and Jenny wins.
The last 2 rounds are a coin flip: if I'm lucky I win. Kali loses to Mitch, and the 2nd Kinju beats Venus, so it ends up a 2-2 draw. But a more satisfying result than any of my wins so far. 18 battle points was also pretty good for a draw.
26 messages
English Artemis-BZ - subject is closed
It is surprising to see how many skilled and high ranking EVO players put their weakest cards against you and play their strongest with pillz, all for the sake of WINNING! And then THEY get most xp points, because I play my strongest against them. Not fair

It is also noticable that most newbie EVO players stick to the rules .. tx guys
Sunday 25/03/07

36 messages
Deutsch Creep - subject is closed
From now on, I will be using the suffix (HAN) when I play in Lost Warehouse. Onfire came up with this magnificent idea.
In this way, I want to show that I will always play to get more exp for both players by letting the weakest character win.
In case of a star-eq aequo, I will use no pillz, and I suggest my opponent does the same, so the random factor will have free play for that one.

If you want to win vast amounts of exp AND be recognizable to other players, just use the suffix.
I hope this works and I didn't overlook a similar proposition in the forum...

38 messages
Português BodeCBM-EVO - subject is closed
Well in the last tornaments i have been told that i am playing unfair to not accept challeges from ppl with better decks/bigger lvls.

Well is that against the rules? Or is it considered not fair play?

I would really like to know community opinion since everytime i win a tornament ppl tell that i am cheating and even worst.

bye bye
Saturday 24/03/07

16 messages
English Warr kid - subject is closed
Wouldnt it be better if the guilds own room were to also be without randomness this way you know when you are practicing what would truly happen?...i mean you dont need luck in the practice chambers
11 messages
English Progenitor - subject is closed
Hello All,
Im fairly new to the game but I think im getting pretty decent at it. So far I've got a rank 25 in a daily tourney on my 2nd day...which prolly isn't much to most of the player out there but that's all the accomplishment i've got to boast.

I've read some stuff on evo training and it requires players letting the lower lvl chars of their opponents beat the higher lvl ones of ours and vice versa. I didn't know about this concept before and just thought of training my chars the old fashion way, beating the opponent naturally.
bsically I let my opponents lower lvl char with 5 dmg beat my higher lvl one, thinking he will reprocicate and do the same, something dumb i'd never have done normally. even with decent no. of pillz on my lower lvl chars, his high ones still beat me because he prolly dunno or dun wanna do the same. I ended getting my first 0-12 ko lost. M'be i shoulda told him first but there's no guarantee they will do the same either, as i've found with other players
9 messages
English Sacman68 - subject is closed
Man , I just cant understand it!!! Round 4, there is only 1 choice of who your gonna play so what is being pondered? Am I the only one who is frustraded by this? Thanks.
1 message
English Sacman68 - subject is closed
First, I'm the type of player that only gets 1 card every so often. So, when I want to EVO in the warehouse, I'll either have a lineup of 3 EVO 1 unEVO card OR all 4 cards evolved. What I do is if all 4 of my cards are evolved, I'll play all 4 rounds using no pills since winning/losing has no meaning here. If I have the 3 EVO 1 unEVO, I play the 12 pills on my unEVO cards turn. This way, my EVO card gets exp AND my opponant's cards get exp also. NOW, say I have the 3-1 lineup and i'm up against 2 EVO 2 unEVO. I will play pills ONLY if they go first using an evolved card. All turns where I go first, I dont use pills. I've been playing this way for a little while and EVERYONE i've played this way has sent thank messages afterward. I hope all that made sense. If you see me hangin out in the warehouse and you need to EVO, challenge me and find out how cool this tecnique is!!!
Thursday 22/03/07

11 messages
English 69 hoodrich - subject is closed
Can someone explain to me how someone gets 670 points during a daily tournament. The highest I have ever gotten was arround 450 or so. Normally when I see others win the daily tourny they earn about 550, which that number is
probably inflated.
15 messages
English el-hae - subject is closed
Hi namesw el-hae i might be in level 14 but i've beraten players from level 40-51
Wednesday 21/03/07

4 messages
English Prysm CCU - subject is closed
Luck... is it a neccesity or a nuisance? Is it dangerous or human innovation that determines if one wins or not. Say when you place 3 to 4 att points on Zatmin and you face Tanaerva with about 6 or 7 both have their bonuses but Zatmin wins when you think he'll lose or Tanerva wins when you think he should lose. It's terrifying and heart racing, makes you wonder if luck a friend or a foe. I think its neccesary for the game it makes it fun yet on the other side it has cst me some extremely big games... i wonder whats everyone elses opinion
Tuesday 20/03/07

2 messages
English Prysm CCU - subject is closed
Did you guys catch a glimpse at the new pols? Allowing all the characters into elo but restricting their abilities, or not to allow them. What are you kidding me? They want to do that to those magnificent cards? now friggin way! That's like nuddering you family dog are you serious! Give me a break! I'd rather they be disallowed in ELO then to allow them to come in limping. That's like kicking a man when he's down, or when Muhammad Ali tried to box after he was like 100 years. I dont like tha idea of doing it, even though I own every card except 6 of the collectors I think it's not fair and should not be allowed to pass. It won't revolutionize the game it will make it a joke to see a crippled DJ KORR or Vickie limping into battle to help lead their clans to victory, if that's the case then their value should be drasticly cut though I doubt that, the value may even sky rocket because of this, not one to complain but I forsee sad days in the future of Clint city sad indeed

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