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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Monday 25/06/07

4 messages
English 0 Prophet-Cr - last answer from 0 Prophet-Cr, Monday 25/06/2007, 11:48.
Is a La Junta and freak deck a good idea for elo , junta deal damage whilst the Freaks poion threat drains pillz?
7 messages
English ATild - last answer from LOA_MadPirate, Monday 25/06/2007, 05:09.
I notice that when i win a btl during a daily tournament (or anytime outside the warehouse) that i win 5 -> 9 clintz

what factors determine how much clintz i win from the btl?
Sunday 24/06/07

11 messages
English Avatar_V - last answer from 6SimS-Sven, Sunday 24/06/2007, 16:17.
Hi all - I just started playing yesterday On these forums, I see people talk about some clans that pair well together. Can someone please explain what makes two clans a good match for a deck?

13 messages
English 0-FS WMD - last answer from 0-FS WMD, Sunday 24/06/2007, 14:41.
First thing, I have no limits to my decks. I have just about every card and ability to get any card.

Fang Pi / Ulu Watu

Fang Pi - 12

Elya *3
Macumba *4
Marlysa Cr *2
Windy Mor *3

Ulu Wata - 13

Gabrielle *2
Gaia *3
Hikiyousan *5
Joao *3
5 messages
English HighSnobiety - last answer from EvenG, Sunday 24/06/2007, 05:11.
I Have :
Boden Power
Vermyn N
Juicy Lord
Graff . .
What Cards is the best. .?
Saturday 23/06/07

3 messages
English ReadTheRules - last answer from 6SimS-Sven, Saturday 23/06/2007, 10:22.
Is it possible to make a good elo deck with all cards that have no ability?

i thought maybe Sentinel/junta-
Aurelia Carlos Rebecca Zdrone
Bruce Wardog No Nam Winifred
mostly high power and good damage
Friday 22/06/07

4 messages
Português AGT_seyfer_EV - last answer from AGT_seyfer_EV, Friday 22/06/2007, 12:40.
I am starting elo, and have some clans in my mind, Pussycats, nightmares, Uppers, Freaks, also i don't have that much clintz so this clans have some good cards at good price, can u advise me at some combos that can work best in elo, and wich of these clans won't work together well
Thursday 21/06/07

2 messages
English LOA_MadPirate - last answer from 6SimS-Sven, Thursday 21/06/2007, 11:47.
Ok, so, everybody knows about ELO rules.
and the styles in EVO, Han and Old/nopillz.
but what other crazy types of play are there?
i mean, tactical styles, and rule sets for tournaments.

i recall someone mentioning some sort of Sudoku, what are those rules?
any other crazy tournament formats?
Wednesday 20/06/07

5 messages
English XC 1984 - last answer from 0l_Dysval_l0, Wednesday 20/06/2007, 18:17.
Miss Ming


i'm using this deck because with the Freaks bonus it will pioson the emeny. This will then make them use more pillz to try and beat the sentinels and they will then run out of steam. After using this deck i won 8 out of 10 macthes not bad.
4 messages
English 0-FS WMD - last answer from 0-FS WMD, Wednesday 20/06/2007, 13:40.
I really wish they could be altered or have a vote on them. I am in the top 25 currently and I have to sit sometimes 30 and 40 min to wait for a challenge because It is difficult to find someone that is within my points range. Instead of making it so higher ELO points can't challenge lower can it be altered so they have a heavier penalty like they don't earn nearly as many points as they would someone within their range. It gets boring having to wait for a battle. I have to intentionally lose battles to drop my score just so I can play :/
Tuesday 19/06/07

4 messages
Deutsch K-Chaos - last answer from WMD Raven, Tuesday 19/06/2007, 22:17.
I don't know if someone mentioned this tipoic before so I just try:

I think we all would win if we arrange that one of the Dark Corners rooms will be for evo play and the other one for regular mode.This way it would be easier to find opponents for both versions of the game...and would make the daily tournament easier.

I also know that it will be impossible to arrange the things the way that there are only evo players in one of the rooms but it will be a big improvement for us all if the regular evo players could always be found in the west or in the east corners.

If i really missed an arrangement like this plz tell me which is the evo room
2 messages
English VenZacTocl - last answer from ReverseRaven, Tuesday 19/06/2007, 13:06.
Dacha Macha (normal card)
Graziella (stop bonus card)
Vassili ( offense card)
Amy ( some card juz to replace Klaus.......yet quite good)
Aurelia ( defensive card cause of her high attack make her alive..even with upper's bonus)
Klaus ( trying to get rid of it..stops all 4+ damage cards)
Luis ( the biker who stop abilities)
Rebecca ( normal card...again..)

(MY MISSION IS TRYING TO GET BORIS/Zoltan and destroy Graziella and Dacha Macha..and even add in splata or diyo if possible...and change Klaus with Diyo or Josh)

Any complains please complain to my financial minister for not letting me get enough clintz to buy good cards
8 messages
English HighSnobiety - last answer from VenZacTocl, Tuesday 19/06/2007, 11:16.
I Have the ff. cards. .

Chad Bread
Ice Jim

And others ..
Monday 18/06/07

3 messages
English ReverseRaven - last answer from ReverseRaven, Monday 18/06/2007, 11:01.
It says you get clintz based on your points. How is that calculated?
Sunday 17/06/07

6 messages
English VenZacTocl - last answer from VenZacTocl, Sunday 17/06/2007, 03:46.
Heres a defensive decky.... Montana and Uppers deck

Jim Cr

lazy to describe it....u know the drill..

Sakrohm and La Junta or Fang Pi

Phonos <<<Alien in black...lol
now..either choose La Junta or fang Pi..either one
La Junta
Admiral py

Fang Pi
(unnessecary cards)
Xia Leming
Windy Mor
Lost Hog
Saturday 16/06/07

4 messages
English 1evo Sandman - last answer from 6SimS-Sven, Saturday 16/06/2007, 03:52.
I have good 4 man teams in Freaks, Bangers, and Nightmare.
Would you go Freaks/Bangers, Freaks/Nightmare, or Bangers/Nightmare?

Friday 15/06/07

23 messages
English ibtd - last answer from ibtd, Friday 15/06/2007, 15:18.
Ok, I thought I create a thread that's actually trying to give some look into ELO strategy and how you play there. I hope that everyone is willing to participate and in the end I hope that everyone learns from this thread.

The idea is that I give you the match setting of one of my matches (the hands and what card my opponent played) and that you guys post what you would play and why if you were playing this match. And then, after a while, I'm gonna post what really happened and we continue afterwards. The goal is to get a discussion going about this particular match so we all benefit from it.

OK, here we go. The match took place in the Danger Zone which means we had NO RANDOMNESS enabled for this match.

This is the hand my opponent had (yet another Pussycat/Sakrohm deck):

Feelyn 2*
Yayoi 4*

Uranus 3*
GraksmxxT 4*

And this is my draw (it's the worst possible draw I can have with my deck):

Gina Glitt 2*
Rubie 3*

Sheitane 2*
Dieter 3*

With my opponent having 13 stars on the board and me only having 10, he had to play first.

His first play is arguably bad, but we are not here to discuss what he did right/wrong, so I just give you the play:

He opened the match with Feelyn. I will tell how many pillz later.

OK guys, now it's your turn to get this thread going. Just post your thoughts on what you would play in my place.

If it is required to post the power/damage and the abilities of the different cards, just let me know.

9 messages
English EVO knight - last answer from VenZacTocl, Friday 15/06/2007, 14:51.
Fang pi *13
lost hog *5
seldnor *3
xia lemming *3
Lihoi Chun *2

junks *12

tessa *5
Flyer *3
Allan *2
veenyle *2

any suggestions 2 make it better please say
4 messages
Português Darko EVO - last answer from 6SimS-Sven, Friday 15/06/2007, 14:47.
This is my deck for ELO (besides the Freaks ia have), so what do you think ?

Fang Pi 14*

Kati 4*
Macumba 4*
Windy Mor 3*
Xia Leming 3*

Pussycats 11*

Yayoi 4*
Feelin 2*
Dolores Boss 3*
Alice 2*

I want to take off Alice to put Cassio , but i'm waiting for the prices to go down
6 messages
English VenZacTocl - last answer from 6SimS-Sven, Friday 15/06/2007, 14:44.
Aurelia lvl2
Klaus lvl2
Luis lvl3
Rebecca lvl2 (her price have drop down since..what happened?)

Dacha Macha lvl3
Graziella lvl2
Vassilli lvl4

Kevin lvl3 <<MUST GET RID THIS THING!!trying to buy voltan

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