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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Sunday 29/04/07

2 messages
English TheGun - subject is closed
How does the Demage power increases in my players and also the power?
Saturday 28/04/07

10 messages
English RulzBreaker - subject is closed
Say i have a card who power already 8, the card bonus is +2 power, does it make the card base power go to 10? which means if i use 3 pill it will become 40atk? thank for answering.
2 messages
English Mr PibblesLoA - subject is closed
Hey i need help with something how does the clan points value and rank work cause i keep losing points but i have been winning battles? plz help
Friday 27/04/07

18 messages
English Malcomphnxevo - subject is closed
Seems like most of the top ELO decks right now are taking advantage of level one Pussycats like Gwen who still sport high attack enough attack power to block an attack outright and the defensive clan bonus if the block fails.

It really seems like something's wrong when level one commons are worth significantly more than their fully evolved counterparts. I can accept that using underleveled cards in ELO is part of good deck construction, but with the Cats it's getting kinda silly.

Why not make it so that a card doesn't get its clan bonus in ELO unless it's fully evolved? Or at least until it passes level one? That seems reasonable as a trade off.
9 messages
English Skimsa - subject is closed
I'm making an allstar Junkz deckz and can't decide on the last 3 card. Any help welcome.

Berserkgirl or Malmoth or Kawan

Dan or Striker
Eyton or Lamar

3 messages
English Madevilmonkey - subject is closed
What exactly does the strike back technique do?
5 messages
English Malcomphnxevo - subject is closed
I know it's considered bad form to quit a battle to deny your opponent a potential knockout bonus, but is it still considered bad form to quit early if either A) you pull your one and two level cards and your opponent pulls four and five level cards at the start or B) you know you've lost the match by the second round because the randomizer nailed you on a battle you should have won?

I try to see my matches through, but there are cases where it's way too frustrating to not throw in the towel early. What's the etiquette on this?
Thursday 26/04/07

6 messages
English 0 Scythy - subject is closed
Is your grade based on how many evolutions you achieve yourself? Or can you get the same amount of grade by buying a a cheap card at maxed evolution?
3 messages
English Malcomphnxevo - subject is closed
Does drawing against a lower ranked player cost the higher ranked player ELO points?
22 messages
English Bloodmoor - subject is closed
Ok...I'll gripe yet again about the random thing.Too many times it has most likely cost me a place in the top 10 at least.How's this one.....His: Meyen Str 7,no ability ,Stop Ab bonus (irrelevent) 3 pills played.Me: Graxmxxt Str 8 ,minus 5 attack bonus,Plus 6 attack Leader and 4 pills played.....I lose the round and ultimately the game.
Tell me this is a fair thing even considering the random factor.How in the world can a person have a strategy against these kind of heart-breakers?
4 messages
English status-x - subject is closed
How do you play your pillz? i have no idea how to beat ppls : /
Tuesday 24/04/07

14 messages
Română DANYez - subject is closed
I need some good decks for elo,Here are all my cards I got.
All Stars:i`ve got all
Bangers:Bodenpower,chikko,Fifty,Jenny,Juicy Lord,Laetitia,MC Decay,Meroo,Platoona,Saddy,Syd Noze,Tunned,vermin n
Fang Pi Clang:elya,Endo,Kati,Kinjo,Lihoi Chun,marlysa,Mini Mosu, Natrang,Otome,sais an,Tatane,Windy Mor,Xia Leming
GHEIST:Brutox,Meyen,miss twice,selsya,Vladimir,Vryer
La Junta:amiral py,Bruce ,Bryan,Diego,jane ramba,Myke,Niki,No Nam,Python,Wardog
Montana:angelinaflesh pimp,Giovanni,Lino Borsa,ricardorosa,Simon
Pussycats:Alice,Ninja Nyne,noon stevens,sakura,Tania
Roots:atuaolpet,beltran,Mathew,nahi,Ogoun Kyu,page,Ratanah,sunny goat
Sakorhm:A Award Cr,Caciope,grastroboy,Globumm,gragsmxxt,Halley,igstrha,Phonos,Reine Cr,skurmxxt,Uranus
Sentinels:Dragan Cr,Klaus,Luis,Miss Chloe,Skullface Cr
Ulu Watu :chad bread,Coraille,Hikiyousan,Jeff,Joao,Nanook
Uppers:Bob Joby,eliott,frankye hi,jim,Maeva,Zatman
7 messages
English Malcomphnxevo - subject is closed
It looks like the game code was recently updated. Among the changes there's a quick flash effect when a card dies and it then goes gray. I don't know if this has happened to other people, but there appears to be a bug when the flash happens that locks the game up. If that happens to you, reload the browser and resync your game quickly. I wound up losing two matches to time outs today before I realized what was happening.
Monday 23/04/07

1 message
English Daemonfire - subject is closed
Well, I just started more or less, and I am certainly not of enough level to play ELO, but I am thinking about doing so when I get there and trying to look ahead. Since I don't have a lot of money to pour into this game or anything like that, I just wanted to plan out a little bit. I know that part of the fun of the game is finding out the abilities of cards after getting them and leveling them up to the right level, but I was wondering if there was some place to find out which characters had what abilities so I don't squander money on a card that I won't use. I also don't see all the characters playing in the safe zone, so yes, just wondering if anyone could be of help.

First of all, I was wondering about Ruby or Zatman. I began with a few Uppers and I hear that they are good anyway. Then maybe Dwaine Mojo and Sheitane from Nightmare and perhaps Nahi from Roots.

Anyway, it's not a big deal, just trying to look ahead. If anyone knows these off the top of their heads, though, it would be greatly appreciated. Maybe we can just compile a list of all of the abilities here, unless there is one already - if some people want to save the surprise, they can just avoid the thread. Thanks in advance!
5 messages
English impysin - subject is closed
Okay assume both cards have clan bonuses activated if nahi of Roots stop bonus for ability and stop ability for a bonus plays against Kenny +2 life for ability and stop bonus for bonus, which comes first would kenny keep his ability due to his bonus, would it depend on who plays first?
1 message
English Bloodmoor - subject is closed
Seems a few Uppers players took exception to my earlier claims.....my fight-rate has increased dramatically.I think I have vindicated my claim though with around an 85% success-rate.Only 2 KO's in about 60 games too.
I have been beaten for sure....but I think you'll agree this is a good return.
11 messages
English Bloodmoor - subject is closed
Uppers can easily be frustrated with a Sacrohm deck.If you are not adverse to using doubles...Grax and Uranus are perfect.If not...use Pussycats to support.
21 messages
English Progenitor - subject is closed
I know the mods and admins prolly wouldn't advocate this, but how I long for a way to spread around the names of pple who intentionally play evo badly. By badly I dun mean mere winning with high lvl cards in a non- HAN or lost warehouse environment, that is perfectly understandable, but sheer abysmal play.

Take for example( I won't mention names, at least not yet ), I played some guy who defended against my low power card using a card with a clan atk bonus, this wasn't on the later rounds but the very first one where he had cards that had equal star count etc except with less atk to choose from for defending. I dun mind the fact that he didn't let me win an equal 2 rounds after that to show it was not done on purpose, but even after winning with 3 cards, he furied on the 3rd card on the last round to make sure he wins me instead of a draw.

I can't stand when pple fury in evo, esp if it was done on the last round when the opponent has no pills left. If fury is intended in evo both parties would do it, which beats the purpose. It's just low when a player furies on the last round after the opponent didn't and now cant do anything about it. That is usually where I draw the line and make a note of the player, for I dun believe anything justifies a fury , esp a last round fury for a win.

All in all I suggest a way to compile a list of atrocious evo players with valid reasons and descriptions included to deter these pple and to show that pple do play attention to bad players.
6 messages
English coldsteel - subject is closed
OK, so.

I play out Nympheea level 3 first. She's Power 2, increased by 3 to 5 due to being played first, then +2 more Power because I have another Ulu Watu on the board. SO, she's starting Power 7, right? Then 4 Pillz boost her to Attack 35, right? So, how in the ninth circle of H3LL did I lose in Dark Corners to a Z-Drone with 3 Pillz and Power 5; a total Attack of 28!???
Sunday 22/04/07

8 messages
English ReadTheRules - subject is closed
What 8 cards from 1 clan are best for regular mode?
with no doubles and no star limit what single clan deck would be the best?

heres one for Junkz-
Flyer (or maybe Crystal)

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