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Strategy and Tactics: General

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Tuesday 08/05/07

31 messages
English ibtd - subject is closed
Ok, so I was playing ELO again this morning in the Danger Zone and out of my 11 matches I fought 6 !! against Uppers - Sakrohm, 1 against All Stars - Sakrohm and 1 against La Junta - Sakrohm. All of them more or less the same build.

Out of these 8 opponents, 7 of them had GraksmxxT in their hand. The one opponent that didn't have GraksmxxT had SkrumxxT and Uranus. Needless to say I lost every match with GraksmxxT and Uranus on the other side. The most ridiculous hand I faced in those matches was this:

Zatman 3*, Dorian 5*, GraksmxxT 4*, SkrumxxT 3*

My hand looked like this:

Samantha 2*, Rubie 3*, Franki Hi 3*, Lamar 5*

Ironically I won that match even though I pretty much gave up when I saw both hands. I intended to get the match over with and just play every card without pillz because I saw no point in the whole match. It went like this:

First turn: Opponent plays Zatman with 4 pillz - I play Rubie with no pillz.
Second Turn: I play Samantha with no pillz - opponent plays SkrumxxT with no pillz.

And suddenly, I had that match won. With 8 - 10 hitpoints left before fight 3 I was bound to win with 3-2 hp in the end because 8 pillz Dorian couldn't evade my 12 pillz Lamar anymore. Weird match which I should have easily lost in round 2.

But after all, the amount of Sakrohm decks is alarming, especially in combination with Uppers. I think the game needs a power 8 card with stop opp ability and 4-5 damage or a ban of unevolved cards in ELO.

Something to discuss.

Sunday 06/05/07

2 messages
English Trotty - subject is closed
I hope someone opened a subject like this yet.

PLEASE, write your ingame messages in ENGLISH, or consider the flag near our nicks!

This request is especially made for Franch language players. LOT OF USE DON'T UNDERSTAND YOU!!!
14 messages
English musemellow - subject is closed
I found out that All Stars + Uppers combination is not going that well
any suggestion what clan i should use along with All Stars especially in ELO ?
Saturday 05/05/07

4 messages
English Dark Reaper - subject is closed
What clan is best with either Junks or GHEIST.
5 messages
English AristodEVO - subject is closed
Hi, all

i want to ask what will happen if i use the same characters ( same clan, except leaders) in 1 deck ?
would the bonus clan canceled ?

ex = i use 2 Phonos in 1 deck.

thank u
Friday 04/05/07

15 messages
English Margyanni - subject is closed
I noticed the levels for the rooms changed and now people level 10 who havent learned the game are flooding lost warehouse with fully evolved maxed decks to score wins. Also, during tournament time the Dark corners are being invaded with new people who also dont know how to play, take forever or are just plain rude because you win.
It takes a new person a while to learn all the varities of play. All most all new people ive looked at profiles of are either red smiley faces or green next to their names until they get to around level 20 where they finally know what they are doing. Also, If they dont put money in the game, it takes new people at least till level 15 to get new cards to make a decent deck with so they come in the higher rooms and either get slaughtered or they wait out the timer or quit games or cuss at people for no reason. People are really getting fustrated because of all this.

What i suggest to help new people and older people alike, is changing the level of the rooms as follows:
Welcome to Town -- level 1 - 8
Safe Neighborhood -- level 9 - 15
Dark Corners East -- level 16 - 20
Dark Corners West -- level 21 and up
Lost Warehouse -- level 21 and up
Danger Zone -- level 21 and up

This way everyone at different levels stands a chance of winning games without the hassle of not knowing what they are doing and "experimenting" to learn in the higher rooms. You could also make a lost warehouse 2 for levels under 21 and a Danger Zone2 for levels under 21.
7 messages
English ilv19 - subject is closed
Is it better to use 1 single clan (8 cards) or mixed clans (2 clans, 4-4)?
If mixed clans which one is better Allstars+Junta or Bangers+Junta.

Btw what is Niki's (Junta) ability. I know it's courage but is it 3 or 4?
And is Power + ability like Jeff's (Ulu Watu) ability added before or after the pills? if after than it's the same as a +5 attack right?
12 messages
English Warr kid - subject is closed
I dont know why but i just have this weird feeling that Jackie is the next Cr...Uppers dont have any Cr;s cards besides for Jim that went recently...and Jackie isnt being used much since she got kicked out of Elo...just a thought...what do you guys think

Soldier On
Wednesday 02/05/07

7 messages
Deutsch Jerre Muesli - subject is closed
Hi guys (and girls )
I'm making some ELO deck's just for fun and i wondered if this could be a good deck;

All Stars

Fang Pi Clang
Xia Leming
Windy Mor (Replace it with Kati if you use a lvl 2 Xia Leming)

What do you think of it ? or what could be better
13 messages
English electricity - subject is closed
Anybody can help to decide which combination is better ?
Tuesday 01/05/07

7 messages
English XC 1984 - subject is closed
Clara Macumba Lihoi Chun xia lemming Feelyn Gwen Dolores Boss Windy Mor plz send your comments and say how i can improve it
2 messages
English voodoo doll - subject is closed
I'd liek to make a deck with girls only..pref. with the Pussycats..any suggestions?
1 message
English voodoo doll - subject is closed
I'd like to make a deck with girls only..pref. with the Pussycats and some other group..any suggestions?
Monday 30/04/07

7 messages
English pon lover - subject is closed
Why is -power better than = power?
14 messages
English Eve Villain - subject is closed
In tournaments, sometimes i foughtt players who acctualy takes 3 minutes per round(they made their moves at the last seconds) i dunno if they were 5 years old, or idiots.
please help its really frustating.
Sunday 29/04/07

1 message
English XC 1984 - subject is closed
I need to make a evo deck using these cards Angelina Feelyn Graziella Pino Sheitane Aldo Dacha Macha Dieter Dolores Boss Endo Gheistling Giovanni qwen Meyen Ottavia Simon Kati kenny Rosa Morphun Estalt Kinjo Don Luis Coraille Kati Vassili Clara Vladimir plz send your ideas to me and help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 messages
English TheGun - subject is closed
How does the Demage power increases in my players and also the power?
Saturday 28/04/07

10 messages
English RulzBreaker - subject is closed
Say i have a card who power already 8, the card bonus is +2 power, does it make the card base power go to 10? which means if i use 3 pill it will become 40atk? thank for answering.
2 messages
English Mr PibblesLoA - subject is closed
Hey i need help with something how does the clan points value and rank work cause i keep losing points but i have been winning battles? plz help
Friday 27/04/07

18 messages
English Malcomphnxevo - subject is closed
Seems like most of the top ELO decks right now are taking advantage of level one Pussycats like Gwen who still sport high attack enough attack power to block an attack outright and the defensive clan bonus if the block fails.

It really seems like something's wrong when level one commons are worth significantly more than their fully evolved counterparts. I can accept that using underleveled cards in ELO is part of good deck construction, but with the Cats it's getting kinda silly.

Why not make it so that a card doesn't get its clan bonus in ELO unless it's fully evolved? Or at least until it passes level one? That seems reasonable as a trade off.

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