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Strategy and Tactics: General

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Thursday 31/05/07

6 messages
English impysin - subject is closed
Okay i have 2 questions
1. Say for example a stop ability card goes up against Ambre does it stop her ability for the entire duel or just one turn. or maybe leaders abilities can only be stop by other leaders. Just asking.

2. Stop ability vs. stop bonus. Alright Vickie vs. Zatman which ability takes place first Vickies stop bonus or Zatman's stop ability therefor stopping vickies ability.
Wednesday 30/05/07

8 messages
English globeragon - subject is closed
These cards are perfect for both elo or daily tournaments: Natrang,Vassili,Brutox,Meyen,Nina,Vryer,Flyer,Diego,Sheitane,sakura,Wanda,Globumm
5 messages
English Drain WMD - subject is closed
My question is which one powers up your card more.
2 messages
English Baron WMD - subject is closed
Hello all fools and morons,
I'm quite fed up with your average idiot in the Lost Warehouse and I have decided to write this to teach people how to use this room and the nature of EVO.
For those of you who do not speak english, EVO is obviously short for "evolve". By putting EVO in your name you are implying that your purpose is to EVO (or to "evolve" your cards. In order to evolve cards more quickly it seems that our more senior players have created the "EVO" system. The idea behind the system is that:
1st player plays his first card with 6 pills, then 2nd card 0 pills, then 3rd card 6 pills, then 4th card 0 pills .... while
2nd player plays his first card with 0 pills, then 2nd card 6 pills, then 3rd card 0 pills, then 4th card 6 pills.
The reason why this is done is so that the match ups can be very predictable and so that each game has 4 full rounds so that all of your cards played gain some experience.

NOW! that's the simple part that every idiot knows. However, many are too stupid or selfish to read, care, or understand about how the lost warehouse works.

Please read Part 2 of this post to learn how to play well and efficiently evolve your characters!
Tuesday 29/05/07

2 messages
English -sCapeg0d- - subject is closed
I had been gone for quite some while and I can see that there has been a lot of changes in the Game.

Anyway, Could anyone give me the current overall view of what's happening in the ELO scene. I mean the current combinations that most ELO players are applying, any important updates etc. I'm looking forward to meeting the ELO newbies on the battlefield (Hope I'm not very rusty!).

Last but not the least, It's great to be back and even if I won't be able to put as much time in the game as earlier, I hope I'll have the same great time as I did before!

Gg ... always
11 messages
English XC 1984 - subject is closed
Kerozinn Kati Windy Mor xia lemming Luis rebbeca Aurelia William
6 messages
English Symbolic - subject is closed
Ok well I am going to purchase one of the Leaders but I need to know what there abilities are before I go and buy one...so I some one can give me a hand with that that would help alot.
Monday 28/05/07

3 messages
English nite - subject is closed
Wif the new coming of Freaks clan ... it s hard to know wads actually posion effct all abt ... weather its to posion the card or isit to posion the life pills??? anyone care to answer this question?
11 messages
Português 0 Supremo - subject is closed
Recently i got a Miss Ming and im curious why does it cosr 11k on the market
Sunday 27/05/07

2 messages
English Mint-WMD - subject is closed

Just started playing, bought a full deck and got some cards, now I'm stuck, have been lvling a lot of them, but have no direction. And in the last 2 days, I've been using clinkz to buy random cards I thought I needed, but I'm just lost again.

Cards include:
Laetitia (2)

Fang Pi :
Endo (3)
Natrang (3)
Sai San (1)

Brutox (3)
Meyen (3)
Vryer (3)

Brandon (3)
Flyer (3)
Keanew (1)
Veenyle (2)

Sorry, list is longer then I thought, I'll get to some of the notables:

Don (3) , Kenny (3) , Phonos (2) , Copper (3) , Frankie Hi (3)

Any tips of advice is much appreciated. ty
2 messages
English HighSnobiety - subject is closed
Anyone Teach Me Pls. .
Saturday 26/05/07

8 messages
Česky A_N_N_A - subject is closed
As subject says, what is the use of "proper Evo"?

I mean, in Lost Warehouse people should go play to train, aka try to match high star vs low star and not K.O. before 4th turn. Common sense.

But what other purpose does that Evo stuff serve? Win or lose, you get the same XP.

Ofc, if someone does try to K.O. prematurely or matches low vs low, i remind him that he is probably in the wrong room. But why should some people impose restrictions on me and force me to play like robot because they just put "evo" in their name. I am new here but is not that stuff a bit outdated?
Friday 25/05/07

7 messages
English Valharan - subject is closed
Ok this is the deck im planning. Any suggestions?

Fang Pi Clang

Elya *3
Kerozinn *5
Macumba *4
Marlysa *2

Ulu Watu

Gaia *3
Gabrielle *2
Joao *3
Nanook *3
Thursday 24/05/07

8 messages
English arachi - subject is closed
Yust send me mail and ill help
17 messages
English Symbolic - subject is closed
I'm just wondering how many copies of one care are you allowed to have in deck?
11 messages
English Blazediehard - subject is closed
Hey can anybody tell me of a card that does at least 7 damage without using fury. i once saw someone using one and he killed me using only 2 cards, a really good card and a weak one, but i forgot what that card was. He did something like 9 or 10 damage. if you have any suggestions please tell me and the price of the card.
5 messages
English electricity - subject is closed
I plan to create this deck

lamar *5
Striker *4
Alexei *3
Flo *2

Samantha *2
Rubie *3
Zatman *3
Frankie Hi *3

I still save my clintz to create this elo deck, do you have any suggestion about this deck
5 messages
English rogueSleipnir - subject is closed
I have quite a few clans in my collection:
GHEIST, Fang Pi Clang, Junkz, Bangers.

can anyone show me good clan combos using some cheap cards (market price not exceeding 1000 clintz)?

right now, i;m using a Bangers + GHEIST deck:

-looking for a cheap Laetitia-
wildcard > Vassili
9 messages
English Dregon - subject is closed
I keep getting creamed, because I don't ration pills. It sucks. Anyone have any tips?

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