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Strategy and Tactics: General

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Wednesday 23/05/07

3 messages
English pandawab - subject is closed
I have a char named Jeff. at lvl2 he gets an abbility: 5+power other wise his power is 2.
my question is does the power pultiple with the pills?
4 messages
English kyle411_ANBU - subject is closed
Ei im just wondering wat does ashigarus strike back do!!!
6 messages
English BOBtheRock - subject is closed
Ok, so I have been getting a lot of games where I beat my opponent and only get 1 point. How does this happen? Is it a glitch? My deck is always ELO legal, and I can't figure out why this happens. This really hurts in tournements. Has anyone else had this problem?
13 messages
English merirosvo - subject is closed
Hi, I've just started playing some Elo and I have two questions

1. Do any of the things that give additional battle points in regular play (such as
beating high level characters with low level ones, pillz left after KO etc) affect the
Elo rating? Put in another way - does anything except winning the match matter?

2. What's up with courage? I was under the impression that it is only supposed to
kick in during the very first round of a match, however, I was playing a match in the
danger zone and in the _second_ round the opponent played a card with Power 5,
Courage 3 and I responded with a Power 6 card. We each used one pill and there
were no other modifiers present, but still I lost the round.
So courage works for the first two rounds or what?
Tuesday 22/05/07

6 messages
English electricity - subject is closed
Is there any problem with danger zone ?
my Mitch with 6 pillzs lose to Carlos with 3 pillz.
12 messages
English -Falchion- - subject is closed
I cant seem to choose who I want out of these two. I think Ambre would help with the courage3 but Timber has the damage+1 which is gd for the cards with 5 damage...any suggestions would be helpful
9 messages
English Tetsuno - subject is closed
What do you think about Ashigaru, im just wondering what is so special in thhis card that it's most expensive frrom Leaders. I mean he has only P-8, D-6 and "ability" (that is so weak that in fact would be better when Ashi wold not have any ) So my question is: isn't better to buy Dorian (better statistic, nice bonus, cheaper) or Tanavera (much better ability, better statistic, nice bonus, bit cheaper)??

What is Ashigaru For???
Sunday 20/05/07

3 messages
English Alteri - subject is closed
Okay, forgive the newb questions, but I did a forum search and I'm still a little vague on some points.

I know there are restrictions on cards, and star count, and you need to meet battle minimums to raise (or at least maintain) your rating, but:

Is there a seperate location to go to fight ELO battles?
I take it, you only raise in value when fighting other ELO players?
Is there a system or standard for the way battles are fought?
I understand you can 'turn off' the ELO mode at will? Is there a toggle for this somewhere?

Again, please forgive the newbish questions, but I'd like to be on top of this before I get involved.

Please feel free to offer any other advice that comes to mind too!

Saturday 19/05/07

2 messages
English Katzraider - subject is closed
I took a 3 month break from the game and dont understand what the accelarate button does
8 messages
English astr0boy14 - subject is closed
I have a deck of Ulu Watu clan and their bonus is +2 power... Is it effective/ working???
Friday 18/05/07

3 messages
English LOA_MadPirate - subject is closed
A guildmate of mine asked me how much experience it took for each card evoloution, i didn't know exactly, i could only estimate...
but does anyone know exactly how much experience it takes for each evoloutionary level?
1star to 2 star.
2 star to 3 star
3 star to 4 star
and 4 star to 5 star?

based on battle experience , i estimated that each level doubled the required experience, but i haven't gotten around to calculating/counting experience per level.

thanks in advance, even if nobody has a clue

(oh, PS. i went back 7 or 8 pages in this forum, but didn't find this subject posted anywhere)
15 messages
English electricity - subject is closed
I'd like to ask why when i challenge somebody and he don't answer it. Sometimes it take very fast for me to challenge again sometimes it take really2 long ?
Thursday 17/05/07

4 messages
English HighSnobiety - subject is closed
Anyone can give me simple but strong deck. .
2 messages
English critter269 - subject is closed
Go to this address http://www.regno.se/default.asp?bonusfrom=6815
4 messages
English 0 Prophet-Cr - subject is closed
just wonderin does a sakorhm and Uppers ELO deck work i've been experimenting with Pussycats , Nightmare , Junkz pretty much all the clans except the Freaks currently i'm using fang pi and Uppers and i think i need some damage reduces like Uranus and gramxxt but i don't know if i should go with sakorhm and Uppers just for the damage reducers and the great bonus's they have thx guys appricicate any help give all the best
Wednesday 16/05/07

1 message
English AOD Teh0n3 - subject is closed
All Stars +
La Junta+
Leaders(1 max)+
Fang Pi Clang

Which combo and cards work best against Uppers!!!
10 messages
English Collector_HM - subject is closed
Can some1 give me a good elo deck i have a few cards so im not gona say them all so just give me a good deck with allstars, GHEIST, and i have bits of pieces of the other clans
Tuesday 15/05/07

2 messages
Deutsch K-Chaos - subject is closed
I collected some of them and thinking about a nice combination for elo now

before my elo value reaches 0 because of the different combos I will try out I ask for some help first...
Monday 14/05/07

18 messages
English 6SimS-Sven - subject is closed
In my point of view some cards should be re-edition for future use in elo
Not bad like Berserkgirl that can know hits 7 and a Kiki reduced power to 7
I wish:
General gets like 6 power but hits 8...or flavio who has power +....
Lyse Teria would have like 7 power and 3 damage with stop ability...since some cannot afford i think its time for re-editioning
What you think people?

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