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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Friday 09/02/07

18 messages
English Humo87 - subject is closed
Im looking to start on elo mode with an Ulu Watu/Uppers deck what would be a good deck,

i also have all GHEIST n most sentinal
Thursday 08/02/07

13 messages
English Lunarwolf87 - subject is closed
This is my La Junta card:
Admiral Py-max
War Dog-max
Leo-lvl 1 in training process
Wednesday 07/02/07

26 messages
English Killingshadow - subject is closed
Can some 1 make me an allstars and sentinels deck
12 messages
English Skimsa - subject is closed
Is it worth having a Leader in an ELO deck. Cause they have good abilities, but is it worth the 5 stars that they all are. Just wondering if i should put 1 in my ELO deck and which Leader has the best ability???
47 messages
English -sCapeg0d- - subject is closed
The Ulu Watus are becoming the strongest clan in the ELOs! The balance is much much more chaotic now than ever before!

A 3rd ELO poll is much required right now.

Tuesday 06/02/07

2 messages
English Lunarwolf87 - subject is closed
What is good and fairly cheap anti Uppers deck???
6 messages
English Gert81 - subject is closed
Whats a good Sakrohm deck ??
Monday 05/02/07

1 message
Română DANYez - subject is closed
Can somewone help me with an elo deck plss ive got those cards:
All Stars:Alexei,lamar,Lewis,eyrthon,
Fang Pi Clang:Lost Hog,Kinjo
La Junta:Python,No Nam
Montana:Don,Flesh Pimp,Rosa,Gary,Ottavia,Pino
Pussycats:babyq,Gwen,Wanda,noon stevens
Roots:Narendra,Yookie,Billy Bob
Sunday 04/02/07

8 messages
English -sCapeg0d- - subject is closed
Now with the addition of 2 new recruits in the Sakrohm, will they be used as popularly as the Ulu watus?
Saturday 03/02/07

5 messages
English K9 AlucardEVO - subject is closed
Greetings guys, I'm relatively new at this, and as such, unlikely have many 'awesome' cards.

I want to participate in ELO - but I would like to be able to win at least some matches *and not have it just be due to my 16 AP card beating his 64AP card after a -12 penalty, happened to me once, only reversed...This is the only web-game where I have found I've needed to vent frustration vocally * I have a list of cards here, these are all the ones in my collection currently. I would like to be able to formulate a decent deck for ELO, possibly based around the Pussycats as a star *women who like bondage, need I say more?* But this does not necessarilly need to be true. Whilst all of these cards are not at their maximum levels, I could easilly get them that high over a few days.

Mort Bax
Ninja Nyne
Ogoun Kyu
12 messages
English Killingshadow - subject is closed
They rjust too strpng to beat any counters
5 messages
English DaN33b78 - subject is closed
I decided to make a Sentinel and antoher clan deck but i dont know what caln is good with Sentinel , and what cards should be in deck.

Can anyone suggest me ?
Tuesday 30/01/07

6 messages
English sbfi as - subject is closed
I'm building my ELO deck, right now it contains: Beltran Noodile Yookie Gaia Joao Nanook Nympheea Tanaereva
Anything that I should exchange for something else ? money is no prob...
Monday 29/01/07

4 messages
English K9 AlucardEVO - subject is closed
I've played a decent amount of EVO now, and I love it, the people are friendly, even the french I still don't know what cest parti means, but hey!

I have a problem. 2 of my regular EVO opponents both use Chloe - and if I have a 2 or 3 power card, She seems to slaughter me, almost every time. If other have had this problem, I would love for them to post it, as I believe that she may have an error in her stats or her ability is working incorrectly. Every time I have faced Chloe, she has not had her bonus up, so it's definetly not that.

Let me know if it's generic bad luck or if I am definetly not dreaming.
9 messages
English Krovic-evo - subject is closed
I play the daily tornament every day usually 3 of the every day, my best position was 14th.. i run a high star Montana-upper deck.. with cards like Zatman jackie Dorian Tyler Don vickie Rosa and Ottavia.. i win 95% of all the matches i play during the tornament (highly propable cosidering my deck and the bounuses it provides)... my ave battle points per match is at 19.5.... im playin the 9pm tornament as i write this on the bottom of my screen i can now see how many points i have, and how many points the current Leader has.. im currently 16th with 160 points and the Leader has 300 (note: 14 people between us..) im gonna give the 2nd place person the benefit of doubt and say that he hold 299 points right now.. i won yet another match and jumped up 21 points.. while the Leader changed and from 300 went to 350.. this is impossible!!! cosidering the max points per win is 15 the you got about 10 more if you win all 4 rounds (highly unlikely) thats 25 then you got ko bounus thats 5 more....
4 messages
English 0- JP - subject is closed
Can someone please post what the new cards do? tnx!
Saturday 27/01/07

10 messages
English Killingshadow - subject is closed


tips or comments or even combos will do
Friday 26/01/07

13 messages
English KisadaBB EVO - subject is closed
Yea... imo the strongest is the Ulu Watu - Uppers deck i play Ulu-Junkz , Junkz - Sentinels etc... and what's ur opinion ?
2 messages
English Gazelle28 - subject is closed
Ano ba mga magagandang lupong ng baraha na gamit nyo?
Anong lupong ng mga baraha ang gagamitin natin upang tayo ang mangibabaw at tayo ang hirangin na pinaka malakas na lahi?

Pahinain ang kalaban? (Montana,Sakcrom,Uppers,Pussy,All Stars)
Sugod ng walang pag aalinlangan? ( Fang Pi Clang, La Junta, GHEIST)
Kunin ang lakas ng kalaban? (Nightmare)
Umatake ng may karagdagang Lakas? (Sentinel,Junkz)
Gumamit ng Bayani? (Leaders)

Tagalog lang ha
7 messages
English JustLoseIt - subject is closed
Can anybody tell me good deck what are -attack and work good at elo and for just play ?

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