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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Saturday 21/04/07

6 messages
English Bjael - subject is closed
Hey there, I hope you could help me maiking the best elo deck of Fang Pi Clang/Nightmare. I got full collection in both clans so i just need to know the best deck
Friday 20/04/07

4 messages
English haworth17 - subject is closed
This is my current elo deck tell me what you think of it and if it needs improvement.

Vermyn N
Juicy Lord


dont know if i wanna use Dan or levis, please selct one.
5 messages
English 0Vman LoA - subject is closed
I thought this was funny and a pretty good ELO deck:

Ulu Watu - 11

Bangers - 14
Vermyn N
Juicy Lord

I was thinking of switching Juicy Lord with Saddy, but I am not sure. What does everyone think?

And maybe a Gang War deck, Montana and Bangers

Montana - 12

Bangers - 13
Juicy Lord
3 messages
English pon lover - subject is closed
I have the cards Alexei Flo Frank Lewis Kati Mini Mosu Natrang Brutox Meyen Vryer Flyer Nobrocybix Veenyle Diego Niki Simon Alice Wanda Globumm Halley Ingsthra Elliott and Samantha. any good deck ideas?Think a card could help me out?Keep in mind i havn't bought credits.
13 messages
English 0 Prophet-Cr - subject is closed
I know people keep going on about it rules and so forth but it reali sucks that ppl with non maxed cards still don't play to train they play to win like to day my opponent had 2 lvl 5 cards both at lvl 3 and i had all lvl 4 cards at lvl 3 and my oppoent played to beat me and not get his own cards up , i'm sure thts wot the other ooms are for i know i'm lvl 32 but it really annoying losing to some noob player who only wants to beat me and not train his cards
Tuesday 17/04/07

4 messages
English Voske - subject is closed
Which clan is best to play with the Pussycats ??
all have almost all of them exept the cr's and clari ( the new one)

so please help me.

12 messages
English captain loki - subject is closed
But i only have:


Which other clan would go well with these characters? The only clans i have are Bangers, Fang Pi, Pussycats, GHEIST, Ulu Watu, and Montana. Also which of all the 7 clans i have would make a perfect two clan combo?
Monday 16/04/07

5 messages
English impysin - subject is closed
One rule let the lowest lvl card win in the lost warehouse. Whether you play evo or han this rule applies since you share the exp it is more beneficial this way. For example a lvl 1 against a lvl 4 is the one wins you get 207 exp a piece whereas is the 4 win both players get 80 exp. They were calculated using Vansaar in case there are not exaclty right. Not matter what strategy you use just remember this one simple rule and both people will come
out with the best results. Also for those playing in lost warehouses with fully evolved lvl 5 decks please stop using the warehouse for stat padding
Sunday 15/04/07

5 messages
English 0 Prophet-Cr - subject is closed
Just wonderin what you ppl think of my Kang pi / Roots deck
Windy Mor
Xia Leming
2 messages
English AdminLGA - subject is closed
C'est a peu pres le seul deck que j'ai pu me faire avec 25 étoiles:

Windy Mor

Saturday 14/04/07

3 messages
English 1 Strykr - subject is closed
We just finished up a tourny and I had a couple, not so interesting rounds. Two times I received 1 battle point and 1 clint. The first time, I lost in 2 rounds (I was still using level up cards), however I did have a Level up on one of my cards in the fight so usually you get a little bonus for that. The second time I got 1 and 1, I actually won the battle in two rounds. One attack with Erika 3/4 stars and one atttack with Vladamir 5 stars, against an opponent with fully leveled cards. I don't know if it makes any sense to only get 1 bp and 1 clint for a victory in any scenario. Any thoughts?
4 messages
English 0Vman LoA - subject is closed
These are the founders of all the clans, although it isn't ELO it is still pretty cool:

Lost Hog
Sigmund Cr
DJ Korr Cr
General Cr
Kiki Cr
Riene Cr
Rass Cr
Armanda Cr
Friday 13/04/07

5 messages
English Bloodmoor - subject is closed
I am beginning to wonder if there's a mistake with the calculations for SkrumxxT.Either the random gods particulary dislike him....or something is wrong.For an 8 power with a bonus of minus 8 attack he gets beaten 90% of the time by cards that are statistically weaker and where the maths say I should have won.Strategically...this is a Nightmare and therefore the card cannot be relied upon.My guess is that he acts more like a 6 strength.
Is there a way this can be checked?I am certain there is a mistake somewhere for surely I cannot be THAT unlucky when playing him.
3 messages
English 6SimS-Sven - subject is closed
Ulu Watu-14
chad bread-1

SkrumxxT-lvl 4

1)why not Caciope for chad bread(hmmm you got one?)
2)Almost impossible for a swap for a lvl 5 skrum coz there is no lvl 4 best on Ulu Watu
3)You may want to swap Gaia or Nanook if you want for a lvl 2 card so you can make a skrum at lvl 5
MOST PREFERED:selsya...Sheitane....Feelyn....and many more(beltran and Jeff is cool but watch out)
4)Sakrohm is used as support as for other pro players...they leave Uranus unpilled...me i go with 4 pillz...
For Graks hmmm maybe put 4 too
Thursday 12/04/07

10 messages
English captain loki - subject is closed
I thoguht it would be cool for a Montana and Ulu Watu deck combo. the idea of the mafia helping to protect to environment and save the whales "OR ELSE" sounds funny... so i decided to call it my Green Peace Mafia deck. Its pretty big but here are the characters.

Bridget (Leader)
Don (UC)
Giovanni (UC)
Rosa (R)
Chad Bread
Gabrielle (UC)
Ice Jim
Joao (R)
23 messages
English Prysm CCU - subject is closed
In all, I think I love the under dog clans in this game and not so much the most frequently used like the Sao, Puss, and Upp's. I like the Nightmare and GHEIST they are sneaky and take allot of cunning and luck to use. I own every card for both clan, doubles of some of the more promenant memebers and i fear to say it but i'd rather use them then allot of the "Vommit" Cards I've seen so far. I am so tired of seeing Grax, Uranus, Venyl, Gabriel, Charlie, all the pussy cats, and all the friggin Uppers in every deck, it's enough to give you a head ache, you end up playing the same hand atleast 100 times. I'd rather see innovation and spirit, more calculation in ELO, wonder what ever happened to that idea I had for ELO, Personally in my guild I'm going to implement it. But I don't think you should sell the Nightmare and Ghesit clans short, some of them maye just surprise you in the end.
Wednesday 11/04/07

36 messages
English 6SimS-Sven - subject is closed
Hello guys thank you for opening my thread
here is a good deck u may want to use
Caciope-1(not maxed lvl)


1) as u can see using this deck requires an unevolved Sakrohm card(any card) everytime it lvls u should swap it
2)u can swap Rubie for franki hi but i think Rubie confuses the player sometimes
3)lvl 2 Gina Glitt instead of Samantha---just bewares of ur moves
4)u may want to swap lvl 4 Dorian for jim(jim has powerower opp and has 6 damage while Dorian in lvl 4 has 5)
5)...good luck

my motto:
a win is a win and a loose is a quit(still a timeout is a quit=])

14 messages
English azure_flame - subject is closed
Ok, i'm just about to buy 1000 credits and what do you think is the best plan for their use. buy packs of what kind? or buy an deck or just buy ctz and try to find a specific card on the market?
9 messages
English ReadTheRules - subject is closed
I've gone up against a few people who like to use this strategy (usually add 9 pillz and fury to Charlie on last round)
i played against somone who had a level 1 Tania, Charlie Gina Glitt level 2 and GraksmxxT. i had Giovanni Ricardo Ottavia and Ratanah in my hand. we both used no pillz in the first 2 rounds and i won both (rat vs. gina and gio vs Tania) they had 6 damage and it was my turn. i did the math to see if i used all my pillz on Ottavia if i could beat grax with all pillz and i couldn't. so i added 9 to Ottavia and they played grax with 10 added pillz and won. then Ricardo won the game for me! (20 attack against Charlie reduced to 9)

final score me 9 life them 5 life

my question is why do people use not fully evolved p-cats so they can use Charlie? she isn't that great in my opinion

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