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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Friday 13/04/07

3 messages
English 6SimS-Sven - subject is closed
Ulu Watu-14
chad bread-1

SkrumxxT-lvl 4

1)why not Caciope for chad bread(hmmm you got one?)
2)Almost impossible for a swap for a lvl 5 skrum coz there is no lvl 4 best on Ulu Watu
3)You may want to swap Gaia or Nanook if you want for a lvl 2 card so you can make a skrum at lvl 5
MOST PREFERED:selsya...Sheitane....Feelyn....and many more(beltran and Jeff is cool but watch out)
4)Sakrohm is used as support as for other pro players...they leave Uranus unpilled...me i go with 4 pillz...
For Graks hmmm maybe put 4 too
Thursday 12/04/07

10 messages
English captain loki - subject is closed
I thoguht it would be cool for a Montana and Ulu Watu deck combo. the idea of the mafia helping to protect to environment and save the whales "OR ELSE" sounds funny... so i decided to call it my Green Peace Mafia deck. Its pretty big but here are the characters.

Bridget (Leader)
Don (UC)
Giovanni (UC)
Rosa (R)
Chad Bread
Gabrielle (UC)
Ice Jim
Joao (R)
23 messages
English Prysm CCU - subject is closed
In all, I think I love the under dog clans in this game and not so much the most frequently used like the Sao, Puss, and Upp's. I like the Nightmare and GHEIST they are sneaky and take allot of cunning and luck to use. I own every card for both clan, doubles of some of the more promenant memebers and i fear to say it but i'd rather use them then allot of the "Vommit" Cards I've seen so far. I am so tired of seeing Grax, Uranus, Venyl, Gabriel, Charlie, all the pussy cats, and all the friggin Uppers in every deck, it's enough to give you a head ache, you end up playing the same hand atleast 100 times. I'd rather see innovation and spirit, more calculation in ELO, wonder what ever happened to that idea I had for ELO, Personally in my guild I'm going to implement it. But I don't think you should sell the Nightmare and Ghesit clans short, some of them maye just surprise you in the end.
Wednesday 11/04/07

36 messages
English 6SimS-Sven - subject is closed
Hello guys thank you for opening my thread
here is a good deck u may want to use
Caciope-1(not maxed lvl)


1) as u can see using this deck requires an unevolved Sakrohm card(any card) everytime it lvls u should swap it
2)u can swap Rubie for franki hi but i think Rubie confuses the player sometimes
3)lvl 2 Gina Glitt instead of Samantha---just bewares of ur moves
4)u may want to swap lvl 4 Dorian for jim(jim has powerower opp and has 6 damage while Dorian in lvl 4 has 5)
5)...good luck

my motto:
a win is a win and a loose is a quit(still a timeout is a quit=])

14 messages
English azure_flame - subject is closed
Ok, i'm just about to buy 1000 credits and what do you think is the best plan for their use. buy packs of what kind? or buy an deck or just buy ctz and try to find a specific card on the market?
9 messages
English ReadTheRules - subject is closed
I've gone up against a few people who like to use this strategy (usually add 9 pillz and fury to Charlie on last round)
i played against somone who had a level 1 Tania, Charlie Gina Glitt level 2 and GraksmxxT. i had Giovanni Ricardo Ottavia and Ratanah in my hand. we both used no pillz in the first 2 rounds and i won both (rat vs. gina and gio vs Tania) they had 6 damage and it was my turn. i did the math to see if i used all my pillz on Ottavia if i could beat grax with all pillz and i couldn't. so i added 9 to Ottavia and they played grax with 10 added pillz and won. then Ricardo won the game for me! (20 attack against Charlie reduced to 9)

final score me 9 life them 5 life

my question is why do people use not fully evolved p-cats so they can use Charlie? she isn't that great in my opinion
Tuesday 10/04/07

2 messages
English 00-motorhead - subject is closed
I'm building a Sakrohm/Uppers deck. Can anyone tell me the best characters for these two clans?

This is what I have so far.



All are fully leveled besides Jackie at Lvl2.

3 messages
English Bloodmoor - subject is closed
I tried e-mailing....but can't get it to send.There seems to be a problem with the ratings in the Australian "over-all" .My points are not adding....and there is a lvl 2 player stuck in position 2 with 80 points.Could you please sort it as I'm comparing results with other players of my country and would like to know how I'm doing.
Sunday 08/04/07

12 messages
Română DANYez - subject is closed
Hey with the 2 new recrut`s of All Stars will be good in elo because Marina has ability -3 opp damage min.1 and Frank -6 opp attack min.2 with lamar and Striker will be a good team in elo and bonus is good too.This deck it can work with some Ulu Watu`s,pussycat`s or junta.What do you think
32 messages
English azure_flame - subject is closed
I want to play an Nightmare deck but i'm not sure of the best stragety of doing that. if someone could post an deck-build that may help me. right now i often pump Cell for his damage to knock most of my opponet life out but now that i'm lv9, it's not working so well anymore. help please?
9 messages
English ibtd - subject is closed
Ok, like I said, I am new to ELO. I reached level 20 today and I wanted to get some suggestions on how to improve my deck or maybe even a few tips and tricks on how to play it.

Pussycats - Fang Pi Clang

Pussycats 20* :

Charlie 7/8 5*
Yayoi 7/6 4*
Gwen 7/3 3*
Dolores Boss 5/5 3*
Noon Stevens 6/4 3*
Feelyn 5/3 2*

Fang Pi Clang 5* :

Windy Mor 6/4 3*
Marlysa 7/2 2*

While I know that the Fang Pi Clang are not the best choice for ELO (or in general), I have them in my deck because my pool is a little limited (I only have 25 cards and 3 of them are in ELO banned Pussycats) and their Stop Opp Ability ability is pretty nice I think. I was thinking about putting a Hugo in there to counter/reduce /- attack bonusses. Don't know if that is a good idea though since it would be another 5* card.

Maybe I should replace Marlysa and Windy Mor with my Jim and Samantha ? Or back to Sakura and Alice or Svelthlana ?

Any suggestions, tips and tricks are very welcome and appreciated.

Thx and GG
Saturday 07/04/07

2 messages
Deutsch Jerre Muesli - subject is closed
Hi, i was wondering what the best clan would be to team-up with Montana in a deck.

I was planning on using Montana - Pussycats:
Baby Q

I also could go for all-stars instead of Pussycats:
Friday 06/04/07

40 messages
English 6SimS-Sven - subject is closed
I dont get it why evo players got to draw 3 maxed and 1 unevolved im sure he/she wil be maxing on unevolved one BUT! when it comes to my turn i go with any card 5 pillz...after this my opponent quits and then says read evo rules...omg???no mercy???
6 messages
English Bloodmoor - subject is closed
I've asked this question before...but I don't think it was posted.I've studied the rules of combat and reward and cannot fathom this result.
Won the game playing OLD (no pilz).12 pills left against a fully-leveled deck and awarded only 1 point.This has even happened to me when I KO people.How is such a megre return possible?
It also happens when play normal-style....so it's not a pill-factor.
Thursday 05/04/07

4 messages
English pon lover - subject is closed
What happens if 2 cards poison the enemy?
Tuesday 03/04/07

9 messages
English 0_NN_Ryusei - subject is closed
Guys just want to ask you what is the best combination in UR?
I already trying Montana and Uppers
Lino Borsa(c)

Frankie Hi(u)
Gina Glitt(c)

The others i have

All star

XU 52

I appreciate any reply for it!
10 messages
English 0-PI ELYA - subject is closed
Hi guys, been playing UR for a few days and i am beginning to love it.. lol

been trying to match Fang Pi Clang because i have 3 cards from them.. (they are basic though =P:sweat

well, this are other cards that i have..
Winifred (La Junta)
Copper (Sentinel)
Dolores Boss (pussycat)
Phonos (Sakrohm)

plz guide me in what to buy to put in my deck..
thx.. Professional players from all over the world.. lol..
Monday 02/04/07

2 messages
English Vesuvan - subject is closed
What is everyones opinions on what clans go best with eachother
1 message
English CeleTheRef - subject is closed
Exactly how to calculate the number of clintz gained in a battle? Thanks
Sunday 01/04/07

16 messages
English 0Vman LoA - subject is closed
I was thinking of making a deck where you can poison your opponent but also drain their life, and still keep it evo. This is what I came up with:

Nina (GHEIST) P 6 D 2 Ability: Poison 2, Min 1
Veenyle (Junx) P 6 D 1 Ability: -3 Opp Damage, Min 2
Jane Ramba ( La Junta) P 7 D 4 Ability: -2 Opp Damage, Min 1
Bridget (Leaders) P 5 D 5 Ability: 1 Life Per Turn
Kenny (Nightmare) P 6 D 3 Ability: 2 Life Per Damage
Sheitane (Nightmare) P 6 D 1 Ability: Poison 2, Min 1
Gabrielle (Ulu Watu) P 6 D 2 Ability: -2 Damage, Min 1
Gina Glitt (Uppers) P 1 D 8 Ability: -4 Damage, Min 2

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