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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Monday 27/11/06

2 messages
English Obsidian - subject is closed
Hi all I am new to Rivals and am currenty a lvl 11 Senior, I just have the basic 8 cards I started with, My question is how do I go about designing a deck? number of cards , types of cards, rares vs commons and the best way going about getting the higher lvl cards
Saturday 25/11/06

4 messages
English Roscoe - subject is closed
Just curious.....

Given a card has the ability or bonus "power #"

and it is played with pills

given the opposing card has no negate ability or bonus

how is the attack calculated? (Power bonusPower)*pills? or (Power*pills) bonusPower?

Just message the answer directly to me coz i rarely come here. I appreciate the help thanks!
Friday 24/11/06

5 messages
Español LexusLantis - subject is closed
I'm looking 4 evo player lvl 9-15, can some1 help¡?
5 messages
English 1Fujiwara Evo - subject is closed
What would be the best cards of each clan? does any one have any ideas, please give me some suggestions
3 messages
English 1Fujiwara Evo - subject is closed
I'll buy an unevolved Dj Korr for 1000000 clintz..any takers?
8 messages
English dabandicot - subject is closed
I don't understand why my opponenet always starts first in a a battle,just in some case the first beat it's 2 me,anyway i don't see any rule explaining this fact!!! Can you clear my doubts please???
Thursday 23/11/06

2 messages
English 0-RACSO-BZ - subject is closed
I dont know why but as i observed the Uppers dominates this game
Wednesday 22/11/06

2 messages
English Dark_Lord605 - subject is closed
Does anyone have a cheap deck that i could buy with some ok cards?
Tuesday 21/11/06

2 messages
English 0-Ianzro - subject is closed
Ulu Watu:11
Wee Lee-4
All Stars:14
Anyone has good suggestion?i dont have a tanaereva yet
3 messages
Português Sad Ice - subject is closed
There is any La Junta card with damage 8?? or with habilide damage 2 and damage
2 messages
aquaball - subject is closed
I need help. I have a week deck with almost all of my cards at their final level. what should I do?
3 messages
English Powam - subject is closed
I made a bad choice at first to collect leaders i have done it but it was to expensive but i played ALOT of tournements and i got them all but they are taking to long to level up most of them are about 3 stars but any idears what to do?
Monday 20/11/06

5 messages
English Cheunger - subject is closed
I'm looking for a strong tourney deck. can anyone help me? I have...
L3 Platoona (Bangers)
L2 Otome (Fang Pi Clang)
Max Xia Leming (Fang Pi Clang)
Max Sigmund (GHEIST)
Max Bunny (Junkz)
Max Crystal (Junkz)
L2 Malmoth (Junkz)
Max Winifred (La Junta)
L3 Vansaar (Leader)
L4 Gary (Montana)
Max Mort Box (Montana)
Max Ottavia (Montana)
Max Pino (Montana)
Max Candy Jack (Nightmare)
L2 Endora (Nightmare)
L2 Melluzine (Nightmare)
Max Ninja Nyne (Pussycats)
L2 Billy Bob (Roots)
Max Halley (Sakrohm)
L2 Oryon (Sakrohm)
Max Venus (Sakrohm)
Max Aurelia (Sentinel)
Max Zdrone (Sentinel)
Maz Razor (Ulu Watu)
Max Tanaereva (Ulu Watu)
Max Maeva (Uppers)
L2 Maeva (Uppers)
L1 Zlatar (Uppers)
I have no trouble maxing them all out by playing evo... but I don't know what cards would be good in a tourney!
Thanks in advance, Spyke15
3 messages
Português Surfistinha - subject is closed
Oi rafa olha quando vc tive informatica agent pode batalhaentao vc aceita xau por min gustavo
6 messages
English 6SimS-Sven - subject is closed

Acid DC(C)3

Almost common cards but anyway they can make miracles beacuse 8 Attack....
Well i still got 2000 clintz(just spent 2k on Hugo(R) and Don(U)...
Any Commments or Suggestions?
7 messages
English 6SimS-Sven - subject is closed
La Junta:13
5-No Nam
3-Jane Ramba

Well can this be good on elo's if i combine sentinels-juntas or GHEIST with sentinels?
any one has comments/suggestions?
Sunday 19/11/06

9 messages
English Grim - subject is closed
So far i have:

Striker level 4
Platoona level 4
Kinjo level 4
Meyen level 3
Brandon level 3
Bunny level 3
Crystal level 3
Yookie level 1
A Award level 1
Josh level 3
Nanook level 1
Dorian level 4
Mo DiFalco level 3

any suggestions on a decent deck from that, i have 600 credits, if you think i need to buy something, bare that in mind..
2 messages
English polaqw - subject is closed
What is the best thing like All Stars, ghiest, Nightmare, etc which is the best out of them all?
Friday 17/11/06

11 messages
English 1f-ZoMyGod - subject is closed
Would this deck be good?

Pussycats - Sakrohm.

Charlie LV5
Yayoi LV4
Feelyn LV2
Wanda LV2
total levels-13

GraksmxxT LV4
Globumm LV2
Caciope LV3
Uranus LV3
total levels - 12

8 messages
English 1Fujiwara Evo - subject is closed
What does one gain by play having 8 unevolved cards in their deck playing no pillz to lose everytime? what do you gain by doing that? please answer.

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