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Sunday 13/07/14

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Español Julius G - last answer from jerromy, Sunday 13/07, 22:54.
What is wrong with everyone there?! why oh god why do you have to make the counter hit the 10 seconds everytime you pick a card!?, There's a special hell reserved for all you that do this, If is were DT you would be coughing blood if I take more than 5 seconds picking my card.

I hate all of you.

The end.
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English AsianRepublic - last answer from Jamox360, Sunday 13/07, 21:15.
Excuse me... I am just wondering here. What is the point of keeping up Masterful's masterpieces if they are not constantly updated? Sure, they provide very helpful information of the past, however, am thinking why not update them?

I am willing to put my efforts to revitalize Masterful's masterpieces to keep the populous of the EN community informed with current trends, not just past trends.

However, some if this may be difficult. So, I was thinking, maybe someone from the staff could help me with past dates regarding the History of Urban Rivals and UR International News Archive. Honestly, why have these up if they provide outdated information without any updates starting from 2011? I believe we can change that, so I'd like the chance to update these two threads (heck, just make me forum operator while you're at it, I'm sure the people aren't tired of my corny jokes that aren't funny).

Think about it!
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English 40Waffles - last answer from dragoon130, Sunday 13/07, 21:08.
So I've been playing in Daily Tournaments the past week to capitalize on the token system after sparingly playing UR on and off over the past year.

I noticed this past week, while playing in Daily Tournaments in the T1 (25 star) room, that just about every deck I played against was a Mono Sentinel deck with the same 8 characters.

It's always Hawk, Copper Cr, Martha, Westwood, Lehane, John, Carmen/Flinch/Melvin, and Morgan/Tobbie. The variety is infinite!

If everyone is trying to get Tokens and is trying to win the Daily Tournament I understand they want the best deck, but 7/10 matches I play are against a Mono Sentinel deck.

I play UR for fun, and enjoy the challenge of playing against a variety of other decks and clans, and don't really care about the outcome of the match, whether I win or lose. But playing against the same deck over and over has gotten REALLY boring and almost annoying at this point. Not because I perform poorly (see below for recent results), but because I play this game to enjoy it and have fun. Playing against the same deck over and over is not fun.

I don't know if we can redo the penalty list or ban characters or what the solution is, but this Mono Sentinel thing is out of hand.


Hello 40Waffles,
Congratulations! You finished 138th in the last Daily Tournament with 414 Battle Points.

Deck: Sekutor, Neloe. Sunder, Ward hg, Archibald, Brianna, Milena, Wyre


What are your thoughts on this Mono Sentinel epidemic?
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English jerromy - last answer from 412rayray, Sunday 13/07, 19:15.
i just wonted to hear wich clans your #1 clan a n why you love them.

im all about is GHEIST.
why cause sigmund took the people other clans tossed aside or hurt an convinced them to join him.
in a way GHEIST is a mix off all the clans in to one group giving you so many opptions to have .
every one also hates there stop abillity bouns so badly makes me happy for some wierd reason i cant exsplain.

an every time GHEIST get a card baned another pops up to replace it almost the same or stronger then the last.
When you play this clan you have to think how can i mess with them to make them cry lol.

i love this clan. whats your guys?
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English ChangeIsGood - last answer from ChangeIsGood, Sunday 13/07, 16:07.
Background: Upon detecting unnatural levels of biological activity under the Clint City World Cup Stadium, the Polit has deemed this activity potentially hazardous, but as usual, the 25 clans carried on with their own private affairs. However, during a game between the Clint City and Balgenheim teams, the players all collapsed and a large, gaping hole emerged in the middle of the arena. The players were subsequently sent to the Rescue hospital for treatment. However, as the hole remained inside the arena throughout the days, more and more citizens of Clintz City were becoming fatigued. However, Kerry, Leader of the Rescue kept her fervor for helping the Clintizens (?) and decided to investigate this hole inside the stadium. However, upon learning of the Polit report on the biological activity, she decided to consult with Skeelz Academy and the Roots Community, and recruited two of their members who could prove to be useful in this mission: Chiara Cr, who could control plants. and Willow, literally one with nature. However, Kerry thought 3 members for this mission were not enough. She found Diego in the streets of Clint City, crying on the streets because nobody enjoyed his food. Kerry quickly offered Diego a new purpose in his life by asking him to accompany the 3 to investigate this hole.

Bear with me people, this is not supposed to be some fanfic. (my first attempt at writing a real plot too, so be careful)

Combat will not be featured Heavily and this SHOULD be a fun experience
But here are the combat stats in case there is ever a fight.

Atk: 6
Def: 4
Dam: 6
Speed: 2

Chiara Cr
Atk: 5
Def: 6
Damage: 3
Speed: 4

Atk: 5
Def: 5
Damage: 5
Speed: 3

Atk: 1
Def: 5
Damage: 10
Speed: 2

Order of Combat: Characters with the Highest Speed will Go First, Characters with the second-highest will go second, etc.
Each character has 12 Hit Points, or can take up to 12 damage, unless otherwise stated.
How Damage is Calculated:
If Attacker's Atk> Defender's Def, Deal Damage equal to (Attacker's Damage)*(Atk-Def)
If Attacker's Atk=Defender's Def, Deal Damage equal to (Attacker's Damage)
If Attacker's Atk< Defender's Def, Deal Damage equal to (Attacker's Damage)*(1/(Def-Atk))

Each character will also have a special ability based on their lore.
Kerry : 25% chance to revive target teammate with 0 HP (Active, spends 1 turn instead of dealing damage)
Chiara Cr: 80% chance to subdue target Plant-type enemy (Active, spends 1 turn instead of dealing damage) This will make the enemy essentially dissapear
Willow: 10% chance to end all fights that involve a Plant-type enemy or Jungo enemy before they occur (Passive)
Diego: Swap Atk and Def values after cooking a dish (this is probably in the scene before the battle)

edited by ChangeIsGood Monday 07/07, 01:15
Saturday 12/07/14

6 messages
English jerromy - subject is closed
I was wondering could a cr pack work out?

like you get 250 credits an pick buy cr pack.
an get 1 cr at randome i mean yea you could get a teriable cr or hit the jackpot.

i dont know a cr pack dose seem like it make this game alot of money from player buying credits. but any thing good can be use baddly
Friday 11/07/14

4 messages
English WP-Vortex - last answer from WP-Vortex, Friday 11/07, 21:26.
Does anyone knows when will they come
7 messages
English DUC RAP - last answer from Thoazol, Friday 11/07, 15:15.
I want to join a event which have only 1 stage and deck formate is elo or dt t1 and the prizez are normal like Cortez , Edd Cr etc
8 messages
English Anonymous88 - last answer from jerromy, Friday 11/07, 09:10.
Hello ppl I've been playing almost a week now..I use the Montana crew...should I stick with them or Maybe use the Uppers..idk. ..
6 messages
English ArdogHKG - last answer from jerromy, Friday 11/07, 07:16.
I mean the XP for upgrading cards.
Since I haven't play this game about six months.
I find that it is harder to get XP than before.
Is there any changes?
10 messages
English hashburki - subject is closed


I don't remember this card being released???
Couldn't find it in the Market Either.
Thursday 10/07/14

9 messages
English Jamox360 - subject is closed
What if some Crs came back to Clint City, and so lost their CR title?


3 messages
English joseph_27 - last answer from joseph_27, Thursday 10/07, 20:07.
Hi, I'm wondering if you can answer my question regarding this.. So I was adding a bunch of people but then, i noticed that i can't add him or them and it always says "ERROR". Can someone answer this for me? Thanks.
10 messages
English DUC RAP - last answer from hashburki, Thursday 10/07, 18:28.
How to pill in elo?
In first round ?
In second round?
In third round?
In fourth round?
13 messages
English DUC RAP - last answer from DUC RAP, Thursday 10/07, 16:42.
As Montana cards will be banned in elo next week, when they will be unbanned?
Tuesday 08/07/14

8 messages
English EpicRice - last answer from 412rayray, Tuesday 08/07, 23:24.
I was able to draw these two cards from a pack opening and I was wondering which of the two are better, and whether i should sell one of them or keep them both?
5 messages
English Soiuku - last answer from TheDoomBug, Tuesday 08/07, 21:55.
Does anyone know when I can expect to see Valentina Ld come back in cycle?
68 messages
English play_0 - subject is closed
Post here to win cards ,

First 2 people to post will get Rolph and Boomstock
12 messages
English BA_Mihir - last answer from Cakeman Icing, Tuesday 08/07, 01:26.
Why don't people start doing some memes on UR?
Or is there already something existing? xD
This is an awesome game and it can go a long way by word of mouth
people just need to talk abt it on fb more :3
Monday 07/07/14

43 messages
English Daxose - last answer from Daxose, Monday 07/07, 15:12.
Let me start off by saying there is probably no "fair" way to do this, but I was curious on everyone's thoughts on the subject.

UR has, obviously, grown vastly since its inception. Cards that were relevant and playable when the game first came out have no place in the game now.

What if UR eliminated these cards from the packs? Or if they took a different route and made them all CRs (thus, eliminating them from packs)?

The point being, no one gets excited when they spend money and get a Sandy or a Oryon or a Bill Joby in their packs. These cards are, essentially, useless to the game. They are additional cards to "collect" (key, operative word), but they aren't playable in the slightest.

What if UR removed the opportunity of obtaining these cards from us purchasing packs?
What if UR made it so these cards were the cards you got for free for winning duels?

Collectors will still want to obtain these cards, but UR "players" will not; it's impossible to use these cards even as a beginner and have any chance at winning.

I don't mean cards like Todd, which are basically useless but still have a place in the game. I mean the original, classic cards. Who's base stats don't match their * count and they just about all have "no ability"

There are a lot of these cards out there, and it can be annoying to purchase an elite pack and be stuck with multiple cards you just can't wait to sell.

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