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Tuesday 04/03/08

46 messages
English pumpkin - subject is closed
The Nightmare Clan welcome Erzsebet, an old Lady who’s a lot more dangerous than she looks, and Glorg, Ielena’s devoted servant. Meanwhile, the Fang Pi Clang are also boosting their numbers with the arrival of Yusuke and Hattori, two first-rate recruits.
Get these characters in the shop’s Action, Danger and New Bloodpacks.
Friday 29/02/08

7 messages
English StormWhisper - subject is closed
Registration is now Open. You have until Sunday Midnight to Register and pay your entry fees. AMAZING Prizes are to be given away. All details are in the Tournaments and Events forum.

Good Luck everyone.

25 messages
English pumpkin - subject is closed
Thanks to the surprise intervention of La Junta, Kolos's attack was successfully repelled. With the help of Bryan and his men, will the Sentinel manage to get back on top? Find out in the second installment of Collateral Damage! Happy reading!
Sunday 24/02/08

21 messages
English pumpkin - subject is closed
We've added a new feature to the guilds. The creator of each guild will now have Founder status. In addition to normal admin power they will be able to remove other guild admins (demote to normal member status). Also, from now on only they can destroy the guild.
We've set the Founder for each guild automatically by the order that people joined the guild (first to join = founder ). Inevitably there are going to be cases where the wrong player has become Founder or the correct player is no longer active etc. Contact us through the normal channels and we'll sort it out. There can be only one Founder but they can retire and pass the mantle to an admin of their choice or have the system automatically pick the next in line. Links to control this are on the My Guild page beside the normal admin commands. Enjoy!
Saturday 23/02/08

43 messages
English pumpkin - subject is closed
Summer nears its end but the war of the clans isn't ready to stop. More likely it's going to become even bloodier with the arrival at GHEIST of the frightening Dr Saw and Bristone, the mysterious double agent.
The Sakrohm, in greatest secrecy take in two discrete but determined allies TrinmkkT and Corinna.
While Ulu Watu are even cooler with new reinforcements like the sexy Lulabee and Crunchy Warren.
All these characters are available now in the New Blood, Danger and Cool Attitude packs at the Shop.
Thursday 21/02/08

77 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed
Everyone's talking about the Roots again thanks to Lilly, a determined and courageous activist, with Ben, the organic businessman, by her side. As for the Sakrohm, they're restructuring their organization with the arrival of the small but ultra crafty Na Boh and the mysterious Petra.
All these characters are now available from the shop's New Blood, Cool Attitude and Danger packs.
Monday 18/02/08

41 messages
English pumpkin - subject is closed
Despite all their efforts, the Sentinel have been unable to prevent the arrival of the terrifying Kolos. Will they be able to protect the city from this monster’s fearsome rage?
Yep, the UR comic is back! The first episode of "Collateral Damage" is now available
Thursday 14/02/08

12 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed
- Kate send message after tourney (she has been blacklisted by mistake)
- No more "script too slow" when playing using the Flash game (hopefully, please contact support if you still have the issue, from now on)
- No more intermittents "Error while sending private message"
Wednesday 13/02/08

12 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed
Hello everybody,

Our web servers have been hits by a malicious DoS attack that put them on their knees.
Everything is now back to normal and nothing was lost or damaged in during the 2h down period.

We'll keep investigating to see how we can improve our setup to avoid situations like this one.

Sorry for the inconvenience... you can go back to fight now
Monday 11/02/08

43 messages
English pumpkin - subject is closed
Will Copper manage to foil the plans of the Nightmare Clan? Find out in the latest episode of The Night of the Monsters now available. Happy reading!
Sunday 10/02/08

81 messages
English pumpkin - subject is closed
While La Junta is playing for high stakes by recruiting the brilliant but uncontrollable Emeth, not to mention the formidable Molly, the Pussycats aren’t taking any risks by welcoming fiery Meg and Ella into their ranks.
All these characters are now available from the Shop’s New Blood and Action Packs.
Saturday 09/02/08

45 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed
Our fellow Memento Mori is joining the mothership.
Starting mid-january, he'll be in Paris with us as a full time developper on Urban Rivals
We are very glad to have him in the team as we were really impressed by what he done for his personal site (UR Cards Database).
Wednesday 06/02/08

2 messages
English StormWhisper - subject is closed
Currently for whatever reason, ELO decks are allowing banned characters. If you are caught using this exploit, your ELO score will be reduced to 1000, and you will be blacklisted. Just because the system is allowing you to use banned characters doesn't mean it's not a form of cheating. You know these characters are banned.

If you see anyone exploting this bug, report it to me or another Admin. We will take care of it. Include screenshots if you can and report usernames.

We are aware and working now to fix it.

DO NOT Report people in this thread. Use the ingame email system.

14 messages
English StormWhisper - subject is closed
We are aware of the bug that is currently plauging the Daily Tournaments. It should be fixed soon. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Friday 01/02/08

93 messages
English pumpkin - subject is closed
Drastic times call for drastic measures! To confront the threat to the city posed by the Nightmare’s gigantic monster, Kolos, the Rescue Clan are in full recruitment mode and have welcomed to their ranks Denise, an expert in bacteriological and chemical threats, and Tanner, a specialist in large animals. While the Sentinels can now rely on John, the super cop who does things his own special way.
All these characters are now available from the Shop’s New Blood, Action Packs.`
Monday 28/01/08

39 messages
English pumpkin - subject is closed
We've been having trouble lately with players selling powerful decks to low level accounts and going crazy in the 5-12 rooms. We've got some adjustments in the works to help prevent this but until we ship them we've changed the fight type 1 & 2 rooms so that they are all level 7+. Not a perfect solution but it will allow for a more balanced group pf players where the strong will have less chance to prey on the new players with no real opposition.
Wednesday 23/01/08

86 messages
English pumpkin - subject is closed
We've rolled out some big changes this afternoon including a new, more readable design for the cards and a new version of the Flash game client with several enhancements and bug fixes:

New features
-A new Quick Challenge that's much faster and more informative than before. You can enter quick challenge mode whenever you like by clicking the button (crossed swords) at the bottom of the room list.
-Better motion of projectiles during the battles
-An animation for Sureshot (when your attack is at least double that of your opponent)
-Shortcuts for common actions (tooltips available when you mouse over the buttons)
-Nicknames of other players are more visible
-Flags are visible during battles
-New card appearance is carried over to the battles
-And many more little tweaks for you to discover.

-Bug that caused all cards to pile up at the left of the screen
-Some text in popups was cut off
-Improved memory / resource management by the game

I hope everyone likes the new changes. We're still working on making the game even better with future releases.
If you have any trouble with the new client please contact support.

Thanks Galix!
Monday 21/01/08

95 messages
English pumpkin - subject is closed
Come and visit Urban Rivals UK at stand 10707 in the TCG area at the MCM London Expo on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st October 2007. The Expo is situated at Excel Convention Centre in London’s dockland area - http://www.londonexpo.com/travel.shtml

Beat Pumpkin and win an Urban Rivals T-shirt!
The UK Community Manager Pumpkin will be on the stand ready to take on your challenges, if you can beat him you’ll win an Urban Rivals T-shirt.*

*Only one game per player
Monday 14/01/08

100 messages
English WMD Raven - subject is closed
(Translation of the news posted by admin Fraggle on the french forum)

The staff has been thinking a lot about new ways to refresh the ELO mode and they have decided to ban 2 cards from ELO: Lamar from the All Stars (an almost 8/8 with a very unbalanced record of wins/losses) and Marco from the Rescue (a 9/7 with +12 attack in monoclan decks, who also has a very unbalanced wins/losses record). Some other cards from other clans could be banned but the staff prefers to wait until the introduction of new cards of similar level but more balanced.

The staff is also going to rethink a little the algorithm that determines the top 3 clans by trying to take into account the way each clan is played (mono-clan, offensive, defensive etc.)

There is also another change about the distribution of rares in ELO. The 30 rares will be given to players with an ELO score superior to 1150 at the end of the tournament instead of 1000 as it is right now.

All the changes will be in place starting Monday the 7th January and a news will be placed on the home page of the site.

Have a nice week-end
Sunday 13/01/08

25 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed

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