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Saturday 24/11/07

8 messages
English WMD Raven - subject is closed
(These rules are a translation of the rules posted on the french forum by admin Mac Leod)

Read carefully all that is written on this subject, this will clarify most details regarding the message board.
Monday 19/11/07

14 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed
In a very facebook like spirit (why not!), we have added Friends Feed today!
You will now be aware of what's happening in YOUR corner of Clint City

There are some nice little things in this new feature, be sure to discover them all


Friday 16/11/07

20 messages
English mariaminette - subject is closed
The Rescue Clan continue their struggle to save the city. Hope has returned to Clint City with the arrival of new recruits: the mighty Hax, Steve, the Ace engineer who can fix anything, Anita, head of the emergency care unit and Bobby, the ultra ambitious apprentice Rescue worker.
All these characters are available from the Shop’s New Blood and Action Packs.
Thursday 15/11/07

18 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed
Hello everyone,

First, let us say we are truly sorry about the long downtime this morning that affected Urban Rivals's website.
And then sorry again for the game rooms "block" around 13h (paris time) for almost 1h30.

We have been doing a huge operation this morning regarding how the market is stored in our system.
Now, the market page and market operations are much (much) faster and it should not become a problem again until we have more than a million sales "currents" (now we are around 25k).

We plan to revamp the market pages to make navigation faster and easier in the future.

Our servers lag has been greatly reduced by this change & many "under the hood" recents optimizations, so now, we should not suffer of very high amount of online players (up to 7k based on our calculations).

Wa have also ordered many new servers to keep everything ultra-fast as we receive more and more players (we recently reached 1 million and we are at a rate of 5k new players per day).

Finally, we are working on many new features to make the game as perfect as possible.
We are working on everything that can make it better: social features, gameplay features, ui improvements...

Thanks playing our game.

The Staff
Friday 09/11/07

60 messages
English pumpkin - subject is closed
There's a bug in the implementation of the new cards that can cause the game to freeze when they are played. We know where it is and are fixing the problem but it's best to not put any of the new Rescue clan cards in your deck until we get it sorted out. -Pumpkin
Tuesday 30/10/07

1 message
English NickWit - subject is closed
Sunday had a calmer feeling and with more UK community members turning up and quite a few new players recruited the day before buzzing around the stand we decided to hold an afternoon tournament.

We had some t-shirts, posters and signed artwork for prizes and in true Urban Rivals style everyone that took part would take home a prize. The rules were simple, 3 battles at the player’s choice of room and opponent with battle points being added together for a total score.

The competition was close but eventually a winner prevailed, look out for this guy bandidedo from London in England.

Special thanks to all Urban Rivals players that turned up and all players that took part in the tournament. Respect to the following and if we missed you, see you next year and maybe across the pond…

Kazukunn, Tipsy, Tyras, Jake990, iam666, webzex, Dibsy, yhette, matt stave, longlivemcr, seanywany and Anna vee.
1 message
English NickWit - subject is closed
On a bright Friday morning in a fully laden car, we headed for the Excel Centre deep in the docklands area of London. We were an international team with a couple of French guys from the Paris office, a Canadian, an Englishman and a kind of Australian, it was a true dream team.

Excel is a sprawling conference centre sat right on the dockside with easy access via the Docklands Light Railway, or known as “DLR” to the locals.

The DLR offered views of the rising metropolis of Canary Wharf and glimpses of the newly named “O2 Arena”(formerly the Millenium Dome). This was about as much sightseeing as our French team were going to manage for the trip.

An early start on Saturday morning as we reached the stand at 0900 and watched the early crowds descend on the Expo floor, we soon knew it was going to be a busy day.

By midday the queues to get in the place had swelled and snaked around the conference centre and Saturday became a bit of a blur as we handed out flyers and watched the swarms of people.

By the end of the first day we’d met a couple of the Urban Rivals UK community and there was rumour that a T-shirt was secured as a prize, although details still remain sketchy, especially from Pumpkin.

After pounding the conference floor for 9 hours, we finally trudged off to our accommodation across the city and thought about the next day ahead.
Thursday 18/10/07

17 messages
English pumpkin - subject is closed
We've expanded the ELO rules page (http://www.urban-rivals.com/game/rules.php?show=elo) so that the instructions are a bit more clear and and added an ELO calculator so you can see what the results of a battle with a particular opponent would be. Have fun -Pumpkin
Friday 12/10/07

7 messages
English pumpkin - subject is closed
We've been expanding the rules again. There section on abilities and bonus has been expanded to include more information and also has the round tester. This tool lets you plug in any two characters, set whether any other members of their clan are in the deck and assign an amount of pillz to each and it will tell you the outcome stats of the battle. This can tell you the winner for non random matches or each cards win ratio if random is turned on.
Monday 08/10/07

43 messages
English pumpkin - subject is closed
New Pussycats turn up in Clint City, with the arrival of Emma, the disconcerting librarian, and Elly Mae, who’s fresh from the sticks but determined to make it big in the city. Meanwhile, the Roots can now count on the wisdom of Shakra, great fakir and sword sallower, while the Junta can put some order in their ranks with the arrival of Dean, a very thorough hairdresser.
All these characters are now available in the shop’s Action, New Blood and Cool Attitude packs.
Thursday 20/09/07

69 messages
English Dr.Ido - subject is closed
Two wild-child jet-setters make their debut on the Uppers’ scene: crazy and carefree Janine and her mega-rich, notorious friend Sydney. Meanwhile, the Junkz can now rely on Dash the record dealer and Gibson, who’ll do whatever it takes to get a direct hit of DJ Korr's music into his veins.
All these characters are available from the shop’s New Blood, Danger and Cool Attitude packs.
Monday 17/09/07

39 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed

In order to make the game a better place, we have created a new Deck format "Level Up":
- only 3 maxxed characters are allowed in your Deck

The Lostwarehouse level max limit has been removed and this new format enforced in that room.
The Lostwarehouse PRO has been removed as it was non useful anymore.

Before you ask, "why 3 and not 4 or 2 or 5 etc..". Well, we had to choose a limit, it's 3. We may change it in the futur, but we think if you have only a handful of characters to levelup, you can do it in the others rooms.
Wednesday 12/09/07

33 messages
English da-bigbivi - subject is closed
The server have to face a little pb. dont worry the staff is about to fix the pb. if you have any questions please ask the moderators
Sunday 09/09/07

22 messages
English pumpkin - subject is closed
Allopass payment is available in several new countries.
Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Israel, Turkey, Greece, Lithuania can all buy credits via Allopass at the shop.

Have fun
Saturday 01/09/07

123 messages
English pumpkin - subject is closed
Hello everyone,

As you know, we make modifications regularly in order to make the game better for everyone.
So, as of Monday, the daily tournaments will change:

New formats:

2 (perhaps 3) new formats will appear with the following rules: no doubles, not more than X stars, and not less than X stars.
It is much less restrictive than ELO mode, but still ensures certain balances exist between players Decks.

Addition of special rooms:

New special tournament rooms will be created for each of the new formats (not required for players of very low and high level). These rooms will be available at all times but matches will count towards tournaments only when a tournament is in progress (like the current system).

Withdrawal of the other rooms from the tournaments:

The matches in the other rooms will not count towards tournaments (even when a tournament is in progress). This is so that everyone plays under identical conditions during the tournaments.

- Lowering of level up bonus during the tournaments:

These changes are being made so that tournaments are played in a “combative” spirit and the rules of Urban are not twisted, giving an advantage too strong on certain types of “way of playing”. The bonus for leveling up a character during the tournaments will be reduced from 5 points per level at 2 points. This isn't meant as a punishment for people who played with certain styles.

Have fun!
Wednesday 29/08/07

10 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed
Hello everybody,

Starting now, you don't have to say "I want to play ELO" anymore.
As long as your Deck is valid for ELO, you will be shown as an ELO player in the ELO room.
And if you go to a "normal" room (let's say Fight Type 1), you'll be shown as a normal player, even if you are using your ELO deck (wich is also compatible with Type 1 format).

Monday 27/08/07

37 messages
English mariaminette - subject is closed
Nightmare return to haunt Clint City with Nistarok the dangerous 3 headed dog and Hel, guardian of dead. There's always action at All Stars who bring in two new recruits: Oyoh triple judo champion of the world and Ashley the mysterious the pom pom girl. La Junta prepares for war with the two brothers Uxoh the bomber and Burger the bomb disposal expert. All these characters are available now in the New Blood, Action and Danger packs at the Shop.
Wednesday 22/08/07

11 messages
English StormWhisper - subject is closed
There is someone running about posing as me asking for passwords. DO NOT Under any circumstances give him your password. I nor any other real member of the UR staff would ask for your password.

If you receive a message from anyone posing as a moderator, and they ask for your password, notify me or another Moderator/Admin immediately and we well take care of the individual. Please don't delete the message from your inbox as we can use that as evidence.

While the person posing as me has been stopped for the time being, if you receive a message from Storm Wind Evo that is NOT me. As I said before, I would not ask you for your password and do NOT give this person your password.

Friday 17/08/07

26 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed

In order to prevent any problems of ELO matchs a the very end of the tournament period. From now on, any ELO matchs that ends between 0h-4h am on monday will not be accounted for ELO.

Enjoy your week end!
Monday 06/08/07

16 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed
Based on your comments, a few modifications have been made to the rooms:

- Dark Corners East max level has been reduced so more players will be in the Dark Corners West
- Danger Zone Pro has been removed, Danger Zone has no more max level. (there is really not enough players interrested in playing without random).
- 2 rooms are totally and exclusively dedicated for ELO: ELO Battles & ELO Battles (non random). No max level. Only for ELO players.

Hope you like the changes.

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