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We'll let you know everything that will be coming on Urban Rivals in this forum.
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Thursday 05/04/07

42 messages
English 7RG-sand - subject is closed
After 6 months of relentless struggle, Dragan (Sentinel), Reine (Sakrohm), A Award (Sakrohm) and skullface (Sentinel) leave Clint City to join new adventures.
These characters will stop being available in packs from the shop as of Saturday March 31st.
Sunday 01/04/07

1 message
English Fraggle - subject is closed
As voted, tanaereva and Wee Lee have been removed from the elo mode.
They might come back in the future!

Good games everyone.
Friday 23/03/07

46 messages
English Dr.Ido - subject is closed
We need your opinion on what we think is an important matter: What do you want to do with characters that are too strong for the ELO mode. Currently we ban them from the ELO mode and they keep their overpowered stats. Another option would be to alter their stats, so they could fit in the ELO mode and allow them. Which one do you prefer? You can go to your profil page and tell us.
Monday 19/03/07

32 messages
English Dr.Ido - subject is closed
Last month you elected her "Miss Clint City", today, in order to celebrate her victory, we release Miss Chloe, the special edition card!
20 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed
The All Stars are back in force with the arrivals of Marina the mind blowing gymnast with her elastic body and Frank the ultimate strategist. Meanwhile, the Montana clan is also growing and can now rely on Angelina, the best swindler ever seen and Giovanni, a cold and methodical hit-man. Can the sportsmen succeed?
These characters are available in the New Blood, Action and Danger packs.

Friday 09/03/07

15 messages
English Dr.Ido - subject is closed
We changed Morphun level 5 stats according to the poll results, the new stats are: Power 8, Damage 5 and Ability 1 Pillz per turn.

Sunday 04/03/07

18 messages
English Dr.Ido - subject is closed
Sexy and dangerous, the girls from Clint City are playing a major part in the clan wars. Following the path of Elya, the feared fighter from the Fang Pi Clang, Miss Twice quickly became one of the most important members of the GHEIST while Nahi and Page from Roots were associated to create an unstoppable commando. Can you resist their charms? All these characters are available now in the packs from the shop.
Saturday 03/03/07

19 messages
English Dr.Ido - subject is closed
We changed Ambre stats according to the poll results. Her new stats are: Power: 6, damages: 4 (Ability: Team: Courage 3)
Monday 26/02/07

10 messages
English Dr Ido - subject is closed
We will very soon start a new type of Tournament on Urban Rivals. The ELO tournament will be open to every one playing ELO mode (level 20 and Elo deck, see the rules for more information) and will take place over a month.
Everyone will start at 1000 and earn/lose points according to the rules of the Elo mode. Players will receive cards at the end of the month, according to their rankings:
1st: 3 collector cards
2nd to 5th: 2 collector cards
6th to 10th : 1 collector card
11th to 25th : 1 rare

More information on this very soon.
30 messages
English Mac_Leod - subject is closed
For those who would not have received the newsletter of January, in here is an extract or are officially announced the new to collector :

Summary :

Especially since the cards of the BD of the Publishing Sun is distributed in the packs only during 6 months! The cards of Kookaburra will thus go out of the distribution in March, then in April it will be in the tour of those of the Mysteries, et cetera %u2026 Be far-sighted!

Good Game !!!
Sunday 25/02/07

16 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed

We are really happy to announce that Portugal, Luxembourg and Netherlands residents can now get their credits using their mobile phone at our shop
Available NOW!

Saturday 24/02/07

10 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed

Today we've:

- fixed the double-results after battle that occured from time to time.
- fixed the guild mail (player picture)
- improved greatly the sending of mails (private msg, guild msg)
- optimized (again) the website & game overall speed.

Thursday 22/02/07

4 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed
Hello everyone,

You should see a great improvement, especially during tournaments times.

Good games !
Wednesday 21/02/07

9 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed

We have been experiencing a huge increase of simultaneous players, especially during tournaments times.
We have already installed 2 new servers, and we hope to have them active as early as tomorrow evening.
You should then experience a much more smooth gameplay.

We are truly sorry for the inconvience and rest assured that quality of service is our top priority.
Sunday 18/02/07

18 messages
English Dr.Ido - subject is closed
Stopping at nothing to lead the Nightmare Clan to victory, Ielena prepares to strike harder than ever before with new help from Kenny, a strange child with great powers and Sheitane an evil fortune teller. Meanwhile, the Sentinel confirms its commitment to protecting the city with the addition of
two elite members: the incorruptible Klaus and Luis, a promising rookie.

These characters are available now in the New Blood, Danger and Action packs from the shop.
Wednesday 14/02/07

12 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed

We have a growing (very fast) number of Brasilians playing Urban Rivals.
We are already working on a portugese version of the game but the second most requested feature is buying credits using SMS or Phone.
So I'm calling out to all brasilians: can you give us example of games websites that allow SMS/Phone payment in Brazil (if therre is any) ?
Our current provider (allopass) will be releasing many new south-americans countries (Argentina, Uruguay etc..) but still no Brazil... and we would love to give our players a simple way to get their credits.

Thank you for you help
Monday 12/02/07

7 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed

In order to support players who wish to evolve quickly their characters and who are annoyed by the unfairness of some others, we have changed the rules in the Lost Warehouse.
From now on, the sum of the XP won for a round ( 25% bonus) is split between the 2 characters in equals shares.
Level up bonus are active, battle result xp and battles points are as usual but there is no battle points per round and no KO bonus.

We hope you'll enjoy theses new rules.
Friday 09/02/07

5 messages
English Z Earth - subject is closed

In order to prepare the new ELO tournament system we now adjust ELO value every night:
if you are above 1000, you'll slowly decrease to 1000 if you do not play actively (1 point by inactive day, each day). So if you reach 1100 and do not play for 3 days in elo, you will lose 1 point then 2 points then 3 points, decreasing your value to 1094.

Same if you are below 1000, you will slowly go back to 1000 using the same rule.
Monday 05/02/07

16 messages
English Dr.Ido - subject is closed
Two creatures from space are wreaking havoc in the streets of Clint City! Ingsthra and SkrumxxT, the brand new members of the Sakrohm, landed on earth only a few days ago, but they have already inflicted massive damage to the opposing clans. The Pussycats are the first to react to this invasion with two dangerously sexy recruits: Alice and Sakura.
These characters are available now in the New Blood, Danger and Action packs from the shop.
25 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed

As you may have noticed, we added a live tracker during tournament to inform you about:
- your current position, and average pts per battle during the tournament
- the player before you and the current Leader.

We hope that you'll enjoy this new feature!

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