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Strategy and Tactics: ELO Mode

ELO is a refined and rewarding game mode. Discuss ELO subtleties with your rivals.
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English TnT_MeRm - subject is closed
Rules: ELO

** Must be Level 15 or over**

1.) Deck composition: 25 Stars Max

Deck composition in ELO is very important in order to succeed in the game. You can either play using a mono-clan (single clan) or bi-clan (two clans). The option is very open and wide for you to pick from, so let your imagination go wild.

→ 1.1) Mono-Clan deck

Many players will go with a mono clan deck if some of their cards are support dependent. What does this mean?

Support ability/bonus - If your card have Support ability/bonus, it will benefit from having other cards from the same clan in your draw.

If using cards like John with ability "Support: Power +1" and you have 3 other card from Sentinel clan in your draw then John's Power increases by 4

→ 1.2) Bi-Clan / 2 Clan decks

In order to make a good deck using 2 different clan decks, you need to ensure to have a well balanced combination. For this to be effective, consider factors such as ability, power, bonus and clan combinations.

Let's explore on this a bit more, Many ELO players I've seen would use combinations like Freaks / Pussycats , Roots / Sakrohm , GHEIST / Sakrohm and many more.

The big question is - how do I know which clans work best with each other?
Unfortunately, there's no specific answer to this question. As I always tell players, it all depends on the strategy when using them.

For example:
[ Freaks / Pussycats ] Strategy: Poison + damage = reduces opponent's life to atleast 3, therefore, Freaks will be used as offence, while the Pussycats will be the defence. Add the ability of cards like Malicia (with + 1 life max 15 when defeated)then you MAY have a good advantage over your opponent

I can go on and on about deck combinations and still would not be able to help everybody find the right combo for them. It would be best if you seek specific advice by posting here in the forum. That way, the other ELO players may be able to assist you with your queries.

→ 1.3) Remember the ELO banned cards: Staff + Player voting system

All cards banned for ELO will be listed here http://www.urban-rivals.com/game/elo/banned_characters.php

2.) Game play strategy

→ 2.1) Pillz use

You can use pillz to multiply your character’s power to the get total attack in your battles. Remember the highest attack wins, so use your pillz wisely.

• You will start off with 12 pillz. It is your decision how you want to spread this out with all your 4 characters in your draw.

• You can also use pillz to add +2 damage to your character by activating “FURY”

A word of advice:
"The most important thing about pillz use is to anticipate how your opponent will play based on your draw and your opponent’s draw...It is not advisable to play 0 pills in your first round each time but do not overpill (more than 6 pills) except in some special occasions. This is because you might face several opponents who 0-1 pill in their early rounds. Hence you must take care that you always use your pills wisely and plan out the game.

Also, if your opponent has 0 pilled round 1 and you have put in 4-5, make sure that you have created sufficient life difference in that round to actually threaten to seal the victory in round 2. Make a relation between the damage you make and the pills you use. Try to not pill too much on cards that do not create a major life gap. This will help your game"

→ 2.2) Strategies

→ 2.2.1) Bluff

Knowing an effective way to bluff is important in all aspects of the game. “A bluff is trying to make your opponent believe you are going to play the obvious way but instead you play offbeat.”

→ 2.2.2) Letting cards through

In your fights you need to weigh if it is worth wasting your pillz trying to beat a very power card or just let it through. Keep in mind that many people might use these cards as a bluff to make you waste your pillz.

→ 2.2.3) Offensive vs defensive game style

In your fight you can either choose to be an offensive player or a defensive one or a combination of both. Offensive game play is done when you use your cards assertively in a battle ensuring you win with these cards. Defensive game play is often played with cards with (- damage as an ability/bonus).

→ 2.3) Taking the Draw

Often times, matches can be guaranteed draws (when both players finish round 4 with the same number of life points). By taking this opportunity, you can avoid losing a lot of points, however you also cannot win lots. This tactic, when used in moderation, can help save you from dropping a lot of points and keep pressing on towards your next ELO goal.

* http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/help/?category=0
* http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&forum_page=0&id_subject=1436732&subject_page=0#answers

PS: If you want to add any information to this thread, please PM me.

edited by Sir B00BY Thursday 12/09/2013, 09:30

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Deutsch wild-lionXX - last answer from troll4663, yesterday at 20:06.
Lately i've been playing lots of ELO, and the deck i prefer, is Jungo so i've been looking around the forums for advise but i didn't find a good (budget) combo Jungo elo deck
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English bokneehog - last answer from Thoazol, yesterday at 17:35.
At the time of writing this, Brody has 7% of the ELO ban vote, despite his perma-ban on Monday.

PSA: You can all stop voting for him because he is banned anyway...
6 messages
English troll4663 - last answer from troll4663, yesterday at 01:38.
There's Spaighi and all of those great 4*. But what else? I came into a lot of money recently, but don't suggest over 100000 k >.>
Monday 28/07/14

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English qwaiker - last answer from Soiuku, Monday 28/07, 18:21.
I'm wondering if it's still possible to make a budget ELO deck, and I have made a deck that I think is decent:

Budget Junkz-Jungo

If you guys have any other budget elo-based decks, feel free to post them in this thread.
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English AGPrinz - last answer from Nmba 1 Stunna, Monday 28/07, 16:37.
To ban some allstars? At least ban Saki...

Also Nabrissa is completely overpowered as well. To be honest the card is better than Diana by a lot. Unless you are going mono pussy, you wont pill very hard if u get SOA with Diana. With Nabrissa, you need to deal both her ability and her bonus, and her low star count. She is truly one of the best 2*s in the game right now and needs to be perma banned.

Who here agrees?
299 messages
English Cakeman Icing - last answer from Snowman LoA, Monday 28/07, 01:43.
There seems to be alot of preset threads...Why not post them here?
Friday 25/07/14

1 message
Check out this deck: [I]des of March let me no what you think and how well do you think it should compare this week. Thank you!
11 messages
English NebulaLord - last answer from bokneehog, Friday 25/07, 05:42.
This is my deck ,I still think theres some modification needed .Any suggestions from viewers are accepted .Thanks .

Dalhia 5s Scubb 4s Raeth 4s Taljion 3s Greesh 3s
Tula 2s Amiral Coco 2s Parmabarb 2s

I have lots of Piranas clan cards to replace any of them so any advice is affordable and acceptable. Thanks again .
5 messages
English 412rayray - last answer from troll4663, Friday 25/07, 05:33.
I run a mono-Skeelz deck n have finished 1300+ with it on multiple occasions. Lately not so much. I feel I need more Dr, would like to add Kephren or someone. Any help is welcome.
The deck:
Chiara Cr
Dr Falkenstein
I have most of the Skeelz n a ton of other Dr's. Any hell is much appreciated
Wednesday 23/07/14

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English HipHoppa - last answer from HipHoppa, Wednesday 23/07, 16:31.
Don't get me wrong, I've got no love for Rescue. But this week I figured I'd throw together a Rescue deck for ELO and maybe get some mission points. But then I noticed that Sledge is perma-banned and started looking at my other options and things just went downhill...

Without Sledge, Piranas eat Rescue for breakfast. Reeves is a poor substitute. Even with his reprisal activated, he only beats Rekved if you use all pillz. 11 pillz and under, Rekved has the advantage. No other Rescue card can deal with Rekved head-to-head. Coleridge, Puff and even Taljion are going to be very hard for Rescue to deal with as well. Rescue does have DR, but Piranas have pill manipulation. If your only choice is to try to force a big card like Reeves through and then DR your way to the win, I don't consider that a very reliable strategy.
Monday 21/07/14

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English qwaiker - last answer from 412rayray, Monday 21/07, 09:52.
I know that it's not the biggest deal in the world to experienced ELO players, but I'm proud of myself for finally getting in the 1300s

Here's the deck I got it with: Jungle Ladies - First 1300
6 messages
English dannyack1 - last answer from dannyack1, Monday 21/07, 02:15.
Narrowed down to 9 cards: Angelo, Gianfranco, Paolo, Don, Sharon, Veccio, Spiaghi, Vermaire, and Waller. Which 3* shuld I remove to get 25* total???
Wednesday 16/07/14

3 messages
English jerromy - last answer from jerromy, Wednesday 16/07, 06:24.

these decks were made cause of the glass warriors it gose around them.
1 message
Thought I'd test run this deck. Very solid, but Sean is nagging me as to whether he fits.
Maybe Dave too, not so sure.
Thoughts? Opinions?
Tuesday 15/07/14

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English WP-Vortex - last answer from Pabst Blue, Tuesday 15/07, 18:57.
MY First Elo Top 100
00:02 Elo you beat loupsnoirs, La Promesse Des Tenebres (14-6): 1374 ELO
23:57 Elo you lost by default against HD_Rango, Heaven Destroyer (10-10): 1374 ELO
23:54 Elo you crushed cunhaj, lord Guild (14-0): 1396 ELO
23:50 Elo you beat oki9155, Dark Fighters (9-0): 1385 ELO
23:45 Elo you beat PdMSaka, CaTaLYsT (8-0): 1373 ELO
23:42 Elo you lost by default against libero2798, "Rim Tim" Team (10-6): 1363 ELO
23:39 Elo you almost won against 0 Side, NΞoN Ξvolution (7-: 1383 ELO
23:32 Elo you won by forfeit against 0 aloeblacc, PokiMaBuoni (11-13): 1399 ELO
23:29 Elo you won by timeout against taerlaboloss, Les Enfants Perdus De Clint-City (9-14): 1388 ELO
23:25 Elo you won by forfeit against 0_Clown, UNION OF THE SUPREMES (6-: 1379 ELO
23:21 Elo you narrowly escaped from EC iturrA (10-: 1367 ELO
23:16 Elo you beat 0 Paul, NΞoN Ξvolution (7-3): 1353 ELO
23:12 Elo you crushed mimile0111, Les Enfants Perdus De Clint-City (12-1): 1342 ELO
23:07 Elo you won by forfeit against 0_Gayby, -GENESISS- (14-3): 1331 ELO
23:04 Elo you narrowly escaped from gaebolga (7-4): 1321 ELO
22:59 Elo you almost won against DR_KAKASHI, Don't Respect (9-10): 1308 ELO
22:56 Elo you won by forfeit against Duc-Tiwi, Dutch Urban Crew (11-10): 1319 ELO
22:52 Elo you narrowly escaped from taerlaboloss, Les Enfants Perdus De Clint-City (7-5): 1307 ELO
Sunday 13/07/14

1 message
deleted really nice elo deck
Friday 11/07/14

4 messages
English HoA - Frozen - last answer from jerromy, Friday 11/07, 08:08.
Root of the Party

R & C.

Has the perfect combo.
Thursday 10/07/14

18 messages
English teeheemancer - last answer from Pingerz, Thursday 10/07, 02:34.
How viable is Raven in ELO atm? Or Junta in ELO atm. As for Skeelz with Dounia in, does she make much of an impact? And is MONO Skeelz and Vortex any good? Seeing alot of half decks and some 2 card fillers with these two clans so was thinking if it can compete with the meta if played MONO.
Tuesday 08/07/14

4 messages
English IM_Nem8 - last answer from -7 -Lordgaby-, Tuesday 08/07, 05:24.
Is there a reason Brody is not there anymore? Just wondering...

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