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Strategy and Tactics: ELO Mode

ELO is a refined and rewarding game mode. Discuss ELO subtleties with your rivals.
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Wednesday 02/10/13

4 messages
English Clint Fighter - last answer from HoAzeem, Wednesday 02/10/2013, 19:21.


Any suggestions would be helpful...
2 messages
English Avichee - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Wednesday 02/10/2013, 10:50.
Trying out this, not really got the greatest budget, but suggestions are appreciated. :')

Tuesday 01/10/13

19 messages
English PokiDraco - last answer from jlegolas, Tuesday 01/10/2013, 22:47.
Hello to you all, I have tried to build a Vortex deck since it seemed to be fitting my budget and not to bad from what i read. I have built something that I think you can call a deck, but I am not so sure.

This is the deck so far
Cyb Lhia 2*
Ward hg 2*
Bublegmm 2*
Neloe 2*
Deea 3*
Kronnen 4*
C Beast 5*
Oflgn 5*

total = 25*
My problems so far, put aside my lack of experience, are Kronnen being not to good I find myself using him almost always as a bluff when revenge is activated and that due to a low budget i had to settle for cards like Ward hg and Bublegmm.

I would love to hear suggestions for improvements, even sell some of those cards and make a nice half deck. my budget as it is right now stands on 8200ctz and I can sell cards if need be.
1 message
English Goodguydavor - subject is closed

This is my Fang pi project for this weak...
i have idea to change Yoshida for Tsubame But still in saving process so if any of you veterans have some other idea =D
Monday 30/09/13

8 messages
English Respect WMD - last answer from 412rayray, Monday 30/09/2013, 10:14.
I honestly don't know what everyone would think about this. But in my opinion this looks like alot of fun.

Elo in standard format with the 25* limit. I really love the limitation on what cards can be used.

Anyone else have thoughts? Or an idea for an elo change?
4 messages
English BoxOfCrazy - last answer from JO3SHMO, Monday 30/09/2013, 04:27.
So, I've noticed today that in ELO mode, whether I win or lose and no matter by how much, my ELO score remains exactly the same. Winning 12-0 (or losing 12-0!) does not even change it at all. What is going on?
Sunday 29/09/13

4 messages
English mugatar1134 - last answer from JO3SHMO, Sunday 29/09/2013, 12:17.
Any playstyle/deck advice?
My goal is to get to 1300, and I hope that this deck would help me get over the hump.



P.S. I'm planning on replacing Fuzz with Qubik when he's unbanned
Thursday 26/09/13

2 messages
English mugatar1134 - subject is closed
I've been doing pretty well with this deck, I was just hoping for some advice to see if the deck can be further improved
Thanks in advance!
1 message
Please check out my new love Noland! it used to be Tuck though~ i just love 7/5 on 4 stars .


used to run

C Wing
Cyb Lhia
Wednesday 25/09/13

3 messages
English Creditz_Mad - last answer from Creditz_Mad, Wednesday 25/09/2013, 21:10.
I have the majority of the Nightmare clan (no crs) and I've only just come back to the game recently and have lost the ability to compete in Elo so any Nightmare deck suggestions/help would be appreciated thanks
10 messages
English Eric BLUFLAME - last answer from 412rayray, Wednesday 25/09/2013, 15:43.
KrazyBangers Elo

Only hopng for some players opinions and would also take suggestions for other winning based clans (ie. power manipulation and attack manipulation clans) that might work really well with the Berzerk half their already.
Monday 23/09/13

3 messages
English RobFord_ - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Monday 23/09/2013, 12:34.
2 messages
English Respect WMD - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Monday 23/09/2013, 12:33.
deleted Left some details about the card choices Please feel free to recommend any suggestions Even as far as choosing a different half deck or clan. All is welcome

And rate please good or bad it doesn't matter, it helps me decide if i'm going about deck building right or wrong
Sunday 22/09/13

2 messages
English bumhole0 - subject is closed
I am offering:
Daddy Jones

open to offers via private message
trading with secure trade
8 messages
English wats_happenin - last answer from METALHEADuk666, Sunday 22/09/2013, 16:28.

What are your ideas for a rainbow deck?
Can they be effective at all?
2 messages
English YouBelong - last answer from Kungfu Sock, Sunday 22/09/2013, 11:51.
Is this worth?

GHEIST : Arkn , Ksendra , Bristone , Leviatonn
Pussycats : Clover , Diana , Lucy , Jayzel / Cherry

I accept suggestions! Thx
11 messages
English Clint Fighter - last answer from Cloud Atlas, Sunday 22/09/2013, 06:46.
Half deck with Montana's...

Edd Cr

Saturday 21/09/13

5 messages
English kirstiiiiiiiiii - last answer from kirstiiiiiiiiii, Saturday 21/09/2013, 21:40.
Hopefully y'all can help me out. I'm trying to complete two legendary missions right now so if you guys could help me out with a mono Vortex deck with Galen in it that would be fantastic. thanks a bunch!
Friday 20/09/13

5 messages
English Respect WMD - last answer from JO3SHMO, Friday 20/09/2013, 23:44.

Any suggestions?
please rate and comment
Thursday 19/09/13

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