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Strategy and Tactics: ELO Mode

ELO is a refined and rewarding game mode. Discuss ELO subtleties with your rivals.
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Friday 20/09/13

5 messages
English Respect WMD - last answer from JO3SHMO, Friday 20/09/2013, 23:44.

Any suggestions?
please rate and comment
Thursday 19/09/13

2 messages
English EAClintFighter - last answer from Kungfu Sock, Thursday 19/09/2013, 15:57.
Jose Star

Any suggestions would be helpful...
Wednesday 18/09/13

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Česky AoEM_Sakal - last answer from jlegolas, Wednesday 18/09/2013, 22:20.
Hi, I decided to make few inexpensive elo presets, with the main goal to be still competitive, but with a maximum price being only a little over 10 000 clintz. I also tried to make these decks from various clans with a single card maximum price little over 3000 clintz.
I hope it will be useful for beginners and I hope I made them playable enough to stand a chance in the current elo format.

I made 5 of these decks so far, and I know they aren't best, but I hope they aren't bad/unplayable and I'm open to any suggestions or criticism, but please don't rate red for no reason and rather tell me what should I improve/change with the mind of the budget.

Here are the links:

Cheap elo project: 1
Cheap elo project: 2
cheap elo project: 3
10 messages
English MrsNubcake - last answer from A-Trak, Wednesday 18/09/2013, 06:35.
I was really excited to play my first elo matches today, but after my first 4 games 3 of my opponents rage quit... The really dumb thing about it is that 2 of them could still have won.
Have i just been unlucky or is this what always happens?
10 messages
English Respect WMD - last answer from Respect WMD, Wednesday 18/09/2013, 06:34.
As the title says, is mono Pussycats viable for elo?
If not, is a half deck better?
Is Jungo viable even with all of their banned cards?

please comment!
3 messages
English Respect WMD - last answer from Respect WMD, Wednesday 18/09/2013, 02:02.
deleted not sure how viable this is, but would love some suggestions and feedback, also rate +/- if you think its good or bad. What other clans should I look into?
Tuesday 17/09/13

Monday 16/09/13

9 messages
English express54321 - last answer from Kungfu Sock, Monday 16/09/2013, 23:51.
So, basically the meta is which clans are being used often that week?

How do you figure out what the current meta is?

Once you've found out what the meta is, how should you build your deck?
5 messages
English LP-Herald - subject is closed
I've completed my first ever Elo tourney and I feel pretty good, I received an ok amount for my score (1317 Elo) however, I saw players who had scored less during Elo week receive a card (some player even got a Mechakolos!) and I was wondering why I haven't received a card, I do think that all of those players are part of a gild, could that possible be the reason? Unfortunately I'm new to this site (even though I created this account a little over two years ago :shockso any explanation would be helpful, thank you in advance.
Sunday 15/09/13

2 messages
English philsfan1234 - last answer from philsfan1234, Sunday 15/09/2013, 19:20.
Peace, Nature, and Loud Music

I had a lot of success with this deck this week, there aren't too many bad draws.
1 message

Managed to get to 1220, but couldn't get any higher though.
69 messages
English 0 the oracle - last answer from neo_08ms, Sunday 15/09/2013, 07:55.
Before you guys start bashing me blah they are weak against SoB/SoA blah STOP and think about it!

Huracan, no doubt has easily one of the best bonuses in game especially ELO. Rescue hands down had the best bonus, but Huracan now bests the limit by starting at a WHOPPING +14 attack. Also, its almost a joke that they don't even have to be used in mono, half decks make the best combinations, coupled with something defensive like Jungo/ Pussy or wtv they can work great. By starting with an advantage like this, it is actually incredibly EASY to keep on the advantage and not losing the edge on your bonus, keeping that +14 attack for 1 or 2 more turns.

Comparison with other +/-attack clans: Makes other clans seem like a joke, only Montana/Uppers come CLOSE~

Anyway, enough with the bonus, lets look at the cards and synergy.

Zapatino: easily one of the best 2*s, in the game with support of its bonus. 2* counterpart Ivy (considered a good card), she has a least potent bonus (in most cases) and a higher minimum.. what?

Derby Queen: Sorry what? You say 7/5? For a 2* with a beast bonus? Wow.. i dont care if its situational, reprisal is one of the easier activation skills.

El Gascaro: Good card, but ability is almost broken together with bonus. And your opponent has to block too, 6 damage is no easy deal.

El Matador: Great stats, solid ability albeit situational again works well with bonus.

Continued on the next post..
7 messages
English Respect WMD - last answer from neo_08ms, Sunday 15/09/2013, 06:42.
I use to play in 2010 - 2011, and I was wanting to come back to play my fav Jungo clan.
But I see a huge problem.

Slyth perma banned
Askai perma banned
Troompah perma banned
Ongh banned (from what i heard alot)

They dont have soa sob or manipulation
So what do you do? I've always preferred mono clans.
Is Jungo mono dead in elo?
Do i really have to build a half deck with Huracan or something?
10 messages
English Kefalo - last answer from neo_08ms, Sunday 15/09/2013, 06:28.
It's very strange seeing how many 1300+ players quit almost as soon as they lose the first round. Is this related to scoring?

Also, the difference in scoring gets rather sharp once you're above 1300 - I get pretty much max 10 for wins, and -20 for losses. Any way to counteract this?
Wednesday 11/09/13

8 messages
English rumohr - last answer from 412rayray, Wednesday 11/09/2013, 23:31.
I just started playing and I like the idea of Freaks but I'm having trouble building a deck with them this is what i have so far
Bikini Joe Ld
Any Thoughts?
5 messages
English Dbryan UR - last answer from Dbryan UR, Wednesday 11/09/2013, 03:20.
1 message
Hopefully y'all can help me out. I'm trying to complete two legendary missions right now so if you guys could help me out with a mono Vortex deck with Galen in it that would be fantastic. thanks a bunch!
Tuesday 10/09/13

82 messages
English TnT_MeRm - subject is closed
ELO rules:


1.) Deck composition

Deck composition in ELO is very important in order to succeed in the game. You can either play using a mono-clan (single clan) or bi-clan (two clans). The option is very open and wide for you to pick from so let your imagination go wild.

→ 1.1) Pure maxed card deck

In order to make a good deck using all maxed cards. You need to ensure a well balanced combination. For this to be effective, consider factors such as ability, power, bonus and clan combinations.

Ex: les piranas atomiques

→ 1.2) Deck with unevolved cards

The use of cards with stable statistics at their lower level is very popular in ELO to save star count. These unevolved cards are often used as fillers.

Ex: L-I-O-N-H-E-A-R-T-H (The unevolved card used here have the same ability for his maxed level so it saved the player 1 extra star count to use for the rest of the deck) & an other elo win ;O)

→ 1.3) Deck with a Leader

Each Leader in the game have different unstoppable abilities. Many people use them for this reason. It will be your decision which Leader you want to use in your deck.

Ex: Barre chocomuscle féline (Eyrik (R) was used to complement All Star’s bonus)

**NB: With the new ELO voting system, you also need to consider banned cards for each week when making a deck**

2.) Game play strategy

→ 2.1) Pillz use

You can use pillz to multiply your character’s power to the get total attack in your battles. Remember the higher the attack of your characters, the more chances of you winning the fight so use your pillz wisely. At the beginning of your fight you will start off with 12 pillz. It is your decision how you want to spread this out with all your 4 characters in your draw.


You can also use pillz to boost the damage you can inflict to your opponent when you win.


→ 2.2) Strategies

→ 2.2.1) Bluff

Knowing an effective way to bluff is important in all aspects of the game. “A bluff is trying to make your opponent believe you are going to play the obvious way but instead you play offbeat.”


→ 2.2.2) Letting cards through

In your fights you need to weigh if it is worth wasting your pillz trying to beat a very power card or just let it through. Keep in mind that many people might use these cards as a bluff to make you waste your pillz.


→ 2.2.3) Offensive vs defensive game style

In your fight you can either choose to be an offensive player or a defensive one or a combination of both. Offensive game play is done when you use your cards assertively in a battle ensuring you win with these cards. Defensive game play is often played with cards that have (&ndash damage as an ability/bonus.


* As per the links given above
* http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&forum_page=&id_subject=96358&subject_page=7

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