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Strategy and Tactics: ELO Mode

ELO is a refined and rewarding game mode. Discuss ELO subtleties with your rivals.
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Sunday 27/10/13

7 messages
English EAClintFighter - last answer from Lu Bu, Sunday 27/10/2013, 02:10.

Zhu Tang

Any suggestions would be helpful....
2 messages
English EAClintFighter - last answer from Spikey 13, Sunday 27/10/2013, 01:38.

Vermyn N
Doug Snop
Lil Jey

Any suggestions would be helpful....
Saturday 26/10/13

6 messages
English 412rayray - last answer from 412rayray, Saturday 26/10/2013, 19:16.

Valentina Ld

Chiara Cr

Thoughts? Help? Ideas?
Thursday 24/10/13

5 messages
English Shanks Miagi - last answer from 412rayray, Thursday 24/10/2013, 19:41.
8 messages
English EAClintFighter - last answer from Bindog, Thursday 24/10/2013, 07:04.
Tremorh and Gibson are far more dangerous.
Wednesday 23/10/13

7 messages
English 412rayray - last answer from 412rayray, Wednesday 23/10/2013, 17:36.
3 messages
English EAClintFighter - last answer from EAClintFighter, Wednesday 23/10/2013, 01:05.

Vermyn N
Lil Jey

Any suggestions would be helpful...
Sunday 20/10/13

17 messages
English TheFirstZack - last answer from 412rayray, Sunday 20/10/2013, 11:23.
I could use some help building an op elo deck, any clan or any 2 clans
let me know if you have any ideas
no card is out of reach
Saturday 19/10/13

11 messages
English IM_Blissey - last answer from 412rayray, Saturday 19/10/2013, 22:08.
After I picked up Olga and Hindelga in a pack one day I figure I should make with them (On elo of course) so here the half deck I want to do right now

Esmeralda and or maybe Hula depends on the week

I want to use Pussycats so that half deck is
Selina (If Hindelge is banned)

Any other ideas? And no I am not going to use Huracan, Frozn, Skeelz (Not that I don't have the cards but I will only do it in mono) All-stars, Bangers, Junkz, Brezerk, GHEIST, Roots (Elo mode ruined it for me) Jungo, Ulu Watu and Vortext

Thanks for the help
Friday 18/10/13

22 messages
English 412rayray - last answer from HoAzeem, Friday 18/10/2013, 17:51.
So I want to take advantage of Graven this/next week. My thoughts, plz help.
Bernie, Cornelia, Elvis, Graven, Lola, Melanie
Plunk, Kephron

Maybe use Rudy, Redra, Jeffery?
Wednesday 16/10/13

3 messages
English EAClintFighter - last answer from _Guedes_, Wednesday 16/10/2013, 18:01.
Are there too many all stops for people to handle?
17 messages
English gcttirth - last answer from _Guedes_, Wednesday 16/10/2013, 17:57.
Basically, what would be your ideal deck for ELO?

I would like to know which are the staple cards from top tier clans so I can analyze them and use/counter them.

Tuesday 15/10/13

3 messages
English EAClintFighter - last answer from HoAzeem, Tuesday 15/10/2013, 13:44.
This card is fantastic.
10 messages
English LP-Herald - last answer from 412rayray, Tuesday 15/10/2013, 09:36.
I'm thinking of creating a half deck for elo this week and i know i wanna use ghiest just not sure about the other clan I should use, what would the pros/experts recommend? Also of these three which two would you pick Hriger, Dr Ergo or Methane? thanks in advance.
Saturday 12/10/13

12 messages
English -Saladin - last answer from HoAzeem, Saturday 12/10/2013, 18:21.
I'm testing out some combinations, and one of them was GHEIST Uppers. Do you think this kind of combination could work? the current build is

Z3r0 D34d
Dr Ergo

total 13


Total 12

2 messages
English olw_abbnormal - last answer from Thoazol, Saturday 12/10/2013, 16:52.
When is the ELO tourny anyway ? I've stopped playing this game for almost a year and came back almost 2-3 weeks from now , and I didn't know the schedule of ELO
Friday 11/10/13

16 messages
English Goodguydavor - last answer from _Guedes_, Friday 11/10/2013, 02:29.
Hello world =)
So couple weaks ago there was ELO ban change discussion started by UR staff, in that topic there was a lot of ideas about Baning more,new systems for deck making and similar. So my vision would be to bring some old permanently banned characters back because they are not so OP in current meta and could be maybe bringing back some clans in highlights of ELO.
So my first card to be review to come back is Lamar
So Lamar is one of older cards and one of first in permanently banned characters and now after long time i think he is not so big of deal.
1 reason- low lvl cards "evolve" in 7-8 power beasts and got some serious abilitys, so Lamar is not rly untouchable 5 star
2 reason-there are already cards with similar stats as Lamar - Taylor, Rad, Clara
3 reason- his bonus is actually on edge with moder UR power manipulations... because of his low power he will usual bring his opponents on same or
-1 power what make him similar to Oshitsune and other low power chars with power reduction

So this unban probably wont happen but if you think about it Allstars deserve strong nuke 5 star that would be fear for clans like Huracan s and Rescue,
and he would be stable 5 star in Allstars ranks but again not so common because of rarities and price.
So this is only my opinion... Im not pro player so i might be wrong.
Thursday 10/10/13

10 messages
English 412rayray - last answer from 412rayray, Thursday 10/10/2013, 10:22.
I want to creat a deck that uses 2-3 Skeez cards n 5-6 of another clan. I have a decent collection so far n an unsure how to go about creating this one. If u were making a deck

1: which Skeelz would u use?
2: what clan would u pair up?
3: which cards would u use for the 2nd clan?

I really want to try this next week so any help is appreciated.
Wednesday 09/10/13

3 messages
English METALHEADuk666 - last answer from METALHEADuk666, Wednesday 09/10/2013, 18:16.

i have scored more KO's with this than i thought i would.

Konrad + 1 other win + Leela = win

you can play this deck lots of ways as Leela is so good at blocking or hitting, Diana is great hiting or bluffing.

hell even if you pull all 2's you get.
1 stop bonus,
1 revenge skill
2 damage reducers
1 power manipulation
1 anti power manipulation
2 unblockable damage dealers

also good damage and power on most cards.

what do you guys think?

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