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Strategy and Tactics: ELO Mode

ELO is a refined and rewarding game mode. Discuss ELO subtleties with your rivals.
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Sunday 08/09/13

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Română Chuckila - last answer from Kefalo, Sunday 08/09/2013, 16:13.

Won my fair share of games this week vs Huracan with this deck. Especially El Divino, they usually need to pill him first round big time, to avoid the hit with Kenny/Vince or even Pan. And if you have a DR in your hand, it gets tricky for them. The synergy provided by Crowen help a bunch, especially in the later rounds when it gets low pill.

When Oshitsune will be unbanned, it will replace Vince and Uranus instead of Spiaghi.
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English BlaasterMaster - last answer from Kungfu Sock, Sunday 08/09/2013, 13:04.
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English Dbryan UR - last answer from Dbryan UR, Sunday 08/09/2013, 02:53.
Saturday 07/09/13

5 messages
English express54321 - last answer from yoyoaction, Saturday 07/09/2013, 05:55.
I've seen both mono and split decks be used in ELO. In general, which type of deck is better and why?
Friday 06/09/13

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ελληνικά WillOfFire7x - last answer from WillOfFire7x, Friday 06/09/2013, 19:41.
Hi, i currently find it difficult to build a good elo Rescue deck since i'm not experienced with the game a lot could some1 who is using a Rescue deck help me or suggest me a deck to go for
Btw these are my Rescue cards:
3 messages
English 412rayray - last answer from HoAzeem, Friday 06/09/2013, 19:05.
Is it more important to u if every cards power is an 8? Or do u weigh the cards abilities more?
1 message
English ardyphreaker - subject is closed
It's my standard killer from Sakrohm clan..
I just level 31..
Please give green rate and comment..
thank you
Thursday 05/09/13

Wednesday 04/09/13

11 messages
English Caguioa - last answer from wabbitSNL, Wednesday 04/09/2013, 18:43.
I used to use Montana mono now recent elo bannes really hurt them,
what do u guys use?
Tuesday 03/09/13

4 messages
English BlaasterMaster - last answer from HoAzeem, Tuesday 03/09/2013, 13:49.
He was a wall and a joy to have.
Monday 02/09/13

3 messages
English HoAzeem - last answer from BlaasterMaster, Monday 02/09/2013, 17:11.

Rate this deck up guys, it really is beast I just couldn't push for more, CBA!

State any improvements too please!
Sunday 01/09/13

Saturday 31/08/13

1 message

This is a new mono Piranas deck that I put together for ELO. It's become one of my favorite decks and I like using it. I've gotten a few small winning streaks, and I think it has the potential to do well in ELO, but I haven't been playing much because lately I've been stressing out over school and commitments in real life. I'm afraid the stress would mess up my playing, so hopefully I can find a week where I'm not that busy.

Friday 30/08/13

19 messages
English Spikey 13 - last answer from Sir B00BY, Friday 30/08/2013, 08:07.
Major rant over a minor problem here guys...
If you're about to KO someone in elo, it's damn annoying if they leave the battle, and particularly so if they let it time out.
I get it. Your opp. is annoyed at having been beaten so hard they get KO'd in a mode with 14 life and low damage, and they can take some small solace in preventing you from getting that KO. Me, I've never been so bloodyminded, I just take my just punishment if someone manages to beat me so hard ( I shamelessly admit to playing the OP Huracan, if I win round 1 victory is almost certain, and if I lose it defeat is almost certain, and when I lose, I tend to lose pretty hard, but if I win it's pwnage. Anyway...)
My point is, what would people think if the UR staff released these missions:
Mission: Win X fights by default in elo
Mission: Win X fights by timeout in elo
I think they would offer nice consolation prizes to those who've faced people who just want to annoy an opp. who's beaten them.

Thoughts would be appreciated
Tuesday 27/08/13

8 messages
English express54321 - last answer from Lingod, Tuesday 27/08/2013, 22:50.
So I got some more Piranas cards and am beginning to get into the clan. I see that Calliope came out with a DR ability. However, I don't think it's as good as Ulrich and her ability is conditional. Is she still worth putting in a mono Piranas deck?

Also, if Calliope didn't have reprisal, would she be OP and receive an ELO ban like Ulrich?
3 messages
English BlaasterMaster - last answer from thefub_1134_, Tuesday 27/08/2013, 20:34.

Any suggestions would be helpful...

edited by Sir B00BY Tuesday 27/08/2013, 08:49

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