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Strategy and Tactics: ELO Mode

ELO is a refined and rewarding game mode. Discuss ELO subtleties with your rivals.
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Saturday 19/02/11

6 messages
Русский darkfaktor - last answer from Plut0-N1UM, Saturday 19/02/2011, 17:44.
5 messages
English Kate - last answer from Kate, Saturday 19/02/2011, 00:51.
Dose surrender effect elo score?
Friday 18/02/11

10 messages
English Jobys Revenge - last answer from Soundtrack-HW, Friday 18/02/2011, 23:46.
Instead of having people vote to ban cards, why not just ban cards that all have the exact same abilities or bonuses that would be considered unfair?

An example: Ban all cards that have a "Minimum 0" ability or bonus.

Seems like if you made a ban that way at least it would be considered fair.

How many times have you heard people say, "How come this card is banned but this one is not?"
4 messages
English acer420 - last answer from IM_Poj-Poj, Friday 18/02/2011, 02:18.
So I need the best deck for elo that I can build with a 52k budget. What do yall think I should do?
Thursday 17/02/11

2 messages
English xNipple - last answer from xNipple, Thursday 17/02/2011, 23:51.
1 message
I have a good collection most Vortex pirana junks and La Junta
a good collection of Ulu Watu Uppers and Sentinel
Doing well in type 1 but can't seem to win in
Elo looking for some advice please
7 messages
English mamboparadise - last answer from 0 Xavi, Thursday 17/02/2011, 18:36.
Why is she on the staff banlist all the time?
8 messages
English Bikini Joe Ld - last answer from TCG_Kris, Thursday 17/02/2011, 05:32.
As we all know ELO is constantly changing and environment, but of course when the life total made a dramatic change, everyone was in hissy fit. Players aren't learning to adapt to changes, taking advantage of those cards with large lose life, Min cards. What also bothers me is I've been playing Freaks WAY before this life change, before even ELO came out!. And now there of course going to end up on chopping block because people literally can't figure out how to work with something outside of Freaks or piranahs. The fault lies in people to unoriginal to take the time to develop a deck strategy that works to the new elo, and of course they take there failure out on those who are successful. I still think the voting system is good idea, there are some cards that should never see the light of day because the maker of urban rivals didn't take the time in effort to calculate the effects. Like everyone favorite 1-hit KO behemoths that make strategy dissolve in a coin flip decision.

But i need to stick to my point: My point is stop complaining and learn to work what with you had. I had too when life total was 12, i'm sure you guys can do the same at 14.
Wednesday 16/02/11

Tuesday 15/02/11

29 messages
English swagmaster420 - last answer from HotShot888, Tuesday 15/02/2011, 23:57.
Freaks are gonna be more underplayed in ELO. You know you wanted this, guys.
5 messages
English I Am Pain - last answer from I Am Pain, Tuesday 15/02/2011, 03:14.
I am using a half breed deck. Half Pirates, and half Aliens.
And I need to know which to use. Wakai or Nimestiec.
And I also need to know if I should use Ulrich or Tyd.

I have this as my deck so far.





Bonnie Ld




Please help me out =)
Monday 14/02/11

7 messages
English Jobys Revenge - last answer from wsn_gosu, Monday 14/02/2011, 21:29.
For unbanning Uranus. That is all.
3 messages
English Smarty3721_AV - last answer from Katsupon, Monday 14/02/2011, 14:40.
fang pi
all star
pussy cat
11 messages
English iluvboobies - last answer from Soundtrack-HW, Monday 14/02/2011, 07:30.
Hello, i have had my account for awhile but i have just now begun playing seriously, i am curious what is the best two clan combo for ELO, i have just started playing ELO and in the daily tournements (type 1) i used the basic cards, and now that i know how to gain clintz fast i want to know what is the best clans and i would greatly appreciate the help.

9 messages
English Pachenkov - last answer from wsn_gosu, Monday 14/02/2011, 07:22.
This week, as noticed, Olga, Bogdan and Greem gonna been banned.

GHEIST have so many fans, they always get so defensive if their clan is condemned, and yet, they have the most flexible deck. the only problem right now for 15 life for them is Freaks, they cant survive their bonus, so they get together and banned them. after this, i predict the rise of GHEIST again, look at this deck, poison with Dolly and finish with either Wardom, Leviatonn, Draheera and Anibal. Piranas won't stand a chance. even Montana doomed by Dolly.

[ Arkn, Wurmhol, eike, Dolly, Leviatonn, Draheera, Anibal, Wardom ]

so people, why Dolly dont get the banning? conspiracy to think about?

not to forget Azel and Timmy, they are dangerous. without Freaks, they will dominate. they kill every clan bonus.

Skeelz without Greem is useless, u cant fight poison battle.
1 message
There are a lot of Piranas roaming in elo. Do you think this Piranas/Junkz deck is good enough to stop them?

Bonnie Ld - If you are two pillz or more down
Hawkins - Stands up to Tula, Puff(to an extent) and all other two stars, Andsom
Selma - Increases your winning chance against Dahlia, Pesth etc.
Gil - Hawkins, watch out! and many other cards in Piranas
Qubiks - Stops Scubb, Dahlia, Katan, Raeth, Smokey Cr and many pill manupilators
Gibson - Only card good against Tyd (In my deck)
Tremorh - Just for extra threat

And after all of that, it is elo playable.

What do you think are the negatives in my deck? Can you point it out to help me perfect this deck? (No advice for Cr's)
Sunday 13/02/11

8 messages
English Saveroftime - subject is closed
That's my Dead deck, please rate red. U have only 1 day to rate it red.
1 message
After a comeback and adjusting to new things in UR, messing with decks I found a nice one for myself. First two weeks I was barely passing 1200, now I made 1300 just trying out this deck. Next week I'm back in fighting for 1400.

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