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Strategy and Tactics: ELO Mode

ELO is a refined and rewarding game mode. Discuss ELO subtleties with your rivals.
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Monday 17/01/11

15 messages
English LOA Zeus - last answer from HonorGuard, Monday 17/01/2011, 08:16.
Oflgn: 7/5 +1 Life Per Damage

Dregn: 8/4 -4 Opp Life Min 1

C Beast: 5/8 -4 Opp Power Min 4

Shaakarti: 7/7 Courage: Stop Opp Bonus

I do not want just opinions, please give reasons why you think one is the best. And if one is better in certain situations, please state those situations.
2 messages
English Chirus - last answer from Browson, Monday 17/01/2011, 05:54.
Last time I checked, blaaster wasn't on the permaban list, yet both this week and last, he wasn't one of the populars for the player's banning choice, neither was he on the list for the staff's temp bans. Anyone notice this? Is this a bug or what?
1 message
What do you think? I'm new to building with Sakrohm
Sunday 16/01/11

7 messages
English SOE Raven - last answer from jviper360, Sunday 16/01/2011, 23:32.
1 message
English SOE Raven - subject is closed
I dont care how much it is besides the Cr cards there just unreal but i want to make a Elo Nightmare/GHEIST deck so i dont want any ban cards or weekly ban cards ill give kiddos to anyone who will help me
Saturday 15/01/11

2 messages
English ChaosTheoryUltr - last answer from IM _Miterman, Saturday 15/01/2011, 17:19.
Ok so basically I want to know what the other half of this deck should be- I have Jautya, Sigma, Murray, and Nimestiec. I Don’t currently have the cash for Uranus. I was thinking that the other half could be Jungo with cards like Pegh, Askai, Nyema and Radek. I was also considering using All-Stars along side of them but I know that Sakrohm is terrible when hit with SOA. I was kinda hoping for for a clan that has good stats and isn’t destroyed if hit by SOA (I mean I get it will weaken them but I Don’t want them to become usless like say Sigma becomes when hit by SOA). Also, I would prefer to get cards that are not band every week (Sigma gets band but not every week).
Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.
P.S. The current deck I use is- An Odd Chemistry but too much chance of bands so it doesnt work for ELO
Friday 14/01/11

1 message
Really good deck... It can get you to 1100+ easily for new players

Low Budget ELO deck 1100+ ELO
Thursday 13/01/11

7 messages
English Hula_Daisy - last answer from UM-omom, Thursday 13/01/2011, 04:06.
In ELO which clan do you do well with

Last week i used Montana and did really well
1 message
SO muhc meta gaming, I normally win after one good round.


rate plz.
Wednesday 12/01/11

17 messages
English wats_happenin - last answer from 0 Xavi, Wednesday 12/01/2011, 18:41.
So ive been facin alot of Piranas lately and so yeh, what is their best counter???
Other than Skeelz
1 message
Do u think this deck is good

!!Pills Eating Pirates!!

if not any advice on making it better? thanks
5 messages
Română ceapaverde - last answer from Cristal HB, Wednesday 12/01/2011, 08:09.

any feedback and positive criticism is apreciated

Kuei is over kerrozin because i values SoB alot more in my decks. I am better adapted to play with it
Tuesday 11/01/11

3 messages
English LoA Reaper - last answer from LoA Reaper, Tuesday 11/01/2011, 21:43.
Hi i don't have alot of Clintz so i know this deck of my is not great and all, but little by little i get Clintz after every fight now and then.

was wondering if you guy can tell me what i should upgrade from most important first to help me win more fight

so little by little i can make change to my deck to make it better


and if you think this deck is good for beginner with little Clintz like me plz rate

and Thank you for all you time and help
8 messages
English Raymore - last answer from NoTerroriZe, Tuesday 11/01/2011, 06:45.
I am looking for some deck ideas. I have just got back into UR, and so I am a little behind.

My deck preference would be either a positive or negative power type. Meaning, i would like to specialize mostly in power manipulation. I am open to ideas, I have a few cards, but I am willing to sell some to get some new ones. So, your thoughts?
Monday 10/01/11

1 message

There obvious ones but state all that you see. I would like to know I should do to change it up a bit. Thanks.
2 messages
Español SebLiz - last answer from Puddin Tame, Monday 10/01/2011, 09:11.
Sorry, is not that I am not getting the fights or anything, i am not getting how the points work..

ELO tournaments happen every week right?.. I have win like 5 battles since i started playing but my points are still on 1000, how do I start winning, or in any case loosing points?.. In the rules I cant see the answer.

I apologize if it is like a really dumb question, but!.. the one who never asks, never gets the answer.

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